Kamala Harris spoke one disturbing sentence that left everyone speechless

Kamala Harris’ disastrous media rehabilitation tour rolled on.

Harris somehow managed to stoop to a new low.

That’s because Kamala Harris spoke one disturbing sentence that left everyone speechless.

During the 2020 campaign, Harris and Joe Biden blamed every single death from the coronavirus on Donald Trump.

Harris and Biden also would not commit to holding Communist China accountable to unleashing COVID-19 on the world.

Now that Harris has to defend Joe Biden’s failed record on COVID, she’s committed one of the worst gaffes of her career.

In 2021, despite having three vaccines available, more Americans died from COVID under Joe Biden than Donald Trump.

Joe Biden also covered up Communist China’s role in the origin of the coronavirus pandemic by commissioning the Deep State to produce a phony report claiming no one will likely ever know the true origin of the coronavirus.

In an interview with CBS, Harris defended Biden’s disastrous record of failed mandates and restrictions by claiming it was no one’s fault COVID-19 hit America.

That’s not what Harris and Biden were saying last during the 2020 Presidential Election.

Joe Biden claimed every single American who died from COVID would have been alive if Trump supposedly did everything differently.

There is only one entity responsible for COVID and that is Communist China.

The Communist Chinese covered up the initial outbreak and lied to the world that COVID-19 did not spread from person to person.

Communist China hid the true nature of COVID for so long because the virus likely escaped as part of a lab leak from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

If the truth about the origins of COVID were known, countries around the globe would band together to hold Communist China accountable.

Instead, Kamala Harris parroted Communist Chinese talking points to shield Beijing from accountability.

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