Bill Clinton asked one question that left every American red with rage

Democrats celebrated the tragedies in El Paso and Dayton as a chance to go on offense.

But in their rush to exploit these horrific events for political gain, the party crossed an unthinkable line.

And then Bill Clinton asked one question that left every American red with rage.

Democrats believe in never letting a crisis go to waste.

That is especially true after every mass shooting.

Democrats and their allies in the fake news media love these events because they put Republicans on the defensive.

But Democrats risk looking overly political.

And that’s exactly what happened when Bill Clinton took to social media to demand Congress ban so-called “assault weapons.”

Breitbart reports:

Former President Bill Clinton took it a step further and renewed calls for an “assault weapons” ban, despite the fact that the 1994 ban did not have any tangible effect.

“How many more people have to die before we reinstate the assault weapons ban & the limit on high-capacity magazines & pass universal background checks?” Clinton asked.

“After they passed in 1994, there was a big drop in mass shooting deaths,” he claimed. “When the ban expired, they rose again. We must act now.”

The victims’ families haven’t even buried all their dead and former president Clinton and many Democrats are looking to exploit their loss for political gain.

This path proved to be politically disastrous for Democrats in the past.

After Bill Clinton rammed a 1994 so-called “assault weapons” ban through Congress, and after Barack Obama failed to impose a national gun registration database in 2013, voters punished Democrats in the next election for trying to turn a tragedy into political victory.

With the 2020 election 15 months away, Democrats could be walking into another political buzzsaw by following Clinton’s push for new gun bans.


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123 Responses

  1. L. Shamus McQuade says:

    Chester the Molester stated……“After they passed in 1994, there was a big drop in mass shooting deaths,” he claimed. “When the ban expired, they rose again. We must act now.”…It is all BS. The facts remain that their was an INCREASE in mass shootings, most of which came form registered Democrats with prescription DRUG problems that twisted their already neurotic brains into killing other people, whether it be guns, poison, a bomb ….it is not the guns, poison or bomb but what lies in a persons heart and mind toward others…..In essence the democrats blame their fork for making them FAT

  2. Km says:

    Hey bill, let’s talk about banning assault weapons after we talk first about banning all rapi-ts, pedoph-les, and sexu-l perver-s, from holding government jobs.

  3. KB says:

    None of these”laws” have made one bit of difference stopping mass murderers! Guns are not the problem!

  4. mlhtd51 says:

    NO Gun Law Would Have STOPPED this SHOOTER. “GUNS” are Not the Problem, Mentally SICK and Deranged Individuals who are on DRUGS, whether they are Prescribed or Not are the PROBLEM. A “GUN FREE ZONE” is Nothing but a Killing Zone Because LAW ABIDING Individuals Leave Their Guns in Their Vehicle. 98% of Public Mass Shootings occur in “GUN-FREE ZONES”.

  5. an says:

    Clinton should shut up………How many women have to be sexually assaulted before Clinton’s “”weapon”” is removed?????

    • Master gunny sgt USMC RETIRED says:

      Lying billneefs to get his fscts stright. More people are killed with small caliber ha nd guns and rifles and knifes than large caliber guns. ( I didnot ha ve sexual relations with thst woman) a ball face l pants on fire lyl. His pant s had a auto zipper. SEMPER FI USMC RETIRED

  6. Mike Flanagan says:

    It’s the Leftist liberals that have cause society to be systematically dumped in the Crapper by their banning of God Prayer denseness accountability and caused the demise of the Black Family and replaced society with Homosexuals transvestites baby killing and made it ok to have babies for a check on welfare.

  7. Colleen La Rose says:

    Sorry, this is off subject, but have you all seen this other site called “libertywip”??
    I accidently ran into it & it is a great site. I highly recommended to check it out.
    & before you trolls run your mouth, NO I am not profiting for recommending this site.

  8. Mb says:

    Clinton’s need to be silence along with Obama and the leftist…they do not deserve their free speech.if they are against for the rest of us…maybe they need to really taste their own medicine…seriously!

  9. Hanna Byrd says:

    Seems like every time Clinton and other “politicians” get into to trouble mass shootings happen! ?? His close ties to the Epstein ,and the rich pedo
    being in jail, plus the multiple trips to the “island” is stirring up “collateral” damage control?! ??? Not talking about the depraved politicians anymore are we!? Wake up America I personally think there is more to all the shootings besides a misguided? Mentally ill or pissed off but job. Are we considered collateral damage by the so called entitled??

    • Dora says:

      Maybe the shooter was one the young boys the pedos abused and he was going to get even AND IT DIDN’T MATTER WHO, WHAT, WHERE HE WAS MAD of what happen to him.

  10. vinnie says:

    Bill Clinton is an “Assault Weapon” “Sexual Assault”

  11. Maybe you could get by now with a 22 rifle. But if that is all anyone had available just after Pearl Harbor, do you think it would have scared the Japanese so much they would have given up invading the west coast of US?????
    Their general, who went to school here, told them them that the people here were armed and it wouldn’t just be a fight against an army, they would have the whole population to fight back. And we were not invaded.
    That’s MyNickelsWorth

    • 2004done says:

      Robert Nichols: Well, obviously leftists (Dems and RINOs) believe they have unarmed the urban centers enough, because the cities have ALREADY been successfully invaded without resistance. It’s those !#$%^& rural hicks with God, guns, and the non-annotated, well-read, original Constitution that are the real targets of false flag psychos.

  12. John says:

    It would appear that his propensity for alcohol and loose sexual proclivities has damaged his brain cells to the place he cannot remember the results of his former “assault weapons” ban. Understand what he obviously does not: anything used to assault another person by definition would be an assault weapon. That could be your fist, an automobile, a knife, ball bat, tire iron, pitchfork, etc.

  13. Mike Oxbig says:

    Hitlery Clitless and her rapist husband are murderers who have their enemies killed by mysterious means. They are the lowest scum on earth along with every other democrat politician. Fu*k them in hell forever!

  14. SORAYA says:


    • 2004done says:

      (WW ex-pres do?) They would STFU , like bush did for his fellow globalists clinton and obamao, but not do for ONF (“Our-Nation-First”) President Trump

  15. Bender says:

    Democrats celebrated the tragedy? You stupid evil fuxxs are all white supremacists mass murders. Your guns are more important than my children F U. The only reason your anti abortion is it takes away children for you to abuse and put in cages. You can’t hide behind god anymore you have all proven how evil you are.

    • Eileen Ross says:

      Oh my, Bender, you poor one! You have the libtard disease.

    • robert daniel flannery says:

      you off your medication, red flag violation,

    • robert daniel flannery says:

      bender, your a red flag violator, i am sorry i must report your deranged posts, in hope your not a gun owner, becuse under new democrat red flag laws police will be coming to seize your guns, now brearh deep and relax, think of a happy place, i will pray for you, go hang out in a abortion clinic parking lot

    • Earl says:

      Spoken like a true Hillary supporter and people that cross her end up shooting themselves in the back of their head

    • Pat says:

      You have just given us more proof of the hateful rhetoric from the left that’s causing the problems in our nation right now.

      We will never stop worshiping our Creator and living by His word. We do not “hide” behind Him.

  16. Terry says:

    Maybe some of you have a gun that does tricks but I guess mine is a dud. I keep telling it to do flips buy it just lays there. It does nothing until I pick it up ????. People kill people, 9/11 killed some 3000 people and NO gun was used!!!! It’s a ❤️ problem, too much HATE.

    • Eileen Ross says:

      I agree with you Terry. Plus, I think we can add greed to too much hate. The left wants to take America down so they will rule over us for their own power and wealth.

  17. HalKeebler says:

    The 2nd Amendment gives us (our nation of peoples) the following abilities: To protect our person, our family, one another, our community, our county, our state, our nation, our sovereignty. Against our government(s), municipal, county, state, federal. And any or all other nations or entities. (Invaders, acts of war). An armed free peoples are much likelier to prevale in remaining a free people in this manner than all other systems. History proves this. The entities that are now trying to disarm us know these truths. Their end game is to bring down this nation of free peoples, and place them back into slavery and serfdom. Its that simple. This means another truth is evident: they have all chosen to commit high treason against us as all as a nation, period. The written law provides the death penalty for this magnitude of crime. I suggest as a free people, if we want to continue to be a free people, to demand this from our government(s). If they will not hear us, then we, as the fourth balance of power, have a choice to make. Considering the magnitude of that choice, let us all pray that our chosen leaders act with appropriate wisdom to not collapse the whole of this earth into chaos. For if this nation falls, all the others will quickly fall after us.

    • Mike G says:

      Well, if you look at what you wrote, I have to ask a couple of questions! Did you serve in the military? When the constitution was written, the arms that was used back the is not what is preferred today! That being said, I have no reason to take any ones right to bear arms, I do not recollect reading that there were multi round weapons back then. So the multi round weapon came to be for the military! It would be insane to hunt with a machines gun, it was design to kill the enemy, so to speak. The reason our government doesn’t consider doing something like what you are suggesting, is because on the other side of the fence, we have individuals that feel everyone can be fixed, even though someone just slaughtered a group of people! They feel rehabilitation is the answer. Why do some individuals stockpile weapons and ammo, I have no clue, same as owning 100’s of guns, fascination still don’t know, even to a point as to have food on the table or the gun. Anyway, some individuals take freedom to bear arms to a whole new meaning! Also. praying for something has never worked and never will either, hoping gives you at least a 50/50 chance! I noticed you hadn’t mention. mental illness, because usually that comes out when you have shooting as just happened, NO, they knew exactly what they were doing, could even be a death by cop, syndrome, Did agree with most of what you wrote, thanks for addressing the matter!

      • 2004done says:

        Mike G: For someone who said “Did agree with most of what you wrote,” you were able to list most of leftist BS anti-2A talking points, I’d hate to see what would be written if you were honestly-overt anti-gun, anti-2A, but I’ve noticed subversion is preferred by the left. (by the way, my land-line telephone enables my freedom of speech from 1791 – I’m sure that comes as a shock to you)

    • Michael Horst says:


  18. Amy says:

    When will the Clintons just die and leave everyone alone?

    • Terry says:

      And the Obama’s!!

    • thank GOD she didn’t win . they are both good at stealing , Now that she is out of office no one is interested in them and the donations have just about ended. What does that tell you America? tells me she sold out our country

      • Colleen La Rose says:

        You must be my long lost brother from another mother…LOL.
        As for hellory, she’s in for a long bumpy ride, the wheels of justice are (finally) spinning, & she’s in for a rude awakening

    • robert daniel flannery says:

      only the good die young, the clintons will live forever, and i am glad, can u imagine how mad bill is that he has to crawl into bed next to the hill da beast, while Pres Trump has that fine gorgeous wife,,,,lol

    • Mike G says:

      You feel that way also!!?? They only show up and make a commit which means exactly nothing to show they are still alive and still scamming the people!!

    • Jimmie Chesser says:

      Amen on the Clintons and Obama’s they are the past and that is where they belong in the past.

    • Christine says:

      True, I know of one person really, really happy with the Clintons. Monica’s big lips put $3 million in her empty bank account; and Hillary saw red flames when Billy was caught with his pants down….

  19. USA Maid says:

    A gun is an inanimate object. Guns don’t kill people; people kill people. I own three guns and have never killed anyone. Why? I’m mentally stable. The HIPAA laws prevent gunshop owners from having a list of people to whom guns should not be sold. People receiving mental health counseling would be members of that list. We made a huge mistake when we closed the mental institutions in 1955. Now they walk among us and we never know who they are until they crack. For many, that is too late. We are so good in so many things in the USA, but we have failed here. And we don’t need assault weapons to protect ourselves. We banned bump stocks after the Las Vegas massacre (another deranged person), and we should ban assault rifles. I simple 22-caliber handgun will do the trick.

    • Terry says:

      Exactly, I keep telling mine to do flips and it just lays there!!

    • robert daniel flannery says:

      i remember when the demented democrats were telling us our SUVs were killing people, they just had a mind of their own, started up and went out on the highway and caused accidents, yet we trained our SUVs to obey the law, i wonder if we can talk to our weapons and tell them not to go off and kill people

    • Mysty says:

      You brought up the Las Vegas massacre…there is STILL a huge mystery about that whole thing… they put a lockdown on the reports, surrounded the incident with mumbo-jumbo that said nothing & we don’t even hear anything about it anymore. So much other garbage in the news since then. We will probably NEVER know what all that secrecy was all about. What happened to the victims, the wounded, the families??? I remember when th3 authorities sealed up the entire scene where the ‘shooter’ was all of a sudden! Then, basically a gag order on EVERYONE IN THE WHOLE AREA.

  20. Randy Bell says:

    Why is he even pushing gun control the Clintons and their mobs have killed more people than anyone else everyone that tries to testify against them wind up dead their mobs and body guards have guns are they going to take them away no and the Clintons and Obama supplied guns to terrorists and then let them into our country we now have terrorists training camps in our country so who started those and they want to take American citizens guns why are the Clintons and Obama even still walking free after all the crimes they have committed let’s get a answer to that question

    • Christel Mahler-Wolf says:

      Couldn’t have sad it better myself.

    • robert daniel flannery says:

      apparently the progressive liberal communist loving mob that were outside Senate Majority leader Mcconnell house want to stab him in his heart, i think we need lunatic democrat control,,like strong medication for these losers..These losers should be outside hillarys house, she is the one who lost to trump,,,,

    • Mysty says:

      Very good questions!!! And, not only are there no answers forthcoming, obamy fixed it so he & clanton (not sure about present & future presidents having the same ‘privilege’) will have fully armed, 24×7, full protection from S.Service for them & their families till their deaths. So how much does anyone guess THAT costs EVERY SINGLE TAXPAYER and will continue to do so WELL INTO THE FUTURE!!!

  21. Eva12 says:

    Have we not had universal background checks for years? Where do we not have them? My 2 times to witness a purchase required background check, in different stawtes.

  22. Eva12 says:

    Have we not had universal background checks for years? Where do we not have them? My 2 times to witness a purchase required background check, in different states.

  23. xtinmover says:

    IT IS NOT THE INANIMATE OJECT THAT CAUSES THE PROBLEM. And everybody knows this! Do we put the weapon on trial and jail it if found guilty. NO ! Who is doing these things: mostly Democrats. Bernie Sanders supporters (attack on Republican ball players in Washington DC) Elizabeth Warren supporters (mass shooting in Dayton OH), Jay Inslee supporters (environmental outrage), etc., etc. Loaners on the internet who can’t relate to real people.

  24. Ronald Sanders says:

    Just another attempt to pass another law stating the same thing that already exist on the book. We see how good that law is already working. The dems need to stop spreading their messages of hate (ie. Maxine Watters in particular) as they/it are the cause of the mass shooting The are the blam but do not want to take the responsibility for their hate actions,.

  25. Justin Case says:

    Do we ban hammers they can be an assault weapon?
    Do we ban automobiles and trucks they can be assault weapons.
    And the list goes on.
    Once the demo. politicians say ban “Assault Weapons” that means they can ban anything they deem a weapon. There will be no end to it.
    We need to ban idiots in the school, college, and congress.

  26. STANLEY SAWYER says:

    People please read and understand the 2nd amendment. It clearly states we can carry any weapon the government carries. It is our right regardless of the Supreme court! So we are prepared to overthrow a unjust and over powerful government.

    • Sarah says:

      Stanley, you have a deeper truth hear than is written in your statement. I agree completely.
      These “progressive communist party” wants to disarm the people so that the people can’t protect this country from the government- thus committing the people to slavery.

    • Mysty says:

      Geez… I don’t know where to buy bazookas, flame throwers (my personal favorite), hand grenades, you know, all the ‘fun toys’…
      Flame throwers are just SO COOL…when you live in the country, there’s LOTS of areas that need cleaning out…a flame thrower would be perfect for that!!!

  27. Veteran says:

    Vasu you can print all the BS you want but most of these accidents with these children and grown up could be stopped with training I’ve raised my children to always treat a gun like its loaded and never point it at anyone from the time they were 4 years old they know what’s right with guns you should try it

  28. David Kennedy says:

    Who is this clinton, and why is he speaking? He was a joke as a president, and he is a bigger joke now. He should stick to bjs, that is the only thing that he seems to be good at. Seducing young girls.

    • trebor says:

      He has time to speak out now as his pedophile bunkmate is grounded. He has no way to get to the iSLAND OF PLEASURE.

    • Mysty says:

      Good heavens, who on earth would actually WANT to go to bed with that alcoholic (nose veins/bloodshot eyes/parading on a public street with your stuff hanging out), old washed up man??? Gads, I can’t even imagine him naked…when I START to think about what those poor little girls were forced into, my stomach revolts.
      Why can’t the clantons & the obamys JUST GO AWAY, SHUT UP, AND DISAPPEAR INTO OBLIVION????????

  29. Leftshot says:

    Once again, Clinton lied. It was the Clinton Administration that concluded the ‘assault’ gun ban did not work. The reduction in gun-related murders started long before this ban and was unaffected by the ban. That’s the official conclusion of the Clinton Administration.

  30. Randall clark says:


  31. Dan Winright says:

    This should keep everyone’s attention off EPSTEIN.

    • Bob says:

      Yeah, until someone can sneak in and suicide him.

    • Colleen La Rose says:

      You are spot on! It’s like the matador waving the red flag at the bull, it enrages the bull to go after it, if the bull just went around the red thing then the matador would be irrelevant.

  32. 2WarAbnVet says:

    Illegal aliens are responsible for 25-30% of ALL crime in our country, yet DemocRATs steadfastly refuse to do anything to curb illegal immigration.
    They focus, instead on disarming law-abiding Americans; making them powerless against both criminals and overreaching government.

    • Linda says:

      Their illegal votes are more important to D-Rats than American lives. They keep hauling more and more of them in for us WORKING Americans to support. They should be required to Know English and have Skills before allowed to enter America, or we will have to support them all for generations. We need to stop this mess the Dems created by paying all these illegals to come here and demand their ‘rights’.

  33. DonRS says:

    Democrats are so irrational and illogical!

    1. Automobiles kill more people every year than do guns, we properly punish bad drivers rather than auto manufacturers.
    2. Hammers kill more people every year than do guns, we properly punish the wielder of the hammer not the manufacturer of hammers.
    3. Opioids kill more people every year than do guns. Opioids, widely known to be rapidly addictive, can only be purchased after a DOCTOR PRESCRIBES THEM or if obtained illegally. No one forces anyone to use opioids and their danger is constantly publicized. Illogically, neither the doctors nor the buyers are punished, but now the libs are trying to punish the manufacturers.
    4. Cigarettes have been known to be addictive, FOREVER. But illogically, users aren’t punished, rather the manufacturers are punished and governments get more money to spend, foolishly. 30 million people still smoke cigarettes.
    5. Illegal recreational drugs kill more people every year that do guns. Illogical Libs try to punish the suppliers, not those demanding and using illegal drugs, to attempt to fix the problem (how has that worked out for the past 50 years?
    6. Guns, themselves, NEVER shoot anyone. It is the user that shoots the gun. Why is that so hard to understand? Last year 180 million owners of 300 million guns shot NO ONE! But a very small number of NUT cases did use a gun to shoot a very small number of people! By the way, the Constitution did not limit guns for the purpose of hunting. The purpose was to hold in check the power of government.

    As I said, Democrats are such IRRATIONAL and ILLOGICAL PEOPLE!

  34. Kyle Wilson says:

    This is from the President who gave the green light to Janet Reno to slaughter 80 men, women and children at The Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas. All they had to do was arrest Koresh on one of his multiple daily visit into town to avoid this massacre.

  35. dlmstl says:

    Sage advice from the Horny Hick.! With Epstein in jail and now being confined with the Hunchback of Chappaqua, what else can he do?

    Also, happened to catch a video of Hillary and Chelsea chatting about women’s issues.
    They had Hillary plopped down on a sofa wearing some type of flowing tunic or smock in an attempt to minimize her ever expanding midsection. Words like corpulant and dumpling came to mind. Imagine the visual anguish when BJ happens to see her emerge from the shower! Oh, those glorious times with Monica!

  36. Bruce Pestell says:

    How many more Americans have to die by the hand of illegal aliens? How many Americans have to be assaulted and robed by illegal aliens before the democrats agree to secure the border and change the immigration law.

    • Ranger says:

      Want to reduce gun violence by 80%? Keep all guns out of the hands of democrats.

    • Linda says:

      Their illegal votes are more important to D-Rats than American lives. They keep hauling more and more of them in for us WORKING Americans to support. They should be required to Know English and have Skills before allowed to enter America, or we will have to support them all for generations. We need to stop this mess the Dems created by paying all these illegals to come here and demand their ‘rights’.

  37. Alan says:

    We don’t ban opiods and they kill legally. We don’t ban cars they kill more than guns. We have lost focus and it is about greed and money. Inforce gun safety, trigger locks and gun safes. More laws only effect people trying to buy guns legally. Will we ban knives, fertilizer and cell phones. Wake up VOTE.

  38. Dave Veselenak says:

    Listen “Hill-Billy” rapist and pedophile Clinton the AIDS looking old, senile, treacherous, lecherous POS, we don’t need to hear your communist manifesto speeches – got that?

  39. Candice says:

    Where is the outrage and call for action for the every-day gun shootings….Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, et al? Never hear a peep nor any reports on MSM on these daily, yes daily, gun shootings. The Democrats wait in anticipation for the mass shootings. Everything is done for a purpose by them. Let’s pump ourselves (Democrats) up to look good and like we really care and make the Republicans look bad (blame President Trump and his supporters.) So political is their cry for gun control that it is ridiculous and meaningless. Shame on them!

    • Mysty says:

      You are so right, Candace! It’s basically the same hypocrisy as the dems disgusting shout that those poor little babies that their mothers carried for hundreds of miles across the barren desert with no food or water, to get to a safe place where they’re sheltered & can eat, drink & sleep without worries. Then here comes the big mean PRESIDENT TRUMP along & rips those babies right out mama’s arms separating them for who knows how long.
      1ST – I have not seen any INFANTS, I see older kids who can walk. 2ND – not a living soul crosses all that desert without food & water. IMPOSSIBLE!!!! 3RD – The ONLY reason kids & ‘parents’ are separated is if there are suspicions of child-buying just to get across the border. And isn’t it INTERESTING that you do NOT see any actually dirty adults OR children…thats because the dems have been supplying them with all they need.
      Now we come to the REAL HYPOCRISY…ABORTIONS. ..
      They are SSSOOOOOO concerned for illegals’ kids but PUSH FOR FREE ABORTIONS for every woman who wants them in the United States & NOW are trying to get US to start paying for them WORLD WIDE?????

    • Colleen La Rose says:

      Don’t you know, that’s ok with the libs because it’s 99% blacks killing blacks. But if a white person kills a black then all hell will break loose

  40. Jason says:

    Clinton like all the other Idiots of the Lib-A-Tick party need to remove their heads out of Soros as_ hole and clean the crap out off their eyes and years, gun control has never worked except in the Weimar Republic. Home of the Hitler Youth, George Soros and his SS buddies.

    | Facts, Constitution, & Downfall …

    Weimar Republic, the government of Germany from 1919 to 1933. Economic crisis and political instability led to the collapse of the republic and the rise of the Third Reich. Learn more about the history and significance of the Weimar Republic in this article, home of the Hitler youth Soros and his SS troops. Watch out Americans.

  41. ToxicThistle says:

    When the SHTF, Legal citizens are going to need assault weapons to defend themselves.

    • a fool says:

      Agreed! The UNITED States was formed through Gun Rights! Every person has the right to defend the SELF!

      • Robin says:

        We’ve never been invaded by a foreign power primarily (in my opinion) because of our armed citizens!!

        Support the 2’nd amendment! Buy guns, every good citizen should have at least one.

    • glock19fan says:

      Of course, I don’t own any “assault weapons”; mine are all DEE-FENSE pieces [using the popular Pittsburgh Steeler fan cheer]. I don’t use mine to attack anybody.

  42. Jesse says:

    I have a far better Idea let us Ban Democraps and start punishing Criminals as they used to. Hang a few in public like they used to and see what happens when Criminals get what they should for their Crimes.

  43. Colleen La Rose says:

    How is it relevant to anyone what this moron “demands”? His time to shine is well over, & whether him & his chia-pet hellory like it or not, no one gives a rats ass what they want. Not even their own party claims them any more. So I respectfully say SUK IT BILLY BOY!!

    • Robert M Hellen says:

      Nobody seems to get it. If someone comes in with a semi auto rifle and starts shooting, one has a chance to drop to the floor or run out the door or just take cover. Not a hell of great protection but at least the chance is there. If these guns are not available to the nuts, then they will go to things like IADs which when they explode will take out everyone in the area in like a second. No chance to run. We could be talking 100+ people. Personally that scares me more than a firearm. We need to think of the alternatives! Good grief!

    • Linda M. says:

      Colleen: just to give you a heads up ,my little friend Spanky attacked us again. But of course he posted it under my name.It’s under the A.O.C story, on this site. You MUST read his comment. Poor little innocent man claiming he’s so scared for himself and his wife( yes now he’s claiming he’s married)and we need mental heath treatments..That annoying little twit…

    • Mysty says:

      Colleen…somehow I knew I’d find your name on here somewhere!!! HA HA HA HA!!!!!!
      I think everyone who posts here wish the horrid clantons would just GO AWAY & SHUT UP!!! The same with the obamys. In the past history of the United States when presidents leave office, THEY LEAVE THE OFFICE, they don’t CONSTANTLY SPEAK OUT AGAINST THE SITTING PRESIDENT. And here we have TWO past pres. beating on OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP!!! Throw in a few snide comments by old carter who was probably the most ‘do nothing’ pres we had…unless you count his 2 biggest SCREW-UPS by a pres…the IRAN HOSTAGE SITUATION & GIVING THE PANAMA CANAL AWAY. B oth UN-BRILLIANT moves on his part. Other than those, what else did he accomplish??? Oh yeah, he started Habitat for Humanity. The word ‘habitat’ is almost always used in the animal kingdom…not in the human world…
      Ah well…presidents come & go THANKFULLY!!! Now, FINALLY we have an AWESOME PRESIDENT!! He is going through heck trying to clean up the messes of the last THREE presidents!!!

      • Colleen La Rose says:

        Good morning Mysty
        Yeppers I am all over the net????
        These 2 ex-occupiers of the white house were useless when they occupied space there. You know I never cease to be impressed with our wonderful President. He & his family have been put thru so much, yet he keeps pushing & sticks to keeping his promises he made. Have you ever watched “Gladiator”? There’s a line in that movie that speaks of a fish waiting for his prey, he stays perfectly still & other fish bite him yet he remains still waiting for his prey. There’s more to it then that, but I think of our President being poked at all the time, yet he remains on his agenda & gets many things done that the other occupants of the white house never came close to doing. The other thing (obummass ) didn’t even attempt to MAGA, in fact he did his best to tear up our country!
        BTW: did you get my message in the other blog dear?

  44. Mb says:

    Lint on needs to keep his nose with his wife…he did enough damages plus a cheater is always a cheater whether it is with money, his affairs, cheater at all enough along with Epstein who Hillary Clinton is trying to put down out of fear that the beans spilling…you’re finished so butt out of himself matters

  45. Linda M. says:

    You know a thought just came to me. Do you think if these weapons are banned, then perhaps people that are investigating the Clintons wouldn’t commit “suicide”? I know that some of the other poor people that were going to testify against them didn’t make it. Especially the one that have shot himself in the back of his own head.??? And I think every secret service agent that are protecting all these worthless human beings ,daily, should be given slingshots instead of weapons too.Their protection is no greater than every other American citizen deserve.
    Both the Clintons and Obama belong in jail for a very long time! What a disgrace to the position they held and to our great country…

    • Robert M Hellen says:

      Amen, Linda M. , Amen!

    • Teresa Hewitt says:

      I agree with you Linda M. These dirty people really should belong in prison for a very long time. I really do love my freedom so much such as keeping God in our country, protecting family and Christian values and protecting 2nd amendment rights.

  46. Timothy Toroian says:

    If we are going to discuss what some people consider to be practical reasons we should consider eliminating amendments 4 through 8 which permit “freedoms” for criminals. I would like to one philosophical reason why a law-abiding populace should be disarmed especially in a country that has the gang and drug problems we have here. And if you think the cartels won’t import automatic weapons for their people and others who will pay the price there is always Charles Lutwidge Dodgson.

  47. jhd/bjk says:

    That total is about a good 2 weeks in Chicago A hole.

  48. Vasu Murti says:

    A gun in one’s home is 22 times more likely to be used to kill or injure in a criminal assault or homicide, an attempted or completed suicide, or unintentional shooting than to kill or injure in self-defense. (Kellermann, et al, 1998 Journal of Trauma, 42:263-67)

    In the U.S., 8 children and teenagers are killed, and more than 47 are injured, by a firearm every day. (CDC, NCHS, December 2006)

    The risk of homicide in the home is three times greater in households with guns. (Kellermann, et al, New England Journal of Medicine, 1993)

    The risk of suicide is five times greater in households with guns. (Kellermann et al, New England Journal of Medicine, 1992)

    A 1990 law banning the sale of “Saturday Night Special” handguns in Maryland was associated with reduced use of these guns by criminals, and a 9% lower rate of firearm homicides in the state between 1990-1998 than would have been expected had there been no law.

    Policies that deny handgun purchases to individuals with prior misdemeanor or felony convictions are associated with a decreased risk of subsequent convictions. Misdemeanants who had allowed to purchase handguns prior to the passage of a California state law prohibiting such purchases had a rate of criminal offending 29% higher than that among misdemeanants who were denied handgun purchases after the law took effect.

    Every day in the U.S., 8 children and teenagers are killed and more than 47 are injured by a firearm.

    In 2005, 595 California children and youth under age 21 were killed with firearms and 1,554 California children and youth under 21 were hospitalized with nonfatal firerarms injuries.

    One-third of U.S. children live in homes with firearms. Almost half of homes with children and firearms keep a gun unlocked.

    68% of the attackers in school shootings obtained the gun(s) from their own home or that of a relative. 61% of the attackers used handguns.

    Many young children, including children as young as three years old, are strong enough to fire a handgun.

    In 2004, guns were used to kill:

    5 people in New Zealand
    37 in Sweden
    56 in Australia
    73 in England and Wales
    184 in Canada

    and 11,344 in the United States. God bless America.

    Gun control advocate Junling Hu writes:

    “A gun is a consumer product, sold for cash and purchased by individuals. While all other consumer products including teddy bears are subject to strict federal laws, guns are given a free pass. There are no safety regulation on guns thanks to the NRA’s lobbying efforts. Unsafe guns lead to accidents and death of adults and children at home. The ones who suffer are the gun owners.

    “A gun is also a lethal weapon. Falling into the wrong hand, it enables a criminal to kill, a gang member to fight, and a teenager to seek revenge. Guns are deadlier than tobacco, alcohol or gambling combined. While all of these are off limits to youngsters, and although a 20-year-old can be arrested for drinking a beer, he can go scot-free for buying a gun.

    “The debate over gun laws is muffled by the slogan, ‘We need less government regulation.’ It is as if government regulation is always wrong. These people ignore the fact that the government regulates every aspect of our life today. From water to air, to drugs and toys, everything touching us is regulated by law. Without the Clean Air Act, we would be breathing dirty air emissions from power plants; we would be drinking unsafe water. Without government regulation, medicines with fatal side effects would not be pulled off shelves and toys with lead poison would still be on the market. Government regulation affects our housing safety, our food quality, our driving safety (through speed limits and safety belt laws). As we live in a civilized society, the government serves as a mediator and enforcer as no individual can do.

    “The freedom of owning a gun has virtually nothing to do with abiding gun laws. Anyone can own an automobile, but they still need to register and get licenses for their cars. Everyone has the freedom of owning a house, but they still have to watch for zoning regulation and fire safety requirements.

    “Sensible gun laws govern manufacturing standard, product safety, and accessible by minors and criminals. Sensible gun laws govern the safety of our street, our school, and most importantly, the safety of our home.

    “Common sense gun laws such as closing gun show loophole, assault weapon ban, and child-lock are fundamentally needed to be sure guns do not fall into wrong hands. Yet all these basic laws are fought against by the NRA lobby. How far can we go in this extremist view of so-called ‘individual freedom’? The consequence of suffering is demonstrated by deadly shooting every day, in every corner of America. Each day, over 80 people die from gun shooting, from accidents at home, to disputes with one’s neighbor, to random shootings on the street. The deadly consequence of ‘gun freedom’ are the death of a young four-year-old–shot while playing with guns, a 15-year-old while in heat of argument, and a 19-year-old walking out of a nightclub.

    “America does not have to be a society soaked in blood, because the bloody consequences were caused by a powerful gun lobby that stripped away our basic protection from the law. Let’s work to enact sensible gun laws. We ask for sensible regulation on guns, as we ask for regulation on food and drugs. The gun issue is no longer a private matter but a public safety issue. It affects all of us. Let’s pass sensible gun laws now.”

    The logic of gun control can best be understood by considering the analogy of the automobile. A car is a potentially lethal weapon. To drive a car, one must be trained, licensed, and have that license periodically renewed. And a car is designed solely as a means of transportation. Guns, on the other hand, are deliberately designed to kill people. It is not unreasonable to demand their regulation.

    Guns are the second deadliest consumer product (after cars) on the market. By the end of the 1990s, firearms will likely supplant automobiles as the leading cause of product-related deaths throughout the United States. In 1990, American guns claimed an estimated 37,000 lives. There are no federal safety standards for the domestic manufacture of guns. There are no voluntary, industry-wide safety standards for the manufacture of guns.

    Every two minutes, somebody somewhere in the United States is shot. Every 14 minutes, somebody dies from a gunshot wound. Each gun injury involving hospitalization costs $33,159. A license to sell a gun costs 83 cents per month.

    A gun rolls off the assembly line in America every 10 seconds. America imports another gun every 11 seconds. There are 246,984 gun dealers in the United States, but only 240 inspectors to keep an eye on them.

    There is a popular myth that handgun ownership makes people safer. In reality, the New England Journal of Medicine reports that a handgun in the home is 43 times more likely to kill the owner, a family member, or a friend than it is to kill an intruder. Over 75 percent of firearm deaths in a typical year involve handguns. The FBI Uniform Crime Statistics Report says that nationally, there were 38,317 firearm deaths in 1992, but fewer than 300 justifiable homicides.

    Another myth is that gun control laws don t make a difference. In reality, strict handgun regulation saves lives. In Washington, DC, a tougher gun law actually reduced homicides by 25 percent through the mid-1980s. Again, the New England Journal of Medicine reports that 47 lives were saved in Washington, DC, in a typical year studied, because of that city’s handgun ban.

    Most other industrialized nations have virtual bans on handgun sales. In 1990, handguns were used in the homicides of 13 people in Sweden, 91 in Switzerland, 87 in Japan, 22 in Great Britain, and 68 in Canada, compared to 10,567 in the United States.

    Is gun control constitutional? The Second Amendment refers to “the right of the people to keep and bear arms.” Roger Tatarian, professor emeritus of journalism at California State University, Fresno, notes, however, that “things can change over time” with regards to the original intent of the founders.

    The Third Amendment, for example, protects citizens against compulsory quartering of troops in private homes. Technology has also made obsolete the constitutional provision giving Congress the right to declare war. “No president who is warned that a hostile missile is en route…has time nowadays to ask Congress for a declaration of war before responding,” states Tartarian. “He can commit the country to an all-out war simply by pressing a button.”

    Tartarian observes: “The Constitution certainly does not ban private ownership of weapons; that would have been unthinkable for a people still living in an often hostile natural environment and where many depended on hunting for a livelihood. But a tradition of owning arms is one thing and a constitutional guarantee is quite another. They ought not be confused

    According to Tatarian: “The Second Amendment as it now exists evolved from a draft offered by James Madison on June 8, 1789. His intent very clearly was to tie the constitutional right to own arms to service in official militias regulated by state governments.” Madison’s original proposal reads:

    “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed; a well armed and well regulated militia being the best security of a free country: but no person religiously scrupulous of bearing arms shall be compelled to render military service in person.”

    The final version of the amendment which emerged from a House-Senate conference on September 25, 1789, also tied the constitutional right to bear arms to service in a militia, and stated that such militias are to be “well regulated”:

    “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

    Handgun control is constitutional. The courts have repeatedly ruled that the Second Amendment does not apply to individuals outside the context of “a well regulated militia.” A handgun control ordinance was upheld by the U.S. Seventh Court of Appeals in 1982, which issued the following statement: “We conclude that the right to keep and bear handguns is not guaranteed by the Second Amendment.”

    The Supreme Court let the decision stand by refusing to hear the appeal of the handgun lobby. The Supreme Court ruled in United States v. Cruikshank that the Second Amendment doesn’t mean anything except “(the right to keep and bear arms) shall not be infringed by Congress.”

    This 1876 ruling established that states and localities are not prevented from enacting their own gun control laws–and they remain free to do so to this day. In 1980, the Supreme Court reconfirmed that “these legislative restrictions on the use of firearms do not trench upon any constitutionally protected liberties.”

    Guns should be regulated like other consumer products. Handguns and assault rifles should be banned, and ammunition should be taxed heavily.

    The Democratic Party platform should support: Animal Rights, Defending the Affordable Care Act, Ending Citizens United, Ending Marijuana Prohibition, Giving Greater Visibility to Pro-Life Democrats, Gun Control, Net Neutrality, Raising the Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour, Responding to the Scientific Consensus on Global Warming, and a Sustainable Energy Policy.

    Democrats for Life of America, 10521 Judicial Drive, #200, Fairfax, VA 22030, (703) 424-6663

    • Mike Hunt says:

      Put your “GUN FREE ZONE” sign up in your yard and keep your limp wristed hands off of my self protection device!

    • dj says:

      You can always find stats to support you agenda whether valid or not. The gun argument is political and additional laws has nothing to do with safety it is all about controlling the masses. If you think there is one single politician that cares about the welfare of the public you are a fool.

      • glock19fan says:

        That’s for sure. As Benjamin Disraeli once pointed out, “There are three kinds: lies, d*mn lies and statistics.” Darrell Huff wrote a great book titled, “How To Lie With Statistics.”

    • David Rose says:

      I think you should have a log chain lock on you automobile.
      More people are killed in automobiles than with guns.
      Not all automobiles should be banned, just the big 4-door cars.
      Only the military needs 4-door automobiles.
      When John F. Kennedy was shot, NO ONE blamed the rifle.


    • lc says:

      Democrats like your dumb ass are the death of this country.

    • Robert powell says:


    • Ranger says:

      Dude, you have to be from DC. Criminals don’t give a damn about any fact, statistic, logic ( in your own mind ) or your political view or historical understanding. They want to smash your head in and take want they want. Please beg them to allow your wife and children to exit unharmed before they gut you like a squirming fish.

    • Patriot says:

      You are an idiot!
      Nuf said

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