George Soros just made an announcement about the 2020 election that changes everything

Few people have as much influence over the Democrat Party as George Soros.

One of the richest people in the world, he is dead-set on using his fortune to implement his globalist agenda.

And Soros just made an announcement about the 2020 election that changes everything.

Nearly every far-Left cause in America has ties to George Soros.

So the globalist billionaire’s opinion matters a lot to the far-Left in this country.

And in a recent interview, he revealed who his top choice to challenge President Trump in 2020.

He stated Elizabeth Warren is “the most qualified to be president.”

Breitbart News:

Progressive billionaire George Soros declared in a newly-released interview that 2020 White House contender Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is “the most qualified to be president.”

“She has emerged as the clear-cut person to beat,” Soros said of Warren to the New York Times. “I don’t take a public stance, but I do believe that she is the most qualified to be president.”

The 89-year-old mega Democrat donor stopped short of endorsing Warren, stating his remarks should not be received as such.

“I’m not endorsing anybody because I want to work with whoever,” he stated. “I don’t express my views generally because I have to live with whoever the electorate chooses.”
As CNBC notes, Soros’s comments come as investors remain “divided” on Warren, who has proposed a series of tax hikes and frequently criticizes Wall Street.

“I’m fighting for an economy and a government that works for all of us, not just the wealthy and well-connected. I’m not afraid of anonymous quotes, and wealthy donors don’t get to buy this process. I won’t back down from fighting for the big, structural change we need,” the Massachusetts senator wrote in a recent tweet.

Despite stopping short of a full-on endorsement, it is clear he favors Warren above all the other candidates.

The media is perplexed by this, considering that Warren has publicly stated she doesn’t believe billionaires like Soros should exist to begin with.

But it’s clear Soros isn’t concerned about that fact, likely signaling that Warren isn’t actually very serious about her positions.

Regardless, with the support of Soros, Warren would have a massive boost to ultimately take on Trump in 2020.


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173 Responses

  1. jack says:

    The atheist jew might get away for the time being but the ugly old fool will stand before Jesus Christ one day in the future and he wont have an excuse Jesus will except for the evil he is doing and has done !

    • LAWRENCE F BONI says:


  2. michael j wyatt says:

    George Soros thinks Elizabeth Warren is qualified to be President? He said the same thing about Hillary Clinton. So much for his ability to assess qualified presidential candidates.
    Soros is playing a much bigger game than electing a US President. He has spent over $70 million of his own money to overthrow President Trump and has committed to spend an even larger amount going forward to achieve this end.
    Soros is committed to establishing a progressive government in the US, which means open borders, government control of education, healthcare, housing and income, paid for by excessive tax rates ranging from 70 % to 97.5% of income, This government would be driven by a Marxist agenda, replacing our Constitutional form of government with an authoritarian regime, much like Mugabe did in Rhodesia when he established his Marxist regime and renamed the country Zimbabwe. Businesses were nationalized and private property was seized and redistributed to government cronies and supporters. Businesses failed, incomes fell, and the country reverted from a healthy prosperous nation into a military controlled impoverished state. Not a pretty picture. Not a future to be desired.

    • mrp says:

      Don’t think Soros uses all his own money. Every cent he donates he gets back from US taxpayers, that’s why he has a bottomless pit.

  3. The man is a communist, It is obvious and I don’t mean a Russian, They are better people than this dirtbag, They are Communist this man is a traitor,Big difference

  4. Fred says:

    Mr. George Soros’s doppelganger is that Evil King Ahab, and Mrs. HRC is the doppelganger is the Evil Jezebel of the Old Testament King James Version Of The Holy Bible!

  5. John says:

    Everyone knows George Soros acts to benefit himself and undermine America.
    Why is George allowed to undermine America Tax Free?
    It is time to take away George’s Tax Free status for all his business.

  6. Braveryder says:

    I’m so glad to see George Soros is being brought into the light. He has operated, cleverly, for many years. The information, factual, should be brought to the general public who probably don’t recognize his name or knows his history. His ideology is simply EVIL. Soros has a deep hate for Israel, Jewish people, and anyone who does not follow is line of thinking.

  7. Demetri says:

    Simple. Hitler missed one. Go George, all those you caused to be murdered await you, you evil bastard.

    • Ken Marx says:

      Soros bears a striking resemblance to my concept of the devil. He also has at least one son to carry on his mayhem after he’s gone (if he’s ever gone). We must overcome his evil.

  8. Gregory Sullivan says:

    What I don’t understand is why Mr. Soros is not being investigated for wrongdoings by the Trump administration. Why is everyone so afraid of this communist Hungarian ? If I were president, id throw him in prison especially owning a software company that sells this software to program voting machines to rig them in his favour. I know we have tried to deport him back to his native country (Hungary) but they didn’t want him because he was a big troublemaker there and that country’s government decided to dump him here on out soil to get rid of him. I think his parents might have been members of communist party over there when it was outlawed and decided to follow their footsteps.

    • Gordon T. Noakes says:

      Just remember he was a Nazi when he was an adolescent.

      • myrtle francis says:

        I read a book that said George sorouis was obamas boss, before he was president,.I think he has been paying the bills all along. he needs to be throun out of the country.

    • Annabel says:

      He is even on tape 60 minutes with Steve Kroft saying that at age 14 his godfather/uncle? paid him to confiscate the property of Jews who were being led to the camps. When Kroft asked him if he felt guilty he stated “IF I HADN’T DONE IT SOMEONE ELSE WOULD HAVE. IT WAS THE BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE”!!!!!!!! DEPORT HIM AS PER JAKIW PALIJ….NOT MANY COUNTRIES WILL TAKE HIM.

  9. jreb57 says:

    One more good reason to vote for Trump.

  10. an says:

    Its NOT Soros’ opinion that matters to the Far Left………….its HIS MONEY……………..he owns them, the Dems, the Media……………..Soros makes his money by FAILING THE ECONOMYS of nations………………Trump has caused a substantial loss to the geeza…………….This TRAITOR should be stripped of his citizenship (not born here) and deported……………..He sold out the Jews in World War II as he assisted Hitler in his destructive rounds. All the American Riots? Bought & paid for by this OLD CREEP.

    • Steve Schultz says:

      there is a 60minutes(show) interview where he talks candidly of all these things including wanting the fall of America and his JOY of Stealing both items and Lives of the Jews!

      • Annabel says:

        You got it Steve: It was 60 Minutes with Steve Kroft where Soros admitted it all. See my post above.
        The video is still available but for how long? I came to this country shortly afterwards I know those questions re: Nazi affiliation and there is absolutely NO WAY Soros could have answered them honestly. NO WAY! HE IS AN ABSOLUTE FRAUD! Jakiw Palij was recently deported for the same.

    • Pineapple says:

      He sold the English pound short, and then started a rumor that the pound would crash. This caused the pound to plummet in value , and that is when he covered his short sale with cheap pounds, making a fortune in the process. this scam nearly broke the Bank of England, so Soros is not allowed to return to England.

      He pulled the same scam in Indonesia and is not allowed to return there again.

    • Annabel says:

      an: He should be deported as per Jakiw Palij and for the exact same reasons!! Just because he is a friend of Hillary Clinton DOES NOT GIVE HIM A PASS!

  11. Jono says:

    She has uncontrolled movements when frustrated…can’t answer a question without looking like she is has stuck her finger into an electrical outlet……..
    Lies and comes up with some idiotic plans for our country……and if soros is for her everyone should be against her…..

    • Mama says:

      The ‘parody’ of Warren by Kate McKinnon
      on SNL IS Priceless___

    • Gary Von Neida says:

      With electronic voting (especially when George Sorros provides the equipment/ computer) anything can be PROGRAMED as a result. Anywhere these machines exist should have PAPER BALLOTS as a “back up” and anyone involved in FRAUD VOTING needs to be arrested, booked, & charged with a VERY High Crime. Stealing the vote is HIGH TREASON.

  12. Judy Smith says:

    Why is this man even allowed to donate money to any party, isn’t this illegal? Is he a citizen ? Isn’t this interference in an election? There are plenty of people under him that are just as corrupt. Talk to people in Massachusetts about Warren, they Don’t like her! I’m from mass, and had to move from that state long ago.

    • D.A.N. says:

      Sadly Judy, yes he is a citizen of the US. But for what he did in WW II he should be stripped of it and shipped to Israel for trial. He also tried to bankrupt Great Britain so they might want him for something also.

    • Gary Von Neida says:

      Indeed! If We remove the Communists from Our Own government such criminal acts would cease as the criminals would be arrested and put on trial

  13. Nancy Pope says:

    Ohhh… yeah, The Lying lady who said she was Native American… Ohhh I don’t think she’s gonna go over easy. Is this the best they got???

    • Randy Smithr says:

      Fortunately , Nancy this is the best they got. The president will take no prisoners and she goes down harder than billary. soros is corrupt and anti America and should be in jail for all his corrupt dealings. Do not buy Progressive Insurance as that money ends up supporting Demos

  14. Nancy Pope says:

    Ohhh… yeah, The Lying lady who said she was Native American… Ohhh I don’t think she’s gonna go over easy. Is this the best they got???

  15. Scott says:

    Why does anyone listen to someone that is not an American ?

    • J says:

      Must be more projection. Just like ‘ the majority of Americans want impeachment’, and ‘Pulosi is concerned about dividing the nation’. This man shouldn’t be in the equation.

    • herbert says:

      But the old fart has let you know a very important piece of information. Warren is the new puppet of the globalists. She sold her soul hook line and sinker. She is therefore the stooge who bends over at the orders of her masters.

      • reconviper1 says:

        You could not be more right, brother. They will try to cheat at the ballot box again too. As the old saying goes, ” It does not matter who votes, it matters who COUNTS the votes”. I have faith that Trump and the good guys have measures in place to catch them if they try to cheat. They know damn well the left will try it.

  16. Robert Vieau says:

    I wish George Soreass would go back to Greece where he belongs and keep his Damn Greek Nazi ideas in Greece where they belong, the God Damn Nazi bastard.

    • 82nd airborne vet says:

      Robert I agree with you 100% if I remember Greece went bankrupt how did this guy become a billionaire I remember when people were standing in lines just to get $30 out of the ATM There was panic nationwide in Greece and the European Union was and even gallo back Greece because they did it once before and Greece just squandered their money this son of a bitch’s needs to free can be investigated

      • Daphne says:

        Soros got his wealth while he (a jew) was taking the wealth of Jews sent to Concentration Camps. He worked with the Nazis to become wealthy. He hates Jews, Hates the USA and all countries that were against Hitler. Now he is using his wealth to destroy those countries.

        • Sue says:

          Daphne, You are right. He helped the Nazis..

        • J says:

          He was a boot licker and bung tounger, now he expects the same in return!

        • Marilyn says:

          I have never understood why the Israelis didn’t prosecute him for war crimes against the Jewish people. He was, after all, a Nazi in every way. He should have been executed decades ago, for war crimes. Yet, the Democrats think he is awesome and take direction from him. That tells you all you need to know about that idiotic party. And, Pocahontas is the last person qualified to be leading this country. She’s just ridiculous.

    • reconviper1 says:

      He needs to be arrested and have his neck stretched ( and his ill gotten billions confiscated).

    • Bill says:

      I am not really sure but I thought Soros was Hungarian, not Greek.

    • Annabel says:

      Robert: Hungary and they refuse to let him back.

  17. Truckman says:

    I do not care what Soros wants Warren is not capable to run a pound and sure not able this run this country and will never get my vote

    • Tricia says:

      He can Easily control Warren. He backs her so he can control her just like he did with the last president – the puppet, but he was perfect for the puppet master [Soros] to control as he was half white and half black. Race mattered and Soros is a master of control and deception.

      • mrp says:

        Soros would have controlled Hillary. That’s why he is so determined to destroy President Trump because on account of him, Hillary lost. So both she and George are all about being sore losers.

    • Valli Neal-davis says:

      Nor my vote. Absolutely not she’s a joke and not worthy of and capable of running anything. Vote American citizens and taxpayers are sick and tired of these scattered brain politicians and ms Warren is part of the team of leftists ideas pushed down on the American people and our values and beliefs and our families get vote these evil forces out save the American citizens and taxpayers freedoms. Vote these traders out vote maga2020.

  18. Pastor Stronghold says:

    There is only one problem. A minor problem but still a problem. The only way she will beat Trump is if Trump Arkancides.

    • mrp says:

      I’m convinced Jeffrey Epstein was Arkancided. Looking more and more like it wasn’t suicide. Who’s better at murder than the Clintons, yet they continue to get away with it. And they have the audacity to remain in the spotlight. Anyone else would have the sense to make himself/herself scarce.

  19. Another lie from th Radical Right, who will use the Civil war that totally Destroys the USA for Good, As you finished making the American Jews will flee themselves just in time g us End time Baylon, Trump Flees to communist Russia, His next war will not go too good for him, and Putin. God will call out American Jews to come out back home.

    • J says:

      Comrade fred amirault, I would rather destroy the USA than let to communist have control, and I’m sure President Trump feels the same way. Blow it out your ass commie.

  20. DR Richard says:

    Trump needs to get Seals to take this spy out –he is an enemy of the State -arrest him and let the Seals transport the pos and drop him off in Hungary –throw him out of a helicopter with a parachute –they will do what America is not doing! And prosecute Hitlery for Bengazi

    • Kevin says:

      Totally agree, he supply’s all the corrupt politicians with money. If anyone deserves to die it would be that bastard

    • Valli Neal-davis says:

      Get rid of this criminal element send his agenda and his antichrists ass back to Hungary along with Nancy Pelosi, that liar Schiff and Schumer together. Get rid of this criminal element.

  21. Keo says:

    Whatever a man does, that shall he also reap.
    God is a just and righteous God, and He will judge Soros for everything he has done against his fellow man. I don’t think Soros will like his forever ending.

  22. M. McDonnold says:

    Rumors have it that George is fantastic with birth certificates from Hawaii, too.

  23. Deplorable Lanie says:

    What he really meant to say was “Elizabeth Warren will be the easiest person for me to manipulate”!

    • Valli Neal-davis says:

      Elizabeth Warren is a danger to the United States of America she’s a joke and can’t figure out who the he’ll she is.

  24. Ernst says:

    George Soros has nothing to fear from the inane and damaging tax and spend policies of Elizabeth Warren. His money is diversified internationally and not very available to US tax collectors. However, Soros is an avowed globalist who would gladly see the US fall from a dominant successful country to a starving collapsed economy. Elizabeth Warren would dramatically decrease the US standard of living and drive many Americans into effective poverty. George Soros would like this.

    • Pat says:

      We need to keep praying for this country. This is the prayer that is said every morning b/4 mass at my church, A PRAYER FOR OUR COUNTRY: O most Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of Mercy, at this most critical time, we entrust the United States of America to youe loving care.
      Most Holy Mother, we beg U to reclaim this land forthe glory of your Son. Overwhelmed with the burden of sins of our nation, we cry to U from the depths of our hearts & seek refuge in your motherly protection.
      Look down with mercy for us & touch the hearts of our people. Open our minds to the great worth of human life & to the responsibilities that accompany human freedom.
      Free us from the falsehoods that lead to the evil of abortion & threaten the sanctity of family life. Grant our country the wisdom to proclaim that GOD’S law is the foundation on which this nation was founded, & that HE alone is the TRUE SOURCE of our cherished rights to life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness.
      O Merciful Mother give us the courage to reject the culture of death & the strength to build a new Culture of Life. AMEN

    • Yes, indeed Ernst. I have a poster of George Soros in which he said in capital letters the following:
      “I’ve made my life’s mission to destroy the United States. I hate this country and I hate all of the people in it!” George Soros – Newsweek 1979
      He has to know that Trump will eventually destroy the USA as would Elizabeth Warren as she is a Left Winger just as Soros is.

  25. Melanoma says:

    Must have the lying bitch in his back pocket already

    • Pastor Stronghold says:

      Money talks and he has stolen enough money from Europe to buy all of Europe.

      • Taylor made says:

        Not what his assets say with the financial people who should know. But, you conspiracy nuts won’t care, you make up stuff all the time without a bit of evidence. It is amazing how simple minded many of your are, so when Trump continues to change the narrative about his law violations, you never blink an eye. Mexico paid for that wall yet? Trump produced his tax returns as promised? Time to take a course as the direct line to success – – Trump (fraud) university!

        • Tricia says:

          Poor you. You are so easily manipulated with NO backing or knowledge per your choice. To bad.

        • Eva12 says:

          You do realize, Trump is not required to show his tax returns? It is a requirement to prove one is eligible to serve as POTUS, which BHO Jr still has not done. He was never eligible to sit as POTUS.

        • Annabel says:

          Taylor: Mexico will pay for the wall but not like the idiots who thought by writing a check.
          No, they will pay through tariffs, through taxes on funds sent out of this country by illegals and that is enormous btw. Mexico, however, is cooperating with the U.S. at this time. The influx of illegals through their country has been very hard on their people.
          It has completely disrupted Tijuana and many of their citizens who live in TJ but cross the border to work in San Diego daily have been hit the worst. Youngsters have been unable to get to their classes in San Diego on time if at all. None of this has been reported. My auto mechanic (the best ever) lives in TJ and his auto repair business is in San Diego. These are good people who have worked in San Diego for years LEGALLY.

  26. Steve says:

    Military should treat soros as the terrorist he is , he is more evil than ISIS was .

  27. Johnny says:

    If I were Soros, I’d be watching my back!

  28. Henry says:

    What a lying piece of chicen crap. He should have been sent back to where he came from to face the war crimes that he comited he came to this country under faulse pretences he should be sent back .

    • Hillary lost, get over it says:

      I cannot wait to read that this commie pig is dead. Just thinking about this lying, murderous pile of feces is with his saviour, satan, burning in the pit, brings a smile to my face. He is a horrible excuse for a human being, and his vile son is probably an antichrist as well. This poor, wretched, excuse of a man, once claimed that the best time of his life was when he turned in his fellow Jews to SS squads. Then, when they were murdered, he’d go and remove their gold teeth, and jewelry. He is disgusting, and why he or his son arent either buried in a desert or in prison, boggles the mind.

      • Judy Smith says:

        Why is this man even allowed to donate money to any party, isn’t this illegal? Is he a citizen ? Isn’t this interference in an election? There are plenty of people under him that are just as corrupt. Talk to people in Massachusetts about Warren, they Don’t like her! I’m from mass, and had to move from that state long ago.

        • Edward Snow says:

          I am from MA and proud of our political positions. I am also 83 years old and have always felt that the rest of the country would be better if it followed our example . We don’t hate, we produce.

          • Will says:

            Well, Ed ,, that has been the problem all along
            some one always thinking the rest of the country should do as they say ,, because they think they know best .. Stay back there and mind your own business ,, if you think it`s so great there ,,,, Please

        • gary says:

          Americans are honoring hitlers extermination of the Jews, but this time it is the future citizens of America, and Americans who allow it are just as bad! The anti-American democrats and their tool for it the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES ,clintons, obamas all corrupt politicians are manipulated by Soros!

  29. Soros vid azt a ven reszeges ,huje fehernepet magadal es tunj el vele eggyut ,huje mint te. I suggest to You Soros ,take that old ,drank ,liar women Warren with You ,and go whit her to the hell .

  30. Miguel Stroe says:

    Warren and Soros , a commiecrat and a KGB planted billionaire, they make a truly nauseating pair.

    • Soros was one of Hitler’s brown shirts who graduated to an SS officer. He is a true blue nazi and proud of the dems for carrying on Hitler’s legacy. Vote red all the way. No demorat must win anywhere in this country in the 2020 elections. Ever.

    • Will says:

      Don`t forget Hitlery,,,,,, Warren will need a running mate , if she gets the nomination, just watch who she picks ,, I can see the headlines already

      • ja says:

        HITLERY WILL be the dim-o-crap candidate, you watch.

        • Will says:

          What I am saying is this will be the pair up either way
          They have had meeting ,,,the two of them ,, and probably with Soros`s blessings … This will be enough to make you hurl,, just thinking about it does me

  31. Loren says:

    When will this evil entity go to hell?

    • Maynard Altizer says:

      Not soon enough BUT now we might have to deal with the evil son. I understand he is better at evil than the old blood.

  32. Gary Snyder says:

    God can’t take him soon enough. Then again, maybe its hell that doesn’t want him?

    • Mysty says:

      MO ONE WANTS HIM! HE HAS NO FRIENDS; ANYONE WHO HANGS AROUND HIM ONLY HOPES SOME OF HIS MONEY FALLS THEIR WAY. Why is that person even still alive????? Maybe there’s hope for him yet. Maybe he’ll turn from worshipping satan to seek the Lord!!! Hey, as long as there is breath, there’s hope!!!

  33. Mike says:

    He should be charged with treason as well as Obama, Hillary, comey, lynch and all the other demorats that keep trying to bring this country down!

  34. claire says:

    wow I had no idea he was soooo poor, fighting for the poor….

  35. Maynard Altizer says:

    Soros is one piece of ?human? flesh that should have been put to “rest” years ago.

  36. william trace says:

    Soros should shut the hell up, and quit breathing, he is what is tearing this Country apart, because he wants the ONE WORLD ORDER, this WWII War Criminal should die !

  37. Nonya says:

    Some One Needs To Take That Old Bastard Out Of The Picture & Bankrupt Him
    You End His Money
    & They Have No Backing
    You Kill The Demo Rat Party

    • Hillary lost, get over it says:

      Which is why I’m pretty sure he owns both parties, or why in Gods name would any same Republican not find a way to put him in prison, and take every dime he ever stole. He obviously has dirt on both sides.

  38. Helen says:

    Soros is no longer a citizen of the US. He lost his citizenship when he got it in the UK so why is he still here and dictating what he wants?

    • Because he owns the demorat party. They were bought by him just like $2 whores.

    • Valli Neal-davis says:

      Good question .money buys these treasonous trait ors they know who they are That’s exactly why we the people have to take a stand and votes evil forces out before they destroy the United States of America and its citizens.

  39. deRanger says:

    I wish someone would explain to me how a wanted war criminal managed to find a sponsor to come here and obtain citizenship. More importantly, WHO sponsored him?

    As far as I know he is still wanted in Hungary for aiding the German Nazis in persecuting HIS OWN people during WWII.

    So now he comes here and turns on his “fellow Americans”. No wonder the Democrats love the guy. He’s THEM! Every where he has gone he has caused havoc and ruin. Hungary, Britain and now here. The man is a walking hate factory!

  40. Terrie says:

    Soros is a disgusting human being! If he wants to manipulate the presidential election..take his lazy ass and run! See how many people vote for his nasty ass! The joy is that money cannot buy you George sit down and shut up!

    • Jane says:

      He is satan and needs to be thrown back in hell to do that our country needs to unite and show him the love of our country and our love for God

    • Valli Neal-davis says:

      We Americans have to get rid of this rotten anti-American terrorists. Vote these traders out . Maga2020 can’t wait.

  41. Steven says:

    When George looks into a mirror does he see his reflection? This guy is beyond scary.

  42. Dr. Harry Pairatestes says:

    Murti, your mother is a strumpet who should have spit you out of her tonsils after she got her $20.00! Take THAT, ya pultroon. 😀

  43. Mike says:

    I don’t wish for a heart attack on anyone, BUT…….

  44. William says:

    Soros is beyond evil, but the surprising thing is; all these ignorant people that follows him. It’s all about him promoting himself and making tremendous amount of money off the intellectually deficient followers. A good example of using one’s ignorance to profit from.

    • George says:

      Typical Democrat…

    • Laura Wagner says:

      He is very good at waving cash in front of the democrats. They are simply obeying the old adage of “Follow the Money.” He has paid for the government that he wants. I just wish it worked for the rest of us. If he gets his way, there will be the ultrarich (the 1/10th of 1 percent) and the rest of us will be the equivalent of serfs.

  45. John M says:

    “The puppet master”

  46. Tim Sheppersn says:

    Soros is an evil devious man not unlike some democrats. This man must be stopped.

  47. Jeff says:

    Elizabeth Warren has no chance at ever becoming president. Like a combo of Aunt Bee meets Aunt Jamima who thinks she’s a Native American really appeals to today’s voters

  48. Marcia says:

    I’m sorry but I wish Soros would drop dead!!! Then what are the dumboRATS going to do? They won’t have anyone to pay their way and tell them what to do. That party would fall apart instantly.

    • The Real M says:

      Marcia, I am right there with you! I saw the other day where the DNC has between $7 & $8 million debt outstanding! Wonder why Soros is allowing that?

      • Bruce says:

        Agree, Soros should be gone. Lucky for us his days are numbered, we just do not know how much more he has left. Now if the powers that be get rid of the rest of these insane Demonrat candidates, maybe sanity will return.

      • Scott27 says:

        Real M… trump has more than 7 or 8 million in debt to cities across the country where he’s held rallies. Why are the trumplican billionaires allowing that?

        • Dr. Harry Pairatestes says:

          Scott27, WTF you talkin bout?

          • Scott27 says:

            Harry, sometimes I get drawn into responding to ridiculous, ignorant hypocracy. I was referring to the fact cities have to spend millions for extra security for his rallies. His campaign is supposed to pay for that rather than taxpayers. He’s stiffed about eight cities now for a combined millions of dollars. Stiffing others to whom he owes money is nothing new to him.

          • Mark Hopkins says:

            @Scott. Sometimes I get drawn into responding to ridiculous, ignorant, lying communist BS hypocrisy. I’m referring to the fact cities have to millions for extra security at all the DemonRAT rallies. Their campaign is supposed to pay for that rather than taxpayers. They’ve stiffed about 50 cities now for a combined many millions of dollars, not to mention the millions owed ANTIFA for running harassment and property damage against conservatives. Stiffing everyone in the country that WORKS for a living with outrageous taxes to pay for the lazy asses and illegal aliens is nothing new to them. Few posting here have your level of idiocy Scott (thank God). Shouldn’t you be suiting up in your black garb and mask to go out and destroy people’s property and harass law abiding conservative citizens? Perhaps you’ll get your check from Sorass tomorrow if you do your terrorist job.

          • Scott27 says:

            Mark, dems pay their bills; that’s why we’ve always had lower deficits under dem administrations (quite unlike the near trillion dollar deficit we have with the current administration… but who cares, right? Conservatives use to care). Otherwise, there is so much gobbledy goop in your post…. You are apparently not even smart enough to realize how misinformed and dumb you are. That’s unfortunate for you and me.

        • Bd says:

          Hey Scott,
          I guess you’re as dumb as we thought. Thanks for sharing your insightful stupidity.

        • Tricia says:

          Perhaps you should go to Hillary’s forest and find your brain somewhere around her empty bottles of wine.
          Apparently you have lost your senses. So sad. I hope you get better some day.

        • Archangel III says:

          Hey Scott… Trumps rallies are paid for in advance… They are used as fundraisers and he is out funding all the Democrat candidates combined, according to the Securities and Exchange Commission… Loki it up… And by the way… Why are you repeating The Real M’s last comment? … You honestly didn’t think we saw that? Nice try chief…

          • Scott27 says:

            Hey Arch… I was responding to M’s last comment. WTF are you talking about? And if your dear supreme leader’s rallies are paid in advance, why are so many cities threatening to sue because they’ve been stiffed on the cost? And really, what’s wrong with your cerebral synapses?

        • Mark Hopkins says:

          You’re a true “blue” idiot Scott, The Democommunists NEVER. pay “their” bills. They pay with OUR stolen money. They “give” to the lazy, the illegal aliens and the communist countries that suck up to them with OUR stolen tax money. I’ve noticed every time DemonRATS are in control prices on everything skyrocketed, taxes increased exponentially and jobs disappeared. The deficit would begin a steady climb (which carried on for a year after Trump took office) and it takes two conservative terms to begin to fix the damage. That is unlikely to happen now as the House is packed with communists and muslims. Your posts are so full of BS and fairy tales it’s apparent you’re too stupid to find your ass with both hands. How unfortunate for you.

    • Valli Neal-davis says:

      Hopefully fade away into another country but get the he’ll out of the United States. Or worse find a hole to dig into their not fit to be in America.

    • Will says:

      Marcia,, I read that he has set his agenda ,, up for after he is dead ,, and his son will continue to run things as if he were still above ground ,, this communist crap seem to be never ending with these rich commies

      • Carol Carpenter Leonardi says:

        I agree with you, I believe he has 5 sons so it would be never ending. I don’t know why he is even allowed to be in America and I think he should be arrested.

  49. Steve says:

    Criminals love other criminals & soros is the top most evil criminal in the world today – He has committed the most evil criminal acts of anybody worldwide , the entire time since his NAZI days in WWII . Warren being supported by someone this evil should tell all what evil ilk she is totally involved with . certainly not anything you need as POTUS !

  50. Moshe Ben Hayim says:

    We pray for George Soros. He is Jewish and God is not willing for him to perish.
    If Saul of Tarsus was a murderer of Christians BEFORE he was saved and was a Apostle to the Gentiles who wrote much of the new Testament. There is hope for George IF he repents & supports Believers instead of persecuting us,

  51. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Mr Murti:
    Elisabeth Warren is nothing more than a neo-communist lying phony. If you think she’s a hero and a godsend to America then you must have the education and mentality of a third grader. You should go back to India where you belong and stay out of our politics as sooner or later it Will come back to haunt you. I wouldn’t vote for that counterfeit native American even if my life depended on it.

  52. Mark Hopkins says:

    Murti the communist moron strikes again. Murti is an educated commie and likes to write books extolling the non existent virtues of the totalitarian DemonRATS and regaling us with vegetables and the evils of eating tasty animals. All you have to do is look at the nasty crap hole Murti came from and you’ll understand why he’s the type of weirdo he is.

  53. vincent ballisty says:

    Vasu Murti sounds like a parrot reciting what fauxcohantos spouted at the last debate. She earned her nickname not because of her veracity or how she abused her fake heritage to enter Harvard. You only earned five Pinnochios for your article. (1) Most cited law professor; (2) Scholarly work is renowned; (3) Someone who has the respect of her colleagues’ (4) & (5) Tireless & effective Senator.

  54. The Real M says:

    Well, that should do it, if Soros is for Warren, every red blooded patriotic American who loves America, will not vote for that lying, far left commie, hysterical dingbat! However , she will have plenty of money to spend, Soros money!

  55. Frank Moore says:

    And, her lying and fake claims of Native American Heritage? That is not enough to reject her?

  56. Vasu Murti says:

    Elizabeth Warren. She started waiting tables at the age of thirteen, a year after her father was driven into poverty by a heart attack followed by huge medical bills. She understands what it’s like to struggle, unlike so many of our elected officials. She taught children with disabilities, and understands the importance of protecting the most vulnerable among us. She was a Harvard Law Professor for almost two decades – in fact, the only one there with tenure who had attended a public university. Her scholarly work is renowned; she is one of the most frequently cited law professors of all time. She has been an indefatigable watchdog over the capital markets for almost a decade, going back to her extraordinarily valuable work on the Congressional Oversight Panel for the federal bailout program. She created the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, even though the Senate Republicans wouldn’t let her run it. She has been a tireless and effective U.S. Senator. Who better to lead the Senate than someone who already has the respect of her colleagues? Elizabeth Warren is someone we can all get behind, whether we lean moderate or progressive.

    • Will Penny says:

      Wow , Vasu Ur Unbelievely STUPID , oh that’s right you are a communist liberal . Enough said !!

      • Mark Akerley says:

        Good one.😁

      • ABC says:

        You respond to issues with just personal insults – – – have nothing of substance in response? You don’t deal with ideas and the facts Vasu presented, and the fact that Trump was the least qualified people for the presidency in American history. it shows in all his errors, like in Syria, betraying the Kurds and being played by Kim Jong Un.

        • Mark Hopkins says:

          Well, Always Been Communist, the “substance” is well known to we conservatives. Wasting “substance” on you morons except for the comic value does absolutely no good.

          • Will Penny says:

            Thank you Mark , when dealing with simpletons everyday for 3 years or more . Why waste substance on stupidity , that’s been brainwashed . Comic relief is what keeps our sanity , while dealing with Morons each n everyday !!

        • Will says:

          Trump may not have been the most qualified ,, he is the only one that has really done what he said he would do while campaigning ,, Oh,, and as for the Syria thing ,, you must not have been on MSNBC ,, today to hear what went on Sat, 10/26/ 19 there

        • Annabel says:

          ABC: somehow I can’t see Warren dealing with China, Russia or anyone in the middle East. I still see her with a beer in her hand being surprised to see her husband enter (and leave) her kitchen.

    • George says:

      Must be a case of stupid is as stupid does….Idiots.

      Trump 2020!!!

    • Chuck says:

      You’re supposed to sip the Kool Aid, not gulp it like a Tequila shot. Warren or Chief Sh*ts-In-Own-Teepee, is a Liar first and foremost. Princess Pees-In-Depends CFPB is on the verge of being declared Unconstitutional by SCOTUS because of its broad powers and complete lack of Judicial, Legislative or Executive oversight. Her signature scholarship co-written about Medical Costs being the singular factor in the majority of bankruptcies used highly controversial statistics that other experts dismiss as erroneous. She used her false claim of Indigenous minority early and often in her early career, and sorry, but familial Tall Tales doth not evidence supply (that and her claim that her parents had to elope because of her mom’s ancestfy is an utter obfuscation).
      Her proposed legislative plans if she’s elected, would significally overburden the Middle Class of this country. Her proposed taxation of Firearms and Ammunition violates the SCOTUS decisional intent of Heller v. D.C..
      I could go on, but the point is if Warren, and the majority of the Dem Wannabe Nominees are all out of sync with mainstream Americans. If she leans anymore towards the Left, Ol’ Lieawaths’s going to capsize her canoe.

      • cathleen more says:

        Ha Ha, so true. I live in Mass and can’t stand Warren, she has lied her way to the top while claiming to struggle on her way up the ladder. How about giving up all your wealth to the poor mrs Warren?? what B S. she’s not to be trusted! TRUMP 2020

    • Tricia says:

      Can’t stop laughing at your stupidity. Good luck to you.

    • Will says:

      Some one should get behind her ,,,,, with a bat

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