Donald Trump learned one truth about the coronavirus that every American needed to hear

Donald Trump left Walter Reed Medical Center on Monday night.

Doctors found that the President made enough progress to discharge him.

And Donald Trump learned one truth about the coronavirus that every American needed to hear.

Upon returning to the White House after a dramatic televised helicopter ride aboard Marine One, the President filmed a special video message to the American people.

The President told the public that America has the best medical care in the world and is developing top flight therapeutics and vaccines.

President Trump also reassured the American people that they should not live in fear of the coronavirus and should understand that there are risks involved, but that society cannot close down and have people hide in their basements.

The Fake News Media erupted.

So-called “reporters” and alleged “public health experts” want to sell fear.

They want the American people living in terror of the coronavirus.

As long as people are afraid, the lockdowns and social distancing measures that keep bureaucrats and power-mad Governors in charge of every aspect of American life will remain in place.

During the Great Depression, Franklin Delano Roosevelt famously said the only thing Americans have to fear is fear itself.

Today, President Trump offers the same message of reassurance and hope.

But to the Fake News Media, it is a cause for hysteria.

That’s why at fake news CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, and other left-wing outlets, the so-called “reporters” and “medical experts” lit their hair on fire complaining about Donald Trump’s message to the nation.

A President’s job is to tell the people tough truths.

But the President isn’t supposed to fearmonger and wade into hysteria.

Donald Trump is telling the American people that coronavirus can be a serious issue, but it is one Americans can overcome.

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