Sarah Sanders just made a massive announcement nobody saw coming

Sarah Huckabee Sanders has been with Trump since the beginning of his campaign.

And for the past two years she has been his Press Secretary.

But she just made a massive announcement that nobody saw coming.

There has perhaps been nobody more loyal to the President than Sarah Sanders.

She is tough and willing to stand up to the hostile media constantly attacking the President.

But it turns out her time is done, and in a shock announcement President Trump says she is leaving the White House to move back home to Arkansas at the end of the month.

The move is sure to upset any Trump supporter, but it is clear she will be very happy with her new move.

Breitbart reports:

President Donald Trump announced on Thursday that White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders will leave the White House at the end of June with plans to return to Arkansas.

After announcing the news on Twitter, President Trump called Sanders up to the podium during a White House event in the East Room to thank her for her service.

“She’s done an incredible job and we’ve been through a lot together and she’s tough, she’s good,” he said as the room applauded.

“You also have tough and bad right? Trump said as the group laughed. “She’s good. She’s a special person, a very, very fine woman, she has been so great, she has such heart, she’s strong but with great, great heart.”

Sanders also spoke, thanking the president for her position.

“This has been the honor of a lifetime, the opportunity of a lifetime, I couldn’t be prouder to have had the opportunity to serve my country, in particular, to work for this president,” she said.

During the announcement of her departure, President Trump also alluded that she may make a run for Governor of Arkansas.

Trump said she would be “fantastic,” and that she has a lot of support in the state where her father was once Governor.


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132 Responses

  1. Kay says:

    TRUMP / PENCE 2020


  2. Archangel III says:

    You’re absolutely correct about Bill Clinton… You are so right. He was all of that and then some… 6 reports of sexual misconduct while he was an Arkansas Councilman… 4 different occasions while Governor of Arkansas… And let’s not forget Monica while President of the United States… Thanks for talking the truth about Bill Clinton…We all agree, but you know Fuddy boy… All of us here already knew all that… Thank goodness President Trump never cheated on Melania in 17 years of marriage, and it is highly unlikely that he would do so while President… Oh sorry Fuddy Dudd… You were talking about President Clinton… correct??

    • Elmer Fudd says:


  3. Elmer Fudd says:

    Such a shame to see and hear all this reference to GOD and then use his name in vain while trying to connect CHEETO MAN and Sarah to anything GODLY.
    Using your so called Faith in GOD to hide behind PAGANISM SATANISM is truly disgusting just so sick.
    He is a known perverted sexual predator accused and sued many times for this very disgusting behavior. Remember the Hollywood Video Tape, the beauty pagent he sponsored when he forced his way into girls dressing room trying to get a glimpse of young girls BOOBYS how sick sick sick!!!
    This one is just for Christian Women if you truly believe in the 10 Commandments GOD or JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD AND SAVIOR if you have a daughter who was in that dressing room on that horrible day when a pervert busted in how just how can you support or vote for a SEXUAL PREDATOR just how in God’s name can you justify that choice!!!!
    He Lies Cheats and Steals on a daily basis all againts God’s Will he has never been to or stepped inside a Church because he would burn in HELL INSTANTLY!!!!
    In 2016 you had a choice you could have written in your own name as i did you could have written in Jesus’s name but nooooooo you choose to vote for SATAN you don’t have a religious bone in your body your heart is full of hatred your mind is full of sick sick thoughts you deserve all the bad things that are going to be placed upon your soul you shall never rest you will spend eternity in HELL for tuning your back on GOD!!!
    Stop spouting your Pro Life nothing could be farther from the truth, Pro Life means life from cradle to grave not restricting health care from the poor or food stamps from the hungry or clothes from the naked or a safe place to live with a roof over your head a warm bed to sleep in on and on and on, Your Pro Birth only, meaning if you can’t Imeditaly stand on your own two feet and not become a charge on this country then you need to go and die your not welcome in this Godless Country!!!
    Wellcome to the retardican america started by reagen and imbraced by every retard since they will at any cost including your own life destroy this world until only their kind and the ones they choose to serve them will surive and believe me God or Jesus don’t fit into that plan either.
    There is no turning back now the process is already taking place you just refuse to see or hear it SAD SAD SAD !!!

    • Paul Jarrett says:

      Good name elmer fud this explains your view , ever get tired of swimming in the toilet

    • Francis says:

      You’re off your rocker. You should have just stayed home and not voted at all. You lost. I voted for Donald Trump not Satan who is the fallen angel Lucifer. His name wasn’t on the ballot. And no one alive today has the right to judge another as you have judged Trump. We’ve all sinned and fell short of the glory of God. You have a tone of hatred in the words you write about Trump. There are those among us that can see a woman naked and think nothing of it. If I walk into a room of naked women it doesn’t make me a pervert or just so I can see some boobs.. When a woman sports reporter walks in a locker room full of naked men no one thinks or labels them a pervert. The President’s sex life is neither my concern nor any of my business. He’s entitle to the same right to privacy about his sex life as me or you. Unless he’s doing it in the Oval Office as Bill Clinton was. You are just fanning the flames by repeating accusations that have been blown out of proportion to further an agenda by anti- America democrats and women that hate Trump for being the typical man women like to lump us all into when it comes to sex. Well not all men are corndogs because we find a woman pleasing to the eye. There’s just as many women committing adultery and fornication as men. Can’t be any other way. As long as the President does the job the majority of the American people expects for the good of America then he or she is qualified for the office and worthy of my vote for President. We’ve never had a perfect President and never will. At least Trump iis doing his best to bring America back to the greatness a lot of unAmerican and non-American individuals find offensive.
      We’ve all done things but there are some of us don’t do them anymore. Do you not believe in a man’s repentance and forgiveness for the wrong done by him. I try to live by the example Christ Jesus gave us the 10 Commandments God the Father gave us and the 11th commandment Christ Jesus gave to his disciples, for us all, to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Have you given Trump the same opportunity to scrutinize your life sins to see if your qualified or morally fit to judge him. The past is gone. Live in the present and look at what a person has to offer now and his morals today not yesterday. Good people learn from there mistakes and still make more no matter how hard We try not to. It’s only human nature since Eve ate that Apple and convinced Adam he needed to do likewise. All for believing a lie from Satan. And yes Satan is behind all the evil in America, not President Trump.
      We vote for the best person to take care of our government as it stands and for what it stands, Not for Sainthood. That’s a job for God. Although the Pope’s throughout history have given sainthood to some for Catholicism. They were great men of God as far as I know. But I know nothing of their private, personal or intimate life. God has made great men from those society knew as ungodly evil men. Saul, a mass murderer of Christians, became Paul the man God chose to build his church for the world. Don’t ever underestimate God’s will for America and His interventions in our battle against evil to protect this country founded in his name and laws.
      I’m not trying to offend, but enlighten. You have a right to your p
      Opinion and I do respect that right and your opinion. I just don’t happen to agree with holding Trump accountable for his past mistakes or bad judgement when no one else. In government has any accountability for their lies, deceit, or treasonous obstruction of justice for the past three years. Trump and those of us that support his presidency are held accountable for all that’s evil in America. We live under the threat of violent reprisal by opposition parties for nothing more than exercising our right to support and vote for the candidate of our choice. Yet their right to do the same carries no accountability for their actions against innocent law abiding citizens that don’t hold any annimosity towards them for their political affiliation.
      Have a blessed day.

  4. Joe Pikus says:

    I support Trump all the way and also Sara for Governor. She a strong woman and calls a spade a spade . When someone gives out FAKE NEWS she jumps their ass and calls it what it is. I like her because she speaks out against all this garbage some people are putting out. When you want to look at some idiots, take a look at all the people who put this omar in our government. My god is she a real nut case. Get her out NOW. Well facebook finally banned me because I said they should shoot the ringleaders who are crashing out border because they are invaders. Been trying to get off their communist site for years. Called it hate speech but that’s the only thing that will stop this B.S. They still show me as a democrat and I have never been a democrat.

    • Nellie says:

      Sarah for Governor. She did s great job for Trump as secretary.
      Hope each state can remove the gay teaching in our schools. Biden allowed Obama’s agenda on pushing gay issues on bathrooms, sports and employment. We need to get Obama’s liberal judges out of offices. Parents need to boycott the schools. CA schools are worthless.
      Pray for our country
      Trump 2020

  5. James A Langham says:

    GOOD BYE and GOOD RIDDANCE!! Being a “Chip ” off one of the most egregious ole telescammers shoulders, she’ll be great at what she does best, “pull the wool over the eyes of the most gullible.”

  6. Timothy says:

    Another turnover in the post – – that is like 4 people or more will be in that post since Trump became president. Remember Spicer, the Mooch, and Sarah. Sarah was perfect for Trump because she did not gag at all his lies and instead of doing the job properly, was a nasty pit bulldog. She will not get elected for anything.

  7. Colleen La Rose says:

    Dear diane, I understand being a nasty loudmouth piece of s**t, no one would ever claim to have any kind of love for you. However Linda is a beautiful lady inside & out. & I am indeed very lucky to have met & became her friend. Maybe if you spit the s**t out of your mouth, & get educated. Someone might tolerate admitting they even know you. If you have a problem with the posts she & I write to eachother…then by all means go find a blog more suited to your kind….I hear there’s a vacation package offered to ignorant hateful lunatic biatches of your ilk at the looney toons farm . They may even be kind to you & give you a much needed lobotomy.

    • White Beard says:

      I don’t know the background of this but Coileen La Rose, you appear to be the one who needs to get educated and learn to handle your temper! “Lunatic biatches and looney toons farm”!?! Show some class, Colleen, if you want to be taken seriously.

  8. DIANE says:

    OMG!!! WOW!!! These loveletters between colleen and linda are just too much!!! LOL!!! Well, I sure as hell will not miss ole hog jowls sanders! She is a despicable human being who would lie all the way to hell and back about that lawless POS trump who is not fit to govern!!! #2020 End of an Error! Glad to say good-bye to that ridiculous POS!!!

    • Healthydose says:

      As you can clearly see, you are in the minority. Trump will win again. And you TDS will get even worse. It is actually quite sad that you can ot see all the good tht he is doing for the country. But, it is impossible for you since you, like all demos, are just full of hate, slander inuendo, and vitriol. It will eat you up in the end. Enjoy your short misserable life, while the rest of us thank God for allowing Trump to set this country back on track.

      • James Green says:


        • Sue says:

          And I say, DOUBLE AMEN!! “Healthy Dose” is spot on…people who continually harbor hate and negativity don’t realize how much it affects their physical health for the worse. I’ve seen results of numerous polls asking senior citizens the secret to longevity, and without an exception, they all attest to living a happy life and having a positive attitude. So, people who harbor hate are doing nothing more than shortening their lives.

      • BB says:

        The devil has put blinders on the Democrate party and turned them over to a reprobate mind. The Bible says God will do this when he is tired of trying to get people to do right, and we all know killing innocent babies and men w men and women w women is against God’s word.

      • Donald Duck says:

        H dose. Lets see twice this century so far only twice retardicans had to CHEAT to win only because electrol colledge gave it to them CHEATING IS NOT WINNNG majority dose not support COMMUNISUM only IDIOTS like you and many others on this site love COMMUNISUM just like Cheeto Man Love letters from N Korea China Putin thats why Putin needed Cheeto Man to win COMMUNISUM IS OVERTAKING AMERICA AND YOU SUPPORT IT all you COMMY BASTARDS GO BACK TO RUSSIA NOW

    • Linda M. says:

      Diane: Love letters between me and Colleen? We don’t love each other. But have a mutual respect.But it appears that no one loves you.. Perhaps if you weren’t such a hateful, ill informed, bigot Liberal you too could find someone that respects and cares for you…Now go off and continue to cry that Queen Hillary wasn’t voted in. Even though she tried every dirty trick in the world to get voted in.We will see what happens in 2020….And by the way, what gives you the right to make fun at Ms. Sanders looks?I’m sure you haven’t won any beauty contests, you pathetic twit…..

      • Colleen La Rose says:

        Linda darling, how I miss you, let me count the ways! I miss your cute smile, & the longing looks you give me as we part ways!!!
        Please Linda say you will marry me & let’s end this charade!!!!
        Diane is on to us so we can’t hide our love for eachother anymore!!!!

        • Linda M. says:

          Colleen La Rose: FUNNY! VERY FUNNY!!! Well, perhaps Patriot Pulse will do a story on us next:” TWO STRAIGHT LADIES FIND THEY LOVE EACH OTHER ON OUR WEBSITE”….
          You know Collen,I say to myself, can these liberals REALLY be this hateful, ill informed, and judgemental? Then someone like Diane comes along and proves it!!How can anyone function being like this?? I love my dog, so in Diane’s way of thinking I MUST be into bestiality, correct? OMG what a twit she is…. Oh and yes Colleen . I will marry you.(LOL) Don’t forget to send an invitation to Diane…

          • Colleen La Rose says:

            Heck, she’s gonna be my flower girl! I agree Linda, can these slaves to the liberal masters really be this ignorant. Thank GOD more & more thinking people (even many dems) see thru the agenda the libs are trying to force down people’s throats. But alas there are the die hard willfully ignorant masses that refuse to admit they made a huge mistake supporting their masters. BTW: We need to get started on the invitations…President Trump will pay for our extravagant wedding😉

    • John says:

      Well, I’m honestly happy that Killary never was president and wait for the day when she atoned for her crimes against the American people. Icing on the cake would be Obama joining her in jail.

      • Gayle Clay says:

        Believe Sarah Sanders would be in a pretty small click. There aren’t too many women in government right now that think rationally. Doesn’t do much good when congress has all those women but they’re all liberals…followers of an off-center ideology put forth by the ones who shoot off their mouths about issues they think they have the answers to but can’t see the repercussions of their solutions. They are there to serve not the people they were elected to represent, but to serve themselves and their notoriety in the media’s. (Who can out do who contest.)

    • I have your jowls hanging.

    • White Cloud says:

      [OMG!!! WOW!!! These loveletters between colleen and linda are just too much!!!]]
      You don’t? Many readers of this website do.
      [ LOL!!! Well, I sure as hell will not miss ole hog jowls sanders!] Sarah Sanders has done a great job for President Trump. Many readers of this website appreciate Sarah’s work. But you do not speak to Sarah’s work. You are silent about it. It is a big give away about your hidden agenda: Lies only to the r4eaders of this website.
      [She is a despicable human being who would lie all the way to hell and back about that lawless POS trump who is not fit to govern!!!] Every bit you mentioned is a lie to many readers of this website. Being perceived as a liar would not help your posts to produce any effect.
      [#2020 End of an Error! Glad to say good-bye to that ridiculous POS!!!] You are dreaming. Many did in 2016 about Hillary.

    • libra says:

      Diane–You probably never watched or listened to Sarah handle the press. She was always calm, measured and always a lady which is more than can be said for you. You must eat dirt like Beto to have such a filthy lying trap.

    • Elmer Fudd says:

      Diane. Their called Lickady Slits munch munch slurp slurp. Don’t forget the best part of her ran down her daddy’s leg LOL!! How any man could touch her wih a 10′ pole tied to their chicken is beyond belief. Just goes to prove that too many men are desperate hound dogs. She claimed GOD himself assigned him to be potus talk about whorpsiping a PAGAN GOD we know what happened when MOSES came down from the mnt. top they wandered for 40 years for turning against God. To support,embrace,promote or vote for the ORANGE ORANGUTANG MONSTER and any of his supporters including that ugly skanky disgusting piglet sarah is to embrace COMMUNISM SATANISM PAGANISM four more years of this S##T and here comes WW3 END TIMES ANIALATION OF THE UMAN RACE!!!

    • Archangel III says:

      Heath Diane… How do you possibly explain a president who has conducted the greatest tax cut for all Americans and deregulation of unnecessary regulations on businesses in history, which in turn created now over 7 million new jobs in the 2 and a half years of his presidency… 3.6% unemployment, the lowest since 1969… 3.2% GDP growth in the economy and growing, not seen since the Reagan and Clinton Administrations… trying to secure our borders but being obstructed by the Dumocraps… 5.9 million Americans now off of food stamps since Trump’s election…4.1 million Americans out of poverty… welfare at it’s lowest rate in 25 years, African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, and women unemployment at an all-time low… new policies for the VA, now VA managers and supervisors can be fired for misconduct of Vets and Veterans now have a choice of any insurance in the country paid for by the VA… has the respect of every country on the planet including our enemies… he’s now talking to our enemies and preventing Wars from taking place by letting them know the consequences should they start… bringing in billions and billions from the Chinese tariffs, not being paid for by the taxpayers… and find me one single racist comment President Trump has ever made one side of bigotry, and explain exactly how he is a dictator, bully and white supremist… And the list of accomplishments goes on and on… if I were you Diane, I would take a nice long look at your own party and then decide the ones are not fit.

    • Elmer Fudd says:


      • Elmer Fudd says:

        Just saw the cutest pic sent to me it is a orange colored dog wearing a orange wig just like cheeto mans with a red tie proclaiming ” I’M GOING TO BUILD A BIG BEAUTIFUL WALL—– AND THE CATS ARE GOING TO PAY FOR IT” HIS WHOLE TENURE IS JUST ONE BIG JOKE LIKE WATCHING CARTOON NETWORKS. He’s the laughingstock of the entire world he will forever be known as the biggest dumbest idiot to ever occupy the peoples house. A truly great legacy one that will never be dublicated ever again THANK GOD!!!

  9. Alan Doud says:

    She is an amazing woman and will be missed. Trump couldn’t have made a better choice. Speaking of choices I have been hearing people criticize trump as a bigot and against woman. I think they should take notice of the very high and key positions he has entrusted to women. He had a woman campaign manager, a woman the White House Press Secretary. A black woman was one of the CEO’s in one of his companies. She was also a personal friend of the family.

  10. Steel Magnolia says:

    Thank you Ever so Much, Sarah.
    You kept the Press ‘in check’.
    A ‘Tuff’ job & you performed
    in Grace. Best Regards To You/Fam
    & The Future.

  11. Debra Brown says:

    It has been great to have a press secretary with so much common sense. I wish Sarah well wherever she goes! It has also been nice to see a president with so much common sense. No more cash being sent to terrorist by the pallet full!! No more lying “you can keep your healthcare plan and your doctor”. I am ready for four more years of sainity!!

    • Elmer Fudd says:


  12. Jim Wildrick Jr says:

    I will miss Sarah.Her grit in dealing with a hostel press and Trump haters was amazing.She is an amazing woman who knows how to handle pressure.Wishing her the best of luck in her future endeavors

    • Sharon Jenkins says:

      I too wish Sarah all the best.. She has done a fantastic job as Press Secretary and i will miss how she deals with the rabid press. Good Luck and GOD Bless.
      P.S. Hope you run for governor of Arkansas……

  13. Gun Nuts of America says:

    Colleen, meet for coffee so I can change your political ideas. The people were worse pounding me than you.

    • Colleen La Rose says:

      Well nutty gunnuts, thanks for the offer but I don’t drink coffee…maybe a cappuccino would be good. I really don’t try to be rude, but really your comments do bring out the mean side of me sometimes, when I am not laughing at them. I must wonder are you REALLY this convinced that President Trump is not the best President ever? In that, I totally disagree. Can you tell me just 1 thing that President Trump has done that has harmed America in any way, & can you tell me just 1 lie he has told?

      • Colleen, his name ,”says it all”!……………………………………. Stay grounded<<<<<<<.

      • Elmer Fudd says:

        Coleene I gotta take this one he is directly connected to mass murder in El Paso Tx. He might as well had pulled the trigger, i dare you to go there and tell family’s he’s not responsible for murder.
        Lies current count over 12,000+ and climbing daily at this rate by the time he gets voted out in 2020 it’ll be over 20,000. Biggest lie everybody LOOOOOOOVES MEEEEEEE false everybody with half a brain haaaaaaaaates hiiiiiiiiim

    • Colleen La Rose says:

      To be honest with you, I would like to talk 1 on 1 with an anti-Trump lib, I have alot of questions I would like to ask in a sensible, friendly way without trading insults or being rude.

      • Linda M. says:

        Colleen La Rose: Well, its seems I’ve missed a lot, since this morning! At least you had some people defending you against Gun.When he attacked me, some, not a lot, came to my defense though.
        Today is my late husband’s birthday and father’s day, so we had a little memorial.That’s we I was.
        Well a small miracle did happen with Gun. He actually typed one whole comment without calling you a vile name and was polite! I wish Eric, Betty, Nancy A. and Scott27 would do so….I also see we also have some new Trump haters posting now.I don’t like name calling anyone names but they are like cockroaches. You kill one, ten more show up to take its place….
        Good luck!! You’re doing fine!!

        • Gun Nuts of America says:

          Linda, you are a good person too, you can see how politics divides people. Both my brothers are pretty liberal and their wives are very conservative although they have voted every time for Republicans they didn’t this time for Trump, so they said.

          • Colleen La Rose says:

            Good morning nutty gunnuts😊
            I am happy to see your actually having friendly comments. You know they say (very old saying) opposites attract. I believe it is possible for people with opposing views can have sensible conversations, without insults or being rude. I look forward to that with you & anyone else. (I never thought I’d say this to you😉) but have a great blessed day nutty gunnuts

          • Linda M. says:

            Guns Nuts of America: Thank you sir, I appreciate that.
            You are absolutely correct with your statement about politics dividing people. But we should NEVER allow it to escalate to the point of pure hate and de stain.Because it begins with words, then it turns into actions. I know , at times, we can let our beliefs and emotions get the better of us,on many topics.But if we do not keep ourselves in check, this IS how wars begin. And because of what’s is happening in the world today, we must stand firm as a nation. Because if we are forced into another world war,this WILL be the end for all..Even you must admit, that Pelosi, Omar, Cortez, and Tlaib ( to name a few) are really radical, crazy ladies !They not only DO NOT belong in our government, but I sincerely believe they belong in jail…Now admit it. They won’t kick you out of the Democrat party, if you do.(LOL)
            I REALLY disliked Obama, for many reasons. But still I tried to show some respect for him simply because he was our president.But secretly I WAS hoping he’d fall off a cliff!!Holding hands with the Clintons….
            See you on the next post…

          • Colleen La Rose says:

            Oh ya & BTW, you are right about Linda, she is a very sweet lady. I luv me sum Linda 😍

        • Colleen La Rose says:

          Good morning dear Linda.
          Yep, it seems maybe we might be making a dent in gunnuts blabber. If he is willing to be civil, I will reply in kind. Maybe I am naive but I hold out hope that not all these Trump haters are as crazy as they seem. Yeppers there are some wonderful men & women that speak up when they see idiotic comments. I am sure your late husband must have been a great man….I mean after all look at his wife, a sweet intelligent go-getter. I also noticed some newbie Trump haters have started coming in….I think their playing tag-team, when the OG Trump haters run out of things to say, they tag in the newbies😅
          But we are going to keep fighting the good fight.
          Have a wonderful blessed day my dear Linda

          • Linda M. says:

            Colleen La Rose: Good morning my friend!
            I see you just replied to Mr. Gun. I also left him one as well. I hope we can make him at least see that you can voice your opinions without resorting to being the school yard bully.But there are a few others that I can’t see any redemption for.Well, at least we can keep trying, can’t we? I am having a go around with one individual right now on the issue of abortion.EVERY site he is there with his novel length comments. But it’s not his personal comments. He’s quoting this one and that one to get his point across. Which only drives me nuts!! Did you ever hear the expression”educated fool” ? Well that’s him.
            Thank you (again) for your complements. I am humbled. But yes, he was a great man, who suffered greatly before his passing.But ,even though he was in pain, he went to work everyday just to provide for us, his family. We found him sitting in the kitchen, with his alarm clock plugged in and set for the time to get ready for work.I miss him greatly.He was the quiet, soft spoken man and I was(and am) the out spoken defender of all..
            Well, got to make my coffee and put my armor on. Lord it’s hot in the summer wearing it, isn’t it?
            See “talk” to you soon!! You also have a blessed, wonderful day!!

          • Linda M. says:

            Colleen La Rose: I am directing this comment that you left for me on Patriot pulse for Omar and jail: Never feel you are on an island by yourself because of your struggles within because you feel you are not following your religious beliefs to the letter. I truly believe we all face these struggles everyday. At least I do.Even within the Christian faith that has so many branches within it. And that each one following a different branch thinks the other will be going to Hell. So who is right or wrong?? All I know what I believe in and HOPE I am right. I honor you as a kind, loving human being that wants to do the right thing. Not that me honoring you means a hell of a lot in what we are discussing. But its nice to know someone else understands your quest for the truth…. Love Ya! Now, go after those crazy Libs, alright?

        • Jim Scaggs says:

          Would be a total waste of time you cannot reason with these people,most of them are so infected with anti Trump syndrome,they still believe Putin somehow interfered with the election , cannot see that it was their side that was involved in election fraud,(which is why Clinton won the popular vote),They are not capable of reason,look at what makes up their party, Muslims that spew hatred,this AOC from NY, Maxine Waters who favors Storm trooper tactics, No you cannot reason with such and when Trump wins in 2020 it will send this people over the edge.

      • Gun Nuts of America says:

        fone ate sox oh 3 zero to sox 3 five sox ct

      • Spanky says:

        Colleene. First and for most you have to have a true one on one with GOD and ask for forgiveness for GOD SAID YOU SHALL HAVE NO GODS BEFORE ME you broke that law with your adulation for the ORANGE ORANGUTANG MONSTER—- BEWARE OF THE FALSE PROFIT in other wordsCOMMUNIST CONSERVATIVE NEWS FOX, SEAN H., RUSH L. JUST TO NAME A FEW I’m not asking you or anybody to VOTE BLUE NO MATTER WHO but to be true to GOD and DENOUNCE SATAN!!!!!

  14. ted says:

    Sarah, I want you to be the first woman president of our country. You have the right staff. God bless.

  15. i wish the Liberal and Democrap trolls would get off this website and bite the dust forever—they are so blinded by hate–that they cant see the truth
    watch Sean Hannity and Judge Jeannine Pirro–now they tell the TRUTH
    and i say this in LOVE

    • Jim says:

      It’s just amazing that FOXCOMEDYHOUR continues to back this ADOLF HITLER TRUMP – when i see people like you consistantly lying about everything with the likes of HANNITY & PIRRO it’s an insult to every human being in the UNITED STATES – What is wrong with you? It was Bill O’reilly for years thinking he knew EVERYTHING & JUST A REAL CRAZY IN ALL FACETS–Now with HANNITY & PIRRO it’s back to insighting the SIMPLETONS in our country – this cancer in the White House continues to create bills & pays nobody – he still has 3000 law suits for the same thing yet nobody seems to care…

      • PatrioTEA says:

        It’s what vote4sheyanna said. Repeat until they all dissolve.

      • Jim scaggs says:

        Do you know what facisim is,and the tactics they engage in? Obviously not.Its your side that endorses storm trooper tactics (you know Antifa, Maxine Waters,This Muslim )Trump has not stripped anyone of their freedoms has attempted to protect this country, secure the boarder,No he is no angel but name me one traditional politician who is.yeah he speaks his mind,and has made mistakes,but I will take a flawed Trump over a perfect leftist anti American type anyway.

      • libra says:

        Jim- you should be ashamed for not being better informed about Your President and my President. I happen to think he is doing a remarkable clean up of all of the manure left by the Demomarxists.. He has also proved that he is a helluva lot smarter than the Demomarxists in congress and is moving the economy to highest employment levels in decades.. Come on out of Mama.s basement into the light and get a life and a job.

      • Elmer Fudd says:

        Jim There’s a TV show on about them it’s called THE WALKING DEAD!!!

    • Moses says:

      Jim is right vote4, you are an imbecile, brainwashed person or evil racist, take your pick, those are the only choices there can be.

      • Parley says:

        You and Jim are BOTH WRONG! You are BOTH TRAITORS if you truly believe the crap that is coming out of your mouth/keyboard! You BOTH are OBVIOUS LIBERAL DEMOCRATS who want to DESTROY our constitution and only want to pick and choose bits and pieces of it for YOUR agenda!

        I am willing to bet that NEITHER of you have ever served in the military or volunteer to help this country in anyway shape or form. I am also willing to bet that BOTH of you are likely to be homosexuals and or perverted sexual predators who advocate killing unborn children, mutilating female genitals and support helping the elderly commit suicide.

        I believe that you Both support the ridiculous notion of gun control to make our county/schools/citizens safer. Neither of you have studied history, do NOT know anything about how Adolf Hitler got so much control over the population and the world or the atrocities he used to do so! If you do then you are the extremists, the racists, the bigots, the perverts, the hate mongers, the traitors, the child killers, the rapists, the anti-Christs that every CIVILIZED group in the world is talking about! I write this because it is the Liberal Democrats and people like YOU BOTH that are using the same HITLER TACTICS to accomplish the SAME HITLER goals!

        President Trump is the FIRST POTUS since Ronald Reagan who has done something positive for this country and indeed the world! President Trump is continuing the fight against corruption that the dishonest, politicians, and people like you two have perpetratated on the American people and indeed the rest of the free loving world!

        The Liberal democrats with the help of anti-Americans like you have lied, stole, attacked, disrespected, demonized, and in short done everything in your power to tear down everything that this great nation has stood for for over 240 years.

        Whether or not you believe in a Supreme Being or not I warn you that YOU WILL be held accountable for your actions before Him and the time is sooner than you think, NO ONE lives on this earth forever and we ALL will die someday and then the courts on high will examine each and everyone’s earthly actions. NO ONE will be able to lie, dismiss evidence, play legal tricks or in anyway deceive the great Judge. God is the Father of All Truth, Satin is the Father of ALL lies and it is obvious who it is that YOU BOTH ARE serving and it is NOT the Father of Truth!

        I am looking forward to your Trial and that of every other person like your self. Mercy CAN NOT ROB JUSTICE in the courts on High! Mercy is ONLY applied after complete repentance !

        A Vietnam era veteran

        • Linda M. says:

          Parley: Thank you sir for your posting , your service to our country and for your loyalty.Only with the grace of GOD will we able to stop the cancer that is growing within our own government and destroying the USA.

        • Elmer Fudd says:

          Parly. Your a true Traitor a parasite to most true VETS to support a draft dodging coward who verbally attacked one of many VETS SOME WHO GAVE ALL SOME LIKE McCAIN WHO SUFFERED GREATLY IN THE HANOI HILTON A LOSER IS DISGUSTING TOO BAD YOU DIDN’T END UP STAYING OVER THERE

  16. theolddog says:

    Hey, Sarah, don’t let the door hitcha where nature splitcha.

  17. manuel govea says:

    Sara Iam sure you will be a great governor I think your a strong conservative just like our President Mr. Trump we love you and you have everything going for you so if you want go for it go. May God bless you and your family

  18. Jan13 says:

    First, good luck Sarah in your future plans.
    Didn’t she say last year she would be leaving her post as press secretary? So I don’t know why people are surprised. Think she was leaving after they found her replacement. From what I read, the woman picked won’t take much crap from the reporters either.

  19. troy says:

    Wow! Seems like you could sure take your own adive.

  20. Scott says:

    I know Sarah said she was stepping away to be with her family so she could focus on being another to her children, however if she did decide to run for governor I believe she would win. P S. I’m going to miss the way she kept that so called journalist Costa in check

    • GySgt. Lew says:

      I know Sarah said she was stepping away to be with her family so she could focus on being another to her children, however if she did decide to run for governor I believe she would win. P S. I’m going to miss the way she kept the so called White House Press journalist in check – she will be very hard to replace – SARAH please change your mind….

    • Elmer Fudd says:

      Scott You mean that disgusting PIG has little animal piglets OOOOOOOH SOOOOOO GROOOOOOSE VOMIT VOMIT VOMIT

  21. Gun Nuts of America says:

    Even the ultra deplorable Sanders was sick of lying every day for Trump. Her father tried to pretend he was a moderate when running for President some years ago, lost, then he became a right wing flunky propagandist for far right wing causes. He and the daughter are both shameful creatures. Trump is even somehow far worse.

    • Cg says:

      No more Kool-Aid please!

    • troy says:

      You have a severe case of TDS. There is no medication for that sorry.

    • Jack says:

      Gun nut your nickname is numbnuts as you are obviously suffering from TRS

    • 2004done says:

      Gun nut: Despite your projecting, YOU’LL always be “lying every day (against President) Trump.” I pity you sincerely, because you’ll feel this way at least until January 2025, while the rest of the USA, and the World, are enjoying the Trump-Train Success.

      • Gun Nuts of America says:

        Trump is a monster mobster and for you not to admit that you are one of the following or all of them. 1Racist 2 just plain stupid 3 brainwashed

        • Parley says:

          Gun Nuts of America, YOUR name says it all about you. you are lying to everyone again aren’t you? You are trying to portray that you are a gun lover and thus a supporter of the 2nd amendment which means you are a LIAR!

          Your tactics are obvious to us conservatives and patriotic Americans the world over. YOU ARE THE ONE THAT IS BRAIN WASHED by the LIBERAL DEMOCRATS and TRAITORS to the United States of America!

          You probably support all the other traitors and sexual perverts in this and other countries who advocate open boarders, homosexuality, child molestation, abortion, and general lawlessness!

          Pray tell us what you are going to do when the Illegal aliens camp on your door step, rob you blind, rape your female associates/family then behead you in the street for not converting to Islam?

          Pray tell us what you are going to do when the dreaded diseases such as Polio, Eboli, Chicken Pox, and others become more and more prevalent in our country because of the UNVETTED ILLEGAL ALIENS coming across our boarders bring them here?

          Pray tell us all how you advocate paying for all the FREE stuff that you and all the Liberals out there are giving away to NON-CITIZENS of this country? Please tell us your plan how to make EVERYONE equal in every way and STILL be able to support feeding our nation, curing the sickness and health issues?

          Please tell us, using your vast knowledge of how this earth and the universe works, how you will solve your perceived global warming crisis? What ever happened to the last crisis that Al Gore perpetrated about the Ozone layer being depleted? Just another made up crisis to bring in money from brain washed idiots like you!

          President Trump is NOT buying your dribble and neither am I or any other educated, self thinking, American Patriot!

          A Vietnam era vetera and retired engineer.

          • Elmer Fudd says:

            Parley. It is better to remain silent then to post idiotic ignorant stupid statments’ then to openly post them and “REMOVE ALL DOUBT!!!”

        • Elmer Fudd says:

          GNA Go Go Go Knock it out of the park just loven it never ever back down you can see there losin it they can’t fight back so much fun too watch and read as they have mental break downs if the ORANGE CHEETO builds those mental hospitals BIDEN goin fill them the very first day 1/1/2020

    • etta says:

      you have a saw dust brain . just another lucifer mind set.

  22. Sarah, you will be great at anything you put your mind to. YOU GO GET THEM, GIRL !!

  23. LES says:

    This strong woman has done an outstanding job in supporting our POTUS!!! Now that she feels she can make an even greater contribution to her country by seeking the governorship I say hats off to Sarah!!! She should win that seat with no problem!!!

    • PatrioTEA says:

      Maybe she could run for President in a decade and continue MAGA. THAT WOULD BE GREAT! But then, they would just Palin her. Progressives always kill off conservative women.

  24. Allen Morgan says:

    Sarah, we appreciate you! Thank you for all the diligent and persevering work you have done for us! You are blessed. You make a difference wherever you are.

    If you run for Arkansas governor, we wish you the best!

  25. Neubie says:

    Dang it, I loved her pressers. Edge of my seat just waiting for her to own Jim I love myself costa or who ever he his. Or any other of the lying media douche bags. She’s definitely strong minded, way more than that spicer guy. I hope she does run for gov. Arkansas would be truly blessed to have her. Wish she would move to pa, would love to have her as my gov. Best of luck and we’ll all be looking for your future endeavors. I truly hope it’s in politics.

    • Jeffc62 says:

      Wolf is pitt and philly’s governor not ours.

    • Elmer Fudd says:

      Neubie. Yes arkansas is a great fit for her cause it’s filled with INBRED BACKWOODS HILLBILLYS STEVE KING POINTED THAT OUT THE OTHER DAY MOVE DOWN THERE YOU’D FIT RIGHT IN

    • Elmer Fudd says:

      Just like Shanon Sharp said at Denver Green Bay Superbowl ” ALL THIS ADULATION FOR THAT DISGUSTING PIG MAKES ME WANT TO THROW UP”

  26. john says:

    You are well loved you will be missed I think you should set your sights high and political office and perhaps when President Trump is through being our president it’s time for you to run to become our first woman president God bless you and your family treasure every moment with your children they go bye And they grow up so fast

    • Harold says:

      She would make the very best 1st Woman President of the U.S.A. – I would vote
      for her over any RINO Aspirant of what ever sex. As for any Communistic Democrat ? – forget them all. I wish her great success and happiness in all she undertakes in the years to come.

  27. YES God Bless you Sarah for your future –REPUBLICAN ENDEVOUR
    We the People LOVE your loyalty to our President
    he deserves RESPECT
    that the democrats will not give him
    WE THE PEOPLE (WHO PAY your salaries etc ) NOW DEMAND that nancy pelosie and all the demeaning hateful democraps respect our AWESOME PRES TRUMP AND our awesome VP PENCE
    MAGA 2020 YAYYY


      • Colleen La Rose says:

        I had to post on this comment cause there was no reply button on the comment I want to post on… it means the world to me that you honour me with your kind words & friendship! I don’t know why I rattled on like that earlier, these thoughts I have, I always keep to myself when it comes to my personal issues. I guess I was just in the mood today to get it off my mind. I know that others also must go thru similar things. Having you to tell things like this to means alot to me. I really don’t care what others think of me because I have paid for my mistakes, & have learned & grown in ways I wouldn’t have had I not made the choices I made. You are a wonderful lady that I have an abundance of respect for! So I recon we outta get back to work & kick some libs butts😆
        Thank you Linda for being you!

    • Elmer Fudd says:

      Vote 4 commi. You can demand all you want cause it aint goin to happen RESPECT THAT POS HELL NO NOT NOW NOT EVER HE CAN F##K OFF AND DIE

  28. DSC says:

    I wish her nothing but the best. And Colleen you are right. She is a shining example for all to follow. She will be missed.

  29. Mike Hunt says:

    What an incredible woman! She eclipses all of Harveywoods depictions of the highly intelligent, all knowing, “cool under fire” super woman! I imagine, being a mother and wife, she fears contracting some virus or disease from the limp wristed “press corps”. and doesn’t want to press her luck. May God Bless her and her replacement.

    • Diane says:

      There’s no way the maggot media would expose themselves to the diseases at the border. I worry about the infestation of diseases we’re not protected from that could easily affect the border patrol and the citizens of sanctuary cities, forced to live in deplorable slum-like conditions.

      • Elmer Fudd says:

        Diane. Just think how wonderfull that would be all you sleazy retardicans catch horrible diease and die off , what a truly wonderfull world this would be

  30. Colleen La Rose says:

    She is a shining example for all to follow. I wish her the best in all her endeavors!

    • Linda M. says:

      Colleen La Rose; Little late catching up with you and these stories.You are so correct how you described Sarah. Just for her stamina and perseverance alone, for less would have folded under the constant attacks she endured.But she stood firm and true. Ialso wish her nothing but the best and may GOD bless her always!!

      • Colleen La Rose says:

        Hi there Linda
        I been looking for you, I been all over these blogs, & loving it 😊
        Before I started on these blogs, I kept my thoughts to myself, but in here & other blogs I have had the great pleasure of meeting others (such as yourself) that I connect with. & I even get to spank some fools when I’m in the mood😉
        Have a great/blessed day Linda, I’ll be looking for you….after all what kind of a stalker would I be if I don’t find you here & there….LOL!

        • Linda M. says:

          Colleen La Rose: God love ya! You really make me smile and touch my heart.To tell you the truth, I never really paid much attention when I got these emails from Patriot pulse or others.But now I am hooked. Just like you, I basically kept my opinions to myself .But now I have had such pleasure “talking” to others that share similar views. But on the other side of the coin, you also have to deal with the very ill informed radicals that spew nothing but hate and lies.. But we’re both holding our own, aren’t we? Sometimes their cruelty does hurt my heart. But then I say to myself, their opinions do not defy who I really am and I just brush them off…
          Have a great night and I’ll be looking for you as well.
          P.S. You are the nicest stalker I’ve had….

          • Colleen La Rose says:

            Good morning Linda.
            Let me tell you, over the last 10 years, I have had ALOT of time to reflect on everything from my life, decisions I’ve made, mistakes I’ve made, & really open my eyes, & ears to what’s going on in the world. There have been & i’m sure will be people that will dispise me, will insult me both for my past endeavors & my politics now. However those that resort to hate & think they have a right to judge me…those people in my mind are the loosers, because I am open to communicating with anyone, & whether they agree with me or not, I respect they have a right to their own opinions. & I have no problem being on a friendly bases with them. But I will not accept being disrespected & insulted & just cowar in a corner. So I can dish out whatever they throw my way & come out ahead because I have truth & strength on my side. & most important of all I have GOD in my heart & life. So come on Linda, let’s do the do & maybe even just for fun….spank some lib tarts in the process. Well I’m off to the blog races 😄
            I’ll be looking for you.

        • Gun Nuts of America says:

          Colleen, keep your ugly words off here, I am tired of seeing your hatred every time I think about posting. You talk about blessed days, yet you spew your lies, anger, foolish thoughts and evil throughout the sites, often many times. You were right before when when you kept your despicable thoughts to yourself.

          • troy says:

            Wow! Seems like you could sure take your own adive.

          • Martin says:

            Speak for yourself . As Thumper says “If you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything thing at all” Oh I forgot you are probably are to young young to even know who Thumper is..

          • Colleen La Rose says:

            Goodness gracious nutty numnuts:
            OK you found me, now go away little boy

          • Ladd says:

            A NICE little pusillanimous hater, aren’t you? Attack any who show Humanity, that is who and what you are, so as far as importance goes, you are NOTHING….

          • PatrioTEA says:

            GN/A: You haters just gotta hate. Pathetic.

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