Donald Trump crushed the NFL anthem kneelers with one power move

The anti-American NFL players thought they had a fool-proof plan to embarrass the President of the United States.

But Donald Trump was having none of it.

Trump sent out one tweet that sent the anti-American NFL players running for their lives.

Trump and his White House team spent months preparing for a visit from the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles.

As of last week, the Eagles submitted a list of 80 names to receive security clearance to enter the White House.

But the week before the visit the Eagles began proposing alternate dates claiming their players were dropping out of the agreed upon June 5th date.

The makeup dates the Eagles gave were all during Trump’s trip summit with Kim Jong Un.

Finally, the Eagles informed the White House that just two or three players plus the team owner – who hates Trump – and the mascot would attend.

Trump realized the Eagles players – led by the anti-cop and anti-American flag Malcom Jenkins and Chris Long – were trying to humiliate the President.

So Trump fired off a tweet that the Eagles were disinvited and that any players who chose to stay in the lockeroom for the national anthem were just as anti-American as the unpatriotic players who knelt.

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