This fact about Paul Ryan has the Speaker sweating bullets

Paul Ryan promised a “more open, more inclusive, more deliberative, more participatory” House of Representatives when he became Speaker.

Yet Speaker Ryan has failed time and time again to enact President Trump’s America First agenda.

And a new bombshell report has Ryan shaking in his boots.

Despite the fake news media propaganda, the American people handed President Trump an historic upset in 2016.

This should’ve shown the swamp monsters in Washington, D.C. that President Trump’s platform is popular with the American people.

But Congress has failed to deliver.

Two years into his Speakership, Paul Ryan’s House Rules Committee just set a record by barring Representatives from offering amendments on a bill.

Politico reports:

Ryan has yet to allow a single piece of legislation to be governed by an open rule, which allows members to propose changes on the floor.

That makes Ryan the only speaker in modern history to forgo the open process entirely so far, according to senior House Democratic sources.

Michigan Republican Justin Amash, a process stickler and one of the most conservative members of the House, agreed, arguing in an interview Tuesday that Ryan has not lived up to his promise.

“When we offer amendments, they have to be approved by leadership before we get a vote on them and that’s not how our system is supposed to work,” he said. “Our system was designed to reflect the will of the people… And the speaker’s job is to ensure the system is open and [lawmakers] are given a fair opportunity to present their amendments.”

He later added: “Right now that’s really broken and it seems to me that people in power here prefer a system where you have as few votes as possible and you attach everything to one or two votes and then everyone has the excuse that they had to vote for it because it has everything in it.”

Instead of allowing conservative members to work to pass President Trump’s agenda, Ryan has tried to obstruct at every turn.

Not only that, but in recent weeks he has hinted at jamming amnesty for illegal immigrants into a government funding bill and called for a “regulatory fix” for gun control measures.

As the 2018 Midterms begin to heat up, Paul Ryan’s failure to pass any substantial parts of the Make America Great Again agenda could cost the GOP in the elections.

Some experts believe the U.S. House – which Republicans hold a 46-seat majority – could even be in play.

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4 Responses

  1. Sherry says:

    Another one who cares more for illegals than Americans. Paul Ryan, John McCain and others in Congress pretend to be re

  2. Stan L says:

    The future for this country would be a whole lot brighter if McConnell was gone as Senate Majority Leader, and Ryan’s time as Speaker of House was done. I hold both of them responsible, based upon the poorest of leadership, that an absolutely horrible budget deal was passed.
    It appears that the two “Republican leaders” McConnell and Ryan, are colluding to work against President Trump and consequently this nation.
    They must go before they suffocate our nation.

  3. Judith Selich says:

    Paul Ryan is NOT a “Never Trumper”; however, I think Ryan was surprised as to how many of us wanted Trump to be elected. Ryan has never pretended to be “best friends” with Trump, but Ryan is a consummate professional. He performs his duties to be best of his abilities and expects the same from those who work with him. I cannot imagine trying to replace Paul Ryan. It is my observation that he is doing an excellent job.

  4. karen zawack says:

    Paul Ryan, the “head compromiser” that allowed Obama to have lots of money before he left. And boy he loves those illegals. This “never trumper” needs to go.

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