These Fake News reporters just made a career-ending mistake on live T.V.

Robert Mueller has sent Buzzfeed into damage control mode after calling their most recent story, accusing Trump of instructing Michael Cohen to lie to Congress, fake news.

Now, Buzzfeed’s entire credibility is on the line.

And these two left-wing Buzzfeed reporters just went on live television to write their own obituary.

Buzzfeed “reporters” Ben Smith and Anthony Cormier have doubled down to defend their so-called “bombshell” report.

In an interview with CNN’s Brian Stelter, he asked if they feared for their jobs as reporters due to their massive screw up on this story.

Ben Smith answered by staking Buzzfeed’s entire reputation on the story being true.

When pressed further he simply attempted to deflect the question and redirect attention to President Trump.

CNN reports:

“While there is right now, and understandably, a focus on the media story and the process story… The important story here is about the relationship between the Trump Administration and Russia.” Ben Smith

Ben Stelter continued to press the issue and Anthony Cormier was forced to admit Buzzfeed did not know exactly what Trump said to Michael Cohen.

“We don’t know, we’re trying to get the exact language that was used in this conversation. And we will get there one day.” Antony Cormier

Buzzfeed is attempting to claim that President Trump instructed Michael Cohen to lie to Congress.

They think it’s grounds for impeachment.

Allegedly, their sources have confirmed that these claims are true and they are not backing down.

But this isn’t the first time Buzzfeed released “news” that was proven to be totally fake.

They’re the “journalists” who first broke the so-called Steele dossier.

They made the absurd claim that there was a secret tape of President Trump with Russian prostitutes performing “golden showers.”

The fact that the media still gives Buzzfeed the time of day is outrageous.

They’ve been caught time and time again publishing fake news just to get clicks.

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