Nancy Pelosi’s first move as Speaker could mean the end of the Trump White House

Democrats are beginning to reveal their true agenda now that the election is over.

Liberals campaigned on open borders, gun control, and promised free handouts to millions of voters.

But Nancy Pelosi’s first move as Speaker has nothing to do with those issues and could mean the end of the Trump White House.

Democrats are doing everything in their power to impeach President Trump or at least set him up for defeat in 2020.

So they are launching 85 investigations into the Trump White House to obstruct everything he does.

Breitbart reports:

Democrats will waste little time in probing the Trump White House once they take power over the House of Representatives in January, according to Axios.

The outlet reports Democrats are considering launching at least 85 investigations into President Trump and high-ranking officials, including the firing of then-FBI Director James Comey and whether the president violated the Constitution’s emoluments clause. Further, Democrats will likely seek information on the administration’s family separation policy and relief efforts for Puerto Rico’s Hurricane Maria.

However, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), who is expected to become House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence chairman, claims Democrats aren’t going to launch the investigation and subpoenas all at once. Instead, lawmakers will prioritize which focus-areas are of utmost importance to them and then work there way down the long list. Schiff says Democrats will also probe President Trump’s urging of the postmaster general to hike Amazon’s shipping costs.

This has been their plan along.

The Democrats never intended to work with President Trump on any meaningful legislation.

Nancy Pelosi’s plan is to obstruct President Trump’s agenda and inflict as much political damage as she can using subpoenas.

Liberals have managed to keep the fake Russia collusion story in the news for over two years.

But Mueller’s witch hunt seems to be coming to a close, so Pelosi needs a new excuse to “investigate” Trump.

They think that the constant attacks and negative media coverage will rile up their mob-like base even more heading to 2020.

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134 Responses

  1. dandy says:


  2. zee says:

    Glad U came back, M. To SEE/Read. Going to mention ‘scenario’ to
    RR. NEED ‘verify’ re e-mail addys’. ie ‘Correct software check’.
    > No travel re ‘T’Day. A V. Holy Quiet Day for me. Big ‘prep’ Dinner,
    Give ‘some Plates’ to ppl who have Nothing. God Bless U/Yours &
    E’0ne Here. (i guess, Even the ‘skanks’.) ‘They Will Learn/Know
    AFTER Much too ‘late’ >>>>.Anyway >>>H.T. ♥ / SAVE USA .

  3. Randall M says:

    Right? No one can name even one specific thing that Trump has done. Just a bunch of whining cry babies that are jealous of him.

  4. Terry L says:

    There has to be ACTUAL proof of a an ACTUAL crime. Not just a bunch of media manipulated bs from democrats whining about having lost the election despite all the fraud they pulled still upset their biggest load of Hillary ballots were discovered before the polls even opened making it impossible to legally count them.

  5. M says:

    zee, RR has got a lot of crap going on, I agree. Demon D. using pen names but observing & scrutiny reveals. May be others using same scenario. If you are traveling Thanksgiving take care and enjoy!♡

  6. zee says:

    Randall, you ‘know’ jd Is a ‘goner’. rite? RITE!

  7. zee says:

    To ‘tit’. Let YOUR Country Be 0vertaken thru ‘your party
    politic ‘W/ 0pen Borders ETC. (check Germany/Sweden , France,
    Italy etc. WHEN USA ‘Demographics’ Are Tipped’, You ‘tit’ et al
    Will Have N0 Place to Hide. & Will Have NO ‘time’ to ‘Place
    Blame’ In your ‘struggle’. Good luck ___.
    > LiveFree for now – hold back re ‘placing Blame.’

  8. zee says:

    M. ‘know’ re ‘thorns’. Betty is irrevelant.
    RR site = ‘bad thorn inifiltration, ie crazy ‘jd,
    ricB,snott & ‘tit’. wow. Some months Ago,
    these names w/ink Were NOT on RR site.
    > Would like to give you my email for comm’s,
    But Cannot – for 0bvious reasons. Stay Strong.

  9. Susie says:

    You said it, Sandra! Maxine (who committed bank fraud a few years back) is so sanctimonious and conniving. It would actually be fun to razz her. And, Pelosi will not be Speaker again. She’s on her meds too often to make common sense.

  10. Gene Hollon says:

    PISSLOSI, and SHIFTY SCHIFF will IMMEDIATELY bring impeachment proceedings to the HOUSE. Then, UPCHUCK SCHUMER will try to gain a conviction in the SENATE.— B U T , they will have SLIMEY MUD on their faces
    as they will FAIL MISERABLY.

  11. latex says:

    0h , must be ‘peanut butter n’ ‘jelly’ (fish’) rite jd ?

  12. latex says:

    TOTAL STALE Repost.
    >What IS your point ‘jd’ ???

  13. zee says:

    Stalemate IS ‘better’ than Going ‘backwards.’
    POTUS HAS Accomplished ‘Much’ 0n
    Many ‘levels’ . A Big 0ne IS ‘ Individual Mandate’.
    & ETC.
    THANK You,Mr. President

  14. The 'Slapper' says:

    M. sc**ch. St**l Mag. Eagles +.J*andy + more
    are ‘codewalkers’. it’s me, ‘real zee. capish.
    Must stay in comm’s. Say hi Dan T for me.
    RR site bad news. a Some0ne(s) USURPme.
    BEWARE> schnitt goin’ 0n. ♥

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