Chuck Schumer just got some extremely bad news about his next election

Chuck Schumer and the rest of the Democrats are gearing up for the 2020 election.

They think that is when they will win back the White House and the Senate.

But Schumer just got some extremely bad news about that election.

Public union dues – money ripped from the paychecks of government workers – is the number one funding source for Democrats.

The Supreme Court dealt the Democrats a serious blow last year when it ruled that government unions could not force members to pay dues as a condition of employment.

The results were staggering.

In less than one year, two of the largest public unions that fund Democrat campaigns and causes lost over 90 percent of their non-member fees.

Breitbart reports:

Two powerful, left-wing public unions lost over 90 percent of non-member fees after the Supreme Court ruled against forcing non-members to pay union dues.

In other words, until June of 2018 we lived in a country where public sector workers who chose not to join their respective unions were still forced to pay union dues, which are called agency fees.

These agency fees represented 70 to 80 percent of union dues and were forcibly removed from the pay checks of public workers who wanted nothing to do with far-left unions that spend billions of dollars every year to elect Democrats.

Liberals know their ideas and causes are unpopular.

That’s why they rely on forced union dues to fund their candidates and issue advocacy groups.

Conservatives have long argued compulsory union membership is unconstitutional and un-American.

They were vindicated by the Supreme Court last year.

Depriving the left of this money could break their back in electoral politics.


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81 Responses

  1. Leo says:

    Government workers should have never been unionized. That was wrong. But when you have the dems & Union. There all in bed together. The house & senate is full of union reps. They didn’t get there with no money. They both need there money & power. Also all the wickedness they can dish out. Don’t mess with them you can get hurt.

    • Robert Jackson says:

      To me the dems are losing the unions due to their love of illegals. It’s hard for unions to compete with non-union companies when illegals work for squat. I live in Las Vegas and remember when the electrical union ran the town. Now they have the test site and downtown.

  2. miguel lucero says:

    I know, some one told him he has terminal cancer and he will be gone real soon.

  3. The Redhawk says:

    Up-Chuck the WHINING LEMMING CLOWN also got BAD news from GOLDMAN-Sacks,,,, They PREDICT another TRUMP WIN….so what loser will NYS State choose for 2020? Cuopmo or De Blasio by which to Stink up the US SENATE???

  4. N says:

    Treason is a badge of honor for the Godless NAZI Commie liberal Racist Demoncrat Party and RINOs! The party of hate, hypocrisy, lies, deception, Fake News (Russian Collusion and Jussie M hoax) the list is endless! And the clueless minions that follow them!

  5. Bruce House says:

    Crying Chuck should resign! Right along with Nancy Polosi! They don’t protect the American tax payer! They fight to keep illegal aliens in the country saying there better then Americans in their eyes! That really tells you what they really think of the American citizen! I’m really disgusted with the Dem. party when they can’t protect their own constituents! So why would anyone keep these elitist in office? They apparently don’t care about nothing but getting President Trump out of office! How sad.

  6. Carlos Sanchez says:

    If unions were so good and really looked out for their members, they wouldn’t be forcing people to join, folks would line up to do it! FL is a right to work state and the rest of the nation needs to do the same. You can keep union benefits for members only, but not force employees to join or be jobless!

    • Donna-Marie Lynch says:

      That should be the way it is but if you don’t join it the union still has to represent you if you get disciplined and you get the pay raises the union bargained for and any benefits they bargained for all for free. if you don’t want to pay you shouldn’t benefit

    • I totally agree with you. Unions were needed at one time in our history but they have played out their usefulness for the American workers, generally speaking.

      • The Real M says:

        Heidi Varnadore, AND, I totally agree with you and have been saying the exact words you used all my life!
        I hear about disgruntled union members saying they don’t get ANYTHING for their dues. Paying dues to get a retirement fund is not speaking loudly for the benefit of paying dues. We can all set up and manage our own retirement accounts and, manage it better than the union and add our union dues in it! “Big” people are adults, we need to take charge and accept responsibility for our own lives and money! I have fallen down and skinned my knees doing it but, I get up and try again!

      • Senior says:

        & Soo, ms. Heidi, i pick up ‘scraps’ from the
        ‘end of unions’ per se. WHY should Anyone
        ‘malign’ that . I was ‘forced’ To PAY. Do you get
        that? & now i can pick up a ‘dinky check.’
        You ppl Are ‘mean’ & don’t know what you’re talking
        about. good bye.

    • RogerT says:

      Unions were needed two centuries ago. However, they have replaced Big Business with Big Labor, and they have found a way to be WORSE!!!

  7. Patrick Henry says:

    Schumer and his NAZI friends need to be removed from office so America can be BETTER then ever!!! He is a SCUMBAG!!!

  8. californiasailor says:


  9. howard buckley says:


  10. Robert P McGinn says:

    No, we need her, we need her perspective on political issues.

    • David Kostos says:

      Well, please let us now when she gets a perspective other than Trump derangement syndrome or Russia, or obstruction!

  11. Marilynn Reeves says:

    No one should be forced to pay union dues. For those who do want to be union members the Union should not be able to contribute no one penny to any campaign political or otherwise.

  12. Allan says:

    Chucky is Pelosi’s puppet. He is a dam fool! How he has lasted in office this long is amazing. The people who vote for him are idiots. He is NO leader. He is a follower and a disgrace!!!

    • dick says:

      Chuckles , hopefully will have to find a job. I have no idea what he might do. Maybe he can team up with his lesbian daughter and her new wife and wright a book about being queers. maybe they could sell a few copies and support Chuckels.

      • george says:

        when are they going to investigate him and palosi face?g

      • CHUCK says:

        He wont have to find a job , he has stole enough money to support 20 families for the rest of their lives…………………………

        • The Real M says:

          CHUCK, EXACTLY! As have most people in Congress from both parties. That is why we can’t get anything accomplished. They are all too busy amassing their personal wealth! I am DAMN tired of it! Vote the RINO suckers out in 2020! VOTE STRAIGHT REPUBLICAN TICKET, NO RINO PLEASE! SAVE OUR COUNTRY!
          #walkAway to the Republican party, we want and need good Republicans!

    • Blonnlass says:

      Give your ADVICE to the DOT/FAA and the SCOTUS and ask all the Justices why all Commercial Airline Pilots have to either belong to ALPA International Union or Forced to pay to keep their Pilot’s job if their airline is contracted with ALPA’s British controlled union imbedded with the US Airlines through the manipulation and audacity of the Railroad Labor Act violating all commercial airline pilots FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT despite the fact that Pilots are subjected to all FAA tegulations through certification, every six months physical exams by licensed M.D. The RLA includes thd restrictions apply to all British Commonwealth countries even though the British Airlines is headquartered in Madrid, the Spanish Tax Sanctuary City for Tax Avoidancd but registered at Heathrow until BREXIT fails to MAKE a DEAL!

    • John Harmon says:

      It gets worse. Look at what else New York sends to Congress

    • Carlos Sanchez says:

      New F****** York, any questions?

  13. libra says:

    Why do we even have unions for Government employees? It is a life time job with little chance of a lay-off or firing. Government union employees earn considerably more than employees working in the private sector to the tune of about 40 % more . When FDR permitted the union movement to go forward, he specifically exempted gov. workers because of their stable, cushy jobs and benefits.. I am sure Teddy Kennedy had a big hand in unionizing gov. employees. At election time gov. employees were coerced to donate to elections of the demomarxists campaigns even though it has been outlawed –it still goes on.. Union dues in the private sectors have gone sky high and it is to grease the demomarxists. As far as I am concerned–it is union and political extortion.. I am so glad that unions now have to pay to collect their dues and now the courts have ruled union membership is optional.

    • Senior says:

      I Agree W/ FDR. Exempt Gov Unions.
      ‘The Right to Work Act’ IN A ‘union’ job
      Has some merit , i suppose, for Those that
      do not wish to cough it up & ‘manage their
      budget’. NO PENSION. As i said earlier post,
      Was ‘forced’ to ‘unionize’ 0r No jobbee. I
      coughed it up ( Way less expensive Now).
      I became P0’d major league when Union was
      throwing a Ton $ to Bill Clinton Campaign. I Almost
      ‘invoked’ The ‘Beck Law ‘( i think , but forgot,now),
      which would put a ‘damper’ 0n Huge ‘political contrib’s
      w/My & Ev’0nes $$$. Most ppl Did NOT Even KNOW
      re ‘The Beck Law ‘ that was put into place & to be used.
      Since ‘Right to Work Act’, that
      KrAAp has settled Way Down. Dues ‘Cheap’ (Teamsters)
      NOW. & GLAD have a pittance PENSION coming up shortly
      & will sure help out a lot w/SS. Still poor tho, but Way Better
      than NOTHING.
      > It may be highly unlikely (in this day/age/lifestyle) that the
      ‘Right to Work’ ppl IN a ‘union job’, may have NOT ‘set up’
      an ‘Investment Plan’ ON THEIR OWN. uh-oh.
      So in ‘cheap dues’ Depending the Local #
      the Union Invested For you. Paying ‘consultants’ for a Portfolio
      Is More Expensive W/ TAX. Well the Roth IRA is diff, & don’t
      the Law on that now. I Never WAS ‘pro union’ . & not that i am now, But will Certainly reap a Pension. Thank you for reading.

      • Ron says:

        You can give a unionist a fish. And he eats for a day. Teach a unionist (comjnist) how to fish and he will feed bimself only and drink beer the rest of bis life.

        • Senior says:

          You are Rude. & Did Not comprehend my comm.
          Read Again. I SAID: ‘forced’ to join LATE in LIFE’
          Got that? & i do Not drink beer’. But it looks like
          You are ‘drinking Now’.
          Your spelling Is terrible. Ex: ‘bimself” / himself.
          “bis life” / his life. I Am Not a “bim” or a “bis”.
          > You sound like ‘welfare’ . Unions outdated Now.
          & you were Too DUMB to join then.
          > Chuck, you read this as well. you 2, “Bis”/”bim”
          seem quite Ignorant.

      • CHUCK says:

        If they dont get their money from unions they will get it from George SOREASS or someone simalier …

    • Robert says:

      Sorry, Libra, but if you are referring to Federal Employees, we do not get paid a lot more than private sector employees doing similar jobs. We are mostly professionals working on salary, with large deductions for retirement and health insurance, among others. High-end people get a lot less than private sector, but lower level employees do get somewhat better salaries than the norm. I am also a union member, and I believe not one cent of dues should go to politicians of any stripe.

  14. Thomas Goss says:

    Schumer and ALL democrats are worthless ASSHOLES in my opinion. SCREW THEM ALL….

  15. Thomas Goss says:

    I live and vote in up state New York and I wouldn’t vote for ANY democrat even if you put a gun to y head…. I HATE THEM ALL.

    • Pamela says:

      Thomas Goss, we also live in Upstate NY near Lake Ontario and we wouldn’t vote for ANY DEMORAT either. They just aren’t American and what they are doing is ruining our country along with the GD illegals. I just wish President Trump would not let them into our country and send their asses back to where they came from. I don’t believe in these Sanctuary cities. Before you know it, they will be all over our country. I don’t think our tax dollars should have to support these illegals at all. Do you think any of these illegals would go to war along with our citizens to PROTECT OUR COUNTRY? I want our tax money to help our own citizens that are having a difficult time in life, NOT ILLEGALS.

      • bucktail says:

        unless you NY natives do something about the illegal voting in NYC assholes like /Schumer will keep getting elected

      • John says:

        I once ask a mexican atwork if a war broke out would he fight for America ? he said no, he would leave and go to mexico. A legal American Mexican said this.

  16. Terry Bell says:

    Get rid of the evil ugly witch Nancy PISSalocie AND Shummer !

  17. John J says:

    They should also receive NO representation from the union

  18. why would anyone vote for a high level Democrat, that is just like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders!!!!!

  19. Johnny says:

    I Love it !

    The lying, corrupt, evil, murdering, embezzling, again lying demo rats and all of the deep state who have stolen billions and billions over the years :

    The corruption is so horrible and it’s all coming back to them and they are all going down

    Starting with Comey, McCabe, Brennan, Clapper, Strzok Clinton, Lynch

    Etc. etc. I’m so excited !!

  20. Senior says:

    Wellll. In ‘late life jobbee’. Was ‘forced’ to join Union.
    Paid dues. & Now ‘glad’ to (‘pick up potato chip ‘scraps’)
    Sometimes, IN aging yrs. ‘a pension’ Is Good.
    IF Not ‘wealthy’ – Invest a few $ wisely w/out being
    ‘taxed’ to the hilt, when Time comes.

  21. Pete says:

    Unions heads have lost sight of the rank and file members. Union political financial support at the top supercedes the health, pension and welfare benefits for members. HPW funds are declining, directly or indirectly because of being put into political causes. It’s a shame, as most unions had wonderful benefits many years ago. Again rank and file loses.

  22. bagster53 says:

    the worst thing they ever did was let public workers have a union , seiu run by a 60’s home grown terrorist , and obomas closest friend

    • Senior says:

      see SR. comm. Above. i have ‘scraps’ from seiu & glad of it.
      Although, i Do ‘understand’ ( Union type KraaP ‘stuff’)
      >Have Never been a ‘Union’
      person, My Whole life Until Late in Life.
      thnx seiu. i paid for it.

  23. Susan Montgomery says:

    Well, THAT cut OFF the HEFFER’S teats! It’s been a GLORIOUS week for this ???? TEABAGGER PATRIOTIC DEPLORABLE!!
    Cannot wait to see the trials…

  24. Dewey Bowser says:

    Democrats deserve every bit pain, I hope to see Democrat go under all way .. nothing but bunch sick perverted creeps that want to destroy America any way possible

  25. Kathe says:

    Thank heavens one does not have to pay Union Dues when one does not belong to the Union or forced to belong to the Union. It is the same set-up I see for my tax monies to go to PBS as why is the Government giving them money. They are a Network, like CBS, NBC, ABC where commercials pay their way to Broadcast. PBS has viewer donations, commercials, Foundations, along with Government paying their way to Broadcast. I do not think that is right either. Why haven’t the other NetWorks complained, or have they?

  26. Bill says:

    One simple fact: The Dhimmicratic party is going to be gutted in the 2020 election.

  27. Donald Congleton says:


  28. Deplorable Lanie says:

    Unions should not be able to donate millions to a specific person. That is what limitations are for but of course, Democrats learn how to get around them at the expense of the little guy that they supposedly represent. It is pathetic and devious.

    • vistacharlie says:

      Unions should not be able to give union dues to a person, political party or even a non profit. Non profit organizations have been used to fund political parties who decide what wacko candidate they want. Let say a non profit is named “save the whales”, they may have been formed just for political purposes. they then donate the money to a political party or candidate saying he will save the whales. The dues should be used directly for the union members fighting for wages and benefits. giving it to political parties to increase taxes and reduce benefits for working people is a betrayal.

  29. The Real M says:

    So glad people who do not want to participate in the Union don’t have to pay dues any longer, this decision was way over due! Especially knowing, the vast majority of the dues go to support the Democrat party. That is just another form of taking a person’s freedom away which, as we all know, the Dems excel at, controlling and taking freedom away!

    • Senior says:

      Most ppl that Do Not ‘pay dues’ In a ‘union type jobbe’,
      under the ‘Right to Work Act’
      Screw themselves, (from ‘pension’) UNLESS they put $ Aside, Somewhere Else, 0f which, Most Do Not.
      Certainly a ‘Choice’. hmmm. TAKE ‘PENSION”
      While ‘it’ Lasts. that’s all.

  30. Robert Higginbotham says:

    There is no logical reason for government unions to exist. They have no relevancy, cannot strike and otherwise have no clout. All they are, as the article pointed out, is a source of funding for the democrats. I also continually wonder why anyone would join such an impotent organization.

  31. Terry says:

    Contributions should come strictly from the constituates they will represent but should be limit to an amount not to exceed the salary of the office they are elected to hold. That would force most of the life politicians to seeks employment elsewhere but then who would be stupid enough to hire them.

  32. Greg says:

    It’s been a tough month for the lefties. Bless their heart. I have long been of the opinion that the Democrat party could not survive under the rule of law nor the rule of order were it not for the procedural shenanigans for which they are so famous, and the coverage of a willingly duplicitous media. The indoctrination of our young through the dumbing down of the educational system at the expense of the taxpayer ( including their administration of college loans). I will take personal pleasure when the upcoming indictments are handed down on the many conspirators of the attempted coup against our president. They smack of good old fashioned TREASON. I think it is WAY PASSED TIME that the true guilty parties are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The left has a clear attempt for the Constitution, as well as the rule of law. Like recalcitrant children, the Democrat party views the law as a tool to use against their political adversaries, but magically exempt themselves from any and all consequences.

  33. Bing says:

    That’s what these demo-commie bastards do spend other peoples money. Sorriest pieces of dung ever. VOTE THEIR ASS OUT.

    • Mary says:

      I agree 100%, they all need to go, they have been lying, cheating, they are Freedom haters. they finally got their due.

      • kathy says:


  34. Betty Hicks says:

    i think people running for office should not be able to take any money from outside their district that they are going to try to get elected to represent. no more funny money.

  35. Karin says:

    Any contributions to a political party should be at the discretion of the donator. And not be a forced donation due to a membership in a union, organization, or entity of any kind.

  36. Nathan Paris says:

    It’s about time! No one should have the ability to purchase a seat in The House or Senate. Get there on what “You can do for your country”. Someone said that about sixty years ago. On a personal note, I think many of you have done enough damage to this country and if you had a conscience, who would without regret, resign. But that will never happen because none of you have a conscience! It’s up to The People Of The United States Of America to throw these knuckle-heads out of office! VOTE RESPONSIBLY!!!

  37. Jim says:

    I’ve been around his entire political career and I can tell you he is a disgrace to the country. To say he has done nothing is a understatement. The only people that cherish him are the illegals that come in the country and collect everything free ,with that being said he will always be elected.

  38. Rodney says:

    The gig is up Dimwit Liberals. Perhaps now you will be forced to campaign on IDEAS, not just out spent their opponents.

  39. Mike says:

    That’s ALL the democrats are good at, taking hard earned money from the American people!
    The idea of forcing people to pay union dues is a form of extortion and robbery. The democrats should be prosecuted and sent to prison.

  40. I have lived in upstate ny all my life rochester as a matter of fact , i have heard seen watched mr schumer most if not all my adult life , so far its been 50 some years, mr schumer is not a leader, look at his body english when around pelosi, he is nothing but a state senater and an activist and will do anything right or wrong to get what he wants, how he became a minority leader i have no idea,he has and mimics the long arcinest mr reid and following his lead, for a long time i did not have a political party , thats 50 some years maily i coulnt because of age at the time back then 18/21 way the law. the only thinh schumer is good atis trying to be a lifer politican, he has never held a basic employment and has no idea what a job is really like to a growing kid and or up coming parent. look at his track record since becoming a minority leader, not one thing has he done to advance the country just to be a obstructionist and an arconist. to defi the president and follow behind the democratic idiology .

    • jlogan says:

      hopefully the people will get smart and vote him out the next election, a lot of people go into the booth and simply vote for a name they recognize instead of what they have done

    • Pat says:

      That sounds like Bernie in several ways. He lived off of three women and welfare until his mid’ forties. He married a fourth time and. finally, at the age of 53, he got a full time “job” as a congressman. That’s all he’s done since. As a congressman, he authored close to 400 Bill’s, only three of which were passed. Two of those were bills to rename post offices. The scary part is that the clown thinks he’s qualified to be our President!

  41. Steff says:

    LMAO. The corrupt liberals have for years forced people to pay union dues even though they were non-members in order to maintain their jobs. Now with the Supreme Court ruling (conservative) these struggling people no longer have their hard earned dollars ripped from their paychecks by forcible deduction. TOO BAD SO SAD……NOT!

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