This 2020 prediction by Donald Trump about Joe Biden just came true

Donald Trump warned Americans.

Not enough listened.

And this 2020 prediction by Donald Trump about Joe Biden just came true.

When Donald Trump ran for re-election in 2020, Trump forecasted that if Joe Biden won the Presidency, gas would surge to over $7 a gallon.

Trump explained that Biden’s anti-fossil fuel agenda would limit American supply of energy and cause prices to skyrocket.

As the Russian invasion of Ukraine dragged on, Biden’s plan to cut American oil and natural gas production made Trump’s prediction come true.

At one point on Monday, crude oil prices spiked to a 13 year-high of $130 a barrel before retreating.

Senior energy trader at CIBC Private Wealth Rebecca Babin explained in an interview with CNBC.

“Crude is coming off the highs following comments from Germany saying they have no plans to halt Russian energy imports, indications that the US is exploring replacement barrels from Venezuela and Saudi Arabia,” Babin stated.

“Probably the most important takeaway from the trading action this morning is that this situation is extremely fluid,” Babin concluded.

Joe Biden wanted high gas prices.

Expensive gasoline makes it easier for more expensive and less efficient “green” energy sources like wind and solar to compete in the marketplace.

But now high gas prices allowed Russian President Vladimir Putin to fund the military strength to invade Ukraine.

Joe Biden’s radical so-called “climate agenda” no longer just threatens Americans’ liberties and economic well-being.

Russia grew in strength as countries in Europe joined the United States in limiting their own energy production in favor of “green” energy.

Now the West is confronting a Russian menace it helped to fund and create.

However, there does not appear to be any course correction on the way.

The Biden administration will not restart construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, allow oil exploration in ANWR, and issue new fracking leases on federal lands.

Instead, Joe Biden will do favors for Russian allies in Iran and Venezuela to ease sanctions on those regimes to allow them to sell more oil on the global marketplace.

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