Trump just smacked John Kerry with news that will destroy a UN scheme

Since taking office, Trump has been unafraid of taking on even the biggest of his enemies.

Among them is the UN, which has been cooking up a horrible scheme in tandem with John Kerry.

But Trump just smacked Kerry with massive news that will destroy the UN’s biggest scheme.

Trump is unapologetic about being a nationalist who loves his country — and loathes globalism.

But in the last administration, the actions of Barack Obama and his lieutenants indicated they felt exactly the opposite.

John Kerry, as Obama’s Secretary of State, did all he could to destroy American sovereignty and the Second Amendment in order to help the United Nations implement global gun control by putting his signature on the anti-gun UN Small Arms Treaty.

Even without ratification, Kerry’s signature was a powerful symbol of U.S. support for the Treaty, and left the door open for its full implementation.

But last week, Trump publicly declared to gun rights supporters that he is un-signing the Treaty and leaving it all together.

Bloomberg reports:

“President Donald Trump said that his administration is withdrawing from a global arms treaty that set rules for sales and transfers of small arms, missile launchers and warships.

“My administration will never surrender American sovereignty to anyone. My administration will never ratify the UN Arms Treaty,” Trump said Friday at a National Rifle Association conference in Indiana. “We’re taking our signature back.”

The NRA, a key constituency for Trump, has long opposed the Arms Trade Treaty, saying it infringes on gun owners’ rights, even though the U.S. never ratified the agreement.
“I hope you’re happy,” the president said.

The White House was concerned that future revisions of the treaty could have created new exposure to the Second Amendment rights, according to a senior administration official who requested anonymity to discuss internal deliberations. The treaty will be open for amendments in 2020.”

This is huge news for U.S. gun owners who have been under the threat of ratification since 2013, when Kerry signed the Treaty and it was sent to the Senate for ratification.

But now it is all over, and gun control supporters are back to square one in their plot to force global gun control by making America adopt the scheme.

Now, with this major act of defiance toward the UN, some are hoping Trump will take things a step further and leave the UN altogether.

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99 Responses

  1. Amberdawn Richmond says:

    I don’t know about mail in ballots. I voted in February, before the shut down and voted straight Rep. ticket, no problem.

  2. Rodney says:

    If I was the President, I would close and chain the doors shut, weld them and put HE on them too!!!!! Tell all of those freeloaders to leave and revoke everyone of their visa’s or any other paper work that says they can be here!!!!!!

  3. Linda H says:

    Mike Turoff, I think the UN should be taken to Iraq and set down in the middle of old Babylon where they belong.

  4. Linda H says:

    Betty, I feel so sorry for you. If brains were gun powder you wouldn’t have enough to blow your nose. That is because when they were giving out brains you thought they said rain so you left to get an umbrella.

  5. The United States pays several times it fair share of the costly, anti-American United Nations. It is time we withdraw from this feckless organization and charge them rent for the building!
    We must stop being the worlds patsey! Most other nations hate us anyway, so cut the support for all these freeloader nations!

  6. Linda H says:

    Alaska Woman, I see your brain is still frozen.

  7. Mama says:

    Kerry & Mueller are ‘twins’ . both look like ‘spuds’
    Mueller has plenty ‘skeletons’ in his closet.
    AG BARR Has a HUGE Responsibility To UPHOLD
    & Needs Support to Continue. ( Ahem Senator Graham,
    Senate Judiciary Chair).

  8. Dee A. says:

    What world you living in???

  9. My only question is: When is John Kerry going to get an indictment charging him with Treason after he broke the law Colluding with Iran illegally while Trump was negotiating the Iran’s Nuke deal? John Kerry was illegally back door collaborating with Iran which against the law.

    Seems like there is a double standard in our laws, via lawmakers being excused from any laws while in or out of office.

  10. VW Provaska says:

    So betty whats your excuse

  11. Volada Provolaski says:

    10-4 ditto

  12. Volada Provolaski says:

    Thing from Alaska your comment still SUCKS. I thought people in Alaska were smart , but they have one that SUCKS big.

  13. Volada Provolaski says:

    Your comment SUCKS

  14. D.A.N. says:

    A crooked Democrat that when it came to his medals, threw someone else’s over the fence. Why won’t he let doctors remove the shrapnel from his butt? Because it would prove once and for all that it was his own demolition charge that went off and wounded him.

  15. D.A.N. says:

    And the rest of the US too. Remember AW, elections have consequences and your side LOST.

  16. Betty, Betty, Betty. Such language. Change the hate in your heart to love- love- love…….and hop the Trump train….

  17. Glenn G. says:

    You are probably a Young College student, that only parrots what your communist professor says, so sad!

  18. Glenn G. says:

    I’m Pis**d, Today I checked my Texas sample ballot and found that not only had they stopped allowing you
    to vote a strait Republican ticket. Now you have to search the name and check the bio to see if they are Republican, demoncrats don’t even admit they are democrats in their bio. some Republicans were asleep at
    the switch to allow that to go thru. Is this just Texas only or is it national?

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