Nancy Pelosi turned pale as a ghost after she saw this devastating news

Nancy Pelosi is fighting for her political life.

But she’s not going down without a fight.

And Nancy Pelosi turned pale as a ghost after she saw this devastating news.

Nancy Pelosi thought Democrats taking control of the entire federal government would lead to a golden age.

Instead, everything has gone wrong with Joe Biden in charge.

The country is sinking under the weight of soaring gas prices, rampant inflation, and an unprecedented border crisis.

Joe Biden’s poll numbers have sunk to lows not seen since the last days of Jimmy Carter.

Even worse for Pelosi, she has to defend her paper-thin majority in the upcoming Midterm elections.

With a 5-seat majority in the House, she’s barely hanging on.

But now Pelosi has another headache to deal with as she tries to cling to power.

The National Republican Congressional Committee’s (NRCC) latest poll spells doom for Pelosi’s majority.

The NRCC poll found that, “battleground voters continue to hold Democrats responsible for the negative impact that record-high inflation, soaring crime, and the crisis along our southern border are having on their lives.”

The poll was conducted in 77 battleground districts held by vulnerable Democrats.

Thanks to Pelosi’s disastrous leadership, 75% of voters thought “that Democrats are out of touch with everyday Americans and are condescending towards voters.”

In these districts, Joe Biden’s approval rating was underwater, with 40% of voters approving and 55% disapproving.

With key demographics, the news is even worse for Democrats.

Only 30% of Independents approved of Biden while 63% disapproved of him.

After a massive 31-point drop since February 2021, Biden is ten points underwater with Hispanics.

House Democrats are in deep trouble having to run upstream against awful numbers from Biden.

But their collapse with Hispanic voters will give Pelosi nightmares.

This fast-growing and increasingly conservative group could tip races to Republicans in places like Nevada, Arizona, and Florida.

On who voters trust on the issues, House Republicans are beginning to distance themselves from Democrats.

Economic issues like inflation and the cost of living were the most pressing concern for these voters.

52% of voters blamed Democrats’ refusal to allow more American oil and gas drilling for high gas prices.

And 73% of them favored more American oil and gas production, with 54% strongly in favor.

A whopping 75% of voters said they’re more likely to support a Republican who fights to lower gas and grocery prices.

Democrats’ reckless spending and war on energy has completely backfired on them.

They created the inflation and energy crisis gripping the country.

Voters are blaming them for the economic hardship they inflicted on the country.

If the polling here proves correct, House Republicans could be setting up for a Red tsunami in November.

With a 30 year high in retirements, House Democrats know trouble is on the horizon.

With the bad news piling up for Pelosi, this adds another headache as she tries to hang on to the Speaker’s Gavel.

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