The failing New York Times’ latest fake news attack just blew up in their faces

A recent study showed The New York Times’ coverage of Trump was 87 percent negative.

They release one fake news headline after another trying to discredit Trump.

But their latest attack just blew up in their face.

President Trump recently celebrated the historic release of three American hostages from North Korea.

The Obama administration claimed this was impossible.

Before news of the hostage release broke, The New York Times attacked Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, saying he was nowhere to be found.

But Pompeo was in North Korea brokering the deal that led to the release of the hostages.

And Trump wrecked The New York Times with one tweet.

This is yet another in a long line of attacks by the leftist media.

In fact, a recent report showed that 91% of the network news is negatively biased against President Trump.

Yet they never seem to give him credit when he deserves it as with the release of these North Korean hostages.


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22 Responses

  1. John King says:

    Because ‘Freedom of the Press’ is part of the Constitution, Congress needs to pass a law that levels heavy fines and other repercussions for lying to the people! An editorial is the place for opinion . . . all other information must be verifiable as truth or as truth as they have been told from revealed resources.

    If an undisclosed resource reveals something, that is news to be placed in the ‘Editorial’ part of any paper or magazine . . . not to be treated as factual news!!! That is the ONLY ‘out’ for reporting anything the “Freedom of the Press” is supported by! (…Note: The Constitution sets restraints on the Government, NOT on the people! That is why we have our Constitutional Government, to restrain or control Government, not to restrain or control the people…)

  2. Rich says:

    When I was working for the airlines we had to clean the aircraft at the end of the day, so I use to take the leftover times papers and place them at the doorway so other workers can wipe their feet on them before they entered the aircraft, that’s all they were good for.

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