Mueller’s team did the one thing to impeach Trump that left Nancy Pelosi stunned

Nancy Pelosi was counting on Robert Mueller to come through.

Mueller delivering a smoking gun that would allow Congress to remove the President was Pelosi’s plan all along.

And now Mueller’s team did the one thing to impeach Trump that made Nancy Pelosi speechless.

Attorney General Barr delivered his summary of Robert Mueller’s findings to Congress.

The Attorney General reported Mueller found no evidence of a criminal conspiracy with Russia and no determination on the obstruction of justice charges against the President.

President Trump boasted that this total exoneration should end the ridiculous Russia witch hunt and that the real investigation should be into how Obama and his Deep State cronies launched a politically-motivated hit job against him.

The Democrats on Mueller’s team were horrified that their two-year plot to frame the President imploded and launched a leak campaign to throw the political narrative against the President.

So some of the Democrat pit bulls on Mueller’s team leaked to the New York Times that they were unhappy with how Barr summarized their findings.

The New York Times reports:

Some of Robert S. Mueller III’s investigators have told associates that Attorney General William P. Barr failed to adequately portray the findings of their inquiry and that they were more troubling for President Trump than Mr. Barr indicated, according to government officials and others familiar with their simmering frustrations.

At stake in the dispute — the first evidence of tension between Mr. Barr and the special counsel’s office — is who shapes the public’s initial understanding of one of the most consequential government investigations in American history. Some members of Mr. Mueller’s team are concerned that, because Mr. Barr created the first narrative of the special counsel’s findings, Americans’ views will have hardened before the investigation’s conclusions become public.

Mr. Barr has said he will move quickly to release the nearly 400-page report but needs time to scrub out confidential information. The special counsel’s investigators had already written multiple summaries of the report, and some team members believe that Mr. Barr should have included more of their material in the four-page letter he wrote on March 24 laying out their main conclusions, according to government officials familiar with the investigation. Mr. Barr only briefly cited the special counsel’s work in his letter.

This set off a media firestorm.

Since the Times sources did not say what in the report they disagreed with, conspiracy theories in the fake news media got to run wild with delusions about Barr covering up evidence of collusion.

But since Mueller never indicted anyone on charges of conspiring with Russia, that is fake news.

Most likely, the Democrats on Mueller’s team leaked their unhappiness to breathe new life into their delusional impeachment investigation.

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