Trump gave the military the one order that caused the caravan to have second thoughts

Three more migrant caravans are barreling toward the United States’ southern border.

America faces an invasion.

So that’s why Donald Trump gave the military the one order that caused migrants in the caravan to have second thoughts.

One of the caravans making its way through Central America consists of 12,000 migrants.

While Congress dithers on negotiations over border security, Trump is taking matters into his own hands.

The President is ordering an additional 2,000 troops to the southern border to put up more razor wire and provide more logistical support to the Border Patrol.

The Daily Caller reports:

The Pentagon is sending several thousand more troops to the southwestern border, fulfilling a request made by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Currently, there are about 2,300 troops stationed at the southwestern border. Pentagon officials revealed Tuesday that they will be deploying an additional 2,000 troops as part of the DHS’ request for the military to extend its mission there. Originally intended to last until Dec. 15, the military’s mission will now be extended to Sept. 30.

The entire operation is estimated to cost $132 million by the end of January, and over $600 million by the close of the fiscal year in September.

“We are supporting our federal partners on the border, and that mission has been extended until September,” stated Pentagon spokesman Lt. Col. Jamie Davis. “We are currently sourcing the units involved and there will be an increase of a few thousand troops.”

This type of action is why Trump retains the support of his base.

Trump supporters see the swamp trying to thwart the President while Trump is pulling out all the stops to fulfill his promise to secure the border and crack down on illegal immigration.

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245 Responses

  1. Illegals? They cross our border they are DEAD.

  2. Dennis says:

    I agree with Dean, but what if our President decided to close the southern border both coming and going and to include air travel and cruise ships until the funds to build the wall.
    Some one tell me why that wouldn’t work!

  3. Dean says:

    El Chapo is now in prison for life! Ted Cruz is right, use El Chapo’s $14,000,000,000.00 to BUILD THE WALL!!! Or any of it!! If the Demonrats oppose, they will look like a bigger Jackass Party. Let everyone know this would be so amazing!

  4. Ed Pinson says:

    Right on, Mr. Cummings!

  5. Navy PO2 says:


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