Robert Mueller cut this deal that just crossed the line into treason

Robert Mueller’s witch hunt against Donald Trump took a disturbing turn.

The special counsel is preparing for the upcoming trial of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort.

And Mueller is reported to have cut a deal that many are calling treason.

Tucker Carlson reported on his show that two sources informed him Mueller gave Tony Podesta – brother of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta – immunity to testify against Manafort.

Fox News reports:

Tony Podesta has been offered immunity by Special Counsel Robert Mueller to testify against Paul Manafort, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson reported, citing two unnamed sources.

Podesta is the founder of the Podesta Group and brother of John Podesta, who was chairman of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

The Podesta Group reportedly worked with Manafort — a former chairman of Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign — to lobby on behalf of Ukrainian interests in the United States, without properly registering at the time under the Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA), Carlson said.

Manafort and the group worked on a campaign called the European Centre for a Modern Ukraine, the Washington Times reported.

Podesta and Manafort both lobbied for Ukrainian interests in the United States.

The Podesta Group was forced to shut down because of the scrutiny of the Mueller probe surrounding Manafort.

The Group retroactively filed paper work to come under compliance with FARA – the law Manafort is charged by Mueller for violating.

The double standard is clear.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman is allowed to cut a deal to put his affairs in order to get right with the law while Mueller threatens Trump’s campaign chairman with life in prison.

This report has Trump supporters realizing that Mueller is part of a coup to bring down the President of the United States.

And there is a word for that.


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171 Responses

  1. Katie says:

    Mueller is giving imunity to only Democrats. This is treason and esp. when they did the same thing as Manafort. Podesta for one. He was not registered either. Why is he going only after Manafort?

  2. ONTIME says:

    Mueller’s travesty and open unmitigated bias toward the rule of law can now be put to a grand jury investigation and the Judicial Committee can submit the need for investigation into the DOJ and SP……Time for the representation of the house to take control…

  3. truckman says:

    arrest him for treson ASAP and stick him in gitmoalong with bill hillary the obamas waters prlosi finestine rodstine mccaineand and a bunch of democrats and rinos.I know a loy of names are not spelled right but yall can make them out

    • Tom says:

      Truckman, I’m sorry, but I think McCaine is dead, so all you can do to punish him, is to sentence him to eternity in his grave.

  4. And why does Mueller believe the public will be taken in by his BS about John Podestas’ brother, (yes the same John Podesta who was Hillary’s campaign manager, THAT John Podesta), and who’s brother Tony Podesta now has been offered immunity by Mueller for his testimony against Manafort. Stay tuned for more episodes of, “As the stomach turns”.

  5. TC says:

    Everything the Podestas will say during testimony will be as fake as all the reports and evidence the dems have come up with over the last 9 years. It is very appalling that the lib dems have resorted to absolute lies and fiction when they have given up truth and morality. They are playing a game in every detail and are getting so evident at just making up these stories, the world, not just the U.S. is watching what to expect next. Listen to what they say and see if it sounds feasible and possibly true. It seems the dems don’t care who gets hurt in these stories so long as they can win another vote. And they are dragging the media down to their level.
    The dems also are trying to pull this right to vote nonsense again, like Obama and Biden did in 2016 by telling the illegal immigrants that if they have a drivers license they could vote and if they have a residence they could vbote, but they never told the immigrants that if they got caught voting they would be in violation of Constitutional law and would not only go to jail as criminals but would also never be able to come back to the U.S. and get the chance to live here. Obama and Biden were also violating Constitutional law and will be punished for their crimes very soon. Obama doesn’t care as he is not a citizen anyway and lied to be President. The people of the U.S. have been watching and have chosen Trump to rid the U.S. of his kind, the phoney and immoral.
    While I’m at it, I don’t think Trump will do anything to hurt a relationship with Putin and Russia. Russia is finally coming out of their shell and growing their country. They are not in the international game of finance to get rich andbuild a military any more, I don’t think. I think they want to build their people and succeed with education and well being and good health, to live in peace for once, not war. I think they respect what Trump is trying to do here and abroad in a fair manner. I hope Trump is on that track. I hope Putin is as well and finds our God in his life.

    • ROBERTW says:


    • zee says:

      BOTH PODESTAS ARE >HUGE PEDO. & ALL Associates (ahem = INVOLVED)
      > Hate to ‘scream’ in capitols, But Must.
      >ps ‘bobby’ Mueller, STOP IT & STOP IT NOW – GET Yourself OUT of this
      HUGE Situation, Personally /Politically. Heal Yourself & perhaps some ‘cronies’.

  6. Anne Gerrard says:

    When is someone going to get enough cojones to get rid of this idiot. He is doing nothing to prove collusion, he is only trying to find a way to get rid of Trump. Soros is behind this because he hates someone working against his globalist agenda. Mueller is being paid millions by Soros as well the taxpayers. He was given this position by Comey and we all know what he is like. Sessions needs to renege on his Russia reclusion and do his job. He did the worst thing he could have done when he reclused himself from anything Russian especially knowing the situation at the time. Time get rid of that and do his job to get these people arrested and dealt with. Mueller is working for the democrats and although they say he is responsible he has proved that he is as big a rat as all the others. If he wants collusion he is looking at the wrong party. The democrat party has much more collusion with Russia than anyone and it’s already been proved.

    • Anne, I agree with your post. I thought Mueller’s position had to be appointed by the President and okay by the Senate. He wasn’t. I may be mistaken, but if I’m correct he has no authority at.

  7. So far it only appears the left has been colluding to take down the POTUS. The Deep State is being revealed little pieces at a time. The Swamp is being drained. President Trump never said it was going to be overnight. To me it’s obvious The Deep State is deeper than most people think! We now have a President that really cares about our Republic!!!!! Thank you Mr. President for putting me first.

    • The deep state is very deep. Like you have said, most likely it’s deeper than one thinks. The deep state will do anything to win! The enemy has opened the door ready to step in. It will be very bad for all of us if the Democrats win. We have to get more conservative in Congress and the Supreme Court. Everyone needs to pray for America.

    • Sue says:

      Can someone please tell me, is collusion actually a crime?

  8. Mueller is desperate? If he really wants to find Russian collusion he is looking at the wrong people.
    Question: What do you call a system of social organization by which the major means of production and distribution are owned, managed, or controlled by the government or by a association of workers, or by the community as a whole?
    Hint: This system has never worked. It typically leads to complete government control, oppression of the citizenry, and severe shortages of essential goods for day to day sustenance.

    • Sharon Jenkins says:

      Jeff Sessions should give Mueller two weeks to find collusion between Russia and Trump during the campaign or close the case. He hasn’t found it in over a year, so there wasn’t any collusion. Since there wasn’t any collusion, Mueller is trying to dig up anything he can on the President. Pres Trump needs to fire Rosenstein.

      • Harold says:

        I agree with you with the exception he should be only given 48hours to close the case down sense he did not prove any collusion in a year he will not find any in 48hours sosession needs to get rid of muller and rosenstein and close this miss use of any government investigation and anybody affiliated with it.

  9. Mott says:

    He has been “Looking” for over a year and can’t find squat for there is NOTHING to be found! Whereas Killery has a list as long as your arm and they do NOTHING! Get over it!

    • brenda says:

      COMEY DID A COVER-UP FOUND IN IG REPORT AND ON WEINERS LAPTOP of hillarys CHILD CRIMINAL CRIMES and a long list of names of Washington government officials names involved with these child crimes and child traffcing, clear COMEY ‘S NAME WAS ONE OF THEM along with john mccain clapper,brennan eric holder rosenstein mueller, COMEY USED THE RUSSIANS TO COVER-UP THESE CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN


      • zee says:

        Thankyou Brenda, Keep ‘pounding’ On the ‘this Subject’ re PEDO/ Child Crimes/ & ADD
        Human Trafficking on ALL Levels. This IS #1 Reason for WARS/ PPH @ Big Pharma. ie
        BLOOD/’ Recycling Baby/Human parts. It is a Total Satanic/Luciferian Agenda.
        > Involving Highest Level Governments/ Military/ Sports/ hollywood etc. & WORLDWIDE. Whew __

      • Randall Hart says:

        One main reason that Comey covers up Clinton scandals is blood is thicker to him than laws. His twin brother works for and paid millions by Clinton foundation.

    • Sharon Jenkins says:

      Sessions should start looking into Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the DNC.

      • zee says:

        AG Sessions NOT going to look re Hillary. i have an info e-mail buried in 100’s to backtrak ,of him Stating that. Sorry to say. & that is Why it is Not Happening
        (for now) . But Always remember, Things/Situations -Can CHANGE in a ‘heartbeat’.
        >Also, more ‘grim’ – & the Left/RINO/ Estalishment Deep State ‘knows it’ ie
        POTUS DJT NEEDS MORE PPL on the ‘Rite Side’ TO FIGHT AGAINST ‘Them’. Where ARE ‘they’ ???

  10. michael says:

    anything that mueller can do to bring out the truth to what actually happened and bring the crooked bastard down is definitely not treason!!

  11. zee says:

    Wow – ‘bobby’ Mueller just portrayed an 0bliterating Admission
    To & For the ‘ HUGE PEDO Club’.
    > come on Tucker et al – Tell the Real ‘Truth’. (or get ‘dismissed’)
    “STAND or FALL” __

    • brenda says:

      yes mueller comey rosenstein hillary obama bill, podesta ARE THE PEDO CLUB THIS IS WHY THEY ARE TRYING TO TAKE DOWN PRESIDENT TRUMP TO KEEP FROM BEING EXPOSED
      COMEY DID A COVER-UP FOUND IN IG REPORT AND ON WEINERS LAPTOP of hillarys CHILD CRIMINAL CRIMES and a long list of names of Washington government officials names involved with these child crimes and child traffcing, clear COMEY ‘S NAME WAS ONE OF THEM along with john mccain clapper,brennan eric holder rosenstein mueller, COMEY USED THE RUSSIANS TO COVER-UP THESE CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN



  12. zee says:

    John & bro Tony = 2 Huge Major PEDOS. Sooo- ‘bobby’ Mueller,
    Are ya ‘in’ w/the boys / & Marina ???
    > ‘rot – gut’ in ‘upper? Levels.
    > Good job, ‘bobby’ Mueller, Please Tell All, ‘who’ is Proud
    of your Work ‘type’ .

  13. Bob says:

    The president needs to get his AG off his butt and start referring the Clinton related people to a grand jury then fire Mueller, we all of us will not hold that against him the left will bitch and complain anyway. Then give Manafort and Flynn a pardon.

  14. Bryan says:

    All of these traitors trying to pull off a coup on the President starting with Obama, then the perps in the FBI and the DOJ and all the RINOs and Most of the Democrats in the House and Senate should be tried for treason and when convicted, put to death!

  15. Earl says:

    ” citing two unnamed sources” should not be used, anyone can make up a comment and say that it came from ” unnamed sources”.

    • CatDancer51 says:

      Earl doesn’t that sound like so many other news outlets? It does get annoying when sources aren’t named.

  16. Rodger Shull says:

    The fbi is not the USA CITIZENS FBI as we knew it, before 2008, it is obamas fbi, federal bureau of LYING, ordered to do what obama and soros said to do, they are FLUNKIES, all of them including mueller, and they are all going to be , deserted by obama and soros an clinton, when they get indicted for treason, and manafrot, needs to be set free. mueller, remember ” INNOCENT until proven GUILTY, and if you want to play by those rule , us an the rest off obamas minions should be in lock up right now, and hopefully getting your last meal .

  17. Daniel Mount says:

    Treason is a Death penalty crime. I for one would like to see all of these Treasonous Democrats be charged with Treason. They all want just the opposite that President Trump wants for America. All The President wants for America is everything that is good. These House and Senate Democrats want everything that is evil and Anti-American, Anti-Freedom, Anti-Christian, Anti-God and Pro-Islamic. HIGH TREASON.

  18. Donel says:

    Mueller has made this witch hunt “Personal” he’s losing the fight and is grabbing at anything he thinks will work, Anything.

    • betty says:

      How much longer will all this go on?

    • Sharon Jenkins says:

      Mueller’s investigation was to investigate collusion between Russia and Pres Trump during his campaign. There was no collusion, therefore, the case should be closed. In my opinion, any other investigations are out of the realm of his authority.

  19. Mueller offers his Left-wing pals immunity while crucifying anybody who supports President Trump. Talk about stacking the deck. Why is it that only left-wing liberals get immunity when it comes to breaking the law, like all of Hillary’s crew get’s immunity before they even begin testifying. This whole thing has been rigged since the get-go, Mueller never cared about Paul Manafort before, because didn’t all this crap happen when he was in charge of the FBI? Why didn’t he “investigate him then? And he is supposed to be investigating collusion, not finance laws?

  20. Lala says:

    Subtract all the “illegals” that voted & Trump won by 3 Million.
    Ask former congressman Bob Dornan how well illegals’ votes
    work out there in California. Swamp is big, long & very stinky.

  21. walter siebert says:

    Why would the Russians want Trump in office when they had Obama and Hillary in their back pocket !!!

    • Scott27 says:

      Precisely the point. They didn’t. They know they can manipulate Trump to do their bidding.

      • Sue says:

        I’m sorry, what was Uranium One about. OR, O’buckwheats’ hot mic comment just before his second,term. Your coloforms view is just that, flat. I visit multiple web site and try to weigh of what is presented on all,side and MAKE UP MY OWN MIND

  22. madmemere says:

    The “mule” himself is a big part of the Deep State – -it needs to be disbanded, castigated, tried and ELIMINATED permanently!

  23. Marlene says:

    Mueller is serving his leftist masters. He is giving immunity to all the leftwing scum and prosecuting only conservatives. I hope Ms.Page testifies to all she knows. I also hope she is protected from any convient death.

  24. Mueller cannot be charged with treason, He’s a Democrat, they can’t be guilty of anything as long as they are in government. He can do what ever he wants, just look at what he’s done so far if you don’t believe me. He was chosen because they knew he would do what ever Obambam and Cliton told him to do, he was chosen because he’s as corrupt as they are, or more so, if possible.

    • Diane says:

      Ummmm, Mueller has been a long term Republican. Nice try though but you’re dead wrong.

      • Lawrence says:

        He’s a RINO, he probably plays for pay.

      • Scott@27 says:

        Thank you Diane. Not only a long-time Republican, but he was appointed by a Trump-appointed Department of Justice guy.

        • Debra says:

          A RHINO……….. needs to find a job he’s qualified for…. oh yea,,,, it doesn’t exist………. just saying………..

        • Diane says:

          Well you know Raymond didn’t try to correct me! They usually don’t. They just calling me names…….kinda like 45 does…….he’s a bad influence on the entire country.

          • GR says:

            Let’s pay 12 million for a fake dossier on Mueller and tell everyone he does business with the Russians. Oh, he delivered the uranium samples Hillary got 145 million for ultimately. Democrat communists are so stupid it is funny. I know, l let’s dump 150 billion in cash on pallets to Iranians when it’s clearly against the law. Let’s let in illegals to become illegal democrat voters.You idiots are stupid.You are traitors. All democrats do is lie.

    • Debra says:

      well said

  25. James P Hutchins says:

    Hey how come a judge has not shut down this witch hunt.

    • Christine says:

      James P Hutchinson that is exactly what I wanted to say. HEY CONGRESS! DO YOUR JOB. President Trump cannot stop this ridiculous rigged investigation. It is the job of congress to regulate such things.

      • That’s why we must turn out in Nov. and turn the Sewer Rats out of office. It’s the life or death of our AMERICA that’s on the ballot.

        • Sam says:

          Since the Justice Dep. has no idea what justice means , I think you are right . Vote these lying Democrats out , and then fire Mueller and his treasonous crowed out of a job . Their can not be justice served unless we the voters do it at the polls !

      • Terry says:

        Congress needs to get off of their a$$ and get something done instead of getting a free ride off of the tax payers!! They’re looking to see how they can make more money to fill they’re pocket and to increase their pension so when they get their 20 years in!!!! p.s. term limits!!!!!!!

    • Chet says:

      Hey, how come mueller isn’t swinging from a lamppost?

      He’s going to give the Podesta’s immunity? Wait, wait…if we can find mueller guilty of treason or fraud or just because he is a commie, then the podesta immunity doesn’t count, right?

      • I don’t think there’s enough lamp posts in America to hang everyone who needs hanging.

      • Diane says:

        Then neither should 45’s Supreme Court picks. 45 is under criminal investigation and could be guilty of treason himself!

      • Joyce says:

        Shouldn’t, but take a look at the mockery these b…..ds have made of Law, Order, Justice, The Ten Commandments, the Golden Rule and longer they remain in their positions to block investigation and OBSTRUCTING JUSTICE, the longer they are going to keep trying it. Sessions is one of them and complicit with everything they do. At this point if he turns out to be one of those incumbent congressional members, it won’t surprise me, neither will it surprise me if Mueller, Rosenstein, Wray and Strzok are among the higher level of federal employs are. Think most of us can already identify 3 of those incumbent congressional ones.

    • Diane says:

      Same reason they didn’t seem shut down the Benghazi investigation that wasted $3 million taxpayers dollars with zero indictments r the Hillary email investigation at wasted $2 million taxpayers dollars with zero indictments. The walls are closing around 45! Can’t wait!

      • D.A.N. says:

        Keep waiting because HilLIARy will be in prison before Trump ever is. Comey and Mueller will be cell mates near her. That e-mail investigation did prove that she violated the law and should have been charged except for 0bama telling Lynch not to prosecute her. And that right there is TREASON.

      • Lawrence says:

        Yea, because comey and the rest of the trash in the FBI covered it up . They better hope Trump don’t get re-elected, because he will indict obuma, Clinton ,holder and the rest of the trash that broke the laws. There only thing that Trump might of done, was sleep with one of those sluts that threw themselves at him, and that’s between him and his wife, none of anybody else’s business. Besides that was years ago. The left is scared to death of Trump, because in the last couple of years he has exposed them for who they really are, corrupt trash. MAGA

    • scott27 says:

      Because it’s yielding a lot of witches who have been working against the integrity of this nation…. that’s why. How many indictments now? convictions? pleas?

      • betty says:

        I think that is why he is letting it go on; the more they dig, the more evidence they find against themselves.

    • Scott27 says:

      Because it’s turning up a whole lot of nefarious witches who have been working to undermine and damage this nation for a long time. How many indictments are we up to now? I know one has been convicted and there are more to come. Have you not been paying any attention to the open corruption we’ve been seeing for 18 months now?

  26. James Taylor says:

    What can be said except, ‘He is a lawyer.”

    • Joyce says:

      Best reply to that one is from Mark Twain, aka Samuel Clements:
      “If you would have Justice, first you must kill all the lawyers”! and the revelations emerging from this congressional investigation of the CIA. FBI and DOJ certainly makes me a believer.

  27. N says:

    The Nazi Demoncrat liberal commie party and its treasonous rats are destroying America!!!! Defend America patriots!

  28. Ron says:

    is a piece of TRASH … This WORTHLESS INSANE PIG🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷 needs to be Investigated put on TRIAL and put in PRISON for TREASON …

  29. Nora says:

    My understanding is 5 people are getting immunity against Manafort must want Manafort bad.

  30. Bonnie says:

    The tidy bowl guy, at this point! They need to be flushed out and down.

  31. Kara Wright says:

    How Mueller can wake up everyday and look at himself and not see the DEVIL looking back at him is beyond me. He is corrupt, a criminal, a thief and a liar the worst kind of man. He lost his way long time back forgetting this over with and he knows it and just keeps it going . He is so dishonest and would not know the truth if it knocked him in the head, He thought all was for him to have and in the process he see himself as above everyone else. This is a mental sickness that I hope someone will finally take him out for. There maybe no family left by the time he gets relieved of his duty. He is the worst part of the SWAMP that exist in DC and its as if everyone is afraid of him. I hope that he has no place with God with all the lives he has destroyed. Your time is short Mueller and we will get a ringside seat to watch you go down.

  32. srw says:

    The Corrupt Podesto Brothers have as many crooked ties with Russia as the Clinton “Charity” Foundation. The Judge in the Manifort case said if this is not made up charges strickly to get Trump.. he has never seen a better one. But the Judge did not end it when he knew he should More worried about his political future. ???? Seems we heard the FBI gave Hillary and her co conspirators total immunity/pardons even before they testified. Mueller is every bit in the tank Comey, McCabe, Fusion, Hillary /DNC, Bremmer, Clapper.. .. Heaven help us if Hillary was the Pres. Every one of these people would have top jobs.

    • Linda says:

      I agree. The whole coup has all these corrupt fbi, cia and Obama’s Dept of Justice, including muellers favoritism, and all his team members all clearly protecting hillary.

      On this latest most know that the Podesta brothers were doing business with the Russians. Do one brother gets a free pass.

      The most corrupt gov actions going down in my lifetime. All to protect the loser hillary and not to seek fair and equal justice for the man we the people put in power?
      The the very corrupt hillary.

  33. Bonnie says:


  34. SusanL says:

    As a Trump supporter, I am very concerned that we have corruption at such high levels. FBI, DOJ. Who would one call for help?

    • Warren says:

      Until those Rats are cleaned out We are not a Nation of Law & Order.

    • Bonnie says:

      The tidy bowl guy, at this point! They need to be flushed out and down.

    • Linda says:

      Not any democrat.

    • Scott27 says:

      Meanwhile, we have a top guy who for some reason cannot tell the truth; but he can go golfing at a cost so far of 70 million to you and me; we have Pruitt, Ross, Zinke… who have flagrantly broken ethics and laws of good sense, if not criminal laws; and we have a first family who is raking in the cash from deals arranged through their positions; and we have a top guy who buddies up with Putin and blames America. Sheesh. Can you be any more blind?

      • Sharon Jenkins says:

        Pres Trump isn’t donating his salary to the Veterans. He hasn’t traveled near as much as Obama and his family and doesn’t play golf as much. Obama was a sham, but now we have a president who puts America first. He isn’t budding up to Putin, however. America is the blame for allowing the Obama administration to strip us of our resources. The ole saying is, “keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer.

  35. David Taylor says:

    This is how the conversation went:
    Mueller to Podesta – You do understand we have enough information on Hillary Clinton and everything and EVERYONE connected to her to send you to prison for life.
    podesta – Yes Sir, I DO understand that.
    Mueller – I am ready to cut off your balls and stuff them in your mouth, and you KNOW what that means.
    Podesta – Yes Sir. I understand what that means. It’s a horrible way to die.
    Mueller – Well, I am prepared to give you a break and wipe your slate clan. All you have to do is testify against Monafort and provide enough criminal evidence that we can bring down the Trump presidency.
    Podesta – But, Sir. I don’t have any knowledge of criminal activity by Monafort.
    Mueller – Who said you had to HAVE evidence or knowledge of any criminal activity.? I said all you have to do is testify against Monafort. Do you get my drift?
    Podesta – Yes Sir, I do. I know all about hiding criminal activity and covering the truth with a faciful lie.
    Mueller – Good boy! I will let you know when to appear to testify.

    • zee says:

      David, some correction here .
      “Mueller – I am ready to cut off your balls and stuff them in your mouth, and you KNOW what that means.
      Podesta – Yes Sir. I understand what that means. = Tastee, i want more ___
      [It’s a horrible way to die.] does Not Apply to this PEDO Club.

  36. The lifespan of a particular anti-Trump canard or gambit is now down to about one to two weeks. The heart-tugging mestizo moppets torn from their mothers’ arms and thrown into concentration camps are now passe, and it is time to go back to impeachment and try again to pull that one off, this time for treason or enslavement to Putin or Pearl Harbor or Kristallnacht or something. The goal of the Obammunists remains the same – the removal of the legitimately-elected President and the installation of the Drunken Lesbian Witch in the Mulatto House, at least until the Constitution can be emasculated and The Mongrel can return on the shoulders of the mestizos and the mohammedans as president for life like his African homies. American normals and patriots must remain prepared to fight and win a civil war to stop this, and to send as many cucks, kooks and comsymps as it takes to be with Lenin and Stalin and Fidel in Hell.

  37. Helga Miller says:

    Where is AG Sessions in all This? It is not about the Collusion with :Manafort so why is he not cutting Mueller off at the knees?

    • David Taylor says:

      Helga – – – AG Sessions is establishment GOP and a new world order believer. He is a close supporter of the Bush clan. Check it out! Sessions, like ALL establishment GOPers, talks tough and expresses all the Constitutional conservative principles BUT then behaves like left wing libturds. Talk Tough Do Nothing.

  38. I sure hope that everyone realizes that if Hillary was in office and this was going on against her, someone would have died suspiciously died.

  39. Mike pray says:

    I thought an immunity deal or offer must come from a grand jury???

    • MRP says:

      Unbelievable how Mueller is getting away with this bias against our president. How does he determine to give immunity to crooked Podesta to use against Manaforte to ultimately use against our amazing president who has accomplished so much for we the people as opposed to what Mueller has accomplished which is nothing but enriching himself and his Democratic, Hillary-supporting cronies? It’s a disgrace!

    • Brenda says:

      Mueller doesn’t follow the law or prodical, he is a desperate despicable crooked.

  40. Scott27 says:

    Wow. How can all of you be so uniformly ignorant of the world and what is actually going on??? You really should broaden your news sources from Fox and Breitbart and stop marching in lockstep with what you are told. It’s easily proveable that mr. trump lies every single day; maybe you want to buy into whatever Putin says…. but seriously, how anti-American can you be?

    • SusanL says:

      Practice what you preach. Stay away from CNN and the rest of the fake news channels. Read the stock reports and investigate the employment levels yourself.
      You might learn something.

      • Scott27 says:

        There is little doubt I read and pay attention to a broader scope of news and information sources than 99 percent of the people on this site. There is no way a person with the capacity and ability for independent critical thought could arrive at the conclusions on this site.

        • David Taylor says:

          Scott27 – evidently you are sorely lacking in education concerning our history and especially the Constitution Perhaps, if your statement of paying “attention to a broader scope of news and information sources than 99 percent of the people” is true (but it sounds more like a typical libturd exaggeration), then maybe your brain just got overloaded with “facts” and imploded.

          • Scott27 says:

            You are correct about the 99 percent. I apologize; as I had no firm basis for that claim. You are correct too that it’s a discussion I’m not going to win… but then winning or losing is not really what it’s about is it? I started visiting this site hoping to be educated about why people who support the selling of America’s soul think like they do. Seems there is little more than a preponderance of Fox-Brietbart-Trump propaganda talking points.

          • Scott27 says:

            And please don’t talk about history or the Constitution; there has never been an administration that has so flagrantly ignored the law, flaunted the Constitution and so diminished the stature of this country internally and around the globe.

        • D.A.N. says:

          You are right. There never has been a more corrupt administration, since 0bama was in office.

    • Lloyd Szabo says:

      It’s not how anti-American we can be, it’s how ignorant a person like you can be.

  41. The Podesta brothers are pedophiles.

  42. Mary Westrom says:

    I don’t have any intergity for Mr. Mueller.
    He is one of many who are against our President. It is shadow government, doing and arrangeing legal means to get our President out of office. Question is do we as taxpayers have​to pay for his investigation?
    We should not cause we didn’t have nothing to do with it. Mary

    • Christiann Revere says:

      You should have said that Mr. Mueller doesn’t have any integrity.

      • Scott27 says:

        But that would take a certain level of intelligence; which seems to be in horribly short supply on this site.

        • David Taylor says:

          Scott27 – – for once you said something with a bit of intelligence. A “certain level of intelligence” should make you aware you are posting on a site where you cannot win the discussion. Therefore, you are absolutely correct (about yourself) that “a certain level of intelligence (IS) in horribly short demand on this site”.
          I am most positive the intelligence level of this site can be instantly improved when you leave.

  43. sherri says:

    aint nothing ever going to b done to any of the politician’s they have a different set of laws to go by while us taxpayers an citizen’s have another….. until we stake out ever one of the crooked one to the east lawn an show the rest that WE THE PEOPLE mean business nothing is ever going to b done. And frankly im sick an tired of hearing about it….


    Frankly, I am totally fed up with Washington and all who reside there or work there or have any influence there. We constantly see overwhelming evidence of felonious crimes, even treason being committed, but NO Democrat is ever charged with any crimes. Hardly even investigated. I despise the liberals corruption and the Republican weakness to do anything about it. All for one and one for all in Washington

  45. Teresa says:

    Support Judicial Watch. They seem to be the only ones trying to do anything about any of this B. S. Please correct me and explain why if I am wrong. OR we must convince the President to fire his as@!!!

  46. Beth says:

    Of course they did it! What are you gonna do about it now! How many laws were broken?! We the people are calling for action not just letting these corrupt people keep their jobs who we are paying by the way! Do your dam jobs!

  47. Roy says:

    Muller sucks, shut him down hurting Americans.

  48. von Potter says:

    Mule-head better not walk down any dark alleys………Am assuming his pitiful life is full of threats that have a habit of happening to the least one expecting it…..

  49. BRETT says:


  50. Danny Noble says:

    Because that is Herr Mueller, all powerful and unstoppable with no limits on budget or who he imprisons. He works for Hillary Clinton and Barachhhh Obama, who are also untouchable. Our stuffed suit politicians are just there to enrich themselves and cover their butts, so nothing will ever be done unless WE enforce term limits by primarying and voting out dead wood.

  51. Jim Jones says:

    So what will be done about it? Until SOMEBODY does something it will continue

  52. Danny Noble says:

    The dems are in a full court press to remove Trump and Pence from office before November midterms – doing so would leave Paul Ryan free to name Hillary Clinton as VP. We know he is leaving in January so guess who becomes president if this coup succeeds. Then there will be war.

    • Scott27 says:

      And the sky is green, the earth is flat and the moon really IS made of cheese. Criminy.

      • Diana says:


  53. Michael says:

    By the way…I think its one hell of a good idea of Trump to invite Putin to the Whitehouse….lets see how CNN, MSNBC, that piece of crap Meullar and Crookec Hillary act with Putin in town…nothing PHONEY about that…they can go straight to the horses mouth…I luv it, Donald J Trump

  54. Michael says:

    I just read that piece of CRAP, Ryans take on Russia….Ryan your swamp scum…your retiring…I dont care where you go…just goooooo..I hear Siberia is nice this time of year

  55. Mike H says:

    Democrats and Republicans should all be concerned over how this guy is handling everything. Just remember what goes around comes around. But I don’t think they’re concerned about that right now. I have never seen the Democrats as low as they are now. All the stuff Hillary and Obama did While in office everybody turned a blind eye to all of it ..why. The government has got out a hand ,what’s going to be done about it? Over the years I never paid much attention to any of the political stuff. But I can tell you I am now.

  56. Rodney says:

    Just a couple thoughts on the whole of the Manafort ordeal. 1: How are 13 to 15 year old charges, that allegedly were settled years ago not under the Statute of Limitations? 2: How are they able to morally and legally justify placing Manafort in solitary confinement until they decide to go forward? Finally, only 6 previous lobbyist have ever been charged under the FARA Laws (passed in 1938) and why just today they are using them selectively against republican lobbyists?

    • Danny Noble says:

      Because that is Herr Mueller, Major, Gestapo, all powerful and unstoppable with no limits on budget or who he imprisons. He works for Hillary Clinton and Barachhhh Obama, who are also untouchable. Our stuffed suit politicians are just there to enrich themselves and cover their butts, so nothing will ever be done unless WE enforce term limits by primarying and voting out dead wood.

    • Greg Hauenstein says:

      Excellent question, next question, why is Wray sitting on his hands when Mueller is obviously using these double standards as a way to flip Manafort? Will Wray be credited with participation in the coup ? Why is Rosenstein allowing Mueller to hand out immunities as a flipping tactic. This stinks from the DOJ head bad!!!

    • Teresa says:

      Supposedly because it is to protect him from the general population of where he is jailed.

  57. Michael says:

    Me thinkest the guilty parties Comey, Brennan, etc…protestest toooooo muchest!!!!! Praying for a blue wave…Lisa Page…keep talking baby!!! Spill those beans….I have new respect for you Lisa Page….All the idiots keep forgetting the art of the deal….Mr Donald J Trump is NOBODY’S fool…by keeping his enemies closer…we learned a lot about our intel agencies and cunt Clinton, didnt we

  58. Earl says:

    The Mudller is only interested in carrying on his “WITCH HUNT” so HE can try to RIG the midterms in the favor of the DumboRATS. The Mudller was Commissioned only to investigate the DumboRATs trumped up Steal report, which has been proven to be fraudulent and paid for by Killery and the DNC, while trying to illegally impeach President Trump. This comment is being censored by this site, because I supposedly have said it before.

  59. BajaRon says:

    Criminals in charge of our law enforcement agencies with a political agenda. I am not able to imagine a worse scenario except that they seem to be getting away with it.

    When the cops are crooked, the courts are in on the deal and the news media is complicit, we the people are in big trouble.

  60. Earl says:

    The Mudller is only interested in carrying on his “WITCH HUNT” so HE can try to RIG the midterms in the favor of the DumboRATS. The Mudller was Commissioned only to investigate the DumboRATs trumped up Steal report, which has been proven to be fraudulent and paid for by Killery and the DNC, while trying to illegally impeach President Trump.

  61. James P Hutchins says:

    Muller is a scumbag liberal who is trying to implicate the President Donald Trump shut down the witch hunt.

  62. Put an END yo this RIDICULOUS WITCH HUNT NOW! PUT That freak MUELLER in jail!

    He has an open end back account of tax payers money to destory AMERICA!
    END IT NOW!!!!(!

  63. Wills says:

    Mueller is a snake and always was. You noticed that he will never turn a jaundiced eye in Hillary’s direction because he’d wind up investigating himself.

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