Ilhan Omar betrayed America to this hostile foreign power

Photo byStaff of Rep. Ilhan Omar, Public domain, via Wikimedia

Ilan Omar can find a way to end up on the wrong side of any issue.

Now she’s finding a way to side against America.

And Ilhan Omar betrayed America to this hostile foreign power.

Ilhan Omar comes out against banning Chinese spy app TikTok

Congress is set to vote on legislation forcing ByteDance – a company based in Communist China – to divest itself of TikTok or else the app can’t operate in America.

TikTok is not some harmless app where Americans share viral videos of dance routines.

Since ByteDance is based in China it is subject to the country’s national intelligence and counter-espionage law which means it must cooperate with the Chinese intelligence demands to turn over user data.

Communist China could very well turn this spying power on Americans and force ByteDance to turn over the personal information of 170 million American users.

In a potential war with America, Communist China could use TikTok to spy on key American officials who use the app or even push propaganda to undermine the war effort.

The fact that TikTok was able to manipulate its algorithm to create an astroturf campaign of phone calls to members of Congress opposing the ban provided a glimpse of how the Chinese could potentially commandeer the app to meddle in American politics.

And yet despite all of this overwhelming evidence of the threat posed by TikTok, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) opposes banning this Communist Chinese surveillance tool.

Omar sides with TikTok because of Palestine 

In an interview with CNN’s Abby Phillip, Omar dismissed any concern about the Communist Chinese manipulating TikTok to spy on Americans or interfere in elections.

“None of the information that was provided to us really was persuasive,” Omar stated.

She was willing to risk letting Communist China undermine America from within because she claimed TikTok allowed Americans to see the plight of the Palestinians after Israel launched military operations to wipe out Hamas following the October 7 terrorist attack.

“What I do think that people are finding discomfort is the fact that for the first time in our nation‘s history, Americans have access to real images of the horrors that are experienced by Palestinians daily and the onslaught that is taking place,” Omar stated. “This horrific assault on Gaza really is being streamed to every single person here in this country, so we no longer have to rely on legacy media to get that information. Every single person has the information directly from the mouth of the people who are being slaughtered.”

There would be no Israeli military operations in Gaza and there would be a permanent cease-fire if Hamas stopped committing acts of terrorism.

Omar ignores that point.

Her support for Hamas is now causing her to side with Communist China in allowing them to keep their spy app active in America.

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