Chuck Schumer was furious when MSNBC made this startling prediction

Chuck Schumer is hanging on to power by a thread.

Biden’s collapsing regime is making his life a nightmare.

And Chuck Schumer was furious when MSNBC made this startling prediction.

Chuck Schumer’s run as Senate Majority Leader has been a massive headache.

Democrats have been infighting over trying to pass Joe Biden’s radical agenda.

Biden’s disastrous regime is now polling at lows not seen since Jimmy Carter.

With the Midterm elections coming up, Senate Democrats are in an awful position.

Biden is dragging down Democrats across the board.

With only 50 Democrat Senators, Schumer can’t afford to lose a single seat.

Democrats have no margin for error and are headed into a tough election.

MSNBC has been a reliable mouthpiece for Democrats.

But Democrats’ position in the Midterms is so bad that MSNBC is hitting the panic button.

On Meet the Press, Chuck Todd warned of the danger facing Democrats.

Todd showed a graphic with NBC’s latest poll on whether Americans thought the country was on the right track.

The poll showed that 71% of Americans thought the country was headed in the wrong direction.

“65% wrong track is a bad number. 71%? That’s why it is in the shellacking category,” he explained.

Todd then presented a chart with Biden’s approval rating.

“When you start dipping below 45% (approval rating), you’ve got a problem, and you’re gonna have midterms that are in the bad-to-shellacking ratio,” Todd remarked.

“President Biden is at 40. George W. Bush was at 39% in 2006. We know how that turned out. So, you see, that’s also in shellacking territory,” he added.

Todd closed by showing the NBC poll’s generic ballot where Republicans were ahead 46% to 44%.

While this may seem close, Todd warned MSNBC’s brain-dead viewers of the danger.

“No, no, no, no, no. In national polling, it’s extremely rare, the way Democrats are packed into districts, you know, they have more than 85 percent districts and the Republicans do,” he explained.

“The bottom line is generic ballot — if the Democrats are losing, it means they’re going to get walloped. Last time in 2010, Republicans had a 2-point advantage that translated to 63 seats,” he concluded.

Todd wrapped up by saying that these numbers indicate “dangerous territory for Democrats.”

This is a five-alarm fire for Schumer if MSNBC is admitting that Democrats are in “shellacking territory.”

The corporate-controlled media is starting to panic about Democrats’ ability to hang on to control of Congress.

With Republicans only needing to pick up a single seat to take control, Schumer is in big trouble.

Nancy Pelosi is in bad shape too, with only a five-seat majority in the House.

In battleground states where Senate control will be decided, Biden’s approval rating is deeply underwater.

With more inflation and higher gas prices on the way, the situation is only going to get worse.

This will be the first of many polling headaches for Schumer as the Midterms approach.

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