Nancy Pelosi’s first move as Speaker could mean the end of the Trump White House

Democrats are beginning to reveal their true agenda now that the election is over.

Liberals campaigned on open borders, gun control, and promised free handouts to millions of voters.

But Nancy Pelosi’s first move as Speaker has nothing to do with those issues and could mean the end of the Trump White House.

Democrats are doing everything in their power to impeach President Trump or at least set him up for defeat in 2020.

So they are launching 85 investigations into the Trump White House to obstruct everything he does.

Breitbart reports:

Democrats will waste little time in probing the Trump White House once they take power over the House of Representatives in January, according to Axios.

The outlet reports Democrats are considering launching at least 85 investigations into President Trump and high-ranking officials, including the firing of then-FBI Director James Comey and whether the president violated the Constitution’s emoluments clause. Further, Democrats will likely seek information on the administration’s family separation policy and relief efforts for Puerto Rico’s Hurricane Maria.

However, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), who is expected to become House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence chairman, claims Democrats aren’t going to launch the investigation and subpoenas all at once. Instead, lawmakers will prioritize which focus-areas are of utmost importance to them and then work there way down the long list. Schiff says Democrats will also probe President Trump’s urging of the postmaster general to hike Amazon’s shipping costs.

This has been their plan along.

The Democrats never intended to work with President Trump on any meaningful legislation.

Nancy Pelosi’s plan is to obstruct President Trump’s agenda and inflict as much political damage as she can using subpoenas.

Liberals have managed to keep the fake Russia collusion story in the news for over two years.

But Mueller’s witch hunt seems to be coming to a close, so Pelosi needs a new excuse to “investigate” Trump.

They think that the constant attacks and negative media coverage will rile up their mob-like base even more heading to 2020.


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136 Responses

  1. Terry L says:

    There has to be ACTUAL proof of a an ACTUAL crime. Not just a bunch of media manipulated bs from democrats whining about having lost the election despite all the fraud they pulled still upset their biggest load of Hillary ballots were discovered before the polls even opened making it impossible to legally count them.

  2. Gene Hollon says:

    PISSLOSI, and SHIFTY SCHIFF will IMMEDIATELY bring impeachment proceedings to the HOUSE. Then, UPCHUCK SCHUMER will try to gain a conviction in the SENATE.— B U T , they will have SLIMEY MUD on their faces
    as they will FAIL MISERABLY.

  3. Joe says:

    If they had the Senate I would say yes. I doubt any thing will pass the next 2 years

    • zee says:

      Stalemate IS ‘better’ than Going ‘backwards.’
      POTUS HAS Accomplished ‘Much’ 0n
      Many ‘levels’ . A Big 0ne IS ‘ Individual Mandate’.
      & ETC.
      THANK You,Mr. President

  4. Michael Markham says:

    It’s time for term limits for our Congress we’ve got too many people who are either falling apart or they’ve got Alzheimer’s and stuff like that but we still got dumb people that will still vote for them anyways

  5. CHUCK says:

    Do you all really think all this dem repub fighting is real??? Its bs.. They do this to cover their stealing of the huge amounts of tax payers money. Behind the scenes they kiss each others buts and brag on how much graft they accumulated over the years….

  6. Annie says:

    What the Democrats are going to do is fade out their own party with all the investigations and high jinks against a sitting President and not doing their jobs to help the American people. Maybe one party would be better?

    • ROY J TAYLOR says:


  7. Betty says:

    Anything That Means The Political End Of That White House WORTHLESS WORM Cannot Be Anything But GOOD NEWS! DOWN With CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump!

    • M says:

      Betty, You are so mentally incompetent. I am amazed your family has not had you institutionalized or, are you writing your nonsensical comments from a padded cell. You may be the flakiest person in the universe! DJT has driven you literally insane. Worst obsession I have ever seen, looney tunes!

      • zee says:

        M. my ‘name’ on RR = USURPED. False posts. Not Good.
        (just like ‘real’ BUTCHY) . Anyway,
        Soon to ‘drop’. No ‘TIME’ for trash dis-course re ‘human folly’.
        you know aka’s rite ? & send my comm’s to Dan T.
        >This ‘surname’ betty IS really ‘bad news’. 0u. ‘yikesmeister’. ___
        ( & Really NOT WORTH Your ‘precious mind space’).
        > Look up ‘senomyx (list) TAKE HEED___ ‘word’ link i was trying to get
        to you. MUST BESTRONG > 0R DONOT READ.
        > Happy THANKS-GIVING To ALL ♥. later__

  8. m. says:

    useless t**t pees-loosely will f-up america again.

  9. John Bloxson Jr. says:

    Nancy Pelosi will cement Civil Insurection with her convoluted circumnavigation over the Peoples will!

  10. The House can pass a Bill of Impeachment but the Senate will not get a conviction. The democrats know this but they don’t care. They want to tie up the President’s time and divert the public’s attention from other matters. Its a way of preventing any real work from getting done. They want to reverse everything that we have accomplished these past two years.

  11. Jeffory Sweat says:

    What pisses me off the most is the last administration done the wrong and wasn’t punished for it. And Trump is their scape goat. If FBI An DOJ would of done their jobs years ago none of this would be happening today at all.

  12. Bob Knapp says:

    The Democrat platform consists of only one thing, obstruct Trump, Nothing positive, Nothing else.

  13. M says:

    scooch, Uuuuhuh, and J.D. is racist, racist, racist!

    • The 'Slapper' says:

      M. sc**ch. St**l Mag. Eagles +.J*andy + more
      are ‘codewalkers’. it’s me, ‘real zee. capish.
      Must stay in comm’s. Say hi Dan T for me.
      RR site bad news. a Some0ne(s) USURPme.
      BEWARE> schnitt goin’ 0n. ♥

      • M says:

        zee, RR has got a lot of crap going on, I agree. Demon D. using pen names but observing & scrutiny reveals. May be others using same scenario. If you are traveling Thanksgiving take care and enjoy!♡

        • zee says:

          Glad U came back, M. To SEE/Read. Going to mention ‘scenario’ to
          RR. NEED ‘verify’ re e-mail addys’. ie ‘Correct software check’.
          > No travel re ‘T’Day. A V. Holy Quiet Day for me. Big ‘prep’ Dinner,
          Give ‘some Plates’ to ppl who have Nothing. God Bless U/Yours &
          E’0ne Here. (i guess, Even the ‘skanks’.) ‘They Will Learn/Know
          AFTER Much too ‘late’ >>>>.Anyway >>>H.T. ♥ / SAVE USA .

  14. M says:

    scooch, Uuuhuh, and racist, racist, racist!

  15. Ron Alford says:

    It is amazing that so many people cannot see that Democrats are nothing but obstructionist who do nothing for the country except to destroy it.

  16. Pelosi will not work with Trump….she hates him. If she remains speaker of the House…nothing will be accomplished in the next two years. Our government will become a huge stalemate.

  17. Guy Tuten says:

    the democrats are going to do what they did in the kavanaugh investigation embarrass the whole party and cause a lot of them to get defeated in 2020

  18. J. W. says:

    Just like William Jefferson Clinton, the Articles of Impeachment will be drawn up in the House. This will take 60 votes, and the RINOs were kicked out of office. The trial will be held in the Senate. This, also, takes 60 votes. The Demokrats don’t have 60 votes in the Senate.; however, the overburdened taxpayer will be stuck for the tab. Perhaps the Demokratz should have to pay court costs, when they lose!

  19. Ron Sarson says:

    If somehow the Demorats were able to remove Trump from office, it would mean civil war all over again, but this time in every state or region separately at the same time.

    • MK says:

      If Pelosi goes against Trump, America will be gone forever and so will our government, because our government has wanted to destroy this country ever since Barack was in office and they were his puppets and did his bidding, and THEN Pelosi and the rest will answer to God and God WILL remove HIS Blessings on this country and maybe His mercy that He has been showing all these years, because Trump has been slowly turning America back to God but if it turns against God again, it will Americas destruction

      • ROY J TAYLOR says:


  20. H Harold Hutchins ESQ. says:

    200 years of proud history is now being permanently tarnished by the demoncrat party. I feel for this nation as political infighting is now more important than its citizens. I am a disabled veteran who fought for this country. I didn’t put my LIFE on the line many times for my country, so a person like pelosi could and will dishonor the country and commit treason.

  21. T. Yoder says:

    Pelosi & her cohorts are toxic, they’re poison. Shut ’em down, take ’em out! After all, we DO take out the garbage, don’t we? I do. I certainly don’t keep it in my house & allow it to rot & stink it up. So why are people willing or want to allow her/them to stink up our country? People need to wake up, think for themselves, stop being stupid & gullible & understand what’s coming. Because what’s coming’s uber bad & the majority of people are going to fall for it because they haven’t done their homework or refuse to believe the info available to all. If people can’t see the evil the Dems proliferate & the evil they have planned for us, then they’re just too stupid to live in the USA & need to pack up & move to another country. I no longer have any tolerance for ignorance or stupidity – it’s far too late for that.

  22. omegatalon says:

    The very fact that Robert Mueller has been trying to gather information to impeach Trump for two years and still have yet to find anything means that Nancy Pelosi and Democrats will be spinning their wheels.

  23. alaska citizen says:

    President Trump’s 1 term should begin when the Mueller Probe ends.

  24. Mike Dunn says:

    Adam Schiff had better watch his back. He represents the largest former Russian population in the the United States and who’s to say many are not Russian Agents. The Democrats may launch a hundred investigations but who is to say the Republican controlled Senate may launch the same against the lowly Democrats, the Clinton’s and the Obama Administration. Have we already forgotten the Hillary Clinton cover-up by the Justice Department with the help of the criminal actions off some FBI Agents who now have been or are facing indictment? And let us not forget voter fraud. It was rampant in this last election and the Democrats did everything to block President Trump’s investigation into it in the last two years.

  25. Paul says:

    If this is truly the Democrat plan, to impeach our President or tie him up with endless investigations, the electorate will rise up and there will be hell to pay.

  26. Wylena says:

    Just because they have a Majority doesn’t mean they have enough to over-ride a veto.

  27. John Bloxson Jr. says:

    Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters are playground bullies both know therevwill be a day of reckoning for their sons but they each have sold their literal souls to Satan for a little power now. They the Democrats have given them selves up to debauchery and sin their souls may have been seared and will never be able to repent of their guilty sins.

  28. Sandra says:

    I believe it is now time to reverse all the nonsense initiated by the Democruds to be heaped back on them.Just as that stupid Maxine waters said “Harass all of the dem lawmakers wherever they are, in their house,, eating out, harassing all of their children and relatives.j what goes around comes back at ya.

    • Susie says:

      You said it, Sandra! Maxine (who committed bank fraud a few years back) is so sanctimonious and conniving. It would actually be fun to razz her. And, Pelosi will not be Speaker again. She’s on her meds too often to make common sense.

  29. Cheryl Duke says:

    So instead of making things work in the US. The Democrats are going to do everything possible to waste tax payer money by “investigating” anything and everything that the current administration is trying to accomplish. The Washington elites are trying to take over again. Cuz they know what we need…..

  30. John says:

    Get lost Piglosi, you worthless piece of SCUM!

    Trump is HERE TO STAY!!!!!!!!!

  31. Freddie says:

    After reading all of the comments, I think everything has been said, that is, by the conservatives. I might as well put my name on the list of believing that the
    Liberals will hang themselves. That’s what they have been doing since Trump was elected President.

  32. Herb1949 says:

    Anyone that thinks pelosi will take down Trump is living a pipe dream. In a battle of wits between the 2, pelosi is without ammunition.

  33. Seashells. says:

    If she does try to ruin Trump it will all fall onthe Republican Congress for not standing tall and fighting the democrats.

  34. cb says:

    Democrats are simply going to spend millions on investigating this administration while hindering the investigation that needs to take place for the Obama and Clinton years. They are trying to destroy our Great Nation.

    • jim says:

      This is exactly why people should have NOT voted DEMOCRAP!!!! They are going to waste their time with all kinds of DEMOCRAPPY lawsuits against the President, and instead of working toward making AMERICA BETTER, the DEMOCRAPS will spend their (OUR) time and TAX DOLLARS by chasing their tails instead of doing what they were voted into office to do!! Someone should file a lawsuit against every DEMOCRAP that signs any papers trying to take down the ONLY PRESIDENT IN 30+ years that has wanted to do right by his office! GLAD MY LIFE IS IN MY DECEMBER YEARS!

  35. Ron says:

    The fact the American People are so stupid they have turned the US House over to the Demorats they deserve the crisis Impeachment would bring. However, the real reason for bringing impeachment will be to hamstring Trump for the next two years. The Demorats know they will never get the majority they would need in the Senate to actually remove Trump. This is all politics to disrupt Trump’s agenda because any successes he has in improving things in any way is detrimental to the Demorat agenda. The Demorats NEED as many dependent on government as possible to justify their existence. Keeping Trump busy defending himself enhances their chances of beating him in 2020. That IS what this is all about. For decades the Demorats have quietly been working toward transforming this nation from a representative republic into a permanent single party ruled “republic” as found in Russia, Cuba,or Venezuela. That goal was within reach and would likely have been realized with the assured election of Hillary. Trump’s victory snatched that goal right out of their hands, which is why they are so livid! By the time 2020 gets here they will be able to steal the election if need be as they are doing in FL, GA and succeeded in doing in AZ. When the Demorats are finished elections will mean nothing because if the results are not what the Demorats want, they will just “discover ” enough uncounted Demorat votes to achieve the results they want. That IS the future of elections in this nation. Enjoy!

  36. Sharon says:

    Nancy , you are ugly, a stealing liar your pure evil, god will have his day with your evil black heart. And what you continue to do god will make sure that what you hide in the dark God will bring into the light… You, Hillary, Horse face Waters will be judged for god has a place for the likes of you all!!!

  37. Ellie says:


  38. Sharon says:

    Nancy , you are ugly, a stealing liar your pure evil, god will have his day with your evil black heart. And what you continue to do god will make sure that what you hide in the dark God will bring into the light… You, Hillary, Horse face Waters will be judged for god has a place for the likes of

      • They are such nasty,nasty,awful,horrible Communist people. they arent just awful they are scumbags. they fixed it in many parts of the states where the vote would be for the Democraps. of course they did, and all of America knows it. They had 2 years to get their criminal acts done and they almost succeeded. America will wake up pne day cold and hungry in poverty and they will wonder what happened!! I studied government extensively and would not trust any of them.

  39. Mark Gorski says:

    The Democrat party is done. What we are witnessing is their last gasps of life. Far too much of their treachery, deceit, arrogance and hatred have been laid bare for the American people to see over the last 10 years. Only those who want to believe their B.S. are still following them. I truly believe that the next 2 years will turn enough Americans against them that outside of their strongholds of New York, Boston, Miami, Chicago, Seattle & the California Coast no Democrat will win any election for the next 50 years. My Friends, Just as after the Civil War Republicans, Conservative Republicans, will dominate Government for the better part of 50 years. Which I might add were some of the most prosperous times in our history.

    • Ron says:

      There are a hell of a lot of people who obviously believe in their B.S.! As for the next two years turning enough Americans against them, don’t hold your breath! For the past two years the Demorats have exposed themselves for who and what they are, but they still manage to win back the US House! If the American People haven’t figured them out by now they never will. Either that, or a huge number of Americans are just as devoid of character and integrity! You can bet the farm the Demorats will regain total control of this nation, probably in 2020 because they will rig the elections like they are doing in FL and GA, and succeeded in AZ! Even if Trump does win enough Electoral College votes in 2020, the Demorats will “discover” as many uncounted Demorat votes as they need in crucial swing states such as FL. And they will get away with it.

      • Frank says:

        They only won by cheating and their still counting “LATE” votes in Fla,that’s straigh up BS for them to be having a recount,they ALL make me sick,They are the DEMISE of our great country,pathetic despicable scumbags,everyone of them!!!

      • truthistruth says:

        wow, many of you people are worse than what you claimed about Hillary being a sore loser. And you will remain in ignorance until you drop that BS story about being cheated in elections – – in Florida and Mississippi there are automatic recounts and a runoff election. And HOW do you ever expect to work in any bi-partisan way when you start with calling us “demoncraps, demonrats” and all kinds of vile names?

        Let me give you credit, first of all, for being the party that is much more likely to go to the polls, it is the Democrats that have the lowest turnout – – so it took a tremendous amount of work and opposition to Trump to accomplish the largest flipping of offices from Republican to Democrat since 1974. It is going to be even more so in 2020, and most of you will not understand why because your heads are so buried in BS conspiracies.

        • M says:

          truthistruth, RACIST, RACIST, RACIST!

          • zee says:

            M. ‘tit’ IS Lost. Does NOT Want to Defend USA.
            Why does ‘tit’ live here ??? I just don’t get it.
            The ‘hate’ for USA, but live here.

          • M says:

            zee, The liberals on a conservative site exist only to be a thorn in our side. News flash, it’s not working!
            They have called us racist for two years, they are racist against us and I am calling them out on it! Fun, fun , fun!

          • zee says:

            M. ‘know’ re ‘thorns’. Betty is irrevelant.
            RR site = ‘bad thorn inifiltration, ie crazy ‘jd,
            ricB,snott & ‘tit’. wow. Some months Ago,
            these names w/ink Were NOT on RR site.
            > Would like to give you my email for comm’s,
            But Cannot – for 0bvious reasons. Stay Strong.

          • zee says:

            To ‘tit’. Let YOUR Country Be 0vertaken thru ‘your party
            politic ‘W/ 0pen Borders ETC. (check Germany/Sweden , France,
            Italy etc. WHEN USA ‘Demographics’ Are Tipped’, You ‘tit’ et al
            Will Have N0 Place to Hide. & Will Have NO ‘time’ to ‘Place
            Blame’ In your ‘struggle’. Good luck ___.
            > LiveFree for now – hold back re ‘placing Blame.’

  40. Freddie Stanton says:

    I was greatly surprised and annoyed when the Dummies won the House! But, they have helped me get over my annoyance with all the dumb investigations that they plan…..they never mention what they can do to help America, just talk about nebulous B.S. Just proves they have no agenda, just hate, hate, hate. I guess they will have to learn the hard way…..I really don’t have to spell it out!

  41. Stan W hill sr says:

    She is going to have a war that she want win it’s time we stood up against her if it means bearing arm to do so I am sick of that woman trying to destroy everything that this country stands for we must unite against her

  42. jean says:

    If these terrorists keep harassing trump and do anything to hurt him guaranteed Americans will make sure they will have hell to pay. It will not be worth it to them. When they hurt Trump, they hurt us.

  43. Buddy says:

    Hate and resentment in America are at an all time high. Fueled by a radical media hell bent on forcing us to bend to their will! When they say Hillary will win, by god, Hillary will win! Notice I used a small “g” for god because its against the law for liberal America to believe in God. When you embrace the world then you go the way of the world.

  44. Tom Shaeffer says:


    • Dr. J.D. says:

      The rhetoric of violence, especially against congressmen and leaders has NO PLACE in a democracy. The only violent promotions I have seen are made by conservatives, and that needs to STOP!! Do you realize that domestic terrorism incidents are EIGHT times more likely to come from a right-wing hate group than any left wing group?!? The use of the rhetoric about violence is the first step towards violent actions of domestic terrorism – – . Can;t you understand that it is things like this that caused such a strong reaction in the midterm elections?

  45. Agnes Holloway says:

    The Democrats all they believe in revenge on President Trump, his workers, and his supporters, impeach President Trump and migrants just stupid stuff that has nothing to do for the good of this country and the American people. Democrats are the enemy to this country I Democrats should be demolished too much trouble to deal with. If they would work with President Trump instead of going against him this country would be in a better position than what it is.

  46. mjack says:

    Some people has short memories to have voted for the democrats. Or they are ignorant of the constitution and how the democrats tries to change things for their benefit. What have they given us, nothing but lies, cheats, mobs,.and more problems. We the middle working class; insurance went up, less coverage,so they could take care of the immigrants with free health care. You talk about racist, they are racist. How many has been turned down on jobs to be replaced by minorities that had no idea what the jobs are about. And you have to still do most of his or her job. And you will be fired if you open your mouth again. Democrats doing. How would our politicians feel if this happened to them?

  47. Bob Higginbotham says:

    It sounds like the only ones being screwed by this demoncrat vendetta against the Trump administration is We the People of the United States. Now that they have won back the House they have lost all interest in doing anything for those that voted them in office. I wish to thank, from the bottom of my heart, all the stupid jerks that voted for democraps.

    • Sylvia says:

      They are all stupid jerks who voted for Dummocrats! We need to pray for our nation to the one true God, the One who sent His Son to die for us.

  48. John Evans says:

    This wrinkled old b*tch better be careful with her investigations because “what goes around comes around”!! President Trump has never been one to sit idly by and let others take shots at him. He usually shoots back! And I’m sure that between Pelosi, Schumer, Waters, Schiff, Nadler, and the rest of that scumbag rat pack, there is more than enough crime and corruption to be investigated to put a few dents in their fenders!!!

  49. pelosi is no better than a street walking whore

  50. Peggy says:

    Put that mule out to pasture.

  51. candace says:

    Isn’t Amazon CEO a nephew of Pelosi? Just checking on why the Amazon issue is even an issue?

  52. john Brown says:

    If the DUMB=-o-Crats would spend more time on HELPING this cournty then we might get somewhere..Tell Nancy if she starts s–t she will get s-0-t in return.

    • Shirley says:

      If Pelosi or any other of those communist Democrats want to investigate our President, then I for one, who voted him into Office, Legally think that they should have to pay for it with their own time and money and not with my tax money. They have no right to frivolously spend my hard earned tax money that I pay to the government for improvement to the infrastructure of our country. And not to pursue a personal grievance that the Democrats have against our President. ‘WE THE PEOPLE ” Should be able to hire, a Patriotic, Honest, Never Lost A Case, Pro-Bono Attorney” (don’t call me naive I’m well aware
      of it, but I can dream can’t I) who can sue those who are investigating the President for all that they plan to,. which they are, for no other reason then to keep him from carrying out the promises that got him elected and to carry out the duties of Office. They themselves are creating TREASON against THIS COUNTRY based on the fact that they are doing nothing but inciting riots against Trump and concentrating on anything they can to make life more miserable for the President and now they openly admit all the things that they have lined up to investigate in order to find something to impeach him with. That is not the description of their job. Muhear has already spent thousands of our taxpayer dollars for just such a WITCH HUNT for the last two years and has come up with nothing. When is someone going to have the you know what’s to bring a stop to this S__T?

  53. Linda Mackey says:

    And their very obvious hatred for Trump will simply secure his election in 2020. Impeachment…FAT CHANCE!

    • Tom says:

      Linda, Linda. First of all, better get used to the fact Trump WILL be impeached, but that does not mean “removed.” The House decides the impeachment, the Senate decides removal – – and it is next to impossible to remove a president with a 2/3+ vote, especially when republicans control the Senate.
      There are just too many indictable acts for Trump not to be impeached — just the ones Cohen knows about, or the ones Trump has already admitted, would get almost any president impeached.

      Be patient, the Russia probe is winding to a close soon. And you won’t believe others on this but it is about Trumps crimes and the number of people that have already provided the proof about Trump that will show that you should expect several areas of charges on Trump, including election fraud and obstruction of justice.

  54. Capn Jack says:

    Should that happen, I guarantee you that will be the end of Nancy Pelosi.

  55. mrp says:

    This washed-out old hag needs to retire and stop employing illegal aliens at her California vineyards for next to slave labor. She’s a disgrace and has accomplished nothing for the people of California. All she’s ever done was to enrich herself and her family, A total disgrace.

  56. Sonny says:

    The few positives that have come from Trump do not in anyway vindicate his unlawful activity.
    His arrogant narcissism has cost this country dearly. The sooner he is out the better for us all, even for those too ignorant to see it.

    • Cheryl says:

      Not ONE WORD of the BS that you just spewed is either TRUE or worth saying!! That is the problem with Liberals .. ALL THEY DO IS LIE! Not a single FACT to be had!! NOT ONE!

    • Walker Mixon says:

      So you want the most corrupt people in history to take out the only person that has the guts to clean the mess in Washington. .stop watching the media please , they are filling people with lies. They want Trump out because he can do things like jobs that Democrats said was impossible. Hillary has given our uranium to Russia, and pocket $145 million for it. U just have to have the courage to believe it
      Check it out for yourself

    • Wheres Waldo says:


    • Deborah says:

      WHAT unlawful activity? Please show all of that proof because Muller hasn’t found any yet.Just the rantings of fake News and creepy Democrats imagination or wishful thinking

      • truthistruth says:

        Yes, Deborah, Mueller has found numerous areas of unlawful activity – – you Trumpers are just in DENIAL and wrap it in conspiracy BS. Please use your internet search and discover some of the truth – – and not just from one viewpoint. There are many areas of unlawful activity, but I will limit it to ONE for space. Cohen plead guilty to two felony crimes of campaign fraud done “at the directions of” Trump. If Trump had not been president, it just came out that Trump would have been indicted as a co-conspirator . . . but the proper way that is handled is a report made, presented to the House to decide on whether to impeach the president.

        I see the false information being presented to you by con men and schills who make money selling you this stuff, people like Hannity, Alex Jones and his employee Corsi to get you all worked up and “controlled” to do things their way. Do you remember how GOP denied the “fake crimes” of Nixon – – well they not only turned out to be completely TRUE, we now know they were greater than the knew at the time.

    • Sylvia says:

      Sorry, Sonny, you don’t know what you’re talking about. The Dummocrats are guilty of everything they accuse the President!!! Look at the history books These Dummies are the Nazis of today!! They almost shot Steve Scalise to death, broke 6 of Rand Paul’s ribs, attacked Tucker Carlson’s house. That’s exactly the stuff Hitler’s henchmen did in Nazi Germany!!

  57. Jessica says:

    They should not be allowed to waste taxpayer money. They should have to pay for it out of their own money. If I wanted to go after someone I would have to pay for it myself I would not be allowed to use taxpayer money. Neither should they.

  58. Donna says:

    The dimwits, MUST not be allowed to USE taxpayer money. This is disgusting to say the least. What the Dimwits NEED to know, This President ,….has the backing of vets & currant Military and the people of the U.S. We are highly aware of Dimwits attempts to destroy the U.S. and this Great President. They are going to promote, violence and it will be against them. I am tired, of this party of hate and false statements and negative behavior. They are vile & evil. Time to turn the tables on them.

  59. napacfo says:

    The next 2 years should be interesting. Pelosi is on the back 9 of her career, and she is looking to add to her legacy. Will she turn the Congress into a political toxic waste dump in combat with the president, or will she actually find ways to work with President Trump to address some serious issues, from the economy to healthcare to immigration, and turn out some serious legislation for the overall good of the country.
    If it’s a fight Pelosi wants, President Trump will give her all she can handle. He is not a rollover Republican. He is used to boardroom combat. If it is someone to work with her to help craft legislation, DJT is a master deal maker and he can help Nancy generate some powerful legislation that will help steer the US through the choppy political and economic waters ahead. Players’ choice!!! Partisan politics or serious legislation. Let us hope they both can find ways to let common sense prevail…

  60. Randall M says:

    I don’t think many of these people will be in power much longer. Trust the plan!

  61. M says:

    Instead of legislate, legislate, legislate, as they should, the Democrats with attack, attack, attack. From what they are planning to do to President Trump and his agenda, I predict the American people will be sick of them and they will lose it all in 2020. It is obvious from their attempt to burn Justice Kavanaugh at the stake, they will cut their nose off to spite their face in an attempt at revenge and hate. They have tunnel vision in their zeal to hurt POTUS and totally lose sight of the damage they are inflicting on themselves and their party.
    My thoughts on the Dems is, sssshhhh, don’t tell them they will be falling on their own sword. The sooner, the better for conservatives.

    • Linda Mackey says:

      And their very obvious hatred for Trump will simply secure his election in 2020. Impeachment…FAT CHANCE!

    • Dr. JD says:

      You know, M, you had a similar argument that was proven wrong at the midterms when I said to expect a blue wave. I was told I was an idiot and did not know anything. I kept saying “look at the DATA” rather than the opinions and many denied the facts. I have been reading and responding on conservative blogs for many months and I have learned that many of you are very dedicated Christians and want what is right for America – – – and I think we ALL could agree that “THE truth will set you free.”

      I expect nasty responses, but expect to lose both the Senate and the presidency in 2020. Trump and many of his followers have awakened a sleeping political party – – the Democrats, who really get out to vote as well as Republicans. Simply, most people vote AGAINST someone or something than for for someone or something. In 2016 you had the advantage of all the Obama years and things you did not like plus running against Hillary, that even Democrats did not like that much. Now, every time Trump says nasty, vile putdowns and seeks to “fire up” his base, he “fires up” his opposition even greater. This president has the LOWEST ratings on favorability than any of them.

  62. truckman says:

    they are going to destroy there own selves like they did with Kavanaugh investigation besides from the looks and actions pelosi is headed for a stroke

  63. Sandra Kirk says:

    They obviously do not know anything!!! To impeach, they must have 2/3 of the house and then 2/3 of the Senate!! These idiots couldn’t find their ass with both hands!! This garbage will backfire on them in 2020!! Good Riddence!!!!!

  64. Rodney Orr says:

    This bitch needs to be shot at sunrise!!!!!!!

    • Tom Shaeffer says:

      I agree and I will supply the bullets. END OF STORY

      • Dr. J.D. says:

        The rhetoric of violence like Rodney and Tom have used have NO PLACE in a democracy, and are hate speech. It creates an environment in which less stable people like Sayoc take as a “call to arms” and take violent actions. It is not only the internal state of the individual, it is the external circumstances that influence acts of violence. Do you not know that the Dept. of Homeland security monitors hate speech on postings?

  65. James P Hutchins says:

    pelosi is a liberal pinhead and a scumbag traitor to the American people.

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