Tucker Carlson issued one warning that could cost Donald Trump the election

Battle lines are being drawn over the 2020 election.

Beneath the surface there are troubling signs for President Trump.

And Tucker Carlson issued one warning that could cost Donald Trump the election.

The Donald Trump era has been defined by the Fake News Media and Big Tech Giants telling you what thoughts you are not allowed to think.

This played out when Twitter “fact checked” a Tweet by Donald Trump warning about the dangers of voter fraud in the Democrats’ scheme to impose universal mail-in voting.

During a recent broadcast of his Fox News program, Tucker Carlson blasted the media for lying to the American people and covering up the real dangers of fraud that ballot harvesting and universal mail-in voting presents.

“Harvesters can go to people’s homes — and they do . . . They pressure them to vote or to vote the right way, or they help a person read through a ballot while nudging them on who to vote for,” Carlson began.

“I don’t care what Twitter tells you, that’s true. It’s obvious. And by the way, it’s been documented . . . It’s not a theoretical risk. Actual voter fraud has happened despite what they tell you all over the country,” Carlson added.

In recent days there have been multiple examples of voter fraud corrupting elections.

In Philadelphia, an ex-judge admitted to taking bribes to stuff ballot boxes in local elections for Democrat candidates at all levels of government.

In Paramus, New Jersey, 800 mail-in ballots – six percent of the total cast – were set aside by election officials after concerns about voter fraud.

Democrats and the Fake News Media want you to ignore the obvious problems and corruption inherent in mail-in voting and go along with the Democrats’ proposed scheme to alter how the November election is run.

And Tucker Carlson is warning that if that happens, it could cost Donald Trump the election.

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36 Responses

  1. Steve says:

    Justice, I don’t blame you for not using your name. Most honest Democrats (assuming there are still such creatures) will disagree with your fallacies and bitterness.

  2. Jack says:

    With respect to Trump’s and his Axxkxxxxxs’ disgust of voting-by-mail, an old world ancient saying goes as follows – “As the innkeeper is, so does he TRUSTS his guests!”

  3. James says:

    `@lying donkey I am not sure you are were being serious when you wrote that comment earlier, but if so, I recommend touching up on some English language basics before you post another brain teeser. I had trouble fully understanding your perspective, I’m afraid.

  4. Kenneth L Sorg says:

    Look at the poll results DEMOCRATS. Even the true American people do not want mail in voting. Besides the covid 19 crisis will be over by the November election

  5. mary says:

    So Marvin are you and like so many people blame Trump for the deaths from the covid-19?

  6. Vicki Kitchell says:

    Friction between blacks and whites will never end as long as blacks keep believing the lies and propaganda of the Plantation Politics Party, aka the Democrat party.

  7. LYING DONKEY says:

    That’s will be a cold days in hell before blacks control bys stall, i’s will have colic all the time and Ali at the store will be robbed every night. Mores blacks kills by blacks than by the Elegants.

  8. Jesse Lowman says:

    Friction of blacks and whites will never be over until blacks CONTROL

  9. FluffyPillowFive says:

    Voter fraud is acceptable to democrats because the ends justify the means.

  10. Rick Montgomery says:


  11. marleen davis says:

    All you people above are in denial. There were so many discrepancies after each and every election for the last 20 years but it has become an epidemic since 2016. The democraps have bought votes from the illegals, the homeless and the dead people and that is how they have maintained democratic holds in the states they have for so long. If you believe otherwise, you are just foolish. You just do not understand how deep the deep state goes and how many votes by the Independents and Conservatives were “lost” by the democraps somehow misplacing them. They found hundred of thousands of votes that were in boxes that were never counted, or partially burned in almost every single state in our Union. The Country is in this dire situation because you democrats just sit there, beleive the lies and close your eyes to the truth. The same way that the Germans did in the 1930’s and then the people starved and were slaves unless they were Jews, and then they were gassed. It will be hell on Earth unless you open your eyes and start to realize the truth and do something. Otherwise, America, the best Country on Earth will be taken over by the selfish wealthy and the rest of you will be starving slaves if you are lucky enough to stay alive. You people that don’t believe this are total fools. I am old so to me I have lived, but if you are younger, then you are in for hell on earth and I cannot feel sorry for people that are too ignorant to realize the truth and what is truly going on right in front of their eyes.

  12. Marvin says:

    The only serious vote fraud took place with a Republican Congressman in North Carolina. There was mail in votes harvested. The Governor of;Florida’s office just issued a report that there were no cases of mail in voter fraud in Florida in 2018 election. Get over it Trump Republicans, you are going lose this election.
    20 more seats in the house. maybe 3-5 seats in the Senate, Still too early to predict about the President.
    But if the coronavirus totals continue to go up and thousands more die, then Trump is finished. You can’t blame the Democrats for the death totals.

  13. JusticeforTrump says:

    The danger is from Trump and Republicans, gerrymandring, sending post cards to people that the election day was changed, eliminating polling days, and poll places. Voter intimidation ala Rehnquist, smashing the Voter Rights Act by the far right Supreme Court, Trump and his cronies doing deals with Russia and Ukraine to fix the elections, GOP operatives changing voter ID rules where a driver’s license isn’t good enough to vote but a hunting license is. There is no end to the money and the ruthlessness that far right conservatives and Trump will do to win and overturn results and fairness in this country as they continue to bust unions, have thieves like Trump and Nunes in charge, a Gestapo Attorney General like Barr. Why go on, you rednecks are just racist, mindless cultists, addicted to an evil god, Trump. he’s your meth.

  14. Luana McPherson says:

    I have voted by mail for years, as I am a disabled senior citizen. I have never had a problem with it, never even thought of anything going wrong with it. Therefore, I believe it is a very wise thing to do!

  15. Jim Doss says:

    I have a feeling if dumborats rig this election there won’t be a safe place for them anywhere in the country. Just my opinion but I believe many others feel the same way

  16. Jamie says:

    There’s always voter fraud with Dumbocrats..How can Twitter “Fact Check” UPCOMING fraud with mail in voting that hasn’t even occurred yet?? Here I’ll answer my own question, you can’t find it false or factual when it hasn’t occurred yet.

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