Joe Biden gave this humiliating order that made Vladimir Putin smile

Joe Biden is turning into one of the biggest disasters in the history of the American Presidency.

Biden created a series of domestic and foreign policy crises that threaten to consume his administration.

Joe Biden gave this humiliating order that made Vladimir Putin smile.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has 190,000 troops mobilized on the border with Ukraine in preparation for a full-scale invasion.

Joe Biden continues to send signals that give Putin the green light to proceed with a military operation to seize control of Ukraine and reabsorb it as the first step in recreating the old Soviet empire.

The latest example of American retreat is Joe Biden ordering all Embassy and State Department personnel out of Ukraine and sending them to a hotel in Poland in anticipation of a Russian invasion.

Bloomberg’s Jennifer Jacobs reports:

U.S. is moving its Ukraine embassy staff out of the country and into Poland for security reasons, sources tell me and @AlbertoNardelli. They may return to tomorrow if the Russian invasion doesn’t happen, I’m told.

BREAKING: The Biden admin has ordered all remaining State Department personnel out of Ukraine. The embassy had previously relocated from Kyiv to the western city of Lviv. Now they are shifting to Poland.

MORE DETAILS: All State Dept personnel are out of Ukraine now, relocated to a hotel in Poland, I’m told. The US alerted high-ranking Ukrainian officials beforehand. They also notified other allies, but unclear if those embassies electing to follow suit.

This is the second U.S. Embassy Joe Biden ordered evacuated in the span of six months.

Biden previously claimed the withdrawal in Afghanistan would not end with helicopters on the roof of the Embassy in a replay of the humiliating fall of Saigon that signaled U.S. defeat in the Vietnam War.

But that is exactly what happened as Biden ordered the U.S. Embassy evacuated after he failed to anticipate the Taliban seizing control of Afghanistan in a matter of days.

Biden stranded thousands of American citizens behind in Afghanistan with his botched withdrawal.

Now Biden ordered government personnel to leave American citizens in Ukraine behind and retreat to a hotel in Poland.

That order – combined with the images of Afghans falling to their deaths trying to cling to planes taking off from Kabul Airport – are the defining images of Joe Biden’s failed foreign policy.

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