Laura Ingraham had one message for Joe Biden that everyone needs to see

Conservatives have had enough of Joe Biden.

What Biden did was beyond the pale.

And Laura Ingraham had one message for Joe Biden that everyone needs to see.

Joe Biden, other elected Democrats, and the corporate-controlled media pounced on an evil madman in Uvalde, Texas, murdering 19 innocent school children to try and reset the Left’s political fortunes ahead of the Midterm election.

Even though Biden spoke on the night of the tragedy, he passed on the opportunity to try and unite the country.

Instead, an angry and confused Biden ranted and raved, blaming Americans who support the Second Amendment for the senseless act of evil.

Laura Ingraham took issue with Joe Biden’s highly political attempt to exploit the deaths of children to achieve more power.

“I want to be very, very clear tonight. President Biden appeared on camera tonight for less than eight minutes, not because he believed that his words would comfort the families or the friends of the victims. Not because he believed that he would calm what are obviously frayed nerves of a worried nation, parents who were worried, and he didn’t do it to unite America in this time of grief. No, he did not,” Ingraham began.

Ingraham told viewers that since Reuters just showed Biden’s approval rating sinking to 36 percent, he seized on the tragedy to shore up his left-wing base.

“He spoke tonight because politics is selfish, because in today’s twisted world, it’s considered perfectly appropriate to exploit the massacre of innocent, little kids in order to try to turn around your own sagging poll numbers. Today, Reuters-Ipsos has Biden at the lowest approval of his Presidency, 36%. So this attempt at political resuscitation on Biden’s part — it’s despicable. But it’s altogether predictable, isn’t it? The White House has tried this many times before, and it’s failed,” Ingraham added.

Ingraham blasted Biden and other gun grabbers for deploying emotional blackmail to bully Second Amendment supporters into caving in on accepting the government disarming law-abiding citizens.

“Any politicians, I don’t care if you’re Republican, Democrat, or somewhere in between, and you’re seeking to use what happened today to help yourself — you should be ashamed of yourself. We have a political process in our country. If you want to change the law, if you want to change the Constitution, go ahead and get the votes and change the law or amend the Constitution. If you can do that, you will find success in whatever your goals are. But if you can’t do that, don’t come to the nation at a time of tragedy and try to shame the rest of us, because we know what time it is. We know what’s really going on,” Ingraham concluded.

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