This poll question just guaranteed why Donald Trump will defeat Joe Biden in 2024

Donald Trump looks ready to announce a 2024 Presidential campaign following the Midterm elections.

Trump could very well face Joe Biden in a 2020 rematch.

And this poll question just guaranteed why Donald Trump will defeat Joe Biden in 2024.

Right now, the Russian invasion of Ukraine and concerns about how to manage Vladimir Putin are dominating the American political discourse.

If Donald Trump runs against Joe Biden in 2024, it will present the American people with a choice about which administration’s approach they prefer in foreign affairs.

Polling data shows the American people prefer Donald Trump’s administration.

Rasmussen asked Americans “would Russia have invaded Ukraine if Donald Trump were still President?”

46 percent of respondents said that Putin would not have invaded Ukraine if Trump was still President, with 38 percent saying yes.

That same poll also gave Republicans a 13-point advantage over Democrats on matters of national security.

Donald Trump made this point in a podcast interview with Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel.

Trump told McDaniel that he was the only President in the 21st century on whose watch Vladimir Putin did not invade another country.

“He took over Georgia, he took over Crimea, and now it looks like he’s taking over the world the way Biden talks,” Trump told McDaniel. “During my four years — in fact, I watched Sleepy Eyes Chuck Todd the other day, which it’s not often that I watch him, and he asked I guess [Secretary of State Antony] Blinken a question: ‘How come this didn’t happen during the four years that Trump was President?’ You know what the answer was? ‘I don’t know.’ But I can tell you, we were very tough on Russia.”

The corporate-controlled media spent years spreading lies about how Donald Trump colluded with Russia during the 2016 campaign.

They also claimed that Trump was soft on Putin.

The opposite was true on both counts.

Trump wanted to deal with Putin, but only from a position of strength.

That’s why Trump pulled America out of arms control agreements that hampered our military and sanctioned Russia’s Nord Stream 2 Pipeline.

Trump’s posture towards Russia discouraged war.

It was Joe Biden’s bumbling and incompetence on the global stage that invited this disaster.

And now there is polling data that shows Donald Trump holds a major advantage on Joe Biden heading into 2024 on the question of who best could defend American interests with regard to Russia.

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