Joe Biden said something to a black reporter that made Democrats duck for cover

Joe Biden’s Presidential campaign strategy depends on voters never seeing him speak in public.

That’s because Democrats know Joe Biden is in the middle of serious cognitive decline.

And now Joe Biden said something to a black reporter that made Democrats duck for cover.

The reason Joe Biden’s handlers kept him hidden in the basement became strikingly clear on Wednesday when during an interview with CBS News reporter Erroll Barrett, Biden flew off the handle when asked about the President’s attacks on his diminished mental capacity.

Biden raged that asking him to take a cognitive test was like asking Barrett – who is black – to take a drug test to prove he isn’t on cocaine.

Biden accusing a black man of being a junkie is the latest in the ugly racist stereotypes Biden’s trafficked in during this campaign.

In an interview with Breakfast Club host Charlamagne tha God, Biden told Charlamagne that if he couldn’t figure out if he was for Trump or Biden then “you ain’t black.”

Biden’s gaffes have only gotten worse with age and as his mental faculties declined.

This is why Democrats keep him stashed away in the basement in hopes the coronavirus will do the work of defeating Donald Trump this November.

But will Democrats be able to keep hiding Biden in the basement until the election?

The answer to that question may determine the outcome of the election.

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