Fox News made one dramatic turn on impeachment that no one saw coming

Democrats see Fox News Channel as a gauge of whether or not Republican support for President Trump will break.

And some prominent hosts on the network stand firmly in the Never-Trump column.

Now Fox News made one dramatic turn on impeachment that no one saw coming.

Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace is the one host Fox executives use to brush back the Fake News Media claims that Fox is “state TV.”

Wallace is a supposed “straight news” journalist right out of the Washington, D.C. establishment.

And in recent months, Wallace’s coverage of President Trump and impeachment was so biased and one-sided that even Rush Limbaugh slammed Fox as turning into the “Never-Trump Network.”

But on the second day of the impeachment trial Wallace pivoted to attacking Adam Schiff and the Democrats.

Wallace noted that Schiff completely lied about Mick Mulvaney’s press conference where the acting Chief of Staff told the Fake News Media to “get over it.”

Schiff falsely claimed Mulvaney meant everyone should “get over” the fact there was a quid pro quo involving Ukrainian military aid and investigating the Bidens.

Wallace noted that this was a lie.

In fact, Mulvaney made the obvious point that there was always going to be politics involved in foreign policy decisions.

Wallace is a figurehead for the Washington, D.C. establishment.

If even Chris Wallace is calling out Schiff for his lies and misstatements, the Democrats’ impeachment case is proceeding at an even more disastrous pace than anyone imagined.

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72 Responses

  1. I like Fox to a point but I have heard things that I didn’t like. They got rid of Bill O’Reilly which I liked. I DON’T like Juan Williams. Fox needs to go back like they use to be. I know we have CNN,MSNBC,ABC, Fox, but Fox does tell the truth most of the time. The rest don’t. TRUMP TV YEAH!!!

  2. Wallace is a shill for the left just like his old man was. Do not Trust him. Viper in a suit. POTUS said if he does a debate with the Democratic candidate , he wants no News media people doing the questions, I would say Especially Wallace, that hump. FOX is no longer a trustworthy Conservative station

  3. robert says:

    Wallace is a complete Idiot.

  4. Carolyn says:

    I had respect for Mike Wallace, sorry that his son doesn’t deserve the same.

  5. 32eagle says:

    Chris Wallace is a good guy and when he backs up the patriots side then that only says Trump is a great President and deserves better than Shiff lies.Talk about a weasel caught in a rodent trap-it is that weirdo Shiff an obviously extreme obscessive compulsive disorder freak.

  6. vet says:

    hey Mark…check out Hanitty ! He spends most of the show over talking guests, and when the guest get to the point he was making, Mr. H steps in . Gets a little tiring

  7. Tony Bell says:

    Most honest people know the truth when they hear it. Letting the leftist fake news media spew, works to solidify their deceit, revealed to the public. Those that fail to see it, never will since they have no moralistic foundation, otherwise they would see the lack of candor.

  8. Barry Norman says:

    Get rid of Chris Wallace. He’s not a “thinker”

  9. bob jones says:

    shut down cnn and msnbc the two biggest liars on cable news. it should be a crime to set in front of a t.v. audience and just make up a lie and spit it out with no proof. if the govt. wants to control every thing they should first look at the lying on national cable programs. it has gotten out of hand and no one seems to want to reel it in. democrats are killing them selves by just making up lies and some ignorant people will always be dumb enough to believe this nonsense.

  10. frank silveria says:

    add neil c to the nevwer Trumpers

  11. PAUL BOMBARD says:

    I went through the major networks Saturday and found ABC with George Sephanoplous (no idea how he spells his last name) during the impeachment hearings go off. He was on about 5 minutes. They cut to some child”s program for the rest. I guess they didn’t like the direction it was going. What can you say. FAKE NEWS.

  12. Mac says:

    We need a trump news channel
    Re Big Joe

  13. Since the old man turned over Fox News to the son’s and their wives, it has gone completely liberal. Even some of the conservative’s have nothing good to say about Trump, except Jessie Watters and Greg Gultfelt, and of course the conservative guest on The Five. Get rid of Wallace, Perino, Williams and a few more. I haven’t watched The Five since they fired Eric Bolling. I didn’t believe a word they said about him. Jessie is doing a great job though.

  14. Rickster says:

    Trump television . Interesting Big Joe , I would tune in. As for my daily: NEWSMAX , a true conservative news channel.

  15. PatriotSoul says:

    BigJoe, you and I agree totally on those left-wingers on FOX you pointed out. Our solution, don’t watch them. We change to One America News as soon as those loons come on. OAN is terrific and patriotic. Am sick of the lies on TV even being insinuated into other programs.

  16. Shirley says:

    Big Joe … your are 100% heads on with your assessment on Fox and “who’s who” hosts. Add to your rotten list Juan Williams, Jessica Tarlov, Marie Harf.

  17. Glenn Higgins says:

    Remember, Chris Wallace is the son of Lyin’ Mike Wallace. The apple does not fall far from the tree.

  18. Bill says:

    FOX News may not be perfect but it is one hell of a lot better than the alternatives. At least FOX News does have several reliably conservative hosts.

  19. BigJoe says:

    I’m not sure which one I dislike the most, Wallace or Napolitano. It used to be Sheppard Smith but thank God that fruitcake is gone. I heard he’s getting a spot on MSNBC where I said for a long time he belongs. He and Maddow, the two that don’t know which gender they belong to.
    There’s a few others on FOX that are questionable about where their ideology lies. One is McCallum and the other is Ed Henry. McCallum is in love with Swallwell and constantly has other democrats on and rarely goes after their false statements. Henry is basically the same. Cavuto is another one.
    I wish the Trump family would start their own network and blow the rest of them out of the water.

  20. Mark says:

    Chris Wallace is the only Fox Newsman I can’t stand to watch. He over talks his guests when they’re trying to make a point. He doesn’t let them finish their statements and he asks loaded questions that are straight off the fake news. Does Wallace really believe his Democratic party is the party he wants to align his political beliefs. I think Democrats have become treasonous by constantly lying about President Trump to have him impeached. Overthrowing a duly elected president with the help of the fake, lying and corrupt liberal media is a crime. They are conspiring against our president, accusing him of crimes he never committed and then charging him criminally to set up this impeachment scam. IT’S DISGUSTING!!!!!!

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