This Never-Trump GOP Senator attacked Trump supporters in the worst way

Senator Bob Corker is attacking President Trump and his supporters again.

Corker has been a sore loser ever since Trump won the White House – so much so that he’s announced his retirement.

And with one foot out the door, he just made a gutless attack against Trump supporters.

Corker called Trump supporters part of a cult.

The Hill Reports:

GOP Sen. Bob Corker (Tenn.) warned on Wednesday that members of his party are becoming “cult-like” in their support of President Trump, pointing to leadership’s unwillingness to challenge the White House on tariffs.

“We are in a strange place. I mean, it’s almost, it’s becoming a cultish thing, isn’t it? And it’s not a good place for any party to end up with a cult-like situation as it relates to a president that happens to be of — purportedly, of the same party,” Corker told reporters.

Senator Corker’s statements are embarrassing.

The Senator continues his pathetic attempts to derail President Trump’s agenda and accomplishments.

Fortunately, he has failed at every turn and his support has plummeted, causing him to announce his retirement early.

Corker is too prideful to admit that he was wrong about President Trump.

Since Trump was sworn in, the economy has taken off and unemployment is at record lows.

During the debates Trump was scoffed at for suggesting America could return to GDP growth rates of 3, 4, and 5 percent.

Now many economists are predicting the economy will grow at 4 percent in the second quarter of 2018, thanks to deregulation and the Trump tax cuts.

The Never-Trumpers continue to lose influence in the Republican Party and in Washington because they could never follow through on their promises.

The only ones embracing them are the mainstream media.


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146 Responses

  1. Dianne Cornett says:

    Margaret Heller stated the truth simply and truthfully! I reiterate,”Little Bob Corker should resign, along with McCain, Flake and Ryan!

  2. Sue Jackson says:

    I always saw Bob Corker to be a self-serving political hack that was only out to make a name for himself. I truly believe his derogatory comments regarding our POTUS, Donald J. Trump would be completely opposite of what he is saying now had Trump given him an appointment within his administration. Corker wanted very badly to move forward since he had little chance of retaining his Senate seat. Now he will just retire but not before taking shots at the Best President we’ve had since Reagan.

    • Gennaro Pupa says:

      Mr “prettyboy” Corker should leave now, afterall, it would be just proper to take the time to go visit another AMERICAN TRAITOR…McCain and they could hold hands and sabotage President Trump (and the American people) together.

  3. Dee says:

    Too many Rhinos in the Republican Party, so need to get them voted out.

    • cliff says:

      the only way THAT will ever happen, is to make VOTER ID mandatory, which “democrats” (communists) fight all the way. BUT many I have seen on the news are making it ILLEGAL in some cities, to ask an individual if they are a U.S Citizen. Both California and N.Y. not only ALLOW illegals to vote , but ENCOURAGE them to do so. ( I would hazard a guess that MANY States do the same to increase DEMOCOMMUNIST/RINO votes.

      • Dee says:

        I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of the whole mess. We finally have a good president that really cares about our country and the demon rats and libs and other don’t like it. I would venture to guess that the others I mentioned don’t even like America.

        • cliff says:

          I INDEED am sick and tired of this whole mess . These “politicians” of BOTH “parties” as I have stated before are TERRIFIED that PRESIDENT TRUMP is curbing their STOLEN power, control, and those all precious taxpayer dollars, and returning the power and control back in the hands of “WE THE PEOPLE” as it SHOULD BE!
          The NWO is being halted , the “deep state” is being EXPOSED daily, so their CORRUPT visions of complete COMMUNIST control is going away day by day.
          I encourage OUR President to keep up the good work!

    • Don Jordan says:

      mr coker you have always been a two face don’t know why you call yourself a republican you haven’t done a thing since you have been elected good bye and so long

  4. Viva la revolución populista. Viva el culto Trump.

    • KJHanover says:


    • jkeaera says:

      Nothing worse than far right wing El Stupidoes who don’t have enough sense to see what is being done to them by their new god on Earth. How long do you intend to be buffaloed?

      • Glen says:

        Trump is fixing things, one of which is the invasion by Illegal Aliens. Deport millions of Illegals.

      • Brant says:

        You must mean the last guy in office. Now talking about a guy thinking he is God, No l before nor after comes close to how Obama see himself to be. Truth be told Obama thinks he is God of Gods!!! I pray he finds The Lord and Savior before its to late.

  5. Cheryl Southerland says:

    I’m really embarrassed about Corker. I’m a Tennessee native. I think maybe he had too much moonshine or sampled a bad batch. Doing so causes brain damage. Sad when that happens to a once great guy. Or, it could just be that politics has ruined him.

  6. Dee says:

    What is with all the Rhinos not supporting our president. President Trump has made great strides in making America great again. These people need to resign and let someone to will help the president get into office. I am getting sick and tired of everyone being against our President.

  7. Mike Marsden says:

    Lets hope that the good people of Tenn. will elect someone that puts America first. the Congress will be a better place without Mr. Corker. I believe that God must care about the USA. He must have had a hand in the election of Mr. Trump. No telling where we would be it she had won… I pray that he can stay the course.

  8. Steve says:

    Corker, after you retire you can enjoy your retirement. Paid for by the deplorable cult members that support our great president. The good people of Tennessee deserve better and so does the rest of the nation. So after you retire,please don’t continue to disgrace the Republican party by staying registered. Change your registration over to what you really are. Another democrat that is against the common working man. You are an elitist who wants to enslave us to the one world global system. We don’t want it and along with the POTUS, we will fight it every step of the way. So don’t go away mad, just go away! Compliments from deplorable Steve,USAF VET AND PROUD TRUMP CULT MEMBER !!!!!!

    • mike says:

      Steve, I agree with everything you said. Just another deplorable and very proud of it. God Bless our Great President…

  9. Nunyer Binnis says:

    Leftists and RINOs must HANG. Plus neocons, of course.

  10. zee says:

    There is a term in ‘horse racing’ Called – a horse is/has
    been ‘corked’ .
    >Bob Corker IS ‘corked’. & On Full Display.
    (should’ve changed his name. )

  11. Daniel Mount says:

    Corker is just a crooked crybaby Evil Lawyer Politician. I hope you get lost on the way to the exit door, you Idiot. You Stupid Terrorist Obama loyalist.

  12. dennis albert heller says:

    ALL THESE ””””””””’TREASON””””””””””””””’TRAITORS HAVE ””’NO–CLUE””””””’AS TO THE RULE OF LAW….THE ””’BEST THING IS GOT–MO—OR A SHORT ”””””””””TRAITORS”””””’ROPE!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Glen says:

    The only Cultists are the Deep State Corksoakers like the good Senator.

    I voted for President Trump, knowing his term ends in January 2021. Since President Trump is doing a great job, I will vote for him again if he chooses to run and I hope he does. That is not a cult by anyone’s definition except the ‘Never Trumpers’ or the Trump Haters.

    I wish Trump would be deporting more Illegal Aliens or that the wall was not in place. I wish Hillary, 0bama, and a bunch of traitors from the 0bama Crime Family were under indictment. But, Trump is still doing a great job.

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      In fairness, some Trump supporters do behave as if in a personality cult; but SO did those supporting O. I think, on a spiritual plane, many Americans are so “hungry” for something to fill the “God-shaped hole” in their souls that they’re grasping at straws. That’s sad for them; but it is the truth. The Deep State isn’t either party, it’s comprised of persons from both and more by foreign nationals who don’t and never have lived in the US at all, since it’s a global and globalist organization,bent on imposing Satan’s 1 world gov’t on us all.

      • KJHanover says:

        In fairness, Trump supporters support him based on what he’s doing and trying to do, they are good things. As opposed to people supporting Obama based solely on the color of his skin and the free benefits they got, on the backs of everyone else.
        You go on to refer to a “God-shaped hole” in their souls–I have no such “hole” in my soul, so speak for yourself. God is first and foremost in my life.

    • Bonnie and John Marshall says:

      He would if he could ,but he can’t do it alone. I am so glad President Trump won . I cannot imagine what it would be like if Clinton had won. I just hope we can de-throne all of the never Trumpers in the elections..

    • There are a lot of Corksoakers in DC.

  14. james allen says:


    • Barbie says:

      And also one word to Corker…hurry up and drop dead…

    • KJHanover says:

      and this guy’s a republican! some people don’t know when they’re well off!

    • zee says:

      Please, NO Pence. He is NWO type. Heard 3 of his speeches in S. America.
      He mentioned “NEW WORLD” no less than 10X – just left out “ORDER”.
      > Speaking of OAS. (Org. of American States)
      > Be Careful & V. Aware Who’s Who & What’s What___

  15. N says:

    Get off the corrupted to the core NAZI Demoncrat Communist slave plantation party and on the Trump train to success!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Floyd says:

      Why the democraps make the NAZI party look good the NAZIs killed over 15,000,000 people. Sure but the democraps have killed OVER 61,000,000 BABIES. NOW YOU CAN SEE JUST WHO ARE THE WORST PEOPLE ON EARTH. demoKKKrats

      • True Believer says:

        Thanks Floyd for showing the truth. With condoms and other birth control devices, I just don’t understand abortions. But what really rankles me is the fact that they are allowed even up to delivery where they smash the child’s brain to kill them. That makes me want to vomit. When they first came out a legalized abortions, I think it was the early 70’s, they wouldn’t do it if a woman was later in the pregnant of the first trimester. What happened?

        • Lynda says:

          The Hollywood elite use parts to make women look younger and sometimes use parts for Satanic rituals.God Help Us.

  16. Catherine Scott says:

    Bobcorkersouldcleanout the Democrates party. He and the other members of their party are mentally destory do that the American people voted for someone who is honest, reliable, keeps his promises, worksmote hours for us and our country then any President inthe past. He and his self centered liars know the American voter got yjrir nber. They can not lie any more,give false promises that were NEVER kept. The roblem is you and your leftist party were wrong,Americans re smarter then you would ever acknowledge too. Retire, no loss, actually iyou are doing all of us a favor.

  17. Mary Ann Corbin says:

    I hate trump more than you could imagine – he is destroying our country and our allies want nothing to do with him. I wish someone would impeach him.he lies all the time.

    • True Believer says:

      Please what planet do you live on. Please give us facts of what you say. I know you can’t. My mantra this year is “Don’t confuse a liberal with the facts”.

    • Cliff says:

      Perhaps you could “enlighten” us all with those “lies” OUR PRESIDENT has supposedly told. Thge only LIARS in this mess are DEMOCOMMUNISTS and MORONS like YOU. If you don’t like it here, there ARE 57 MOOSLIME states for you to chose from and THEN you will find out what REAL “oppression” and LYING is all about. OR stay in your basemnet “safe space ” and scream at the moon like all the other SNOWFLAKES. PRESIDENT TRUMP WON , CROOKED HITLERY LOST get over it or get OUT of MY COUNTRY.

      • True Believer says:

        Thanks so much Cliff for stating what I was feeling so eloquently. Our “Cliff” is a Naval Aviator flying F16’s. Great name.

    • I hate you more–you commie idiot

    • David S says:

      Mary Ann Corbin….you are so wrong. And you show your stupid of not knowing how impeachment works. You can not impeach Trump the way things are right now. A typical Democratic that has no idea how the system works.

    • Its a shame that you are so blind with hate and can’t see the good that President Trump has done so far.

    • KJHanover says:

      How is he destroying our country? With your side’s open borders, we wouldn’t have a country. So tell us how he’s destroying our country?

    • Stephen Dickson says:

      Well, if you could print up the list of all the rights you have lost and all the problems you have as a result of low unemployment records, increase in jobs as a result businesses return to America, record setting stock market and the respect for America resulting from our strong President, we just might lend you and ear.

    • mike says:

      That’s the problem with you Haters. Hate is what most liberals are about. You have very little common sense but much hatred. You can’t see or won’t admit what is happening, in reality, a president that is effective and putting America first. How sad you are. I did not care for Obama but I did and will always respect the President of our great country.

    • Glen says:

      For as long as I can remember, and that goes back to the early 1960s, many of our allies want nothing to do with us unless we are giving them something. Trump is not destroying our country. The ones who want to impeach Trump are the ones destroying our country.
      Now would be a good time for you to enlighten us as to how Trump is destroying. America.

    • Dorothy Buck says:

      Another “SnowFlake” spouting off!!!!!

    • Roman Hruby says:

      You are a thoughtful person – not swayed by the Trump amen chorus. – who justify all the outrages that Trump commits – and are blind to his bigotry, picking fights with US’s traditional allies , even Canada that has stood with the US and been most cooperative for 150 years [since the countries political creation] ; while constantly praising ruthless and brutal dictators like Russia’s Putin, Xi of China and the incredibly brutal Kim of North Korea. All power to you. Mary Ann Corbin – and please don’t get depressed by abusive and ignorant comments that you get from the mindless hate-filled Trump fan club who refuse to see all of Trump’s lies, flip-flops, distortion of facts, appeals to prejudice and offensive behaviour. A better day will eventually come . Please be strong.

      • KJHanover says:

        Corbin sounds pretty abusive herself. Now, about those “outrages…you mean like these?
        1. Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court

        2. Stock Market reached an all-time high

        3. Consumer confidence at 17-year high

        4. More than 2 million jobs created

        5. Mortgage applications for new homes rise to a 7-year high

        6. Unemployment rate at 17-year low

        7. Signed the Promoting Women In Entrepreneurship Act

        8. Gutted Obama-era regulations

        9. Ended war on coal

        10. Weakened Dodd-Frank regulations

        11. Promoted buying and hiring American

        12. Investment from major businesses (FoxConn, Toyota, Ford and others)

        13. Reduced illegal immigration

        14. Bids for Border Wall underway

        15. Fighting back against sanctuary cities

        16. Created Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement Office

        17. Changed rules of engagement against ISIS

        18. Drafted plans to defeat ISIS

        19. Worked to reduce F-35 cost

        20. 5-year lobbying ban

        21. Sanctioned Iran over missile program

        22. Responded to Syria’s use of chemical weapons

        23. Introduced tax reform plan

        24. Renegotiating NAFTA

        25. Withdrew from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

        26. Removed The United States out of The Paris Accord

        27. Created task force to reduce crime

        28. DOJ targeting MS-13

        29. Signed an Executive Order to promote energy independence and economic growth

        30. Signed Executive Order to protect police officers

        31. Signed Executive Order to target drug cartels

        32. Signed Executive Order for religious freedom

        33. Sending education back to The States

        34. Fixing the Department of Veterans Affairs

        35. SCOTUS upheld parts of President Trump’s temporary travel ban Executive Order

        36. Authorized the construction of The Keystone Pipeline

        37. Created commission on opioid addiction

        38. Combating human trafficking (both EO and action)

        39. Rollback of Obama’s Cuba policy

        40. Food Stamp use lowest level in 7 years

        41. Reduced White House payroll

        42. Donating Presidential Salary

        43. Executive Order on Obamacare subsidies

        44. Would not certify the Iran Nuclear Deal

        45. Successful trip to Asia

        46. Signed trade deal with China

        47. Designated North Korea a terrorist state

        48. ISIS lost virtually all of its territory

        49. Recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital

        50. Passage of Tax Reform Bill

        51. Signed 130 bills into law

        52. Made 136 Presidential Proclamations

        53. Signed 64 Executive Orders
        -54. Probable peace with N. Korea

      • cliff says:

        Here we have another communist MORON folks. (they all stick together like a VIRUS). Like I have told MANY of “your kind” There are 57 MOOSLIME states to chose from, that you could move to. Use another one of our freedoms and LEAVE MY COUNTRY. That way you can be CLOSER to your “hero” OSCUMBAG and the communist minions that follow him. AND that way you will find out what REAL oppression is all about.

        • KJHanover says:

          roger that, Cliff!

        • Roman Hruby says:

          Of course, as you have no good arguments, so you just resort to name calling and hate filled tirade. It is you who should go and live in the brutal dictatorship of North Korea. After all, Trump has praised Kim Jong-Um and therefore, according to Trump, it would be a great place to live in. If you are a true American, you would appreciate the fact that dissent is patriotic.

          • Glen says:

            The American Left supports ruthless Dictators It was FDR that supported Stalin and lovingly called him Uncle Joe. It was FDR & Truman that allowed Stalin to take over Eastern Europe and proceed to allow him to kill millions of more people. It was Senator Ted ‘the Swimmer’ Kennedy that met with the KGB in an effort to stop Reagan’s plan to put missiles in Europe, a plan that brought about the collapse of the Soviet Union. We should not have given the Soviets one bit of aid during WWII and saved 50 million lives. I almost forgot it was FDR that gave the Soviets millions of tons of food to prevent its collapse in the 1930s. After Stalin killed 15 million Ukrainians, the wheat farmers, there was no flour to make bread It was Clinton who upon hearing Li’l Kim’s grandfather was beginning to build nuclear weapons. Then there are 45 years of Senator John F’n Kerry’ s 45-year dalliance with leftist governments. The Left loved Castro, Chavez and the worker’s paradise they created.

          • Glen says:

            The American Left never protested any Leftist atrocities and criticized American patriots who fought against the Left. The Left only dissents against anything that is good and decent. Antifa is loved by the Left for their violence and riots, excuse me, I mean dissent.

          • Roman Hruby says:

            Glen.What you are referring to is very old news – some 70 years ago – and you are projecting those past errors of long ago to justify Trump’s policies today. As well, you are slandering all Democrats and Independents who disagree with Trumps praise of dictators and his disparaging of traditional allies. In fact, many Democrats and Independents strongly disagree with those past errors. What you need to do is judge each case on its merits. Even though you may generally agree with Republicans and even Trump, there is no harm in saying that he makes mistakes. After all, Trump is not God.

  18. Susan Dix says:

    You’ve proven that you have popped your Cork.
    Between you, Flakie, and the many rinos, you all need to be gone.
    Republicans have really done nothing to help our President who is succeeding
    in spite of you swamp creatures. The biggest, meanest, and ugliest, cult around is
    the Demonrat party. They are criminals who should be going down, along with the
    Muellerite gang. Leave our POTUS alone. President Trump is the best president
    we’ve every had.

  19. Thomas says:

    He is obviously not a conservative nor Republican but a left wing communist progressive like McCain and Clinton. These people get elected on lies. We should be able to through them out immediately when they turn on voters. That’s who they work for but apparently once they get elected they feel we work for them.

    • True Believer says:

      Just had a thought but don’t know how to go about organizing it. We the American people should have a law that for instance in the State of Arizona when McCain got sick, that if 50% of the people thought he should resign could do a recall and throw him out of office as well as any politician that doesn’t live up to his campaign promises, we should be able to recall or at least make them resign by their next election. Just like what is going to be done in the House with a demand to vacate against Ryan.

  20. Dee says:

    Is this attack on our very good President ever going to stop?
    I sure wish it would, so the president can get going on things he wants to do to improve our country.

  21. Let me see, does he mean a cult like the one he is part of, undermining America and supporting the Demon-Craps with his votes, is, is that what he means ? If we are part of a cult then I’m a PROUD member and I hope we can eliminate a whole bunch more of a** holes like him.

  22. Emma says:

    Corker cannot be gone soon enough.
    MAGA ????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    Thanks to POTUS TRUMP ????????????


  24. William Hopkins says:

    Another one is going to bite the dust,bye bye dorker

  25. OLDF VET says:

    Corker is a dumbn stupid as- hole has no idea what is going on so he just has to make noise .what a maroon ,get a life bob learn your country .your suppose to work for nthe people not work for your self .like all the dems a commies TRUMP has been blocking the money for your piggy bank thatsall your problem .cash flow by by .OLD VET

    • Cliff says:

      Old VET,
      You are exactly on the money. These “demon-rats” and rinos (communists/globalists) are terrified because OUR PRESIDENT is slowly returning the control and power BACK to “We the People” and closing OFF their “piggy bank” (those all-precious TAXPAYER DOLLARS that fund their cushy lifestyle) as you have stated.

    • MD Patriot says:

      Oh, I think he is well aware of what is going on. Is there any doubt that Corker is on the Obama/Soros/Schumer/Pelosi payroll?? He needs to go!!

      • Bonnie and John Marshall says:

        No doubt in my mind. I agree with you MD Patroit . Calling himself a republican is deceiving himself.

      • Glen says:

        Let’s take Soros out of the above list. Soros is the front man and paymaster for those that remain and the rest of the Globalist, Elite Deep State, which includes the media. There are others more powerful behind Soros that pull his strings and providing funding. Either way, we are in real trouble.

        • KJHanover says:

          Like who, satan? antichrist?

        • cliff says:


          I would think it was a “safe bet” that there are MANY foreign “investors” in this whole mess. HITLERY had a LARGE amount of foreign money pumped into her crooked campaign as well as “donations” to their clinton crime cartel “foundation”. What is being done about it???…AS USUAL….. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. There WILL come a time when these “investors” will expect SOMETHING in return for their “donation”.(and I hope they “collect” and soon.

  26. Bruce says:

    Corker is more than likely a pedophile and is trying to get rid of Trump before he goes to jail. Vote Republican.

  27. True Believer says:

    If you look up the meaning of the word cult, you will find that Obama and the Muslims definitely are a cult of which there are many. I never will understand what the Democrats have, that has such a hold over everyone. I guess it is because none of them understand history and what it really means. They only have to look at California and Venezuela seriously though to find there is no Utopia with give away programs.

    • KJHanover says:

      It’s called indoctrination (brainwashing) and they’ve been starting it very young, in school, without our knowledge (while we pay school taxes!).

    • Michael says:

      You know True Believer, we know the way Oscuma turned his back on the Jewish Nation for 8 years…And we only have the word of Osuma that he got Bin PROOF…a dead Seal Team….Maybe those big Crates of money cult Muslim Oscuma sent to Iran was to supplement his cult brother Bin Laden who is in hiding?

      • True Believer says:

        You know Michael I always wondered about that because I thought that Bin Laden had been killed way before. I am sure that Seal Team 6 knew things that Zero didn’t want revealed and that is why he blabbed about who killed Seal Team 6 to get them out o the way. That man was so evil. We could have had Bin Laden way before 9/11 if only Clinton had been doing his job instead of playing around in the Oval office. I forget now who it was who was trying to find him to get the OK to kill Bin Laden because they had found him. With all of this corruption coning out every day, really makes one wonder about the Manchurian Candidate!.

        • Roman Hruby says:

          Sometimes I wonder who is the Manchurian candidate. Trump who constantly expresses his warmth for Putin and says nice things about dictators such as Xi of China and Kim of North Korea; while having arguments with and disparaging long-term traditional allies; or Obama who displayed weakness on the international stage because he judged that Americans did not want another unnecessary war, such as that in Iraq where there were no weapons of mass destruction.

          • KJHanover says:

            I guess you never heard the expression “you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.”
            You are obviously a slave to Obama, who did his best (and is still trying) to destroy our country.

          • Cliff says:

            I hate to burst your bubble… but there WERE weapons of mass destruction… THAT was a proven fact…They were Moved to Syria where they were used against their own people. The satellite images hidden from the American People showed the truck movements. were brought out AFTER the “fake news” . Get used to being LIED TO because until they are stopped, the “deep state” is still active and will continue to pull the wool over the eyes of people believing all their PROPAGANDA to be true.
            BTW remember the old saying…Keep your friends close… and your enemies closer. Better to be “talking” to these people rather than getting blown to HELL don’t you think??

          • Roman Hruby says:

            You can’t believe all right wing conspiracy theories. The trucks that were moved did not carry weapons of mass destruction. The Bush Administration did not say – after a thorough investigation – that there were weapons of mass destruction. You can’t believe all the lies either on right wing or left wing sites. No one has a monopoly of truth or honesty. As to being close to enemies – be careful lest ‘you start acting and behaving your enemies – while you offend your friends, who stood with you shoulder to shoulder during past wars and now you may end up being totally isolated.

          • KJHanover says:

            We will never be isolated. There will always be some “ally” that wants our help.

          • Glen says:

            Saddam had WMD, we know because he used them. The UN told Saddam to get rid of his WMD and he refused. The UN would have inspected and certified that Saddam had no WMD. The UN never gave Saddam his WMD Free Certificate.

            Saddam had WMD, we know because he used them. Where did Saddam’s WMD go? You don’t care.

          • Roman Hruby says:

            In fact due to the 1990 Gulf War, Saddam was forced to give up his weapons of mass destruction. He had to do it under international supervision. Hence, by the time that Bush launched his war . there were no weapons of mass destruction. Hence, the rationale for the war was non-existent – ad the war was unnecessary and it led to more than 4,600 Americans dead and a waste of billions of dollars.

    • Michael says:

      True Believer, I too wonder where those crates of money Oscuma gave to Iran came from? Congress didnt sign off on the money…you think Oscumas Muslim brothers from other Terrorist Nations put up the money? Used comrade Oscuma as a fromt to deliver it?…As far as im concerned Oscumas ideology toward Muslims is unquestionable…How many years was his wife first lady of this country before she finally said ,”for the first time Im proud of America”…8 years in DC, turned Oscuma into a slick, smooth talking, Muslim

  28. Kara Wright says:

    Bob Cocker is just another Obama. He is not happy having to leave office so he will just cause as much trouble as possible. What happened to someone leaving without disgracing themselves in public. He will be a laughing stock this time next years and the people in his state will see his true colors. I just bet he couldn’t get elected dog catcher. Once again I for one am glad President Trump is here for us.

  29. Shelba J. Holmes says:

    Corker is so jealous of this President that it is actually pitiful. One thing the politicians in Washington do not like is someone coming to Washington who is “not one of them”. They fear that such a person will cause their impotence to be exposed. Fortunately for the American people that is exactly what is happening and Corker’s useless record of noothingness is out there for the whole world to see. His attitude is “how dare you people send that outsider here to expose us”.

    We have entirely too many Corkers in Congress and they need to be sent home.

  30. Tim says:

    Corker the porker should have long ago!! Along with a few more that aren’t for putting America first!! See ya!!

  31. james allen says:


  32. Jan13 says:

    I thought it over for a few seconds, decided to vote “no” only because we need Corker and others like him as a reminder to vote for those that support President Trump’s agenda. Get rid of the old war horses of both parties.

  33. Have you noticed that all of the Republican candidates that President Trump backed in the primaries won handily!!! If he is bad we msut be bad too andwe are proud of it too!! By the way the only “political cult around is the Democrat Party and their slaves the liberal news media, now that is a cult that is losing big with the American voters”!!!!!!!

    • Marcia says:

      To speak in practical terms, we need to recognize three political parties in the US today: the Democrats, the Republicans, and the Trumpites. Clearly the Trumpites are winning because the average American citizen is NOT stupid.

  34. Michael says:

    Dont let the door hit you in the ass on the way out…just get out!…take that piece of crap McCain, Ryan, and I now believe the best thing is, Gowdy too….Mr Trump doesnt need those old dinosaurs fighting him every step of the way…hes got enough trouble with the Libs, and the Liberal Media…Trump is changing up the good ole boy network in Washington..these old Rhinos are going to have to get a real job…there crooked dealings with the lobbyists who line there pockets arent as lucrative as they have been with a president that keeps his word…unlike the lying, cheating, thieving Clintons & Osumas

  35. T Munson 15 says:

    LOL…!!!… Hey Bob, if all Trump supporters belong to a cult, then you’re looking at half of the country!!… Smooth Move

  36. GySgt Lew says:

    GOP Sen. Bob Corker is a gutless – Democratic Lover should RETIRE right now. If he is so unhappy what is he waiting for. Who in the hell voted for him in the first place??????

  37. Greg Cross says:

    Another democrat gone.

  38. Zelda simms says:


  39. H G Euritt says:

    This is really a sad day in the History of the United States Senate, when you have a sitting Senator making such ridiculous claims. I am truly embarrassed for Senator Corker, as he was never able to get behind President Trump and support the many accomplishments that he has made in his first year as President. Senator Corker needs to resign immediately and go do something else other than being involved in Politics ever again. Senator Corker, your comments are irresponsible, reckless aand unacceptable about people you disagree with. You are truly one of the reason America is in the shape and condition it finds itself in. You should be ashamed of you loudmouth and your ridiculous actions. Good riddance as you are truly and embarrassment to Tennessee and America…

  40. Gerry says:

    I know this is a stupid post but why doesn’t this big mouth come out on the street with us deplorables and run his yap. I know it would never happen because they all hide behind their legion of “armed” bodyguards like the cowards they are. This clown just needs to STFU and go away —far away !!

  41. Mike says:

    The GOP is the cult!! They’ve fed the Americans crap all these years and expect us to just keep believing their lies and manipulation.
    Trump supporters aren’t part of a cult!! We are the people who are breaking free from the cult of the GOP!
    The republicans and democrats look at Americans taxpayers as their serfs who should just be quiet and hand over the money. Both parties suck!!
    We need to start a third party and call ourselves The Freedom Party.

    • Nancy Anderson says:

      Mike I agree with you. That’s a great idea if we could get all of the people who feel like us to do it. There are too many people right now who are apathetic about everything. They just go along with the crowd instead of being free thinkers. We as “deplorables” are not a cult, we are people who have a mind of our own and use it.

  42. Bruce House says:

    I herd what Corcker said. He’s not in touch with the people, so he’s not doing his job! If he doesn’t talk to his constichuant’s how does he know what they want? A cult? No, we are people that are tired of you the ileitis. You may be part of the GOP but your not in touch! So your not doing your job and should be replaced!

  43. Ronnie says:

    Bob Corker is a proven LOSER !!! Go Home and hang out with LOSER McCain!! Birds of a feather!!!

    • brenda says:


    • Bill Matthes says:

      Corker is the one who is disgraceful. Assumed office by posing as a Republican, yet once he is was in office talks and votes like a member of the Dem-wit Party!

  44. Betty says:

    We won’t miss Bob Corker when he is gone. Go Trump!

  45. Terre says:

    How about the Obama regime – talk about a cult – worst President in the United States’ history! Almost managed to bring America’s standards down to those of a third world country (which’s the plan of the Deep State – he’s just their little puppet, & too stupid to know it). Gee, Dems, I didn’t hear you complain about his ineptitude, illegal maneuverings, lies & schemes against the American people – why??? The Dems’re a bunch of stupid little imbeciles who ought to be physically run out of Washington. You know, as American citizens we have the right to fire them all & put into office who WE want.

  46. Fr Tom Martin says:

    He is a washed up politician from the days of old the sooner he is gone the better. But rest assured when he is gone he will be on Fake News daily attacking Trump.

  47. Mike H says:

    I know quite a few people from Tennessee and they hate this guy. How he ever got elected is beyond me. No one seems to know what this guy actually stands for. The only good part about it is he’s getting the hell out and Hopefully sooner than later

  48. JLM says:

    Another poll with generalized choices that have little meaning. Corker must indeed go, which he will do after the next election, but the problem may be his appointed replacement until then. Does the governor appoint a temporary replacement, and, if so, what kind of politician is this likely to be? The person appointed may be worse than Corker.

    • William Bohannon says:

      THEY may be MUCH, MUCH BETTER, than the DO NOTHING Corcker. I’m willing to take the chance just to get this LOSER out of Congress and the Republican party.

  49. Joanna says:

    I guess Corker wanted the corrupt one to win !!!!!Thank God she didn’t!!!!

  50. Joanna says:

    Real man so far very IGNORANT!!!!

  51. iours Trump won Joanna says:

    Real classy guy!!!! IGNORANT as they come!!!

  52. iours Trump won Joanna says:

    What a shame these people are still envious Trump won!!! I guess they all wanted the corrupt one to win!!! Thank God she didn’t!!!!!!

  53. Nancy Anderson says:

    Margaret Heller. Add in Pelosi, Waters, Feinstein, and that blond airhead, with three names, I can’t recall, and I’m with you on this.

    • Nancy Anderson says:

      Debbie Waserman Shultz. Or something like that. Sorry.

    • Parduc says:

      Is it racist to point out that the Trump Haters Club (Soros, Schumer, Pelosi, Corker, Bloomberg, Feinstein, Wasserman-Schultz etc) are all of ethnic Jewish origin? Why do they hate Trump so much?

      • cliff says:

        That is easy to answer…First, he has shaken up and changed the status-quo Second, he cannot be BRIBED and “bought”. Third, they, (the members of BOTH “parties”) are TERRIFIED that their STOLEN…. POWER, CONTROL, and those all-precious TAXPAYER DOLLARS that fund their cushy lifestyles is being ripped out of their CORRUPT slimy grasp by the TRUMP administration, and the CONTROL is back in the hands of the AMERICAN PEOPLE, one step at a time (as it SHOULD BE). THIS is making the liberal COMMUNISTS heads explode as they see their CORRUPT “hard work” slip from their fingers.

  54. Roy says:

    Pop that Corker. What a sad old fool nobody cares about you so go back under your rock and enjoy AMERICA THE GREATEST. THANK YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP.

    • Janet Hall says:

      Pop that corker! That’s great. I’ll have to remember it! What a back stabbing, whining piss ant this cry baby is!

  55. Roman Hruby says:

    Diversity of views should be respected. Those who support Trump should respect freedom of speech, guaranteed by the first amendment. Otherwise, the US would be heading to an intolerant dictatorship.

  56. Margaret Heller says:

    Little Bob Corner should resign, along with McCain, Flake and Ryan.

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