What happened after Michael Avennati’s arrest just ended his career

Creepy porn lawyer Michael Avennati’s future was in serious jeopardy.

Los Angeles Police arrested him on felony domestic violence charges.

But what happened next was something no one could believe.

Los Angeles Prosecutors declined to move forward with felony charges.

Instead, they referred his case to the city District Attorney for misdemeanor charges.

Avenatti gloated on social media.

But his joy may be short lived.

He still wants to run for President.

But it is impossible to see how, in the #MeToo obsessed Democrat Party, Avenatti is viable considering actress Mareli Miniutti obtained a restraining order against him.

She accused Avenatti of dragging her across the floor of his apartment by her arms and hitting her in the face with pillows.

Avenatti may think this is a big win.

But he will be called to answer for these allegations in any Presidential campaign.

And it’s hard to see how him saying he was only charged with a misdemeanor wins him anything with the feminists and social justice warriors that vote in Democrat primaries.


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28 Responses

  1. Kam says:

    I don’t like this guy. I have nothing but contempt for the Democratic party. I cannot stand what these people have done to our country since the 1960’s.

    However, I don’t think these charges should keep him from doing anything. First of all (even if felony charges were brought by LA County), they are just charges, and I am still a believer of ‘innocent until proven guilty’. Even if he admits that he hit her in the face with pillows and drug her across the floor by the arms and is convicted, I’d want to know the circumstances. If he is convicted of these actions but has a good reason for them (like trying to expel her from his house), I don’t think he should be prevented from doing anything, at all.

  2. Sheldon Nadler says:

    To the 4% morons who said they would vote for this asshole, you 4% are the problem in America and should be deported to Russia or Syria!

  3. George says:

    Anyone who runs against Donald Trump will lose badly, he is the only president in my lifetime that has stood up against the corrupt left, he seems to deflect any attacks against him and turn their negativity against him into a positive for him. I love this man, looking forward to watching him campaign, much more interesting than the NFL.

  4. john says:

    Yeah, when Minnie mouse accused Micky of stealing the cheese, that ended Mickey’s presidential hopes too!

  5. Craig Michael Vandertie says:

    Shame on the LA County District Attorney’s Office for turning the case over to the city DA’s office, I would imagine that Ms Miniutti feels like she got slapped at least once on each side of the face again.

  6. truckman says:

    most democrats seems to be crock anything from pediofles, drunkseven mudeer hell look at everything Obama did to all of us.

  7. Bill says:

    The Democratic Party looks for people with a criminal past the longer the record the higher they respect them as part of there Party. The Democratic Party then doesn’t have to spend as much time training them on being corrupt to support the Party at any cost.

  8. Joe says:

    Why the double standard law?

    • Terry L says:

      The law does not have a double standard the people selectively enforcing it are the ones responsible for the double standard.

  9. George V Rowe says:

    Democrats do not care!
    Obama was not vetted, he was not eligible, he was not qualified for President or anything else. He was a foreign student, he said so, he was/is Kenyan. Ask them.
    Democrats ran him anyway and voted for him.
    No way he should have a presidential library. The very idea is sickening.

    • THEODORE says:

      Yeah, it’s kind of amazing that someone as powerful ass Obama took what was it two months, three months to come up with a Hawaiian birth certificate. The. Donald could make a phone call and his certificate the next day.. I guess the Hawaiian officials had more integrity than he figured. It took a.while to find a stooge willing to risk a long stretch in Federal prison. It worked a totally illegal President for eight long years

  10. vernon lindblade says:

    Everyone knows the LAPD is corrupt and can be bought off. Been that way for many yrs…

    • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

      It was the the Los Angeles County DA’s office who dropped the ball and the police have nothing to do with charges they read the list of charges but the Prosecuting attorney presents those charges before a judge in a court of law and not the police.

  11. Keith A Breedlove says:

    Don’t count on this having adverse affects on him. He’s neither a Republican, nor a conservative so His actions will just get a big yawn from the Dems, just like Keith Ellison.

  12. Texas Belle says:

    Avennati’s big ego doesn’t seem to allow him to see reality. Does he really think he could become President? Let him try; the Dems just might be stupid enough to nominate him; then we can see just how creepy he really is.

  13. Steveur says:

    Avennatti, is the base of the Left Wing make-up. Nothing could change their vile ways, they will always be the ominous obamatized sick Left.

  14. Robert Anthony says:

    How much is the DNC involved?



  15. Les says:

    There are not enough words ro describe how vile and disgusting this guy is but at some point in time he will get what he so richly deserves . . . NOTHING!!!

    • Hydro says:

      He like all of us will meet our creator – it doesn’t matter if you believe it or not – every atheists that hasn’t repented will end up in hell. This poor excuse for a human being will be judged and will be accordingly adjudicated by Jesus .

    • Hollywood Jeff says:

      Not enough words? How about, “Finally, someone who makes Trump look good!:?

  16. M says:

    Google, Free Speech as guaranteed in the Constitution please!

    Avenatti will receive no justice no way and you all know why.

    My hope is he has no clients and all he can afford is Stormy, they deserve each other. He will represent anybody and she can’t even honor a contract (blackmail pmt is never a good idea, period). I would have told her to stick her blackmail threat and let the chips fall where they may!

  17. FedUp says:

    Avenatti, a democrap’s dream!

  18. A seeker says:

    Yes, he deserves to be in Jail, but he still has that FREEDOM to run or not to Run for the Office of the Presidency. Every Citizen has the right to run for that OFFICE! Thus, he can go ahead and runs for it! But everyone will be laughing at HIM!!! He would be an embarrassment to HIMSELF!

  19. Dave Miedema says:

    Avenatti is a Communist Democrat sleazebag. Most of the feminazis and SJWs won’t care as, ideologially, he’s one of them.

  20. Guenther says:

    Avennati that whore lawyer needs to be put in prison.

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