Joe Biden is doomed after getting the surprise visit he was terrified of

Even with the support of the Fake News Media, Joe Biden’s campaign isn’t going well.

He continues to be outplayed by President Trump every step of the way.

And Joe Biden is doomed after getting the surprise visit he was terrified of.

If you look at crowd size and enthusiasm, President Trump is dominating Joe Biden in his campaign for President.

No matter what Fake News Media polls may say, the massive crowds showing their support for Trump are proof that Trump is dominating Biden at this point.

This is beginning to become so true that Trump supporters aren’t just turning out in massive shows of support at Trump rallies, but even at Biden rallies.

When Joe Biden went to the Carpenters Union Training Center outside of Duluth, Minnesota, he didn’t bring out much support.

But a huge line of Trump supporters lined up the route, carrying Trump and American flags, to give Biden an unwelcome surprise when he got the event center.

Biden was clearly upset about this.

Likely in response to this, Biden’s campaign shut out local press, only allowing approved pool reporters with national media outlets into the event.

They also canceled the only one-on-one interview, which further infuriated local press reporters.

Only a handful of Biden supporters showed up, carrying a Black Lives Matter flag.

While all this was going on, one reporter posted a video showing a completely empty room where Biden was just about to speak.

Biden is showing just how confident he is that he will beat President Trump.

He believes that he doesn’t even need to campaign in any meaningful way, and that he will make his way into the White House solely on hatred for Trump from the Left.

But what Biden believes doesn’t mean much, considering that his mental state is deteriorating at an alarming rate.

He can’t go through one speaking event without embarrassing himself.

He recently claimed that 200 million Americans had died from coronavirus, which would be more than half the population of the United States.

With only weeks left until the election, Biden is losing time to make undecided Americans confident that he will be able to perform the duties of President.

Most Americans understand that electing Joe Biden will essentially be handing Kamala Harris the presidency.

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