Fox News destroyed Joe Biden with one bad poll that left Democrats running for their lives

Democrats are facing their biggest political fork in the road politically.

The Party is now staring into the abyss.

And Fox News destroyed Joe Biden with one bad poll that left Democrats running for their lives.

Democrats are debating a $1.75 trillion welfare and Green New Deal spending bill.

Inflation is running wild and this legislation will add $367 billion to the deficit and increase inflationary pressures.

Biden also created an illegal immigration crisis by opening the border.

In addition, Biden invited massive public backlash by imposing new vaccine and mask mandates, throwing America into a state of permanent pandemic.

Finally, Biden’s disastrously planned and executed withdrawal from Afghanistan shattered the myth of the 79-year-old Biden in cognitive decline as being a competent operator.

Biden’s failures continue to show up in polling data as a new Fox News survey found 54 percent of Americans disapproving of Biden’s job as President.

Even more frightening for Democrats, just 27 percent of Americans thought the $1.75 trillion welfare and Green New Deal bill would improve their lives.

More Americans – 31 percent – thought the socialist bill would make their lives worse.

Democrats in the House of Representatives took the plunge and voted to pass this bill.

From Nancy Pelosi on down, Democrats understand that this bill is political poison and will cost Democrats dearly in the upcoming elections.

But Democrats know they are going to get wiped out and don’t care because Leftists believe this massive spending bill will push America one step closer to becoming a socialist country.

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