The “Pit Bull” of the Mueller investigation is begging Joe Biden to prosecute President Trump

The radical Left is viciously attacking President Trump for contesting the results of the election to make sure all legal votes are counted.

Some members of the Fake News Media are even accusing President Trump of committing borderline treason.

But the “Pit Bull” of the Mueller investigation is begging Joe Biden to go one step further and prosecute President Trump.

Andrew Weissmannn served as a senior prosecutor during the Mueller Investigation, where he earned the nickname “Pit Bull” for his overly aggressive attempt to bring down Donald Trump.

And in a recent article he wrote for The New York Times, Weissmann showed why he earned the nickname “Pit Bull” by calling on the Biden/Harris Administration’s Department of Justice to investigate and prosecute President Trump.

“As painful and hard as it may be for the country, I believe the next attorney general should investigate Mr. Trump and, if warranted, prosecute him for potential federal crimes,” Weissmann wrote in The New York Times, saying “Trump’s criminal exposure is clear.”

And he didn’t stop there.

Everyone may have thought the Mueller investigation was a thing of the past.

But not for Weissmann.

In fact, Weissmann went on to claim that he has “ample evidence to support a charge that Mr. Trump obstructed justice” during the Mueller investigation.

Not only that, but Weissmann said he expects the DOJ to bring the investigation back up if Biden is elected President.

It’s apparent that the Democrats are coming after President Trump should Joe Biden be officially declared the winner and become the next President in January.

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