Trump ruined Obama’s Christmas by getting unthinkable news that changes everything

President Donald Trump has made major strides towards destroying the legacy of Barack Obama.

America is far better off for it.

And Trump just ruined Obama’s Christmas by getting unthinkable news that changes everything.

President Donald Trump is the third President in history to be impeached.

One would think Democrats would be celebrating this.

But in reality, their impeachment hoax is doing nothing but hurting them.

This is proven by Trump’s approval rating soaring massively despite being impeached, with it reaching a level higher than it was at the same point of Obama’s presidency.

The latest Gallup poll shows his approval sitting at 45 percent, while Obama’s was at 42 percent at the same point.

Breitbart News reports:

“President Donald Trump’s approval rating has soared past that of ex-President Barack Obama’s at the same point in his administration, defying negative sterotypes driven by opponents as he became only the third president in U.S. history to be impeached.

Trump’s job approval rating 151 weeks into his presidency sits at 45 percent, as revealed by a Gallup poll last Wednesday. That puts Trump three points higher than the 42 percent approval rating Gallup found for Obama at the same point of his presidency.

Gallup’s poll recorded a similar job disapproval rating for both presidents 151 weeks into their administrations. Some 51 percent of voters said they disapprove of Trump’s performance in a Gallup poll conducted Dec. 2-15, compared with 50 percent of voters saying they disapproved of Obama’s performance in a Dec. 12-18, 2011 Gallup poll.

Trump’s approval rating has climbed six percentage points since House Speaker Nancy Pelosi opened an impeachment inquiry against him in September.

House Democrats subsequently voted to impeach President Donald Trump last Wednesday after the House passed article one of H.R. 755, which charges Trump with abusing the office of the presidency.”

Of course, when it comes to President Trump, polls almost always score him a number of points lower than they actually are.

Prior to the 2016 election, pollsters listed Hillary Clinton with a 95 percent chance of beating President Trump.

But that didn’t work out for them.

In reality, his approval is almost certainly well above 50 percent.

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  1. Don Juan says:

    Even if the current economy was a total mess, Donald Trump would still be a better president than Obama ever was. Please vote for Trump and the other republican candidates in November 2020.

  2. Don Juan says:

    Even if the current economy was a total mess, Donald Trump would still be a better president than Obama ever was. Please vote for Trump and the other republican candidates in November 2020. Don’t give the power to the crazy left.

  3. hart isaacs says:


    Greetings: Unbelievable! Is evil Hillary running for president again? If she does, she should be waiting in jail for her sentencing of high treason to the U.S.A . Death by firing squad death by firing squad is the befitting punishment for traitors.

    Dr. Demento

  4. Lebo says:

    If anyone deserve prison it Obama ,Clinton , Soros and all demoncraps and rhinos and mindless voters of these criminals. That includes the mainstream media talking heads.

  5. Leon Keller says:

    The best thing Obama could do is go hide out like his but buddy bin laden did. Eventually he’d be found and a lot sooner than Ben laden. Just saying

  6. BUzzzzz says:

    Harvey, put your feelings aside and tell us what he’s done to go to jail? You lefties have nothing to support your FEELINGS. Stop watching CNN and MSNBC and others to get the REAL facts about Trump, maybe even look at to learn what this president has done for you.
    PS. Please stop the hate, God sees this and is not happy!

  7. BUzzzzz says:

    Tell me one fact that supports “your feelings”, because you’re acting like you haven’t finished crying….big crybaby. I supposed you also thought Obama was a good president?? Try reading the facts at and then tell me I was a fool to vote for our President.

  8. Eli says:

    If the Obama Administration had allowed the Ukraine Prosecutor to investigate the Biden’s earlier, we wouldn’t be in this impeachment nonsense. The Ukraine Prosecutor was fired, then poisoned, but survived, while investigating Hunter. It was the Obama Administration that threatened to withhold aide from Ukraine. People should have been concerned over Obama’s release of the stacks of money, he sent to Iran which empowered them to become a threat to World Peace. This was accomplished by Obama’s , Hillary’s, and John Kerry’s Iranian American associates. Where would their loyalty be? If you oppose President Trump, wanting to make America great again, I question your loyalty to America.

  9. Glenda says:

    Muslim- Communist Obummer spent 10 trillion dollars taxpayer dollars rebuilding the Middle East, and on welfare for Illegal Aliens, while America fell apart, and cutting benefits for legal Americans.
    He knew all about Hillary and Biden’s Corruption, and approved of it all.
    He approved of the spying on Trump’s Presidential campaign by the FBI, and had the most Corrupt DOJ, in history!
    Now he and his pathetic wife, have spent 15 million dollars on a new mansion, in Massachuttes!
    All this, and No charges in sight for Obama, or his Corrupt Administration, because they’re all protected by the Pelosi Demon-Rats.
    Every Democrat in office should be sent packing, to save America!

  10. Ken Love says:

    The IQ test only measures mentality. People with a low IQ might still have a good education in wisdom and therefore be a much better citizen that those who are getting brain-washed in public schools. What the nation desperately needs is revival of Biblical Christianity. God gave mankind directions on how we are to live in community – The Ten Commandments and the case law on how to apply that in everyday life. It is sad to see so many churches, colleges and seminaries promoting humanistic reasoning over God’s wisdom. I suggest trying this for a month: the Book of Proverbs has 31 chapters – so read one chapter a day for a month.

  11. libra l says:

    Harvey–Are you off your prolixin? You are looking somewhat wild eyed–better head off home to Mama’s basement before you hurt someone.

  12. libra says:

    Unfortunately, there are more people like Anthony in the USA than the 63 million folks who voted for Trump. These folks like Anthony whose I.Q. is low double digit, they have no logic so therefore they cannot piece together the huge changes for the better happening in the USA due to the brilliance and diligence of President Trump. Anthony and his cohorts only parrot what they hear from the Marxists campaigning, the fake news and other Main street media which is geared for a child of age 12 age or less.

  13. hart isaacs says:

    Obumer has been voted one of our worst presidents. The the last lady (the “hag”), has not helped his image. Obumer has done more to wreck black and white relationships rather than improving them.

  14. Drew says:

    It was amended to let blacks and women vote but when that started the idiots voted democrat, now look at the mess, reinstate the founders idea and remove stupid democrats voting for free stuff.

  15. Ms. Munchkin says:

    Did you happen to notice the name of the site? It’s called PATRIOT pulse. Not loser, commie, want everything for free, pulse. Therein lies your problem.

  16. steveo says:

    you’re right but i believe the number is 34 (2/3 ) and also that’s the only way the constitution can be altered thru amendments!

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