Donald Trump had one run-in with a judge that is going to change everything

The Department of Justice teaming up with Obama judges in rigging the legal system against President Trump and his associates is one of the biggest stories in American politics.

And the President may have finally reached his breaking point.

Now Donald Trump had one run-in with a judge that is going to change everything.

Obama activist Judge Amy Berman Jackson – who always seems to draw the assignment to preside over trials involving Trump associates and always rules in favor of the Deep State – finally issued her sentence to Trump ally Roger Stone.

Before sentencing Stone, Judge Berman Jackson unleashed a torrent of misinformation and lies about Stone’s case.

“He was not prosecuted, as some have claimed, for standing up for the president. He was prosecuted for covering up for the president,” Judge Berman Jackson claimed.

This is just simply not true.

Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson – who contracted ex-British spy Christopher Steele to write the fake news Russia dossier testified before Congress he never met with anyone at the Justice Department until after the election.

That was not true as Simpson met with Justice Department official Bruce Ohr in August 2016.

Despite allegedly committing the exact same offense as Roger Stone, Simpson was not charged with any crimes.

Judge Berman Jackson also exaggerated the effects of Stone lying to Congress calling it “a threat to our most fundamental institutions, to the very foundation of our democracy.”

This is also not true because both the House Intelligence Committee and Robert Mueller completed their investigations and were not hampered in any way by Stone.

“The dismay and disgust at any attempt to interfere with the efforts of prosecutors and members of the judiciary to fulfill their duty should transcend party,” Judge Berman Jackson added.

Judge Berman Jackson finally issued Stone a prison sentence of 40 months, well below the 84 to 108 months requested by the Deep State goons originally prosecuting the case.

The only question left is whether President Trump pardon Roger Stone after a Democrat Judge, a group of Democrat prosecutors, and a jury led by a partisan Democrat forewoman convicted and sentenced Stone to prison.

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58 Responses

  1. domaho says:

    1-1=0 according to algebra math. so, this female terrorist judge nominated by an unknown exusurper blackyOB potus out of nowhere should declare unqualified and be disbarred. until this shadow from nowhere is vetted, her sentencing is worthless.

  2. marleen davis says:

    Pardon Stone and throw her in Jail! She is not following the law and hasn’t since she was nominated by Obuma. She is not a judge, she is an executioner. She needs to be tried for treason and sentenced to a long prison term. They say ignorance of the law is not excuse. Well ignoring of the law is not only no excuse, it is treason for a judge!!!!

  3. Bob says:


  4. Larry says:

    Judge Berman Jackson is a ANTI Trump activist and she always decides what the Democrats wants decided. She does not uphold her OATH that she swore to uphold. She needs removed from the bench and have her law license revoked

  5. holtsys says:

    Everyone convicted of made up crimes by the Mueller sharks should be pardoned. It needs to look as though it never happened because it never should have.

  6. Patriotson says:

    Remove jackson from bench.

  7. Charlene says:

    All Dems and Trump haters. The jury foreman, ran for office as a Democrat, posted nasty posts on internet about Stone and Trump and then lied and said she did not know Stone. She then put a gag order on Stone causing him to be unable to defend himself publicly.

    Jackson is a Democrat dirtbag. What jury of his peers? These left winged liberal Trump hating, America hating loonies who want to punish Trump supporters.
    As a Trump supporter, I would certainly not want to be on trial in Amy’s court room.

  8. Public_Citizen says:

    If there isn’t such a thing as “Perjury from the bench” there should be and Amy Berman Jackson should be the first one prosecuted for it.
    The record of this activist should be enough to have her removed from the bench for Judicial Malfeasance.

  9. BOB says:


  10. Gideon Rockwell says:

    Berman Jackson is part of the Coup Plot. Obama put her in place to assist his persecutors in Railroading President Trump and those associated with him when or if they get to court. She need to be brought before the Judicial Ethics Committee in the Senate. The Dems corrupt everything they get their hands on and now they have manage to weaponize the Federal Courts against their political opponents.

  11. DUANE says:


  12. carol rohr says:

    i am so sick of this attempted slander against the president.god bless the decent folks who are democrat the evil ones in government are a shame to our government. they have done othing good in the past years President Trump has been in office Its all about their rotten coming to light. they wont face that thet lost the election. thank God they did.

  13. A Fed Up Vet says:

    I think it is just amazing. A shifty s**t head can stand up before the house of reps and lie thru his teeth about what a transcript from the POTUS says. And this obummer judge can lie thru her teeth about Mr Stone. BUT, OH MY, heaven forbid that a citizen would dare lie to these a**holes. Talk about a double standard ! We need more and better conduct rules for these people we hire to work for us !

  14. Kevin Silva says:

    Lock the crook up and throw the key away. And once Trump is out of office lock his worthless ass up too. They can be bunkys

  15. Stone was found guilty of his crimes by a jury of his peers, the judge simply imposed a sentence according to the federal sentencing guidelines. trump well eventually pardon him and this gives a very negative message to those who commit a crime and have a powerful person to pardon them which means you can do anything illegal and the rule of law is compromised.

  16. Bill says:

    This case reminds me of events in some of the old western movies I like to watch. In the movies, a crowd would gather and the leader would pronounce that the person in jail would be given a fair trial and then hanged. Yep. Roger Stone got that same old railroad job.

  17. John says:

    Get rid of the corrupt DOJ’s from the obozo era

  18. Sharon Jenkins says:

    A new trial for Stone with a change in venue. If tried in the same place, one would be receiving the same judge or similar judge, therefore resulting in the same outcome. Change venue, new trial.

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