Hillary Clinton just announced every gun owners’ worst nightmare

Hillary Clinton just won’t quit politics.

Nearly two years after her humiliating defeat in the 2016 election, the former First Lady told a crowd that the midterm elections could turn on one issue.

And it was the last thing every conservative wanted to hear.

Clinton spoke at the Giffords Law Center to prevent gun violence and declared that the midterm elections were a chance for Democrats to elect a Congress that would disarm American citizens.

LMTonline reports:

Speaking to an audience of gun control advocates in San Francisco, Hillary Clinton said Thursday that this year’s voting for members of Congress should “finally be the election that turns the tide against the gun lobby.”

“The vast majority of Americans are on our side,” the former secretary of state and Democratic presidential candidate said at a Hyatt Regency dinner gathering of the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, which presented her with its Courageous Leadership Award. “So we are winning the debate. But now we’ve got to get everyone to vote on this issue.”

Since the Parkland shooting, the gun grabbers have only become more emboldened.

During her Presidential run, Clinton spoke favorably about Australia’s gun control laws.

But since February, Democrat members of Congress have introduced legislation to ban so-called “assault” weapons and jail citizens who refuse to surrender their firearms to the government.

A Speaker Nancy Pelosi and a Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer would certainly push gun control to the top of the agenda should the Democrats win power.

Since Donald Trump is President, these pieces of legislation will not become law.

But one day there will likely be a Democrat President.

And Hillary Clinton and others are laying down the marker that gun grabbers are going to demand a payoff for that election victory.

That should frighten every gun owner in America.


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107 Responses

  1. Dee says:

    Hillary Clint IS A NIGHTMARE!!!!

  2. Barbara Cook says:

    Leave it to Hilliary Clinton and all of the Democrats, they would rather see every full blooded Americans lose their protection from gang members and killings of any of their family members. Clinton and the Democrats don’t care about our well-fare or our families well-fare.

    These killings are being done by people with mental disorders, however, Clinton and the Democrats are wanting to blame innocent and law- abiding citizens that have applied for a gun permit and have taken gun classes and have registered their weapons with the correct law enforcement.

    Clinton and the Democrats don’t care about nothing or nobody other than themselves. Taking guns away from citizens with the proper documents, isn’t going to solve the problem.

    Just make sure that every avenue has been checked for every American citizen when they apply for a gun permit to purchase a gun of any kind, just make sure, that you check for any hospitalizations that the person has had, and to make sure that they were hospitalized for a mental breakdown or a mental disorder. People with those type of problems are the ones that are causing all of this talk about confiscating guns from every person that is registered to own a gun.

    That is DISCRIMINATION there when you are talking about confiscating guns from sensible people that has been put the process to check about any mental disorders.

  3. allen says:

    Hopefully Hillary will be in jail. The IG is working it. The negative and damning evidence of illegal collusion by James Comey , Struyk, Page, Lynch, and Obama to exonerate Hillary even before she was interviewed by the FBI is coming out. Hillary needs to either leave the country or hide somewhere. Aside from that, all of these gun grabbers are acting like Nazi’s, threatening to disarm us. Hitler did that and the slaughter of over 6 million Jews was a result of that action. They had no way to fight back. Hitler also use the media to scare the hell out of the German people into submission just as the left is doing today. Hitler also took out his political opponents and put a stop to free speech. If the people of this country don’t wake up, there WILL be a civil war. Is that what they want?

  4. rafael says:

    Hillary , look after your guns and what you are doing with them .

  5. can hardly wait for the excrement to hit the circular wind machine. Be vigilant, the time draws near!

  6. Leon R. Quarve says:

    My body is 77 yrs. old, but I’m not. I have already lived a life time so it doesn’t matter to me if I die yesterday, to-day or tomorrow. If anyone thinks they should take my guns I hope they make their first shot count because the second shot will–it will be mine. President Trump is doing a miraculous job of trying to Make America Great Again. All of his critics, and anti-gunners, can go piss up a rope. “Don Is The Man Who Can”

  7. Terre says:

    Most Americans are with her on this? Are you kiddin’ me? She’d do well to get her mind in reality. She needs to be fast tracked – physically – out of this country – she’s so toxic, even her written words are poison. She needs to GO – now!

  8. Chuck says:

    Does this mean the suicides that follow her will stop too???

  9. Mikey says:

    She gets the bullets first…

    • Gordon says:

      Good point. Soros, and other people using his money, bought up just about all the ammo manufacturers in the country during Obama’s reign. He also bought the only lead smelting plants in the country, and promptly closed their doors (and laid off all their workers) forever. I suppose that’s what call “Plan B.”

  10. zebra dun says:

    At this point Hillary is just a bad case of Hemroids she angs out doesn’t do anything and is a huge PITA.

  11. Legal Law Abiding Immigrant support Pres. Trump says:


  12. A. von Kleif says:

    This nasty old sow should be jailed for her/its lifetime of criminal activity. I pity Slick Willie for having to put up with it all these years.

  13. George says:

    The old bat is desperately trying to stay relevant! Fortunately no one is paying attention!

  14. Dootman says:

    Hildabeast is one thing, and one thing only: A life support system for a vagina.

  15. Parduc says:

    Gun Control is a Hate Crime. Proceed with extreme prejudice.

  16. Lewis Hodge says:

    Liberals are really out of touch with reality. They have pissed off 100 million legal gun owners in the US, many of whom, undoubtedly, are democrats, who will likely trash their own party rather than give up their guns. No candidate for any office ever has racked up 100 million votes, but November will likely be the biggest rout in favor of Republicans ever seen.

  17. STEVE says:

    Why can’t she just DIE

  18. krymson says:

    The one question each voter should answer before voting is: why are Clinton, Schumer, Pelosi and their liberal minions so “Hell-Bent” on disarming law-abiding citizens? Should Clinton and her legend of liberals succeed in gaining control of Congress and actually bring to fruition their plan to disarm this nation, criminals will not be forced to surrender their firearms because they never registered them. Ordinary citizens will have armed law enforcement on one side with armed criminals on the other, leaving us trapped in the middle to suffer whatever damage we encounter. Police respond to crimes and acts of violence, not to the perceived notion that a crime might occur. So, should you get murdered (without the means to defend yourself) the police will try to find out who killed you. You will still be dead, but the police will TRY! That is not the intent of any part of the Constitution and, whether you like firearms, hate firearms or remain neutral on the subject, keeping the Constitution in tact should be paramount in any voting decision. Taking firearms from law-abiding citizens is not the answer to the violence: executing murderers and rapists is!

  19. Michael says:

    Wyoming man, that little punk David Hogg, I believe doesnt give a crap about about guns…the little punk is just trying to be famous…get his name in lights…his 15 minutes of fame…no big name college wants him…I dont believe Hogg has a sincere bone in his body…me im sincere…I was raised with guns and hunting…clinton and obamas of the world…I dont believe they really no that they are throwing tea in the Boston Harbour with there ignorant rhetoric about Americas stance on guns

  20. FCH says:

    Hey Hildabeast WE the PEOPLE are not going to let the DEM’S do anything for you will NOT have enough to change things as the people do NOT trust you or them. Everytime you open your mouth you just ruin the DEM’S more and more. YOU are one stupid dumb BITCH!

  21. Mo says:

    If the Demoncraps try this, they might as well put targets in the middle of their foreheads Civil War will be the result of them even thinking of trying to disarm the American Citizen.

  22. Joseph says:

    Someone needs to stick a tree in her mouth so she will STFU! This is why she lost the election. She is a nitwit!

  23. CaptTurbo says:

    This is why the witch should be charged with her crimes of treason and hanged by her ugly neck until her cankles stop twitching.

  24. Richard says:

    The Democrats will start it! I think there is a revolution on the horizon, so be ready!

  25. William Hopkins says:

    Got news for the government,you can try to take our guns,

  26. Eugene Ross says:

    Comey needs to be hung by the neck.

  27. john431 says:

    Next Hilly will be sending Chelsea out with Madonna to give every man and women a BJ just like Madonna promised to do in 2016.

    • Dee says:

      Hillary is so corrupt that she would have her daughter to this. I’m tired of her butting in with her ignorant
      speeches and she just needs to be doing something else.

  28. I don’t know why we are still talking about Hillary. Her power withing the democratic party is almost gone. Every time she opens her mouth she shows how much she has lost her mind.

    • Richard says:

      Because she Is a liar and a crook! She is not above the law and she need an honest investigation for fast and furious , urainium one, email server, and anyone else that has been invollved all the way to the way to the top! They need to be tried and if guilty punished according to the law just like you or me would be tried and punished! They are not above the law !

  29. Richard says:

    Just put the bitch and her rapist husband in jail for life she is a teasonous lying bitch that should never see the light of day and her husband needs to be hung from the court house steps by his balls and give every woman a cattle prod.

  30. ME says:

    I get so sick of hearing about her………PLEASE STOP!!!. I DON’T CARE WHAT SHE HAS TO SAY!!!!…UNDERSTAND????????

    • LOLA COLLINS says:

      Thanks for yelling that! I do it every single day at our TV. OR, at my laptop. Yelling is good. Will she ever stop; will she ever get the massage that we know she is a liar and is CORRUPT?

  31. The DEVIL “personified”, just look at THIS picture, totally, utterly E V I L……!!!!!

  32. We need a permanent solution to Hillary.

  33. DON’T nobody listen to HER…..If the American people “allow” THEM to take their GUNS, America will end-up like the GERMANS right now….The German Police, most of them, are UN-armed and some of those Islamic INVADERS beat them up and the OFFICERS are NOT even allowed to fight BACK……THAT’S the WARNING to AMERICA, take it SERIOUSLY…..!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Charlie says:

    Hillary Clinton is so far out of touch with reality surprised she can do anything at all . Under Obama administration gun sales rose in an expodenual manner . When a democrat professes ” the majority of Americans” the manure has gotten so deep SUBA gear might be necessary to survive . Would not believe Hillary if she stated it was a sunny day , would have to look outside . No credence should be placed on anything this known BS artist spews . There should be no fear felt from anything she verbalizes .

  35. Maryann says:

    Hillary belongs in the Gulag in Russia. President Trump is the best the USA has had in ages. I could not thank him enough for what he is doing for us.

  36. Steve says:

    Coming from a seditious , traitorous , child-sex traffic ring involved , organized crime , murderous career criminal clinton . Anything to inflict evil on our country and destroy our ability to protect ourselves from the likes of her & the rest of the liberal scum criminals .

  37. N says:

    Deep State traitors are everywhere!The evil liberal demoncrat Nazi’s party at work here!Don’t forget the RINOs(Ryan, Gowdy, McShame , McConnell, Rubio , Romney, Sessions, Grahams etc) they’re just as bad! Drain the rat infested Swamp ASAP, President Trump!

  38. ERIC MILLER says:

    Careful about putting her in GITMO, as she will then be treated as a martyr and drum up lots of sympathy votes. Left alone, she will be able to continue to demonstrate how irrelevant she and her party are.

  39. Michael says:

    I was born and raised in Montana…where there is 1.75 guns per man, woman, and child in the state…I think more..but thats me…my Father first put a single shot .22 in my hands a the age of 5…I did the same for .my son the same .22 at 6 years old….my Father told me when I was little…the reason America is the only unconquered Countrty in the world is because so many good honest Americans own guns…im 9 years old walking down the road carrying a.22 to go shoot gophers…sheriffs just use to wave to me. .id like to see bitch Hillary who lives in her own little dream world go to Montana and tell Montanans about her dillusions on guns….Most of America is on the side of guns….my friend is a gun salesman…and he said every time Crooked Hillary or Barry Oscuma opened there mouth…he sold more guns before lunch…than he does all week now that Mr Donald J Trump is “thank God” our president

  40. Jan13 says:

    Hillary better watch out, she may be found dead by suicide, you know the type, 2 shots to the back of the head. Like many associated to the DNC have been found.

    • brenda says:


  41. Wyomingman says:

    Why don’t the Liberals recognize why we have these types of shootings? Look at what our younger generation has been exposed to. Video games that are very violent, movies that showing multitudes of people being shot in as many ways as you could imagine and TV that has a show every night of the week where people are killed in as many ways a possible as well. Then you have TV shows that show you how to get away with murder, destroy evidence and you name it. Let’s put the blame where is should be. The hypocrites in Hollywood that profit from all the violence and desensitize people to the killing, both on the screen and on your TV game console. If the Hogg kid wants to protest against gun violence, head to Hollywood. For me. I will not support these Liberal hypocrites. Not one more penny.

  42. Ron says:

    There is an issue here that is never commented on! That issue is really not about guns. The real issue is if one supposedly constitutionally protected liberty can be cast aside or otherwise rendered impotent, so can and so WILL all others! In short order! We have been witnessing attacks on freedom of speech, religion and due process for some time now. It is only a matter of time until they are all gone. I suspect the American People in their deep sleep will in large part roll over and accept their fate. After the Sandy Hook incident Connecticut passed a law requiring the registration of semi-auto firearms. I saw pictures of gun owners lining up to comply! I about puked! Remember this: If ANY constitutionally protected liberty can be licensed, registered, or otherwise infringed to be practiced, that liberty ceases to BE a liberty and becomes a privilege granted at the pleasure of government! Also remember this: When the public is disarmed, only the GOVERNMENT will be armed! Witnessing where out government seems to be headed , that should send a chill up the back of anyone with 2 or more functioning brain cells!

  43. Jay says:

    Why does anyone care what lying progressive communist-loving Hillary have to say?
    She needs to shut up and just go away!! And all these rinos amd dems criticizing the border problems they created , need to do the same!
    Stay strong Pres Trump! Build the wall. Keep America a sovereign nation! MAGA
    Trump 2020 ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  44. HELGA says:


  45. As per usual Hillary’s lying through her teeth. Fact is gun control is not high on the list of importance of the average voter and those who do respond don’t favor more gun control.

  46. HELGA says:


    • Nancy says:

      Well, of course with all the wonderful success President Trump has been able to accomplish in just one year, INCLUDING North Korea, the Dems are frantic about drumming up some non existent problem that they used to turn a deaf ear on, the illegals and their kids. That has been on the Marxist Media 24/7. Showing photos of Holocaust children comparing them to these illegal kids. Talking about mistreating and ripping them from their parents, when the truth is, their parents are the abusers for bringing young children to the border, trying to cross, when they KNOW that Trump is actually following the law, because this law has been on the books far before Trump took office. No sympathy from liberals about those kids being ripped from parents when their mom or dad go overseas and may never come back, defending our country, and their freedom! The “feigned disdain” of the left is comical, if it weren’t so pathetic. These kids are being taken care of by Pastors and other kind people, you can better believe they are getting three square meals a day, something they probably never had. Baths, clean beds, and clean clothes, then playing with all of their friends and family under supervision. Probably watching movies as well, it is a FREE DAY CARE CENTER. Those kids heard crying, kids cry when they are confused and they cry when they can’t have their way, they cry when they don’t get a treat they want, whose to say they were crying from being separated from parents. Most of these people have 7-8 kids, and can’t take care of them, now, all of a sudden, they are Holocaust victims. The left is HELL bent on getting their Communism into America, they know no bounds and only low information, ignorant people buy what the left is selling.

      • christine says:

        AMEN! You said everything I wish to say and have been thinking ever since the media has been whining 24/7.

        Now, I do not have to, but can go on to the next post.

  47. Mike says:

    They’ll get my guns, through the business end. No other way.

  48. James P Petersen says:

    Let her walk through a forest in Arizona. We have a bunch of VERY HUNGRY COYOTES who are not fussy about what or who they eat.

  49. Russ says:

    Someone tell bitch Killery, that she will be one of the first ones to be shot when all of what she wants happens.

    • Nancy says:

      Ever wonder why the last REGIME focus’s on confiscating guns as the main and most important issue? Just like Hitler who used kids to shame Germans into handing in their guns, When Germans finally gave in, martial law was enforced, and the Third Reich began. How stupid do liberals think we are? Just because the bunch of snowflakes who follow them are easily brainwashed, doesn’t mean the vast majority of Americans are easily fooled. NEVER HAND IN YOUR GUNS!

      • Ron says:

        Liberals think we are very stupid! They continue to say so! If we allow them to ever regain power they will be correct!

  50. Roy says:

    Wasn’t Gifford under investigation by the ethics committee for stealing funds just before she was shot and she and her hubby are notorious for being gun owners. It just those Rs trying to disarm us to enslave us so keep Hillary and she will LOSE AGAIN GUARANTEED.

  51. walter says:

    why is this canker still not wearing an orange jumpsuit in Prison!

  52. I’ll be SOOO glad when O’Reilly is able to write a book, “Killing Hillary”, this sick woman is like Aids, just won’t go away !!

  53. GARY BYRD says:

    the communist democrats will never take our guns without a civil war.look what all the communist leaders did before they took there country over they took guns away from the people they not a democrat party anymore. but there a democrat usa communist party

  54. Bruce says:

    Democrats will not take back congress come November … Hillary should drop dead as soon as she can and Soros as well.

  55. Mary says:

    She is into total control and ideas like these will only inspire conservative voters. All the Democrats are into control. It’s hard to understand how intelligent people can believe her garbage.

  56. Ron says:

    Let us be crystal clear! Gun control laws are NOT and never have been about public safety! They are and always have been about the safety of those who wish to rule over the masses. Like Obama and Hillary! The very reason the framers of the Bill of Rights included the 2nd Amendment! As a last line of defense against the tyranny of government that always comes along. The first serious gun control laws appeared right after the Civil War as part of the Jim Crow Laws designed to protect entrenched southern Demorat politicians from the potential power of recently freed slaves. Since that time gun control laws have been used to marginalize one segment of society or another. Now that the radical left is so close to the long term goal of permanent single party rule it is mandatory the people be disarmed. The disarming of peoples by their governments has resulted in the genocide of millions of people in just the past century alone.

    • Pro 2A citizens says:

      100 million U.S. citizens legally own 40% of the worlds firearms,about 393 million.The anti-gun turds in the U.S. government are around 5,000.If they repeal the 2A,how many MILLIONS of those armed citizens are going to revolt against the anti-gun government?The anti-gunners are going to start a modern day civil war that is going to end badly for all of them.The police won’t help them take our firearms,we have asked them.The U.S. military swore an oath to protect the country from all enemies,both foreign and domestic.The anti-gunners in the government ARE the domestic enemy.The police and U.S. military will help us take back OUR country for ourselves,and start the constitutional government a new.THIS IS A PROMISE! PS,it is illegal for the U.S. government to call on a foreign country to enter the U.S. and TRY to relieve us of our firearms. The U.S. is a sovereign nation,and will always be a sovereign nation.

  57. mcgyver35 says:

    Can someone just put an arrow through her thick skull already? maybe then she will understand that it isnt the weapon one chooses, but the person wielding the weapon,

  58. Pro 2A citizens says:

    We DON’T have a GUN VIOLENCE problem,we have a PEOPLE VIOLENCE problem.A gun is NOT violent,it just sit their until a VIOLENT PERSON picks it up,and commits a VIOLENT ACT with it.
    Hillary needs to SHUT her festering pie hole about so called gun violence,and address the REAL problem,as well as the rest of the anti-gun democrats and rinos.

  59. Robert Gagliardi says:

    Someone forgot to tell Hillary C. to shut up about guns.Its time for us to look at why the triggers are being pulled.

    • Joanna says:

      You got my vote Robert!!! I thought it was all planned its too damn much of a consequence to be anything else. That is my opinion!!!

  60. TooLateNow says:

    I wonder who the “brain dead” Demokrats were that voted against Donald Trump. The Demokrats believe that the American people are stupid enough to vote against the roaring economy, against the return of employment, against defending their lives and liberty, and for the tyranny of the Demokratik Party. It is unfortunate that there is a new crop of brain dead liberals being cultivated in the public education system. I’m happy that, hopefully, I will be dust before that nightmare comes to fruition.

  61. Pam Johnson says:

    She needs to go far away from America. Traitor.

  62. Pam Johnson says:

    She is just a loser. She will be a stain on humanity. Sessions needs to arrest her or step down.

  63. dobber 1029 says:

    this worthless pos needs to just go AWAY….she is irrelevant as to what her take is … she should still be wondering why barry beat her out years ago …She is a BIG TIME LOSER.. and nobody cares about .

  64. Artie says:

    Give it up OLD LADY go crawl in a hole you are all washed up.

  65. Brenda Dodge says:

    This woman needs to be in the prison. Her and other’s like her all should be shipped away to a Island far away and where they can have all the control they want and between each other, eat, sleep, fight and they can do all the ruling for each other and the Island so far away. Hillary, why don’t you “SUCK IT UP AND PRESS ON”! You need to go and rest bones and find something else to bitch about and Let Mr. President Trump do his job.

  66. Michael says:

    Wont that big mouth bitch ever go away? If I had my way she would be going up the river for about 10 years…Crooked Hillary along with her Slick Willy piece of crap have been making me ill since the mid 80s

  67. Joanna says:

    Evil never prevails against God’s children..

  68. Joanna says:

    This woman is INSANE … She has no morals or any understanding that gun control is not the answer as she like people to think!! How much more gun control does one need.. Hey Hillary control is not working.. look at yourself thinking your in control… any sinister person looking to get a weapon will!!!!

  69. Ed says:

    The majority of the people are not with her, just as at election time and everything they put out said Hildabeast had won, this is just more lies.

    • Phoebe says:

      My sentiments exactly about her and gun control! NO NO NO and WE THE PEOPLE outweigh you pathetic liberals/progressives.

  70. Wills says:

    This woman is irrelevant at this stage. After two runs at president and losing twice that should be fairly clear to her. It’s time for Hillary to take long walks in the woods and drop out of sight.

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