Megyn Kelly shut down a gun grabber with two powerful words

The dominant story in the media right now is the Left’s push for gun control.

So-called “journalists” in the corporate-controlled media are pushing harder than ever to ban and confiscate firearms.

And Megyn Kelly shut down a gun grabber with two powerful words.

Megyn Kelly interviewed co-hosts of the popular All-In podcast, Jason Calacanis and David Sacks, about the subject of mass shootings.

Kelly noted that crime spiked in major cities, which she attributed in some part to the pandemic, but mainly to Democrat Mayors and District Attorneys instituting soft-on-crime policies like bail reform and defunding the police.

But Kelly also said corporate-controlled media outlets like CNN rushed to now call everything a mass shooting as a way to inflate the totals and pressure Republicans to accept gun control.

“And there’s no question, the pandemic played some role in that, for sure. But the soft-on-crime policies played a massive role as well,” Kelly added. “What we’re seeing right now, also a weird phenomenon in the past month or so, since Buffalo, since Uvalde, since we’ve seen, more and more coverage of shootings pop up, those were mass shootings. There’s no question about that. But now you start to hear CNN, you read the New York Times, you listen to the Biden White House, some Democrat politicians — They describe everything as a mass shooting, like four people shot at the grocery store, wherever it’s a mass shooting.”

Calacanis interjected to attack Kelly.

“How many people need to die in a shooting, Megyn, or get hit by a bullet for you to consider it a mass shooting? Is it four? Is it seven?” Calacanis asked.

That led to several back and forth exchanges, where Kelly slammed Calacanis and Sacks for attacking her journalistic integrity and refused to back down in the face of the gun grabbers’ emotional blackmail.

When Calacanis attacked Kelly for not accepting the gun grabbers’ argument to draw ratings, she offered up a profane response.

“That’s bulls***! Don’t question my motives. This is where you — you turn into kind of an a**hole!” Kelly exclaimed. “I’m giving you my honest analysis. And for you to say that I am misleading the audience for ratings is a prick thing to say, you don’t know me.”

“I’ve made my name and made my business based on honest journalism. I realize you may be number 26 worldwide, but you’ve never done real journalism at the level I have in your life. So I don’t need a lecture from you about ratings. I am here to deliver honest information to my audience. That’s what I’m doing. You can disagree with my point without getting personal,” Kelly concluded.

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