Tucker Carlson ended the career of one Senator with this devastating interview

Tucker Carlson is furious with RINO Republicans.

Too many Republicans in Washington, D.C. are actively assisting the Left as rioters burn down cities and tear down statues.

And now Tucker Carlson ended the career of one Senator with this devastating interview.

Indiana Republican Senator Mike Braun appeared on Carlson’s Fox News program to defend his bill making it easier for criminals to personally sue police officers.

Law enforcement officials warn this would cause police to refuse to do their jobs out of fear of losing their house.

Braun told Carlson he introduced this bill, which advances a key Black Lives Matter policy plank, to try and take the issue off the table for the November election.

But when pressed by Carlson, Braun admitted law enforcement did not support the bill.

Carlson also pressed Braun to explain his comments that an Atlanta police officer shooting Rayshard Brooks was “egregious” despite the fact Brooks overpowered two police officers stole a taser and fired it at the police.

Braun claimed the officer should have let Brooks run away on the oft chance he would have been caught later by police.

During the interview, Braun came across as naïve, anti-police, and a weak Republican willing to cave in to the mob at the first sign of pressure.

It led many conservatives to begin contemplating finding a primary challenge to Braun when he runs for re-election.

You can watch Braun’s train wreck of an interview below.

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