This top Democrat just made the biggest coronavirus mistake ever

The coronavirus outbreak threatens to overwhelm the American healthcare system.

What makes matter worse is there is no vaccine to prevent infection.

And now this top Democrat just made the biggest coronavirus mistake ever.

Recently Donald Trump cut Food and Drug Administration regulations to allow for clinical trials of the anti-malaria drugs chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine to treat coronavirus.

Anecdotal evidence from other countries showed these drugs held promise as a therapeutic and now doctors can prescribe them off label while the trials continue.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo shared the President’s optimism and ordered tens of thousands of doses for trials that began in New York on Tuesday.

But the Fake News Media tried to ruin President Trump by promoting a false narrative that Trump was a snake oil salesman peddling risky miracle cures.

Fake news outlets seized on report of a man in Arizona dying after drinking fish tank cleaner that contained one of the chemicals found in the drug to blame the President for this tragedy.

In response, the Nevada Governor swiftly banned doctors in his state from prescribing a potentially life-saving drug.

The Daily Caller reports that, “Democratic Nevada Gov. Stephen Sisolak signed an emergency order Tuesday barring the use of the anti-malaria drugs chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine for treating patients diagnosed with coronavirus, The Associated Press reported. The governor, who did not respond to a request for comment from the Daily Caller News Foundation, reasoned that neither experts nor Nevada doctors have a consensus on whether the drugs can treat coronavirus patients.

“His order came just days after Trump announced that the Federal Drug Administration is waiving ‘outdated rules and bureaucracies’ to test various ‘anti-viral therapies’ that might combat the virus. This includes the malaria drugs.”

The only losers in this situation are Nevada residents infected with coronavirus who lost out on access to an FDA approved drug – even if it is for other diseases – that could save their life.

But at every stage they have been caught.

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46 Responses

  1. Rc says:

    One of these days….soon, the MINDLESS FAKE NEWS MEDIA, ARE GOING TO EXPERIENCE REAPING WHAT THEY HAVE SOWN, and will IMPLODE!!! WHAT A BUNCH OF MINDLESS WONDERS!!! They couldn’t make an opening in a wet paper sack!!!

  2. steveo says:

    hey jrb57! yes we have a cure and it should be ready in early november!

  3. jreb57 says:

    “We need to concentrate on the people that keep this country moving.”
    Agree 100%

  4. jreb57 says:

    Is there a vaccine for TDS? That is needed as badly as a vaccine for coronavirus.

  5. steveo says:

    and don’t forget jimmie money for planned parenthood.and 350million for migration and immigrants.she added a bunch of stuff so trump can veto it and then blame him for not wanting to help the american people.but unlike her followers we are smart enough to see her game.what a pos!

  6. Jimmie says:

    I know all this money for the arts, Kennedy center,solar panels,wind turbines, and numerous other pet projects the Democrats couldn’t possibly get through at any session is really going to help with this crisis. I am a working man that is off due to Covid 19 but I would gladly take my chances if the House Republicans would vote this crap bill down. This bill should only be about the virus and helping those affected. I would bet my last dollar that less than 1% could care less about the arts and grown ups playing make believe on stage. I for one wouldn’t walk across the road to see it. We meed to concentrate on the people that keep this country moving. We can all survive if there is never another broadway show, professional sports game etc. but if our farmers,truckers,and oilfield workers just to mention a few quit what they do we can’t SURVIVE

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