Ilhan Omar has this message for your children that should terrify you

Ilhan Omar is a magnet for scandal and controversy.

But this time she set her sights on America’s children.

And her message to the nation’s youth should terrify you.

Liberals look to indoctrinate young, formative minds.

They know if they can shape a person’s views in their teenage years, they are unlikely to modify them as they get older.

Liberals know if they get their hooks in teenagers they will grow up to be reliable Democrat Party voters.

The latest front in this battle to brainwash your children is the climate strike.

Prominent Democrats like Ilhan Omar are encouraging children to go on “strike” from school for one day to pressure politicians to enact Marxist policies like the “Green New Deal.”

So-called “climate change” is a trendy cause for young voters.

Democrats bamboozled them into thinking the world will end before they grow up unless the government adopts Soviet-style command-and-control economic policies to ban hamburgers, cars, and airplanes.

Global warming is a Trojan Horse for the left.

Their claims that the planet is in danger allows them to use climate change policies as an umbrella to promote their entire agenda – from government takeover of industries, to abortion, and so-called “family planning” for population control.

They promote this agenda to young people through teachers, musicians, actors, and other pop-culture influencers to confuse the fact that there is no real science or data to support this hoax.


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220 Responses

  1. rudy ramirez says:

    You Trump zombies are as dumb as your retarded leader. Such hatred from you hypocrites, and you call yourselves Christians. You could never stand the truth! Omar is speaking for your benefit , but you are so blinded by your loyalty to the Orange Moron, you kiss his ass while he picks your pocket! Fools!

    • elgavilansegoviano says:

      …….Better go back and take another Meth hit!!,…Your loosing it!!,..

    • newhon63 says:

      For anyone to understand that this woman’s Anti-Semetic and Anti-American rhetoric is damaging does not mean they are Trump supporters. This woman is a member of Congress and is supposed to be representing the will of the people in Minnesota. If she is so Anti-American then why did she run for office in the first place? Not to mention that, as a Muslim woman, she has risen to such heights, because this is America and she is free to run for office regardless of her gender. Back in her own nation women are not allowed to drive, must ask for permission from a male member of the family to leave the house even if her own 6 year old son is the only person to ask, can not refuse to have sex with her husband for fear of a good beating and taking her by force anyway, girls are given to old men 5 times their age at age 9 to marry and the cycle continues. Boys are brainwashed into believing that Islam should be the only religion in the world and should give their lives in that pursuit and it is girls duty to be broodmares and have as many children as possible to swell the Muslim presence in the United States so they increase their voting power.

      Now about this pickpocketing business. The Democratic Party has been picking pockets for decades. Hildabeast and her whole family are crooks to the nth degree. Their Clinton Foundation handled the disaster in Haiti a while back. They gave all this money to their pals to go and build houses and restore the infrastructure there. They pocketed the money, erected some temporary housing for the population and as far as I know there is no new housing and those people are STILL living amongst the rubble of the earthquake and the tsunami that hit. This has been about 10 to 15 years since all that occurred. I laugh whenever I think of Hillary passing out and having to be helped to her car. She was given debate questions ahead of time, there was the fake dossier she paid to have done, Donna Brazille helped her every way she could, the mainstream media has all but carried her through all of the (insert name here)Gates and doled out all the false information and accusations without proof to make her look shiney even though it destroys any credibility they have as a source of news.


      Not because anything was stacked against her(quite the opposite), not because her ideas were fresh and helpful to the nation. No, the only reason she lost is because she is a crook.

      She is has been in more Gates than a ranch owner. Benghazi has not been forgotten as much as she would like it to be. Her Russian collusion is still on people’s minds ( well other than people who think unshaven bumpy ass, wrinkly spindly legs are still in fashion), Her backdoor Uranium One deal in which Obama is involved by okaying it shows us all where both of their interests were at.

      This comes down to one thing. her and the other Muslim representative is trying to make Anti-Semitic statements commonplace so no one will flinch when they hear them then she and others will begin making even more controversial statements until they too become common. The goal will soon be to push toward throwing away our Constitutionally based system of laws and replace it will Sharia Law, which in the eyes of Muslims is superior.

  2. an says:

    While she sets her sights on America’s Children, geography just might influence HER CHILDREN to the American way of Life & turn against her destructive ways. Maybe, they’ll even marry & convert to Judaism……….she should leave the country to be “safe” from Democracy. …….. Stupidity at its best!

  3. Nunyer Binnis says:

    Uck fislam.

  4. Omar’s head should be shoved up a methane emitting camel’s ass and if no camel handy – then shove her head up Pelosi’s ass. Pelosi does look like a mangy camel.

    • RC says:

      Damn! Now there you go insulting all the mangy camels in the world. That Muslim bitch should be sent back to the middle east or wherever she came from so she can be a real Muslim woman and just practice having babies.

  5. Kara Wright says:

    Get rid of Omar what ever way it can happen. She is trash, dirty and filthy and demented

  6. Dan Leasia says:

    Plain and simple. Swearing in one with their hand on the Quran! So if you read the Quran you’ll understand why this is so against the Constitution of the United States. Basically, this is a treasonable Act against the United States.

  7. Robert Higginbotham says:

    Omar is much more sinister than mere climate change. She wants to see this country, our country, become a Muslim caliphate ruled by the vile and totally evil Shariah law.

    • THE QUALITY MAN says:

      you are absolutely correct We now must be aware if Muslim for this Bitch is being supported at the Tax Free Mosques around the Country and find out how Muslims in the USA feel about the Sharia. Non-Muslims living near Muslim Mosques should inquire about Muslim Citizens support for or against the Sharia

      • Lana says:

        Muslims are taught to “kill infidels” and sharia law since BIRTH! There is no way they will change their mission is to take over and they will if we don’t watch what’s happening!

    • GeorgeCampbell says:

      If she loves it so much,she should go back instead of trying to wreck this country.

  8. Michial Lawrence says:

    We need to face facts here. First off, Ilhan Omar is not an American patriot. She ahs said that she will not assimilate into our society. She has also said that she prefers Sharia over our Constitutional laws. That means that she will not follow our American laws. So, does this mean she is a traitor to this country? Sounds as if she is advocating the over throw of the American government in favor of an Islamic Sharia compliant style of dictator governing. The type of government where some religious leader tells us how to liver our lives. So I ask, “Why is she still allowed to be in our government?” Better yet, why would she even want to be in our government? Oh yeah, she wants to be in our government so that she can over throw our Republican style government to be replaced by a dictatorship. Of course she is getting the help of each a nd every liberal to do it.

  9. Anthony Manzo says:

    Someone should tell these CHILDREN, that thousands and thousands of years ago this USA was under ICE. There were no humans to cause the climate to warm up and melt the ice. So at some point mother nature might just decide to ice up the planet once more ????????????????????????????????

    • Glo G says:

      My message is much more urgent………..Go TODAY…….This very hour. Go before your broomstick burns from the horrible global warming. Where I live it’s barely above freezing and kids have built an ice igloo outside my front window. I’d welcome a little warming right now

  10. Martin says:

    Yes Liberals know if they get their hooks in teenagers they will grow up to be reliable Democrat Party voters.
    This exactly why Pelosi and the other Democrats want 16 year olds to vote.
    “Give me just one generation of youth, and I’ll transform the whole world.” ― Vladimir Leni
    This is exactly what the Democrats are after too.

  11. Ronald C Watt says:

    Take a baseball bat and knock out the buck teeth of this ugly heathen muslim swine.

  12. Barbara says:


  13. Donavon Prom says:

    I have a message for Ilhan Omar, if you believe in “Sharia Law” and not what the United States stands for and want to how Americans think, resign from congress and go to an Islamic state like Iran.

  14. Arizona Don says:

    If the current climate change continues until the year 2100 the temp will no doubt be either increased or decreased (depending on who you talk to) by perhaps a one one hundredth of a degree.

    In order for the flooding Al Gore predicted the temp at the south pole would have to increase about a hundred degrees. Now who thinks that is going to happen? However, global warming is not a threat to life on earth global cooling is. Global warming would cause a net increase in the productive areas on the earth (growing food areas) global cooling or another ice age would stop life over much of the planet. Food could not be grown after such global cooling. Causing a reduction in population. There have been many ice ages. Once the earth cooled there is no record of it warming up to a killing temp again.

    In any case man made global climate change is, for all intents and purposes, non-existent and will effect no one on earth. Furthermore, America now leads the world in green efforts and until the other nations like China and Turkey begin to clean up their pollution the effort America makes is negated by each of them. Demonstrating about the environment does no good without influencing the other nations on earth that ignore possible changes to improve our environment. For example China’s water ways are atrocious. Also fossil fuel does not pose a threat to mankind anytime soon. So get over it. Man has invented so many ways to clean up emissions and it is safer then it has ever been. Coal is a cheep source of energy and is now very clean and will no doubt get even cleaner as more inventions are made to clean it.

    One final thought mostly for the three stooges Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar if flatulence from cows is causing or contributing to global warming now what happened with the dinosaurs. The whole damn world must have literally stunk then.

    In the final analysis however, the debt is a much greater threat to mankind then global climate change. You can take that to the bank!

    • Sr. Nancy Ruth Tomaso says:

      Thank you, Arizona Don. Do you know that, according to the “scientists” in 1970, the first year Earth Day was celebrated, we should be dead from starvation caused by over population, suffocated on smog, drowned by rising sea levels, burned by acid rain and dead from skin cancer caused by the depleted ozone layer. These children are being denied a real education and are being exploited by the left. Shame on Omar and AOC.

    • Sarah says:

      Well said…agreed.

  15. Robert says:

    April: the FBI says that there are three times as many white Christian terrorists in the US as Muslims terrorists. How about arresting those who commit crimes and not spending our energy calling each other names? If we Americans don’t get ourselves together to face the many challenges that face all of us, we’re dead meat. E pluribus unum, it says on our currency, “out of many, one.” The name-calling accomplishes nothing useful except a sugar high. Better get yourself some fructose corn syrup.

    • Edward Conley says:

      You mean that same FBI that protects Obomber,Lynch,and the rest of the Klinton cartel? Yeah, I believe them. lol. They are as corrupt as the freaking Sicilian Mafia.

    • steve says:

      Robert, why would you believe anything the F B I says, they would have us Americans buy into there Poor Muslim B.S. total Political Correctness this country was founded on Judeo / Christain principals [ jewish, christian ] Muslim was never mentioned , these beard wearing men & Black Bag wear women aree not Americans , only Muslims in our country bleeding our social systems they never paid in to with absolutely no loyalty to our laws or way of life , they don’t care for our Constitution , this is evident day by day , Wake Up !

      • Marty says:

        Yup, the FBI and DOJ has lost all credibility with most Americans. Time will tell how long it will take to redeem it if ever. There is nothing they could tell me today which I could believe unless I research it myself. Too bad because the boots on the ground agents are also suffering from the actions of those in the top tier of the agency.

        • Dan Leasia says:

          Plain and simple. Swearing in one with their hand on the Quran! So if you read the Quran you’ll understand why this is so against the Constitution of the United States. Basically, this is a treasonable Act against the United States.

    • Glo G says:

      Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha….I’ll be laughing all the way to the bank to cash in on that huge lie in the first sentence.

  16. Joseph Raicsics says:

    Cliff you are touching on something that sounds ominous a lot of people are thinking the same terrifying thing.we are a Christian country we should not allow sharia law ‘s to get anywhere near our justice system. I am all for not having the Muslim headgear in OUR senate we are not Muslims the headgear says they follow the teachings of the koran which advocates sharia law how can we allow this ideology to get a foothold in america.

  17. Michael Brown says:

    Ilhan Omar is a pus filled canker sore. What Nancy Pelosi doesn’t realize is that Omar harbors as much hate for her as she does for President Trump. If given the opportunity she’d sever her head because her false moon god demands it. I hope the guys watching the metal detectors in the government buildings aren’t Muslim. And I hope they are vigilant when Omar passes through, same with Tlaib.

    • Moira A Cleary says:

      ok let’s break this down.
      1) if the students along with Beto really believe there is only 12 years left, why apply to college, why go to school, just have fun
      2) If the students really believe this, then start with yourselves. Most of you live within 2 miles of schools, stop having your parents drive you and pick you up. Walk. Don’t take a bus as that is not carbon neutral.
      3) Put down your cell phones, turn off TV, hand wash your clothes, all of these actions uses power. after years of walking to school, you will be ready to walk to your job. Work within 2 miles of where you live.
      4) don’t take airplanes to visit grandma, don’t go to Europe or Bahamas to vacation – it uses airplanes and fossil fuels.
      5) Are you a 2 car family. Stop. Have your parents sell one of the cars and deal with being a 1 car family – just change your lifestyle.


      Personally I was a science major. We are at the end of an ice age. We are entering a inter glacial age which will last at least 10,000 years. the glaciers will melt. It’s normal and has happened at least 5 other times. Taxing the crap out of people will not change this. It relates to the sun and the orbit of the earth

      we can clean up pollution and we should.

      1) Take India, China and Brazil, the Philippines to international court and charge them with crimes against humanity for screwing up our air, water, beaches etc. they are now the biggest polluters on the planet and the pollution can even go across an ocean and affect those of us who are “somuchbetter”

  18. GTCharlie says:

    This woman and her Islamic ideas are a result of having a former president that said there is no sweeter sound than the call to prayer, which in itself is not so terrible, it’s the rest of his feelings toward the Islamic countries. He caused the removal of some of these countries’ leaders which will never recover under the new leaders that he handpicked.

  19. Nate-ncp says:

    If people in general continue listening to these Democratic morons, whether your a child, teenager or adult, you won’t live long enough to witness any world changing events. One of these years (1/2 century from now), scientist may come forth stating the earth goes through 100 year cycles, when planets in our solar system are aligned in such a way that temperatures within our planet make wide sways. Moral of this comment? Don’t believe everything you see and read, especially if written by a Democrat!

  20. Cliff says:

    This is what happens when you allow MOOSLIME GARBAGE into OUR country . These SCUM are not here to “assimilate” they are here to breed like rabbits and take over. MARK MY WORDS , What you have seen in NZ, is just the beginning of people wising up and removing THEM before they KILL US.
    These “cult members” have been calling for the killing of infidels for years, looks like someone used their own “methods” against THEM for once.

  21. cg says:

    the satanic muslims have family honor killings…. where are they?
    the problem is, if you idiots would read the satanic quoran and shari law
    you will find out that muslims are here to kill you, not kiss your ass.

  22. Don says:

    ROFLMAO……..simple fix. Walk out and repeat the year.

  23. Donald M Coder says:

    Global warming was a dollar-grabbing scam from the very start. Total foolishness. It reveals the shallow-mindedness of the average person.

  24. Henrietta Penny M Macias says:

    Our climate and world has been changing since it began. Yes, idiots, climate changes. America was under water at one time. Don’t these people read? Our weather does not start in this country. You guys better get your passports and head out.

  25. Scotty says:

    So if the United States imposes all these laws , taxes and regulations on “climate change “ the climate will no longer change? Really.

  26. Julia says:

    You, What ever is Name is! I do not need you to educate, my kids. They are on their own. But, I have grandkids. And YOU WOULD BE THE LAST PERSON, in this planet , that they would LOOK Up FOR! Or For You to Preach to Me, on ANYTHING !! Period! So keep your thoughts to yourself!!!

  27. John J says:

    Science, not morons. Global warming IS real but will not be solved by self appointed fools

    • Robby Dunbar says:

      Your not going to stop it no matter what you do……..PERIOD
      Ice CAPS are just going back to where they were before the last ice age….PERIOD
      The earth has been doing this for millions years PERIOD
      It’s just a money grab by DEMOCRATS

  28. Gerard says:

    Listen to this song like they are speaking to America. Hold on America just give us a little more time.

  29. April says:

    Get this terrorist out of America, she doesn’t belong in any civilized country, none of these Muslims belong in a civilized government, they don’t have the class!

    • Kurt Kline says:

      Omar is bad news for this country her and those other evil witch’s aoc and that dam murder Hillary need God’s wrath come down on them all there a lot of evil woman dems in Congress Nancy Pelosi need to take a stand before these evil ass witch’s run her down he’ll now site’s in Congress because they let that pagan God Allah in Congress with those evil bitches Muslims

    • Joh n says:

      Why is this bitch constantly gerting press? She is dumb as a fence post and the ssme goes for the people who voted for her

  30. newhon63 says:

    I would still like to chase AOC around the bedroom and knock her up. The crazy ones are the best lays because they are willing to do anything. She is pretty hot and as looney as they come. She reminds me of a crazed chipmunk with those chattering teeth. Her husband does have the guts to rein her in. He’s afeared. It’s the reverse of Weiner/Aberdin. She’s the nutball and her husband is hiding under the bed.

    • newhon63 says:

      Typo, sorry. Her husband doesn’t have the guts……..

    • Cm says:

      Sick nutjob

    • I guess she looks OK if you close one eye, but her nose goes from one side of her face to the other, and this sick looking chihuahua looks like she’s been chasing parked cars !!

      • newhon63 says:

        Not looking at her nose. Top of her head, her backside. It’s the crazy ones who are the best in bed. Crazy eyes are more important than the stupid ideas. She can praddle on all she wants while I film it to show her boyfriend/brother/father/ long time pedophile who did her all the way to legal age.

        I’ll take over from here.

  31. James Wright says:

    I don’t usually reply or respond to comments that I read on- line, but I believe we should not call for resignation of elected officials – they were elected by those they represent. They should be recalled by the individuals they represent as stated in the law.

    • Gerard says:

      Sorry James, we need to kick her and AOC and the other terrorist out with whatever means possible. They are not Americans. They are Communist’s and the 3 children organizing this march are children of Communists. Let me ask you a question. How did 3 unknown children get so much media coverage for this? If your daughter or any 13 year old kid woke up 1 morning and decided to to this what would be their chances? Zero to none. This is an event organized by George Soros or his many organizations.

      If we don’t start showing a backbone and start calling this for what it is, a Communist overthrow of our Government, then we will be the cause of our children and grandchildren growing up in a Country and Republic that is no longer. Each generation is supposed to leave out Country better for the next generation. Brother how we have failed.

    • frank yelt says:

      You shouldn’t vote or even live in this land. You are the problem.

    • MI Jim says:

      Omar can be primaried or redistricted out of political existence. Also, she is in some political trouble in her own district, where she campaigned on a platform of promiting better Jewish-Islamic relations.
      She really needs to listen to and actually represent her own district. She hasn’t yet.

  32. Anastacia says:

    This Omar lady, doesnot belong in the gov’t. We can thank Al Gore for his monumental scam and his money making scheme for climate control. Every day these 3 women are on to a new
    thing to harass us about. They are all crazy.

  33. Gregory Sullivan says:

    What should be done here is give her “Sharia Law” that she believes in, bury her halfway in the ground and stone her to death for trying to overthrow the government of the United States Of America. She is a cheap bitch that doesn’t deserve any other form of punishment.

  34. spunky says:

    Islam is evil

  35. Pete says:

    Ilhan Omar and the rabid Rashida Tlaib are as crazy as Al Green and Maxine (Impeach 45) Waters! They are dangerous if allowed unfettered powers which they do not have now but are trying to get the power and the money!

    • Angela says:

      She is stooping to new lows, Omar is using children for pawns. All the parents that have young children should protest in front of the capital building. Omar isn’t the only one with a voice.

    • newhon63 says:

      Shouldn’t Omar be getting slapped around by her husband for not being home everyday, before him so she can have dinner ready, clean water to wash her master’s feet when he arrives and available in case she is the one he picks out of his 5 wives to force to have sex (rape) whether she wants to or not?
      I mean it is important to keep squeezing out little jihadists/broodmares so they can increase the Muslim population to bring about Sharia and the global caliphate.

  36. Monica says:

    Climate change has been in effect since the world was created. She should study scientific data. Why does she think there are so many ‘ages’, ie Jurassic, Essene etc. if she can tell humanity how to control volcanic emissions and the gasses and ash spewed into the atmosphere she could show that there is a brain Nostradamus of all mouth.

    • Martha says:

      What she should do is read the BIBLE and I don’t mean the pedophile crap that she swore on to get in office. God, and God alone controls the weather and what is happening with the cold, heat, floods, tornadoes, and last week a cyclone…Jesus warned us about when He was on earth. He said it would happen in the end times, and it’s for sure we are in the end times. Satan knows his time is running out and he is doing his best to take as many of God’s people with him as he can. That is why we have such evil going on in this old world today. Jesus said before He comes again, it would be like in the days of Noah and those were terribly sinful times. I think it’s worse than then because of all the “progress” man has made so the evil is able to be spread farther and quicker.

      • Robin says:

        Amen Martha! That is exactly what I’ve been saying to everyone who brings up any topic of this world. End times are here, you better believe it, it is all written in the Bible, all those non believers will soon see.
        God bless you..

      • mspidge says:

        I wish this filth WOULD read the Bible, just picking it up would set c—t ON FIRE!!!

  37. STEVEN ROGERS says:


  38. Walt says:


    • Joseph Raicsics says:

      Cliff you are touching on something that sounds ominous a lot of people are thinking the same terrifying thing.we are a Christian country we should not allow sharia law ‘s to get anywhere near our justice system. I am all for not having the Muslim headgear in OUR senate we are not Muslims the headgear says they follow the teachings of the koran which advocates sharia law how can we allow this ideology to get a foothold in america.

  39. Nunyer Binnis says:

    Declare open season on ALL totalitarians. muzlim, Democrats, ALL of them. It’s the ONLY way.

  40. IL says:

    God created the Heavens and the Earth and everything in it. I agree with Helena, above, God is in control of our climate, not man. The Lord destroyed the Earth the first time with the Flood. The next and last time it’s Fire. Please read the Scriptures, it’s amazing what you will learn.

  41. Barb Brown says:

    Need the three stooges OUT of OUR Government………One way or another..

    • Wilddog says:

      Now don’t be putting the 3 stooges down. They were a very funny comedy team and I still enjoy watching them. If you’re talking about the 3 sluts, well that’s different. I’m with you on that.

    • USMC0352 says:

      Everyday I see kids and young people throwing their trash on the ground. Litter all over the place because they can’t use a fricking trash can. But they can scream and holler and cuss and whine and AS ALWAYS expect SOMEBODY ELSE to do what THEY’RE not willing to do themselves. More proof that liberals are FAR more concerned with indoctrination rather than education.

  42. Me says:

    Kids learn better at home anyways. More compassion, attention, and detailed. I used to think the opposite, but it was a myth that they learned more in school…pure bs. They aren’t getting to my kids.

  43. Mama says:

    My children already see how dumb and evil the left are, all their retarded good for nothing ideas and ways…they just laugh at them, they are clowns in the kids’ eyes. Parents should realize that the danger of allowing their children exposure to the libtards is way more dangerous than anu video game, music, or movie. They can keep their brainless, heathen ideas to themselves.

    • newhon63 says:

      Hard for kids not to turn out acting and thinking like clowns when their parents act and think like clowns.

      Who voted AOC into office in New York? Who voted in Omar bin Laden into office in Minnesota? Who keeps voting in Nutty Pelosi over and over again in California? The same clowns that are raising clown larvae.

  44. Karin says:

    Ms. Omar is just pushing her luck. They want 16 year olds to vote. And they have put them in an indoctrination situation by taking over the k-12 education. Sounds a whole lot like what happened in Germany in the late 30s when the person they accuse us of being, turned the children into Nazi spies and against their friends, family and neighbors. God help us, we have allowed it. Get rid of DOE and DNC, then maybe we can redeem our children. A lot of other bureaucracies formed by these so called representatives of the People could be eliminated from the Federal Government and returned to the State and Parent control.

  45. Steve says:

    Liberals have been doing that for years. Look at California some of the most stupidest people on the planet

  46. Tony says:

    These young kids I guess called Gen Z will be even weaker than the Millennials. These generations have zero discipline, work ethic, patriotism, intellect, inability to think for themselves and are just mindless pawns like the Hitler Youth.
    The questions that need to be asked to these young idiots and their moronic lib adult parents and teacher are: 1) When will they start changing their habits to initiate fixing this emergency. 2) Are they willing to start walking or riding bikes to school not using buses or cars. 3) Are they willing to give up their Fast Food burgers. 4) Not use heat or AC if their homes or schools don’t use solar or wind for power. Stop waiting for others to sacrifice lead by example if this is so serious.

  47. Jerry says:

    That hooded terrorist from Somalia is a plant in Congress to undermine our country and our ideals. Censure her and make her resign from Congress and send her back to Somalia where I am sure she would be welcomed by th e other terrorists that commandeered ships of other nations.

    • BETH GEM says:

      You got that right Jerry!

    • Favacchia Walt says:

      You are so right. She will never be a real American. She would rather cause drama in Congress than actually doing something that is good for our country.

      • Karl says:

        What about the idiot’s that voted for her?

      • Fighterforfreedom says:

        Now their methods are being exposed. Stop any action that allows the USA to be productive and sovereign with the clock ticking against us on the federal debt time bomb. They have overloaded the system but the globalists are in a hurry to foreclose so they consume productive to time with anti- American ideals which only benefit our economic and idealogical enemies.

    • daddy boy's mama girl says:

      1) she was give legal status here thru asylum – – she will NEVER leave!
      2) I do not understand how she was elected? is there a community with a Muslim majority where she lives? *IF* she spoke out during her campaign as she has done since elected . . . I dont understand how Christians: i.e. protestants, catholics, etc would vote for her? if she voiced her biasis then?
      3) who chooses which committees these people are put on? Do they request which one they want? who decided she would work in an area that she can directly channel to enemy countries??? was it done because they took one look at her and thought…. WE NEED TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS AND MAKE OURSELVES LOOK SO GOOD -MULTI RACIAL- SHE IS ONE OF US BUT CAN MAKE GREAT STRIDES WITH OUR MUSLIM ENEMIES ACROSS THE OCEAN?? OR JUST WANTED TO MAKE IT KNOW HOW DIVERSIFIED THEY ARE>>> BY PUTTING HER ON THE FOREIGN AFFAIRS COMMITTEE??? CANT THINK OF A WORSE PLACE SHE SHOULD SERVE? Surely she has talents/education that would be better used in other areas! One might assume after living in the USA and looking back on the conditions she wanted to escape that she would be trying to help the women in those countries … to prevent them from being treated so poorly?? instead of trying to change women here to accept the ways of the country she wanted out of? Does she really think she could have ever served in the capacity she is in now … in her own Country? in the laws they live by? Why doesnt she LOVE america and LOVE the american people for giving her a BETTER LIFE???
      I just cant digest this… how could and entire American district want to be represented by someone that HATES them and they way they live and their religion?

      • Robin says:

        She is from Minnesota and a majority of her community is Muslims that’s how she got put into that position and voted for also by the way Obama help put her in there as well

  48. mt says:

    Humans are insuring their own extinction.
    Republicans support that wholeheartedly.
    … poison the land.
    … poison the water.
    … damage the unborn with chemical pollution.
    … damage our food.
    Three-Mile Island
    The Dust Bowl
    Exxon Valdez
    Extinction of American megafauna
    Destruction of the old growth forests
    Red imported fire ants
    Reduction in the number of the American Bison
    Shark finning
    Ghost nets
    Increased incidence of rabies

    • Bob says:

      You forgot to add the extinction of the dinosaurs and the collapse of the Roman Empire.

    • Marty says:

      Don’t forget about throwing granny of the cliff.

    • Doreen says: find more truths

      The antom bombs blown holes in our ozone layer. Trees have cleaned our air and put out oxygen. But it’s too late to save us now. It’s too late.

    • Please don’t forget those ole “Cow Farts’ !!

    • Fighterforfreedom says:

      Do you like driving your car and turning on the lights – if so, STFU hypocrite

    • Copper T says:

      What an idiot

    • newhon63 says:

      You are putting ALL of that exclusively on the Republicans?

      What about the Democrats? They are a long, long way from being blameless in this world.

    • SickOfLibs says:

      Republicans are responsible for all of that? ROFL! There are SO many DemonRATS in power all over the country as well as in Congress and EVERYWHERE they’re in control is a hellhole! Most places are overrun with violence, filthy, in major debt, overcrowded, and are the WORST when it comes to conservation of our resources, not to mention the loss of citizens’ rights! These morons that scream about “climate change” (aka global warming) are the WORST offenders! They not only DON’T protect the environment, but they WASTE EVERY natural resource! They lecture people to take public transport yet THEY fly in jets, use their cars or uber, and claim it’s because THEY are important! When it comes to utilities they all live in huge homes that not only AREN’T energy efficient, they suck up more electricity and natural gas than hundreds of other homes in their districts COMBINED! Do they lower their thermostats when it’s cold or turn off their central air in the summer…NO! SCREW ALL OF THEM!!!! They’re nothing but a bunch of arrogant scumbags that only care about THEMSELVES! As HiLIARy said : “Look, the average Democrat voter is just plain stupid. They’re easy to manipulate. That’s the easy part.” as told to Dick Morris in “Rewriting History” in 2005.

    • Monica says:

      Ahh the unborn…..what would democrats know about that? And don’t forget about all the other diseases making a comeback thanks to open -border demoncrats.

      • newhon63 says:

        Bravo. Hit the nail on the head with that one, sister. Smallpox, Scavvies, Measles are just a few of the diseases that the illegals brought with them in the very first caravan from South America.

        Head lice is a normal thing that occurs in our schools about once a year. So why not just import lice from Mexico and the rest of South America when we enroll those nasty little urchins into American schools to be given the very first bit of education they have ever had?

        I wonder what it is like for a 35 year old man to sit in a kindergarten classroom with his 6, 7, and 15 year olds to try to learn a little reading in English when they can’t even read at the kindergarten level in Spanish? Don’t worry. The teacher will help all 4 of you bottom-feeders and neglect the English speaking children, whom by the way the parents are paying school taxes for their kids to be there. No problem, we know by now that when you hear someone say illegal aliens, they really mean Freeloader.

  49. Jeanine says:

    One way to help these “children” understand climate change, take away all their electronic stuff. Not cell phones, I-pods ect. Let them live like they did back in the 1800’s. Let all who are so worried about our plant, live without for awhile, and bet they rethink what they are saying. If you aren’t willing to walk the walk, then don’t talk the talk. And the crazy dems need to stay out of the schools. But that is the parents job, to make sure they aren’t brain washed at school. And I had a teacher tell me that.

  50. Eric says:

    If the right wing is allowed to continue its ignorant lies and anti science denials, our great grand children will be forced to live in a Water World like portrayed by Kevin Costner.

    • jay says:

      Speaking of ignorant lies, try getting your Demonrats to stop telling lies! I realize that would be very hard to do, but at least try! Climate change happens every year. It is called Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Then starts all over again! Just because Soros made Al Gore rich by paying him to scare the American Citizens about Climate Change, there are other fools who want some money too!

      • newhon63 says:

        Barnum &Baily…..There is a sucker born every minute.

      • Breaker 19 says:

        I hate cold weather. Love climate change. Really enjoying the warmer weather. According to NASA, they probably don’t know as much as Omar or AOC, we are going into a cooling trend. Because of the lower sun activity. I sure hope we don’t end up in the ice age again.

      • Robert says:

        The of-and-on change of seasons we call “weather”. A persistent change of weather patterns in a single direction we call climate change. The earth, taken as a whole (including the oceans), is hotter than it’s been in centuries, and most of the changes have been in the direction of hotter.

        • We have warmed .9 degrees in the last 100 years, hardly anything to worry about. It’s all about control, not saving lives, just like gun control !
          To conquer a nation, first you must disarm it’s citizens!
          “Adolf Hitler”

        • newhon63 says:

          Climate change is a normally occurring phenomenon. Been happening ever since we went from a molten ball in space until it cooled enough to create an atmosphere.

          Let’s assume for a moment that, yes, humans are to blame for Climate Change. We go putt-putt around in our cars, blowing carbon into the air with factories, etc, etc, etc. Cows farting in the wind is also contributing. That would mean all animals that blow air biscuits into the atmosphere are to blame too, right?

          They say the U.S. needs to regulate how much blah, blah, blah into the air. The UN wanted to get the U.S. to join the Paris Accord ( Like the Frenchies know what they are doing. they hid from the Nazis and we had to go save their ass) and do our part to reduce the carbon footprint of our nation.

          Ummmmmm………..yea. Okay. Friggin idiots. China spews more carbon emissions into the air that their population has to walk around with surgical masks on in their cities and last I heard the pollution has started to spread into outlying areas as well. If that is true then China is going to be coming to beg for food because they can’t feed their 10 billion people because pollution is killing crops and livestock. the country is where they are growing their food. The good news is that if the pollution kills their livestock then, at least , the lack of cow farts and chicken biscuits will reduce the carbon emissions. Not like China really gives a crap about their people anyway.


          If anyone wants to point the finger at a carbon footprint, they need to go talk to China. They have no regulations and their pollution is 10 times worse than the U.S.

    • tony wise says:

      Eric — come on brainless you are smoking to many of those funny puffers

    • daddy boy's mama girl says:

      you are too young to know how the climates have changed over the years… and even in specific areas… when you get OLD and look back you will understand it! If you read about the history of weather, you see how much it has gone back and forth. THE HYSTERIA began with GORE! another thing is if there is any common sense in your being: YOU CAN UNDERSTAND THAT THE USA CAN NOT CHANGE CLIMATE!! IT WOULD TAKE EVERYONE IN THE WORLD … AND NO ONE ELSE IS USING WEATHER/CLIMATE TO SCARE THEIR POPULATION INTO SUBMISSION! now think about it …. how can getting rid of all cattle in the USA and never using our oil/gas going to stop a change in climate when all over the world they will still have cattle and you think the arabs will stop using/selling oil??? SOMEONE…. SOME WHERE … JUST HAS TO HAVE SOME COMMON SENSE??? BY THE WAY: i was a medical professional for 30+ years … been retired 25+ years and just a little FYI: a human being consuming only fruit, vegetables, & grains = NO MEAT passes OVER twice as much methane gas as a human eating high proteins from lean meats. Also, even if they stop cows from farting… it wont help that much because the highest amount of gases from cows is from BURPS as they chew and pass to the second stomach and it comes back up to the first stomach again … it is the natural digestive process and the belch large amounts because the food has not yet ”processed” thru the guts…. if all mammals in the USA stop burping and farting …. it will have accomplished NOTHING … until all mammals on earth follow suit!

  51. DANNY says:


  52. Jim says:

    The more stories like this and the acts the evil democrats are trying to shove unto the American legal citizens it’s just a matter of time some group or possibly one person is going to loose it and these enemies of America can’t hide and are going to be snuffed out ! Anyone can see it coming . Don’t know when or where it’ll start But you can bet it’s gonna happen . I hate the thought of it . But people can be pushed just so much !

  53. Helena says:

    No God is in control. Been going up and down from the beginning of time.

  54. Robert says:

    this Muslim POS needs to be taken out permanently

  55. Freddie. Stanton says:


    • Jim says:

      It’s not just her ! It’s the entire democratic party that is out to destroy you and your children and grand children . But there are some traitor cowardly republicans out to destroy our country as well.

    • Pamela says:

      Freddie. I agree with your comment 100%. Get this GD rag head out of our government. This MUSLIM pos can go straight to hell with all of this crap that she is talking about AND HAS NO BUSINESS BEING IN OUR CONGRESS. I just can’t understand how any AMERICAN CITIZEN voted this POS MUSLIM RAG HEAD into our Congress. GET HER the HELL OUT NOW.

    • Gerard says:

      She has no business being in our Country. She broke immigration laws. She married her brother to fraudulently enter our Country. We are investigation our President to try and find a crime, meanwhile she committed a crime and nothing.

      Listen to this song and think like it is America talking. 18 years = beginning of our Republic. 20 years equal 250 years.

  56. Barbara says:

    Listen omar- Oyr weather is being manipulated by the elites like the DEW machine. This is not our normal weather. And lets not forget the Rothchild’s and their damn weather machine. You liberals are so empty headed you can’t see in front of you. Those hurricanes of last year was not normal they were man made to do damage against us Just like the winter weather was man produced it was not our normal winter. It is either the CIA or the UN that have weather machines . Have you seen the inside of the planes that is doing our chemtrail’s We who know what is going on have been fighting this for yrs.. We want it stopped I’m tired of the gov. excuses of why they are doing it.

    • Ege Shegava says:

      Truly the time of Omar is like the camel thinning ‘through the eye of the needle’. Like the little female Nero she’s become her overthrow and suicide is IMMINENT. We know as Christians the power of ‘lightning’ striking her at these gumball rallies with the minors. They will flee from her when the spears are thrown. Truly Omar is a fairy’s wax on the edge of the sword.

    • Fight123 says:

      Barbara, you are 100% correct. Our weather has been manipulated for years and is engineered through geoengineering programs of NASA, our military, the UN, geoengineering scientists like David Keith. People need to research geoengineering/Solar Radiation Management to see the legal documents. According to the comments the people of this country are very ignorant on this matter. We no longer have “natural “ weather. All of the storms are more violent then they ever were. People don’t question those white trials that are left by airplanes across the skies that remain there and slowly disperse to eventually cover our blue sky with a completely white blanket that meteorologists call clouds. Stop taking selfies people and educate ( not indoctrinate ) yourselves. An excellent place to start is

  57. Craig Michael Vandertie says:

    So much talk about the Moonie Muslimes killed by that one guy in that mosque in Christchurch, NZ yet 10s of 1,000s Christians die every year at the hands of Moonie Muslimes not one peep from the purveyors of propaganda, complete lie spewing Lamestream media commentators, just Google or as in my preferred Search Engine Bing Christian’s being slaughtered or murdered by muslims Malaysia, Africa, and yes even in the Middle East, the Turkish government has been involved in ridding their nation of the kafirs for decades, the muslims always seem to be well armed due to the generosity and support from the governments of primarily islamic people is it not time that nations that are not primarily islamic embracing nations supply the oppressed Christian’s around the globe with weapons to defend themselves, I certainly believe it is.

    • Ege Shegava says:

      Craig: CHECK OUT how many Christians (Coptic Christians) were killed in Egypt in 2017! 200 that they know about; personally I would give the assassin at the 2 mosques the highest State Service Medal for Christ Crusades Revival for doing his share to show the rest of us ‘potato-heads’ how deadly the Muslim pigs are around are feet.

  58. Robert Wells says:

    Get this Muslim whore out of our government

  59. Sherry L Chase says:

    Terrorist she is……

  60. Liz says:

    Americans should force her out of America. She is not for America or the Jews or the republicans. We don’t need a trouble maker, not a true American, and not a Christian.

    • jerry says:

      i agree with you 100%

    • Ege Shegava says:

      Only an assassination attempt by a Crusading Christian will drive her out of office! You can pray to Christ and Christ’s churches to make it happen, but it will take another brave man to make it so. That’s life in the FAST LANE when you have Muslim pigs trying to destroy the Jewish temples and the Christian cathedrals in the USA entirely.

  61. Craig Michael Vandertie says:

    I thought at first that that component of that terminal viral pandemic plague known as islam was trying to get children to adhere to and embrace the evil of islam, well that is a pursuit of Omar’s and Tlaib’s that is on the horizon.

    • Ege Shegava says:

      They may be earnest to pursue your kids, if your kids are that stupid to fall into a Muslim pig-pen. But as for the Christian parents I know….they would relish the chance to use their kids as ‘bait’ to trap Omar into her cold sterile grave.

  62. Norma Garcia says:

    Read Agenda 21, “sustainability” at the cost of freedom. This has been the liberal agenda for 30 years and they’ve worked at it quietly until now. It is finally out in the open. Take the time to research the Agenda 21 plans and then realize what it will do to this country. The One World Order should scare anyone, Republican, Independent or Democrat who likes having the freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution. It should also make anyone who likes to be able to drive a car, take a plane or just have the heat are AC at a temperature you like rather than what you are programmed to have.

    • Marty says:

      Norma, I haven’t seen too many modern day demonrats who are in favor of Constitutional freedoms. That’s a thing of the past.

  63. I’ve about decided the shooter in New Zealand should get a medal, I’m sure that country is having a lot of trouble with immigrants like the rest of Europe !!

    • Gerald Ladd says:

      LOL..Rodney I just typed that same thing on another site! The only good Muslim, is a dead Muslim! The problem is most people know little about history, and how viscous this bunch of trash is! Also most don’t know the long range plan of the Muslims.

      • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

        islamphobia does not exist because only mindless people believe that islam is not the most vile of all ideologies and there is no such thing as a moderate muslim, just muslims with the cold blood lust to slaughter infidels and those who prostrate themselves and pray 5 times a day for the former to slaughter all kafirs.

      • So true my friend, and you can bet their plan is not to convert to Christianity and to assimilate !

      • newhon63 says:

        Look up Reliance of the Traveller. It lays out the agenda of The Muslim organization popularly known as “The Muslim Brotherhood”.

        I thought I had it here on my IPad so I could copy/paste or put up the link.
        I know that some years ago there was an uncovering of documents that described in great detail the entire plan for The Muslim Brotherhood to bring about the fall of America through CAIR and other organizations connected to The Brotherhood. The U.S. prosecutors had a mountain of evidence against The Holy Land Foundation that included these documents and at some point they were ordered not to pursue the case any further because it was going to cause a great deal of embarrassment to the current administration through connections that could be made to a number of high level officials within the government at several levels.

        • newhon63 says:

          The current administration at that time.

          Thought I would clarify the timeline so some bucket-headed Leftist would not get a “SEE? SEE?” moment when they read it and get all righteous.

    • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

      We would have no problems presented by the deadly infection known as islam if our politicians had not repeatedly violated the stipulations of the McCarren-Walter Act of 1952:

      If the rest of the world that believed in fair unbiased laws that benefit the/their Common Good had drafted, passed, enacted, and enforced such a law they would not be suffering from the evil ideology of islam either.

      It is the contamination of our judicial system and education system that lead to the complete corruption of our government.

      • newhon63 says:

        I am sorry but I looked the McCarren-Walter Act up myself a few days ago and it had to do with Asian countries being treated differently for purposes of immigration in post-Pearl Harbor America. There is nothing at all in it mentioning Islam, Muslims, or any Muslim nation. I admit I do not know the timeline for it but Pakistan, Afghanistan and Lebanon was not always prodominately Muslim. Lebanon used to be Christian, the other two were Buddist/Hindu. Don’t remember which one was which but Islam brought about the slaughter and conversion of those three nations to Islam and it sure as gell was not voluntarily. But then what is ever voluntary when it comes to Islam? I am going to look at your link and see if it sends me to the same I was sent to read.

        • newhon63 says:

          A Lebanon woman named Brigitte Gabrial grew up in Lebanon when Islamists were warring with Israeli forces.

          Her family was Christian and they were killing Christian families whenever they came acrossed them. A tactic the Islamists would use was to fire a few rounds of artillery across the border into Israel, then quickly move to another location to avoid return fire. They did this and moved, the return fire hit Briggitte’s house and destroyed it. They were not inside at the time and hid out in a bomb shelter, sneaking out only to crawl around to avoid snipers, to get water from a near-by stream and look for what food they could. She was always hearing how Israelis would kill Lebanese on sight and showed no mercy. She found out later how untrue it was. Her mother was injured and they made their way closer to the Lebanon/Israeli border and a Lebanese ambulance driver took half of their money to drive them to the border where the ambulance driver left them. An Israeli ambulance driver took them the rest of the way to a hospital in Israel. There she offered the rest of their money to the driver and he told her “Ambulances are free”. They took their mother away to treat her and an Israeli nurse took Briggitte’s family to get food. While they walked the hall, a Musim woman was being treated for injuries with an Israeli soldier in the bed next to her. She was screaming to throw the soldier out the window even as an Israeli doctor was patching her up.

          Briggitte Gabrial immigrated to America with her family, grew up to found an organization called ACT! For America. She travels the U.S. speaking to people about the dangers of Islam (through personal experience) and warns them what Islam is trying to do to destroy the West and how they go about doing it.

    • Ege Shegava says:

      The real medal in the USA will go to the Christian or non-Christian Sanderite who murde-e-r-r-rs Hillary, Bill and Obama all on the same G-d night.

  64. Craig Michael Vandertie says:

    The parents who allow their children not to attend classes to blackmail the government to pass the New Green Deal should be fined and the children expelled the schools and the local governments have charges brought against them if they do not bring charges against the schools and parents and the schools for not expelling students for protesting to promote something based on bogus science.

  65. Dan Miller says:

    If you will notice that all most of the so -called green deal protester are your girls ,there not many boys in these groups . Why is that ?

  66. dan hoffman says:

    As a master degree scientist I can say unequivocally that democrats view on climate change is as true as the tooth fairy. Morons like her and Bill Nye belong in the funny form.

    • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

      Dan, please! tell me or at least try to convince me that it is due to your H-1B Visa worker Software writer’s algorithms that your Spell Check/Predictive Text software that the term which should have been “farm” came out as “”form”.

    • Joe Meyer says:

      Muslims don’t believe in science; in the Koran, the Sun, is circling around the Earth, Muhammad said so. I believe they are still teaching this in Muslim schools.

  67. Dennis Sumner says:

    Is there anyone still out there who refuses to see what’s going on? Your alleged schools are churning out mush heads ripe for indoctrination by scum like this. God help us, they know what they’re doing, and we’re helping them.

    • newhon63 says:

      The problem is nowadays a parent drives their kid to school, they slow down to about 15 mph and tell their kid(s) to jump out and tug and roll so Mom/Dad won’t have to waste time stopping and can get to work faster to kiss ass and further their career.
      Essentially parents care more about their careers than they do their childrens’ education. Hell, a lot of parents have no idea what the teacher’s name is let alone been to a Parent/Teacher Conference to see how their kids are doing in school. With no parent guidance, is it any wonder that the teachers that want to indoctrinate are so successful? I shutter to think how many parents may not even try to help their kids with homework or listen when the kids ask why the teacher is telling them things that promote Leftist ideas.

  68. Karin says:

    And they want to lower the voting age to 16. Her statement just proves that this is what the DOE has been doing for the past 30 years. Indoctrination instead of Education. Just love it when the hole they have been digging is now above brain level.

    • Patricia says:

      Well she can forget that right now! As for me, I will be educating my children and grandchildren just how much of a cult her beliefs are and what that quoran stands for! And believe me, by the time I get finished educating them as to who she really is and stands for, They will NEVER be persuaded to fall into that mind control trap she thinks she’ll be setting for them!

      • Robin says:

        AMEN Patricia! Me as well

      • Your children will treat you the same way my family treats me. An embarrassment, shame on us older generation, for being so radical as to be to be reading this or mentioning this in front of the children. Shame on being so hateful as to pick on the poor immigrants. After all our family was immigrants at one time. They want to be so much more compassionate, giving and understanding, as to be willing to put our entire country into a state of civil war. Remember they are ignorant of so much that has already been erased from our school system. They have already absorbed our second “Hippie Generation” and now they want the young third Hippies. The rest of us were in Viet Nam war for our country. We need to really push this hard while we still can.

  69. Bones says:

    Schools are no help in teaching our Children of the environment they are scaring them into believing there is a crises when the environment is a cycle that heals its self. Fake News and Fake Science being taught to our children in schools

    • Robin says:

      100% correct

    • Leelee says:

      Homeschooling is our way to go, hopefully more parents will see to that.

    • newhon63 says:

      The press is supposed to be the Watchdogs for the people and expose it when government tries to screw the pooch. Somewhere along the line, the media discovered that, instead of calling out the government on their corruption, they wanted to profit from the corruptions too. All I have to do to send a Liberal into a tizzy and watch them overheat until they lose consciousness is to mention one of two things.

      President Trump

      Fox News.

  70. Marty says:

    It’s up to parents to be parents. Children should be taught at home. If the child is raised and taught to think for themselves, be responsible and respectful. Then, the child will not be so prone to accept the communist bs taught in government schools today.

    • ACR says:

      Right Marty…parents need to be more involved with their children…

      • Marty says:

        ACR, we took it one step farther with our daughter. We home schooled her. She didn’t spend one day in a public school. Yes, it was difficult for us, but we stuck it out. We look at a lot of the kids here who were public school taught. WOW, what a difference. Not to brag, but she is much more intelligent, much more mature and she has followed in her daddy’s footsteps, she is a hard core conservative.

      • mark says:

        What about all the Stupid Parents?

        • Marty says:

          Like the old saying “you can’t fix stupid”. There is no hope for them. There kids will have to fend for themselves. In that case, there is little hope.

  71. Timothy Toroian says:


  72. Jeff Standart says:

    Then let the THREE (3) Amazing Little ‘geniuses’ figure out to pay for “FIXING” global warming! especially by 2030!!!! Seeing how it took at LEAST 100 years to get in this condition, I hate to burst the little idiots bubble, but it’s going to take more than 10 years to correct!!!!

    • newhon63 says:

      Nowadays they don’t have to fix a damn thing. All they have to do is convince those who might vote them in that they will “Do everything in my power to make everything fair for everyone, give someone else’s money to you to evenly distribute wealth that you did not earn, pay your rent, lights, gas, food, phone bill, etc. Put me in office (for the 8th term) and watch me work for you.” After elected……it doesn’t matter what I said on the campaign trail. I am in. Send me a letter on how you feel and I will have one of my assistants run off a copy of my form letter telling you I understand your position and will do everything in my power………….”

      Next election. Rinse and repeat and the constituency will vote them in again, expecting a different result.

      • THE QUALITY MAN says:

        Too Many Politicians are afraid to challenge the Muslim Religion because It includes both the Sharia and the Koran (Quran) the Sharia teaches all non-Muslims have to be Converted to the Muslim Religion through rape, enslavement, maiming, or killing until only Muslims are left. To me that is not Religion ; it is a political Ideology that cannot logically be included into the Religion. But it has been Accepted and Embraced by Democrats and the Obama Judges even though it is illogical. Trump called this out in his ban of all Muslims nntering but was overruled by Obama Judges and Democrats. The Muslim Religion is illogical with both the Koran and Sharia included. Only thee Supreme Court can rule on this to make it rational to be an accepted Religion in the USA

  73. jimmike says:

    It is time to start snuffing some of these morons out.

    • Rex says:

      I am inclined to agree with you. I know how Muslims think and did lots of other homework. They didn’t leave their countries to flee from oppression they, especially the radicals like Omar they leave to infiltrate other countries to worm their way into governments and freebies and you name it. OBAMA was the real traitor who started this by allowing so many Muslims to live free and infiltrate that came from Somalia. The SOB is a Muslim himself. He showed his true allegiance to the US when he bowed down and kissed the hand of the Saudi king and then made the secret move to send all that money to Iran.

      • Sgt. P reston says:

        Absolutely right. The only sure way to handle these committed Jihadists is with the business end of a firearm. Why? Because they are so indoctrinated that their minds cannot be changed.

      • Robin says:

        I always said Obama is the ANTICHRIST

      • newhon63 says:

        I am still wondering where he got those pallets of money when “The power of the purse” belongs exclusively to Congress according to The Constitution.

        Frankly, I do think he is a Muslim. He only went to a Christian church that one time as a photo op and to my knowledge, he never went to another Christian service in the 8 years he was in office. His unconstitutional EOs are still active today. If they are known to be unconstitutional then no matter what anyone says, they do NOT carry the force of law.

        I think the first time he did it, the U.S. Marshals should have showed up at his next speech, walked up to the podium, read him his rights with the mike still hot, cuffed his ankles, dragged him down the stairs by his feet with his buckethead bouncing off each step on the way down, toss him in the back like a sack of wheat and charged his checking account for repairs on every step he damaged.

      • Monica says:

        Yup Rex, you got it….Obama started this entire mess.

      • THE QUALITY MAN says:

        I agree with your understanding of Muslim Political Ideology as it is set out in the Sharia A Basic Document in the Muslim Religion. Muslims don’t believe in nor do they Practice Religious Freedom. Their Stated belief in their Sharia teachings is to kill all Non- Muslims

    • Robin says:

      Jim mike,
      I agree

  74. Robby Dunbar says:

    This is so so WRONG
    It’s a BIG FAT LIE……..PERIOD
    My children are adults and Republicans
    They know ALL about the Democrats and how their DESTROYING AMERICA
    Democrats are ENEMY OF THE STATE

  75. Karl says:

    All I can say is “The inmates have taken over the asylum.”

  76. Me says:

    Lol, the heathens on the left and their craziness has already reached my kids, but in a positive way…they see how messed up they are. As young as my children are, they know right from wrong and therefore see and know how NOT to be from these crazies. So, I’m thankful for the learning experience the demwits have given.

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