This pro-Trump college student was targeted by Islamists for this absurd reason

Kathy Zhu is a student at the University of Central Florida – the largest public college in the country.

She proudly wears her “Make America Great Again” hat on campus.

But it was what she refused to wear that has landed her in hot water.

An Islamist student group at UCF held an event for “World Hijab Day” on campus.

They encouraged women of all religions and backgrounds to “wear and experience the hijab.”

But instead of recognizing the hijab for the symbol of oppression it is, these students are trying to push more women to wear a hijab!

When Kathy walked by their display, she was shocked so she took some pictures.

But one of the students took to Twitter to call for Kathy’s expulsion for her “hate crime.”

Kathy was soon flooded with messages on social media from leftist snowflakes calling her hateful.

Meanwhile in Iran, several Muslim women have started protesting mandatory wearing of the hijab.

But in America, organizers of the so-called “Women’s March” are trying to turn the hijab into a symbol of freedom.

In fact, one of the Women’s March founders is Linda Sarsour, an anti-Semitic political activist that has even been called out by The New York Times for being too radical.

Sarsour wears a hijab, saying it “is a symbol of empowerment and feminism wherein the woman not only accords herself self-respect but also demands it from others.”

What do you think about leftists in this country pushing the hijab? Should Kathy Zhu be expelled from her college for speaking out about it?

Vote in our poll and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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16 Responses

  1. Toxic says:

    Deport the mozzzlem trash or shoot them where they stand. They are violent, evil, trash.

  2. Christopher J Murano says:

    First of all, any Islamists who are pushing the thing they call a religion should be deported. If you read the Koran, you will soon realize that their beliefs are antithetical to everything that America stands for. I consider pushing Islam on a level with treason.

  3. Gwyllm says:

    It takes complete brainlessness to not be able to see how repressive a MANDATORY dress code is. My high school faculty had to wait until the senior AND junior classes graduated in order for them to impose a uniform that everyone had to wear because we REFUSED to obey their Nazi attitude. How ’empowering’ can something be if you’re FORCED to wear it? STUPID!

  4. ernie miller says:

    MAGA. Bless you. Stand for your rights.

  5. Mr. Manfredgensenden says:

    Just like every other topic of discourse, these airheads have no idea what they’re promoting, advocating for, ‘resisting’ or fighting against. You could show them a documentary on the scourge of Islam and they would complain about not having popcorn.

  6. Pavel says:

    An infidel touching a Qur’an carries a death sentence, but downloading a PDF English translation of the Qur’an to read, at least for the present, is not restricted. Get a copy and read it! Shariah Law in the Qur’an permits the raping of infidel females considering them spoils of war. The Islamic/Muslims are here to rule the world, read it for your self in the Qur’an. Read about the Mamluk Dynasty and the Ottoman Empire, in what is now Turkey, that were Islamic/Muslim genocides of Christians and Jews in the millions.

  7. Grizz Mann says:

    Muslims do require fealty to the Cult. Kill all Infidels and Jews is another requirement.

  8. Gail says:

    This is America .They want to transform our females into mindless morons .Linda Sasouris pushing Sharia law .And their women are allowed to show their face as long as they are about your death .These Universities are not protecting Americans from this trash . It is their sick way of destroying this country All illegals including every Muslims m must be deported .Maybe our people could have children if we were not burdened with millionsxof other countries people Think America .Look at the Americans who have already been replaced .Living in the streets are the workers of this country .

  9. Bill Wilson says:

    Great comment. I, too, admire this young lady for sticking up for her rights rather than being railroaded by a group of insane thugs into doing something she found distasteful. Furthermore, I think those thugs should look to moving to one of the muslim countries where they will be forced to wear the hijab.

  10. Tony Ng says:

    Thanks, Kathy, for having the moral courage to stand up against this group of hijab-wearing thugs. These students should be expelled from the college for being racially intolerant in the name of a religion that we have allowed to flourish in this country. I fear that, if we do not keep it in check , we will experience the same dire social consequences as already being experienced in many European countries. It is hatemongers such as Linda Sarsour who need to be contained before they spread the disease of hate in this country. But then again, this may be the intended divisive tool of the Liberals, Progressives, and Globalists–a most scary scenario indeed!

  11. Pat says:

    Absolutely, AGREE With of you!!! DEPORT EVERY LAST ONE BEFORE THEY TAKE OVER AMERICA!!! Obama let them in like bees on honey, with intentions of destroying Christianity in America, (like they have in every other country they’ve taken over). Look at Dearborn, Michigan! Send them back to where they came from and fight for their land and re-build, instead of coming HERE and turning America to Sharia Law and allowed to TRASH IT!!!! Doubt, that any America girl will want to cover up their beautiful hair that they work so hard on!! those ugly “towel heads” need to “”conform to AMERICAS LAWS”, –” IF ALLOWED TO STAY!! LORD HELP US!!!! WE PRAY THEY’LL ALL BE GONE “SOON”!!! GO TRUMP!!!

  12. Annie says:

    It is a sign of a ‘religion’ that believes in killing anyone that does not support or become an Islamist and any one that wears the hijab is in support of this belief.

  13. Dan Stubbs says:

    they are fascists of the highest order. they have been bred to worship a demonic entity “Allah” and his prophet of hell Mohammed. God have mercy on their souls. Satan’s lies, and his false religions, cover this earth like a blanket, and people believe whatever they are taught

  14. Aline says:

    ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! GREAT job Kathy!!! If these imbeciles don’t like it, I’ve got a 1 way trip back for them, to the rock they crawled from under!

  15. CSMAGB says:

    Kathy made the right choice… No woman in this country should be forced to wear that vile diaper on their head…

  16. Steven Coy says:

    This is a Cult of hatred and murder and nothing else and anyone who worships the koran is a terrorist because the koran states “You may Lie to the Infidel and if he does not convert to Islam Smote Him in the NECK” give that a thought and tell me why we even have one muslim in this Country ???? They have destroyed every Nayion that they have immigrated to and will and are doing the same thing here, they never assimilate into he host country and immediately try to convert our people to their way of bondage and murder and changing our laws and getting Sharia Lae in our courts . which some Demo-Marxist have already done in three states. WAKE UP YOU LIBERAL/MARXIST VOTERS YOUR DESTROYING AMERICAN FROM WITHIN AND YOU WILL REGRET WHAT YOU HAVE DONE TO YOUR CHILDREN !! YOU WOMEN WHO THINK YOU ARE REPRESSED NOW WAIT TILL YOU HAVE MUSLIMS IN CHARGE !!!!! VIETNAM VET

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