One RINO traitor just went on TV and did Nancy Pelosi this huge favor

Democrats are trying to hang on to power in the November elections.

Leftists got a huge boost in that effort.

And one RINO traitor just went on TV and did Nancy Pelosi this huge favor.

RINO South Carolina Congresswoman Nancy Mace claims to be Pro-Life.

Yet, Mace bends over backwards to aid the pro-abortion cause at every turn.

When Mace served in the state legislature, she watered down a Pro-Life bill to include exemptions that created loopholes large enough to drive a dump truck through allowing abortionists to take the lives of unborn babies.

Mace recently voted for a bill that included support for abortion-inducing drugs.

This past Sunday, Mace appeared on NBC’s Meet the Press and attacked Pro-Lifers who want to end the horror of abortion in America by claiming they wanted to impose the Handmaid’s Tale on the nation.

The Handmaid’s Tale is a popular show on the Left where a theocratic government took over the United States and forced women to give birth to children.

This is a typical Democrat party and corporate-controlled media smear about the Pro-Life movement.

But what conservatives do not expect is for their own party’s elected officials to echo the Left’s lies about Pro-Lifers.

Nancy Mace served as chair of Donald Trump’s 2016 Presidential campaign in South Carolina.
Mace campaigned for Congress in 2020 as a Trump supporter.

But as soon as she was in office, Mace began voting with Nancy Pelosi by supporting the January 6 Committee’s criminal referral against former Trump strategist Steve Bannon on contempt of Congress charges.

That vote led to Donald Trump endorsing Katie Arrington in a primary challenge.

Mace barely escaped winning by a narrow single-digit margin.

Had Mace revealed herself as sympathetic to the pro-abortion cause, she likely would have lost that primary.

Butt while Mace escaped this year, her troubling attack on the Pro-Life movement will surely attract another primary challenger in 2024.

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