The FBI turned on Joe Biden with one surprising reversal

For the last five years, FBI leadership served as loyal foot soldiers in the Deep State crusade against Donald Trump and his supporters.

Joe Biden always thought he could count on the FBI to enforce his political will.

But now the FBI turned on Joe Biden with one surprising reversal.

Attorney General Merrick Garland horrified millions of Americans by issuing a memo ordering the FBI to spy on school board meetings and arrest parents who protested Critical Race Theory in the classroom or mask mandates too aggressively.

Garland’s letter came after the administration consulted with the left-wing National Association of School Boards on a letter where the NASB blasted concerned parents as domestic terrorists and begged the FBI to utilize the illegal domestic spying powers in the so-called “PATRIOT Act” to surveil parents opposed to left-wing indoctrination in schools.

But at the Society of Former Special Agents conference in Scottsdale, Arizona, pro-Deep State FBI Director Christopher Wray sought to distance the Bureau from Garland’s memo.

Retired agent Cecil Moses told the Daily Caller that Wray made it clear to former agents in attendance that FBI agents would not be attending school board meetings and monitoring the proceeding.

“He made it clear he didn’t want it to be any misconception, that there’s going to be FBI agents out there looking over the shoulder of parents or monitoring school board meetings and the like,” Moses said in an interview with the Daily Caller.
“He made the comment that the Bureau will stay in his own lane and I think that’s a very, very cogent comment.”

Former FBI agent Mark Vines spoke for many when he explained that the Garland memo could create a chilling effect and bully parents into silence.

Vines explained that the issues being debated – Critical Race Theory, mask mandates and transgender bathrooms – were hot button subjects that led to heated rhetoric, but that parents were protected under the First Amendment to express their opinions.

“We have to be very careful to not deem unsavory talk or horrible ideas and speech as being terrorism, because you have a right in this country to free speech,” Vines stated.
“People say stupid things, people say evil things, people say bad things. But you have a right to do that, as long as you’re not harming other people.”

Vines added that Wray did not make these comments in a public setting out of fear Joe Biden would fire him.

“I think Christopher Wray knows that… he’s painfully aware that that’s not the role of an FBI agent,” Vines added. “But is he going to say that publicly? Well, I guess that’s a good way to get fired by your boss.”

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