Fox News has this giant problem on their hands after what Donald Trump just said

Fox News is the number one rated cable news channel.

They’ve sat on that perch for 18 years.

But now Fox News has this giant problem on their hands after what Donald Trump just said.

Fox News just released their latest poll on Donald Trump’s political standing.

The survey found Trump trailing the top four Democrat Presidential contenders in a hypothetical 2020 match up.

President Trump met with reporters at his New Jersey golf club and noted that Fox News had been moving Left in recent months and that he did not believe the poll the network put out.

Politico reports:

Trump said he didn’t “believe” the poll that was published, adding: “Fox has changed. My worst polls have always been from Fox.”

He also complained about how Democrats had barred the network from hosting or televising the party’s 2020 primary debates, and then signaled a warning about the the general-election cycle.

“And I think Fox is making a big mistake,” the president said when asked about the polling and the network’s leadership. “Because, you know, I’m the one that calls the shots on that — on the really big debates.”

Polls over 400 days out from an election mean nothing.

The only reason to conduct them is to create a negative news story about the President.

It’s not journalism.

Americans expect advocacy disguised as reporting from CNN or MSNBC.

But Fox News is number one in the ratings because viewers believe they give a “fair and balanced” take on the day’s events.

There is no predictive or news value to general election polling so far out from when the actual voting takes place.

These polls are only done to fill up airtime.

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