Mike Pence let the cat out the bag on Trump’s plan that is bad news for Democrats

Democrats are not leaving any stone unturned in their effort to defeat Donald Trump.

But one avenue is about to be closed off for good.

That’s because Mike Pence let the cat out the bag on Trump’s plan that is bad news for Democrats.

Democrats’ plan to win in 2020 involves controlling the flow of information Americans receive about the election.

Social media companies run by liberal billionaires will play a key role in that effort through censorship of conservative view points.

This is already in place as platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter remove content that liberals say contradicts the hysteria and doomsday predictions surrounding the coronavirus under the guise of stopping the spread of “misinformation.”

In an interview with Breitbart, Vice President Mike Pence discussed how the President Trump discussed creating a White House panel to monitor Big Tech censorship of conservatives.

“While many in the mainstream media have been after this president, after this administration, since before our inauguration, it’s been that chorus of voices on the Internet that have brought forth the truth and the facts to the American people.

“Whether it be the whole Mueller investigation or the Russia hoax or whether it be the impeachment that was brought forward and rejected by the Senate, it’s been those voices that’s made a difference for America, and we have every confidence going forward that we’re going to make sure the First Amendment rights of people who cherish freedom and cherish what this president has been able to do for this country are preserved.

“And I have every confidence that with that great army of conservative thinkers on the Internet we’re going to drive toward a great victory come November,” Pence stated.

Millions of Americans get their news from social media.

Democrats want to make sure the only news they see is carefully curated left-wing propaganda by claiming any news source that disagrees with the Left’s narrative is “fake news” and should be banned from social media.

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84 Responses

  1. FluffyPillowFive says:

    Scott27, you are a liar, and Vicki showed it. We can all see from your post that you did not know it was a retweet until you looked into it later, then you lied and said you did know.
    However, since you have proven yourself a liar on numerous occasions going all the way back to your dumb post about Trump violating the hatch act, I’m not surprised you would vote for Biden either.
    You call Trump a liar and this November you are going to vote for a liar which shows everyone you are a hypocrite. Have a nice day.

  2. Kadok says:

    The facts are this, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Quora, all of them censor what is said, especially if it goes against the liberals or democrats agenda, EVEN when it is the truth and it can be proven it is the truth, they will censor it and make you go through the process of calling them out on it. And woe be it if it is an admins opinion that you rebuke, you will find your self being blocked and banned from commenting on anything.

  3. Kenneth Bauer says:

    Should the White House set up a panel to monitor tech companies for censorship of conservatives? Censorship is censorship even worse when it’s “government approved”!

  4. Eli says:

    President Trump had given a quote and used the word thugs, just like Obama had. We need to stop the censoring of Conservatives, while allowing liberal, Communist Democrats like Kathy Griffin, late night comedians and other haters, who show death threat cartoons, threatening pictures, hate speech speakers in video clips and degradation threats of President Trump. They need to be turned into officials as threatening. This has added to the threats we and our children receive, while wearing supporting, political clothing. The liberal media has promoted this hatred, which needs to stop. It gets worse with every campaign year.

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