CNN revealed the one number that is going to put Nancy Pelosi out of a job

You know it is bad for the Democrats when CNN turns on them.

That is exactly what just happened.

And CNN revealed the one number that is going to put Nancy Pelosi out of a job.

No President in the history of polling lost more support quicker than Joe Biden.

The Real Clear Politics polling average showed Joe Biden entered office with a 55 percent approval rating and a 36 percent disapproval rating.

Fast forward 15 months, and Biden’s approval rating sunk to 41 percent, with 53 percent disapproving.

Politicians can’t lose that much support that quickly unless their base abandons them.

And that is exactly what happened to Joe Biden.

The bedrock of the Democrat Party coalition is black voters.

Democrats depend on winning 90 percent of the black vote in every election in order to have a chance at victory.

Any slippage in that number spells doom for the Left.

And black voters are abandoning the Democrat Party.

The decline in support for Democrats among black voters was so obvious that not even CNN could ignore it.

CNN polling analyst Harry Enten cited the latest Gallup poll, which was chock full of bad news for Joe Biden and the Democrats ahead of this November’s Midterm elections.

Enten noted that the poll showed the Democrats held a 62-point advantage among black voters on the question of which Party black voters wanted to see running Congress.

On the surface, that appeared to be a huge margin.

But that represented a 15-point decline from the 2020 election.

Enten also explained to viewers that Democrats leading Republicans by 62 points among black voters put them well below their historical margin of victory with black Americans.

“That seems huge,” Enten said, before adding that “when we look back at all the elections, over the last 22 years, Democrats have won black voters by 75 points or more in every single House election.”

Enten also showed that black Americans who identified as conservative dropped their support for the Democrat Party by 38 points and shifted right.

“What we’re seeing is the polarization that has hit the rest of the electorate with conservatives going towards Republicans and liberals going towards Democrats as now applying themselves to black voters,” Enten concluded.

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