This 2020 Democrat made an announcement that took everyone by surprise

The Democrat field for president is growing every single day.

New candidates continue to drop in.

And one 2020 Democrat just made an announcement that took everyone by surprise.

As crowded as the Democrat field for president is, very few are gaining much traction.

And since day one, former Vice President Joe Biden has held a sizable lead.

But he is now threatened by a number of candidates, primarily Kamala Harris, who continue to successfully bash him on his inconsistent record.

This is what is happening at the top of the polling at least.

At the bottom, there is a bunch of nobody candidates who are sitting around hoping for some sort of miracle.

One of them is Eric Swalwell — at least until this week.

The California Congressman made a name for himself with some of the most insane calls for gun control among any of the candidates.

Swalwell wants full-on gun bans, including confiscation.

He has even threatened gun owners who wouldn’t comply with government “buy back” schemes saying “the government has nukes.”

As a result, his campaign’s coffins have been dry from the get go, as he’s been repeatedly slammed by opponents.

And it appears his missteps have doomed his candidacy, considering he just announced he is dropping out of the race.

The Daily Caller reports:

2020 Presidential candidate Eric Swalwell announced he is dropping out of the presidential race Monday at a press conference in California.

The California Rep. began his presidential bid three months ago, and was one of 24 main Democratic candidates. During his campaign, Swalwell struggled to gain traction and his poll numbers have peaked at 1%, East Bay Citizen reported. He is the first major Democratic candidate to drop out of the race.

“Today ends our presidential campaign, but it is the beginning of an opportunity in Congress with a new perspective shaped by the lives that have touched mine and our campaign throughout these last three months,” Swalwell announced Monday. “To bring that promise of America to all Americans.”

This makes Swalwell the first 2020 Democrat candidate to quit.

It isn’t surprising he’s dropping out — just that he did it so early.

Swalwell had a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the election, and it appears he caught on it quicker than most of the candidates in a similar position.

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32 Responses

  1. Joe says:

    do you want revolution? If yes then try to take our guns. We will terminate all those who advocate for gun confiscation. Period.

  2. Again……….A GUN IS A GUN< is a poker is a piece of glass is a bow and arrow,is an automobile. Have you thought that you are thinking the very way the federal government wants you to and sacs your brain not to think? Who makes the ammunition? Why? Put the subject where it goes. If, a gun is not loaded what happens when it is fired?????????? Uh ooooo! NOTHING!!!!!!!!!! People sometimes let someone else do their thinking. Safety should be practiced every day! At home, at work, on the road, at play, sports, eateries every day all the time. Who is responsible for safety??? Everyone. ……………….. all of us. Do your own thinking no matter where you are or what you are doing. THINK.

  3. It is the ,AMMUNITION !!!!!!!!!!!Ball bats, guns pokers knives,sling shots, bows and arrows, automobiles, glass bottles, explosives, lamps,ice picks,rocks and so on. Get the picture???????? A gun is a piece of metal until…… a person puts the Federal Government Ammunition in it! Get the picture. Control the ammunition.

  4. David says:

    And that democrats for life is a big f ing joke what about all of the baby’s you assholes are allowing to be killed you scream about saving life’s stop killing baby’s demorats are the biggest bunch of TWO FACED losers ing the country

  5. David says:

    I thought this was a ignorant dem-whit about everything you quoted had a foreign Name attached to it .Ignorant people leave guns laying around ignorant people use gun on other people out of hate or greed lets ban ignorant people. my children and grandchildren have been taught to respect guns and do . If you want to quote statistics how many people get killed by knifes each year how many by clubs hammers , how many drowned let’s ban all of that waters a killer look at what happened in Flint hell let’s ban water. Maybe we need to start locking these people up or sending them back to where they came from and start educating the ones that leave them laying around and don’t teach their children and family gun safety. But don’t try taking guns away from people who respect them. Our founding fathers gave us that right to protect this great land we live on and to hunt for food. That is what the NRA fights for not for the criminal’s

  6. Robert M Bochniarz says:

    Whoever you are, Vasu Murti, your ‘facts’ come from days of old and, besides, talk to the
    folks on the front line in Chicago & Baltimore, L.A., Detroit & a host of other ‘blue’ cities &
    you will find that the shootings taking place are mostly by gang members & those who can
    obtain guns whatever the laws may be. So 20-year-old+ statistics from whatever source
    really have little application to today’s U.S…

  7. Jim Anchor says:

    that was beautiful glock19fan, flocking beautiful

  8. Jim Anchor says:

    So you care about children dying from a gun, yet care nothing for the 100’s of Thousand of ABORTED children.
    And suicide is a person decision- and legal in most states – who cares how some one does it, as long as they are successful.

    The 2nd Amendment tells you commies to go pound sand. We will have our weapons to stop you here in the USA. Never allow you scum to rule us, NEVER. Stock up on ammo patriots. Times are near.

  9. The democratic party has been like a financial,
    abusive, truth bending, investigational, border dumping, horror movie that coming to
    a theater near you.
    Check your local listings if you want to see this historically charged horror.

  10. Rich says:

    Vasu . . . . you seem to miss the point with your entire treatise; i.e., guns don’t kill, it takes a human or some sort of mechanism to pull the trigger.

    It would be a relevant FACT if you would include how many crimes are prevented by the victim having possession of a gun, in hand, or available. But, of course these statistics are not kept by the Feds.

  11. NickP says:

    More people killed by knives than guys. 65% of gun violence now by baby libs under age 25. Want to reduce gun killings by 80%? Take guns away from….oh we can’t do that! It would be racist.

  12. h says:

    Carry your sorry ass back to canada !

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