Barack Obama’s jaw dropping 2020 announcement is the last thing Trump wanted to hear

Democrats are sitting around on pins and needles waiting for Barack Obama to make his 2020 intentions clear.

That day finally arrived.

And Barack Obama’s jaw dropping 2020 announcement is the last thing Donald Trump ever wanted to hear.

At the “Brilliant Minds” conference Barack Obama discussed his new deals with Netflix and Spotify to produce documentaries, shows and podcasts for both streaming services.

The first content is due out in 2020 – just in time for the election – and Barack Obama made it clear he will use these platforms to brainwash Americans into opposing Donald Trump.

NBC’s Dylan Byers reports:

Which makes what Obama said last night notable:

• “The longer I practice politics and then study social movements and social change, the more I understand that change comes around because of great stories.”

• “We’re in the midst of competing stories. … [Some tell us] that we are pluralistic and democratic and inclusive…. and then there are stories that tell us that we’re different and should be afraid of each other.”

• “That tug determines what happens with history.”

Equally notable, unfortunately, was the dispassionate way that he said it. The former president was thoughtful and long-winded as always last night but didn’t seem terribly inspired by the words coming out of his mouth. If the Obama content play is to be a campaign for pluralism, democracy and inclusivity, it is desperately lacking the “fierce urgency of now” that characterized his two presidential runs.

Netflix and Spotify are used by tens of millions of Americans.

That gives Obama a massive platform to spread “resistance” content under the guise of nonpartisan pop culture content.

And it gives the left another weapon in their battle to oust President Donald Trump.


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207 Responses

  1. James W Cummings says:

    Given the Number of Treasonous Acts Barack Obama has committed against the United States, He`s be a even greater fool not to try to prevent his Death Sentence ever being carried out, well deserved though it would be.

  2. david bolden says:

    The fool who when on campaign to be President didn’t even know how many states we have yet suppose to be from HI our last state. LOL Come on man that’s just Impossible no way and everyone I grew up with knew that from first grade LOL. He is just as fake as the fake news which he now wants to create also, LOL Figures right ! 60 States you fool no way???

  3. joe says:

    Obama needs to crawl back in the hole he came from

    • Charles C Smith SGM USA RET says:

      Joe: The Black Asshole should be in Prison. Everyone knows he is not a citzen and should not have been elected. The phony Govenor of Hawaii gave him a phony Birth Certificate and those stupid clowns in Washington bought it.

  4. H Lee says:

    obama’s supporters are ignorant, many are illegal, non working, non tax paying, looking for something for nothing and will dance in the street at the thought of a free phone. Trump’s supporters are smart, working, tax paying, and legal.

    • KeKe67 says:

      You’ve got to be ignorant to vote not once but twice for an affirmative action president who accomplished nothing as a senator.

      • Trudy Hannah says:

        He was elected because he is biracial. And Soros and the likes of Soros sponsored Obama as they knew his background as a muslim, anti-American, since he listened to that corrupt so called minister for 20 or so years. Obama was chosen to ruin America, and some Americans did not pay attention, and still do not pay attention to how Obama is back stabbing the USA even now while traveling overseas. Obama, Kerry, and anyone talking against the current President-or the USA-need to be stopped, prosecuted, jailed, for treason! Now, not later!

  5. Rich says:

    Netflix and Spotify have both taken a recent upturn in value, with the news of obamba getting “involved”, BUT expect to see stock values of both company’s plummet once folks realize they have become brainwashing platforms.

  6. Kimberly says:

    I quit watching Netflix when Obummers became involved .

  7. George says:

    I do not like the word hate, though I hate Obama and all of his ilk, as they are totally and absolutely Godless Insane perverts, physically, mentally emotionally and to top it off men lying down with other men is just Sick…

    They all need to go to some Island and die off.

  8. Bender says:

    Haha wow the rethuglicans really messed up education in the red states. You are some dumb rednecks. Inbreeding make you stupid. Stop sleeping with your relatives. Obama doesn’t have to try undermining cadet bone spurs. He has more class and intelligence than Putin’s puppet any day. Keep pedaling your conspiracy theories and speaking out against education. We don’t want you evil people being educated. There is a reason the young think the rethuglicans are the party of the dumb. Now they just need to vote and make you old white people irrelevant.

    • Raine says:

      You’re a delusional DemonCrap with extreme TDS. You really need to get back on your meds.

    • Ramon Munoz says:

      Sorry to bust your bubble. I am not white, but I am a conservative. Everyone is against President Trump because he is NOT a globalist. He is one that will never surrender our Nation’s sovereignty to no other government. Keep believing on your climate warming, and the New Green deal being the solution. Can you not see that this global warming is to bring down the USA. All this climate change regulations are meant to bankrupt us, to keep us from prospering. There are far worse countries that are much greater polluters than we are. Go impose the climate change regulations on them. You want to regulate COW FARTS, stay democratic.

    • Lisa says:

      I am mixed and a Trump supporter.

    • Steven says:

      I hate Obama and all of his ilk, as they are totally and absolutely Godless Insane perverts, physically, mentally emotionally and to top it off men lying down with other men is just Sick…

    • Jerry says:

      Bender , odumbo is as dumb as they get… He & the moochelle should be hung till dead! Without those old white people there wouldn’t be a United States of America!

  9. Robert C. Laity says:

    Obama was NEVER for one second, the bona-fide President of the United States. Like Chester Arthur before him, Obama usurped the Presidency by fraud and became one of the two “Imposters in the Oval Office” this nation has had in 243 years. Obama will NOT “Go down [in History] as a President” as he claimed. He will go down in history as a fraud,usurper,traitor and spy.

    • Alaska Woman says:

      Stop embarrassing America with lies.

    • Colleen La Rose says:

      Good morning Robert
      Thank you for the links you posted, they look interesting, & i’m definitely going to read them later.

    • E V E says:

      Time to have Obama investigated in the 9/11 implosion of the Twin Towers as well as the Fake Russian collusion he masterminded on Trump. He is a sociopath, who likes to play God. Taking innocent lives in the process.

  10. Proud vet says:

    So is the brown clown communist going to go to prison for trying to interfere with the election? Or should Trump really go after him for his other interference with an election with his setting up of Donald Trump and using the agencies as weapons to destroy Mr. Trump this is the one I think they should pursue and try Obama and hang him for.


    • Dora says:

      And still continues with the likes of offering free tuition to minority groups because they are easier to manipulate then in college give them everything free. They have done these for year. It started by given them better opportunity to enter college with very little requirement on entrance examines. All minorities with the exception of Asians students. were given anything they wanted to get them in college to indoctrinate to their radicals beliefs Once they got the minorities they were able to indoctrinate the other follower by instilling how bad the white race had been to the minorities they swallowed hook line and sinker. Just look at who voted vor THE KENYAN all the young stupid college and and older idiots wanted to make history by voting for the first BLACK PRESIDENT and were free student loans free everything. He lied and smiled and that was enough for them to vote. LOL LOL LOL

  12. As long as Communists like Soros are allowed to own the media, uninformed voters will continue to drink the Kool-Aid.

  13. Ralph Harris says:

    Obama should have every personal file about him and all information on him unsealed and then sent to prison

  14. bagster53 says:

    who cares what the kenyan terrorist does , first of all to brainwash people , first they need to have a brain , witch liberals lack , as for netfilx they are another left wing propaganda machine , if you didn’t hear democrats have serious problems , can’t raise money and no one showing up at rallies ,time for the atterny general to get off his a$$ and open the investigation into hillary and the kenyan terrorist

    • Terry says:

      I didn’t care for his brainwash comment either!!!

    • Robert C. Laity says:

      Way back in 2008 investigations into Obama’s bona-fides were started by those of us who care. I personally placed Obama under citizen’s arrest in 2012. Formal service was served on then AGUS Eric Holder. It has been subsequently passed on through every other AGUS since. It is now in AGUS Barr’s hands whom I have been in contact with as well as U.S. Attorney Durham. All of these things I have written about. Read my archived articles on the Post and Email Online Newspaper. See also: “Imposters in the Oval Office” by me. (iUniverse Publishing (c) 2017). Read the first (6) pages here:

  15. Fidel says:

    Kock loving ohomo, stories mean lies. That evilness by obama should get him shot dead. The sooner the better

  16. Steve Allen says:

    This proves what type of man Obama is. Plus if everyone will think back. He was this type of man while he was president. The other thing that bothers me and I’m sure others is that while a president who leaves office usually stays away and keeps his mouth shut. But we have seen that he and we can include Clinton to an extent don’t know how to keep quiet. Both with the evidence against both should be in Prison. Along with Clinton’s wife.

  17. John says:

    I think what the democraps are crying about is that Hillary’s win for the White House was going to allow the usher in of 0bummer to be Secretary General of the United Nations. That way the scumbag democraps could really tear up the U.S. Constitution and impose their One World communist system to the world! Hang the entire crew of them!

  18. Moses says:

    91 historians from conservative, moderate and liberal backgrounds, but all essentially objective to be recognized historians, already rank Obama the 14th best President out of 45. Almost all of those same historians rank Trump at the very bottom in most categories, laziness, corruption, questionable actions about everything, insulting NFL players, McCain, meetings with Putin, constant bragging, whining and lying. Trump will always be considered an inferior President who has hurt this country tremendously and will continue for the rest of his years as no wisdom, protocol. insight,compassion, honesty, work ethic have been improved. Some of these historians are John Meacham, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Michael Beschloss and Douglas Brinkley. Obama’s ranking will probably go up sandwiched between the failures of George W and Trump.

    • Will says:

      Not all experts are right , and from this I can say that I would guess that they are all left wing assholes , and BTW how old are these experts ??? they only know what they were told because most if not all were not even born early enough to know one third of those who were POTUS . Expert historians ????? BS If they think that he was one of the top 14 , this should be found in the fiction section

      • Moses says:

        Why don’t you google that Will. You won’t find it on Drudge, Limbaugh, or any other right wing or left wing source. It is the truth.

        • Wayne says:

          I DON’T BELIEVE GOOGLE for a SECOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nOBAMA/OBUMMER MADE NIXON LOOK GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Kep says:

          The Democratic Party is now the new Amerikan Communist Party. LIBERALS ARE COMMUNISTS AND TERRORISTS AND ARE NOT AMERICANS. EVERYTHING a commie says is a LIE.

      • Colleen La Rose says:

        Good morning Will
        I couldn’t respond on the post I wanted to, that pesky reply button is MIA😕
        Sometimes it’s just too easy to put these clowns in their place. Notice that wee little fella didn’t have any response to my reply to him? OH well I recon his mommie made him quit playing on her computer. ….LOL.
        as for me I might just spank some of these trolls for awhile😉

    • Terry says:

      Maybe you should look up how many times that Obama says “I” during his speeches, hint it’s a lot!!! Lol 🤣

    • Paul says:

      Another Marxist troll bought and paid.

    • Roger says:

      President Trump did more for America and the American people in two years than the previous four presidents did in 28 years!
      Donald Trump is my AMAZING PRESIDENT and like he promised, president for all AMERICANS! President Trump is the best president ever and the most brilliant leader in the history of the world!
      Keep America Great! Greater than ever before! AMERICA and AMERICANS FIRST!
      Actions speak louder than words and President Trump’s actions speaks volumes for America and the American people! Trump/Pence 2020!

  19. POKE says:


  20. Gerald Ladd says:

    I’m not sure watching butt plug Barry suck Moooochelle’s dick, on Netflix is anything anyone will want to pay to see.

  21. Hedy says:

    People forget who is in charge “At the Top, God” and he will not let anything bad happen. Amen.

    • Robert says:

      God allows what one deserves. Our nation is crumbling. Obama wanted to abandon our role of protecting Israel. God allows nations to be rewarded with with justice. That is my greatest fear. If the demented democrats continue with success, change will come about, with justice towards those who earn it.

  22. David Muench says:

    I would like to know there is enough evidence to put this dirt bag Obama in prison and hopefully death row but it seems to me that certain people who can see that this happens are just sitting on there hands and their heads up their Fanny’s so deep that they letting this idiot do what ever he wants to do this has got to stop right now no more fooling around .

  23. David Muench says:

    I would like to know there is enough evidence to put this dirt bag Obama in prison and hopefully death row but it seems to me that certian people who can see that this happens are just sitting on there hands and their heads up their fannys so deep that they letting this idiot do what ever he wants to do this has got to stop right now no more fooling around .

  24. Rebecca Zaraya says:

    America! why in the world is Joe Biden running for President, to begin with? He’s a criminal very corruptive, a chronic liar. It’s unbelievable that Biden can run for President for the Democratic Party. He’s involved with Obama they are very closely related. Biden himself mentioned on TV, that Obama did not one thing to harm America. This is why Biden should not be running since he’s involved with Soros because he’s on Soros’s payroll, so are all the others from the Obama Administration. As for Robert Mueller, he’s so corruptive, he should be one of the first to go to Prison for stealing all of our tax money on a complete hoax that was performed by Hillary Clinton. The Clintons have committed Treason, Perjury, Money Laundering, Pay to Play, Child Trafficking, and so much more.

    The entire Obama Administration excepts funding from George Soros. It was Soros who instigated the poor people of Venezuela, Guatemala, Honduras, by offering them money to move out of their country and set up their life in America.

    The American People need to understand, that these wicked people are all out to convert our Nation to their NWO. It was very true that Soros made a pledge that if these immigrants that want to leave their Nation he would pay each family $7,000.00 to make the move.

    This is why it’s so imperative that we build that wall because our Nation cannot handle all these foreign immigrants relocating here. They need to be vetted into America, not just move in the way they want. But, like I said it was all instigated by George Soros, who pays large amounts of money to do what he wants. He is a dictator and although he himself is Jewish, he hates the Jews. He has molded the Obama’s and Clintons to think the way he does. America, use your common sense, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to analyze what happened and what is going to happen.

    • Linda Giffin says:

      He is Obama’s proxy, rather puppet.

    • Chilidog1947 says:

      I sincerely believe that George is, if not one of them (there are many), he is THE Anti-Christ (there is only ONE called “THE Anti-Christ”)! He is the most Satanic human being on earth, and just think, he and Hillary are buddies. It makes one feel all warm and fuzzy doesn’t it.

  25. Rebecca Zaraya says:

    Listen Up! Just like Oprah Winfrey bought Weight Watchers for millions of $$$s, that’s because she always had losing weight issues with her weight. Perhaps if she stopped eating like a pig, then she would be able to control her weight. She is also a member of Soros NWO, only very wealthy people.

    So now here comes that piece of dirt Obama, who is now probably going to buy out Netflix, because he could afford to do that, after all, he stole all our money. This is why he is writing another book probably on race and the Muslim people in Iran where he went to school.

    So hold your breath, he’s in hiding in that beautiful remote island of Fiji. He owns property there. Yes, it’s a property that belongs to the American people from the monies he robbed from all of us through our taxes.
    He wants to make sure that along with George Soros who he reports to, that these two lunatics want to convert America to the NWO.

    If you don’t understand who George Soros is I am sending you a link so that you can formulate your own opinion after you learn more about him.

  26. Teleah Cross says:

    This Traitor Has An Always Will Be ” OUT TO RIP OUR COUNTRY APART ” , He Needs To Be Locked Up For Treason In Gitmo For Life , Along With Hillary Clinton An George Soros And The Rest Of The Swamp Trash .

    • jim says:

      to hell with him being locked up this POS needs to have a fatal accident and soon

    • jane lester says:

      they are suppose to execute traitors!

    • Rebecca Zaraya says:

      Teleah, the only way that can happen, is for the American people to really bitch that for all the corruption they committed they all must pay for all the damage done. We all must insist that this process must happen soon. In fact, as soon as Obama comes back to the States from Fiji, that’s where he is writing another book. When the plane lands, he should be handcuffed, then get ready to interrogate him, but he should be locked up. It seems that he runs away from America because it just shows his guilt.
      I hope Obama and Hillary receive the highest Treason to show them that they are not above the law. We can’t leave out George Soros, then the rest will come as they testify for themselves that they are not guilty. What a Joke! Give them the rope, or the injection, or throw them off a cliff.

  27. MLC says:

    This is obviously an attempt to sway elections, aka political campaign activity. He needs to file the appropriate financial reports IAW campaign finance laws. Otherwise there needs to be appropriate prosecution to follow.

    • Jim Tierney says:

      Here is our worst nightmare. Whoever wins the nomination for the demonrats will have the exmuslim-in-chief as his/her vice president. This is really the only possible hope they have and according to the way the 22nd amendment reads it is possible. I’m confident it would be challenged in court but when has that ever stopped the dark side.

  28. Arthur Pierfy says:

    Yeah I really care what Big Ears has to say This jackass practically ruined the USA The best thing ever when Trump is in the oval office as 45 ( right Maxine) and Big Ears setting there after mocking at least I was President @real Donald Trump – Trump sitting there grinning and I could only think Hey Big Ears How you Like Me Now Figured it is time for that scumbag to surface for elections -He will spread more lies cause that is one of his great assets Lying and Spending other peoples money How about 1.55 billion to Iran(where was Nancy her big mouth and hand waving) congress NEVER APPROVED IT Cash for Clunks 3 billion wasted on that- This idiot said by 2020 we would all have electric cars He claimed he would by a Volt NOT -Fast and Furious billions and guns to cartels in Mexico -drone strikes on American citizens -Shovel ready jobs – construction jobs fix roads tunnels and bridges neve happen 20 Trillion in debt appointing Czars instead of proper cabinet members best one you like your doctor you can keep your doctor like your insurance company you can keep it – Guy claims he killed Bin Laden when in fact guy died years ago from kidney failure the guy they killed and did the burial in the sea was a cousin to Bin Laden that looked a lot like him in Pakistan – why no video why nothing another Big Ears lie Yeah really want to hear from this idiot What is he going to say Trump is not Presidential like he was filling out NCAA basketball grids – one one basketball with Michael Jordan running around the world apology tour insulting Christian at Prayer Breakfast calling ISIS JV-Team appointing that complete trader moron John Kerry Yeah I care what this horses ass has to say or how about that jackass wife of his the one the fall allover “when they go low we go high ” no Michele or as Big Ears calls her Mike when they go low you go lower Old saying is true ” How can you tell when a Democrat is lying?” Answer when they Open their mouth Trump for 2020 Continue to Make America Great Again- CMAGA -Art

  29. Jason Jones says:

    That’s just where ex-president obama needs to be speaking… at the “brilliant minds” conference. HaHaHa!!!!

  30. Obummer was about the worst president–ever–besides nixon—
    i at first was cool towards AWESOME Trump– until=– he really is making AMERICA GREAT AGAIN–he and AWESOME VP Pence dont try to talk wishy washy Political talk–they are transparant and say it the way it is—LOVE that they are against the murdering of innocent children and against legal weed and i encourage all to watch real news FOX NEWS/SEAN HANNITY/JUDGE JEANNINE PIRRO/TUCKET etc etc

  31. Love babies not kill them says:

    Bathhouse barry the pisslamic pig dick deserves to be six feet under. Hopefully soon. Give this country something to smile about

    • RC says:

      Yes, I agree. Berry should do the world a favor and die a slow agonizing death. HIV perhaps? I don’t care what any of the experts say, he wants to be President again. A better word for it would be dictator for life.

  32. Mary says:

    Obama needs to go back to wherever he came from. I seriously doubt that he actually was an Hawaiian because wherever you are from when there is a disaster there if you have the money to help you do. Obama a man of means could have donated money or emergency things to help Hawaii but didn’t. I hope he never gets to run for any office of the United States again.

  33. Dave says:

    How much truth does he have in him when he is married to man (whose jewels are larger than Obama) and professes he is a she! Obama stated America is now gay! HELL NO! he IS A TRAITOR WHO GAVE OUR ENEMIES MONIES ON A TAR MAC, DEFENDED OSAMA bin ladIn, PROTECTED HIS BROTHER IN ISIS, TRIED TO CAUSE A RACE WAR IN THIS COUNTRY AND IS A TOTAL LOSER WITH NO RESPECT FOR ANYONE!

    • THE DUCK 🦆 says:

      The only ones Obama will be an I e to brainwash are the very few who still worship at the throne of he who would be the first li g of , America. Even the Europeanshsve come to realize he’s a fraud. Can’t say the ” bothers” were wrong, but on the same hand, if they are why did it take years to get his properted birth certificate which was I. And of itself highly suspect. Why was his college transcripts sealed and remain do today? Why as the editor of law review did he not publish a single article? Why can no record of his other education, except at the madras where he’s seen in his Muslim attire?
      Obama was the most lawless individual to ever occupy 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. His overt efforts to undermine the very foundations of America and our national security, giving aid and support to the greatest sponsor of terrorism on the planet and heading an adminstration plagued by scandal after scandal combined with his countless appearences before the nation telling lie after lie have labeled him and his deep state cronies as nothing less than enemies of The Constitution and The Republic.

  34. David Kennedy says:

    Obama is a traitor! He is a rabble rouser who should have been lick up years ago. Is still spewing the same crap that he has spewed for 20 years, nothing new! No new ideas, nothing to help our country, just crap. He needs to shut up and be a true leader by doing what is best for country.

    • ronald hatt says:

      A-Men Brother! Bath House Barry……King HOMO!

      Most intelligent American’s are “ONTO” his diatribe of Destroy America!

  35. Jeffrey says:

    Fairy Barry will probably be dead from complications of a HIV infection by 2020

  36. arthur arutunian says:

    ngr muslum husen

  37. Derek Morris says:

    I feel sorry for almost all of you. It’s to bad that you’d rather have Hitler’s reincarnation lying to you every day and treating everyone like trash, as well as teaching our children, the future, how to be a retarded bully, call people names and pout when people don’t believe your lies. Poor Dump, I mean trump. Doesn’t even know his diaper is full and his baby bottle is empty.

    • Colleen La Rose says:

      Derek, are you feeling a bit lonely little boy? Thank you for your sympathy .
      Coming from a dimwitted moron, it means alot. Do tell, can you please suggest a cure for us thinking people?

      • Jim says:

        Colleen La Rose – Do you listen to yourself at all? Are you this stupid not to realize what a crook TRUMP/NAZI is? He’s a child knows nothing substantial facts figures or much about anything – he show his ignorance every single day if he couldn’t yell & scream he would be a nothing a nobody-he’s using the SAME ACT NOW FOR 2&A HALF YEARS and these MORONS still cheer this idiot I know most of his FANS don’t realize he has paid the security for his bizarre RALLIES NOTHING!!! WHY is that? Now pushing a MILLION DOLLARS he is doing the same thing he did with his BUSINESSES!! Our citizens just don’t get it – how would you like going to work for hours at a time and the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES WON’T PAY YOU!!??

        • Colleen La Rose says:


          • Linda M. says:

            Colleen La Rose: You got it!! So sad these Democrats are aren’t they?? Even if GOD himself came down himself and told them they were wrong, they’d be arguing with HIM.Oh wait. They don’t believe in GOD do they? I guess they are getting their messages from their god Satan ,so……

          • Will says:

            Colleen, Give that jackass hell, just another left wing nut job. they are so brain washed they can`t do anything but cry

        • Arthur Pierfy says:

          You are like all these idiot liberals you attack Trump but never any proof If Trump was a Nazi AS YOU CLAIM IDIOT YOU COULD NO HAVE ANY OF THE FREEDOMS YOU HAVE Like freedom of speech
          He won and will win again and I like strong economy more jobs than people to fill them lowest unemployment in history – strong military finally a foreign policy Farmers finally getting help prison reform return to space frontier destruction of ISIS pulling troops out of Syria Eliminating all the stupid regs. and fees placed by Big Ears King Obama You are pathetic with your bizarre claims that Trump pays security None of your ramblings have any truth plus You never mention Donald J. Trump DOES NOT TAKE A SALARY FOR BEING PRESIDENT only one dollar cause he has too yeah he is a real Adolf Get educated stop listing to fake media – Trump won and that you or anybody cannot change no matter how much spit comes out of Chris Matthews mouth
          Just think of the Donald J. Trump the 45 th President of United States of America

        • Terry says:

          Maybe you should look up how many times that Obama says “I” during his speeches, hint it’s a lot!!! Lol 🤣

        • bud says:

          you are a f;;;ing idiot we pay the secret service we also pay for the security of that asshole obama.

    • Jim Tierney says:

      Dear Derek and Jim, your delusional rants only make obvious the depraved, uninformed condition of your minds. I’m quite confident you both voted, if in fact you voted at all, for the most divisive and unamerican president in our history. It’s people like you that are ushering in the global government and the rule of the antichrist. The battle lines have been drawn and the age old battle of good versus evil is about to be fought. I’ve read the Book and it doesn’t end well for you guys. You may want to rethink, or maybe consider for the first time your end results.

      • Linda M. says:

        Jim Tierney: Thank you. Very well stated!!

      • Chilidog1947 says:

        Jim Tierney,
        This was my thought exactly! I can feel the “One World Government of the Anti-Christ” coming! I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if the Anti-Christ is George Soros himself! He is as old as the hills! He was a pain in the butt during WW2! I can’t figure out why anyone would actually want to vote for someone running for office who is best friends with Soros! Soros was a Nazi sympathizer!
        Think about it! How long ago was WW2? Soros was old enough at that time to help the Nazi’s!!

      • Jody Williams says:

        Another creepy lunatic like Linda M and Colleen.

    • THE DUCK 🦆 says:

      Why not do the nation a great favor… Go run jump into bed, turn your electric blanket on high, curl up in the prenatal position and suck your thumb.
      It’s plain where you stand. By invoking visions of one of the great madmen and totally evil person to ever breath. E Everytime a liberal has to resort to the “Hitler” argument, they realize their own total uselessness and long for the return of their hero
      Case in point .. Betni6 Sanders
      His “new” economic equality plan?
      Taken strignt from the writtings of another madman and mass murder… Joseph “Uncle Jo” STALIN….

      Which brings me to to the actual QUESTION…
      Are you naturally stupid or do you have to work at it. Then again for sn trog whose I,Q is less than half their shoe size the answer is all to clear.

    • Donny says:

      Derek/Dreck you are a schm-k.

    • Morris you are one stupid cksucker

    • Jan says:

      Derek Morris…Your politics are just as bad as your grammar. You need to go back to school.

    • John says:

      Plan on feeling sorry for us for at least 6 more years bucko!

  38. Carl says:

    Every one knows this is going to be a political propaganda show to under mind President Trump just like the lying media. I have already dropped my subscription from Netflix and won’t waste my time to watch it.

  39. hotrod says:

    hell with the islamic illegal alien piggy

  40. howard buckley says:


  41. Janice says:

    Obama is a huge bore! He speaks in platitudes, never down to earth facts like Trump. I honestly can’t see a lot of people listening to him unless they have insomnia.

  42. bagster53 says:

    well like always , oboma is counting on the stupidity of americans to listen to him , like they did when he signed the aca, or maybe yous forgot when they said they were counting on your stupidity to pass it , 100 years later blacks are still voting for the people who kept them in chains

  43. Ernst says:

    I just hope Americans can see through the Obama lies. So many things Obama talked about while President were proven false during and after his Presidency that it seems Americans would realize he just makes up stories to suit his ends. But with a complicit press in support of the Obama leftist agenda, the Obama lies do present a real danger. Americans need to see for themselves – economic change, minority opportunity, national security, all better with Trump than with Obama.

  44. Sue says:

    Obama is even worse than I thought. He’s still trying to destroy America. What a low-life moron.

  45. Omega 2 says:

    Maybe BOZO should memorize the prayer of ” NOW I LAY ME DOWN TO SLEEP, MAY ALLAH TAKE MY SOUL TO KEEP ETC, ETC!”

  46. Amado Gob says:

    Obama legacy is bad if he continues to undermine Trump’s achievements in his
    2 -1/2 years presidency. Obama has so many bad memories in his 8 years of presidency. How can she defend Clinton’s obstruction of justice; destroying evidences that are vital in any investigations of his illegal server. Clinton should have been indicted during Obama’s term, plus the Benghazi event.

  47. Justin Case says:

    Only the mentally challenged and radicals would listen to the “O” man.Justin

  48. Babbo says:

    President Trump is truly a heaven sent miracle after the 8 years of the treasonous, America hating Obama. Our Trump is a true America loving President and amazingly leading America to recovery, which did not seem possible after Barack O”s insidious presidency.

  49. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Barack Hussein Obama. Americas first divider in chief.

    • ward says:

      The bo 8 years of proven treasonous crimes has put his prosecution & execution at a priority to MAGA !

    • Dennis says:

      Yes he did more with his words to divide this country than any other president.
      Let him go ahead and talk, he’s a “has been”, and no one important is going to listen to him anyway.

  50. german says:

    Shut that black mole up, He has caused America a lot of pain, Deport his ass

  51. Crissy says:

    There’s nothing Bathhouse Barry can say to change the majority’s minds. He is the worst thing to happen to this country in a long time. I don’t even have Netflix (thank god), and it’ll stay that way forever. I wouldn’t give Mikey and Barrack a penny.

  52. Mike says:

    Let me get this straight. The worst president in modern day history and people are worried about what he has to say. Now that’s a joke

  53. All these comments – BRAVO- he needs to be imprisoned sooner than later it’s already later than necessary!!

  54. dlmstl says:

    Probably end up another Air America. Pod casting is for those who cannot draw an audience in the free market. Only difference this time is the deep pocket tech titans will finance it at all costs. Basically preaching to the choir. Like Oprah, Barry support Lemay look a mile wide, but it’s only an inch deep.

  55. So, THEY are sooooooo INCLUSIVE but shutting OUT Jews….He talks of “Great stories” to tell, WHAT EXACTLY is THAT ALL about….His miserable so-called presidency…??? This girly-girl so-called guy is a THUG and belongs in PRISON for HIGH TREASON, ISN’T even a US citizen or why are his records SEALED….?????

    • Carol says:

      He sealed his records so we wouldn’t learn the truth about where he’s really from…which is Kenya, Africa. He’s not an American and he hates the United States.

      • Jody says:

        That he hates America was clear from the moment he said he wanted to FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE her. +with Valerie Jarrett’s guidance, he almost succeeded.

  56. Jesse says:

    Obozo is a MORON and NO ONE with a brain wants to hear more of his BULL. He LIED for all his life. Then there is his ME Show. All he ever did while in office was talk about how great he thinks he is.

  57. enubus18 says:

    That MFER should be in GITMO!

    • Wondering Woman says:

      AMEN & think there are going to be a lot of capital punishment sentences handed down in thousands of treason, crimes against humanity & being enemy combatants of this nation trials and think at least 180+ of them will go to our traitorous deep state estabishment congressional members still working hand in hand with the new world order on our southern border and also in the HOUSE!

    • D.A.N. says:

      enubus18, nope! Under Gitmo face down.

  58. Colleen La Rose says:

    I don’t think the libs realize what they are really going to end up with if (pray GOD, it never happens) they do by some miracle end up impeach in President Trump….I give America a year at the longest before all hell breaks looses. The d e ms only run on & drum up support (by the mindless slaves to the liberal plantation) by bashing President Trump, if he is no longer a part of their agenda, then they will have to show America how much better things are cause dems are running things….they will loose everything & the American people will rebel against them in ways their nightmares couldn’t even come close to equaling.

  59. Steve says:

    The only ones he’ll brainwash are the ones that are already brainwashed, the democrats and liberals. I for one don’t believe a word he said

    • Wondering Woman says:

      Right on! Before we just thought Barack Hussein Obama was a anti American Muslim, traitor, psychopath and biggest liar we ever saw.. before his usurped 8 years proved it to us beyond the shadow of a doubt. Have to add those deep state traitors masquerading as cpngressional members. So have all the other deep state traitors in the CIA, NSA, FBI. DOJ and other areas throughout the federal government.
      Obviously their best hired brains like Clapper, Brennan, Comey. McCabe. Holder, Hillalry & Bill, Strzok, Ohr & others are well paid, but that doesn’t make them capable of dazzling anyone with their brilliance. After 8 years of their blatant treachery & treason, think the majority of We the People are brilliant enough to close our eyes and ears to bypass their efforts to baffle us with their BS and suspect President Trump will win by a landslide in 2020 and also suspect that A G Bill Barr will serve him well and within our laws, order and JUSTICE through the next 4 yearss. These traitors inside & outside the CIA, FBI, DOJ & especialy these traitors in Congress fprget We the People have the task of oversight of the entire federal government and can nullify any action they try to take unjustly against those trying to DRAIN THE SWAMP OF ALL TRAITORS.
      Anyone else agree we need to start law suits against those in Congress working with the new world order to crash our economy – that they had better start saving treasrury funds instead of wasting more millions to billions on further treason & fishing expedition on Trump & family or A G Barr – because we are going to demand they make restitution for every cent they are wasting now.

  60. Dennis says:


    • Emma says:

      Please make it so🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸

    • Donald Huss says:


      • Wondering Woman says:

        Obama didn’t start it. The new world order started criminally insane organization to take total control of the entire planet at least 132+ years ago. They are known to be behind WW 1 & WW 2 and everu war & polce action since. Don’t think any were inside our federal government before FDR made the mistake of bringing some of Germany’s brightest scientists to America and putting them to work inside the federal government. Suspect they were all new world order puppets. Think FDR got duped into establishing the UN but died before he could sign papers, so HST signed them for him,. Then HST got duped into establishing the CIA (which has been identified as the central hub of the new world order’s shadow government in 1958. Sure they both were duped by new world order’s manipulators because before HST died he was said to remark the CIA had become a rogue agency with entirely too much power and needed to be reined in!
        Remember the Gulf Storm War we got into under GWB? WE were being told we needed to attack because they had stashes of weapons of mass destructions? Which proved to be false information. take a nuclear physicist’s IQ to figure out the CIA (supposed to be our intelligence agency working outside the country) was the agency who delivered FAKE NEWS or FALSE INTELLIGENCE to GWB and Congress. Anyone have any idea what FAKE NEWS the CIA was telling the ones they were lying about having WMD stashed in their country at the same time.
        Take a look at the big picture and you will see that Obama is just another twisted mind the CIA picked up and twisted his mind considerably more and brainwashed thoroughly into what he has become, which is a PEFAHB, just as Hillary & Bill, Holder, Lynch, Comey, Mueller, Rosenstein and thousands of
        others on the federal payroll – past and present administration.
        However, IMO, the speculation that many of these traitors were blackmailed into becoming traitors does not exonerate them from being held accountable. There is no excuse for selling out your nation and all your fellow citizens to save your own corrupt & criminal crooked aZZ that got suckered into being blackmailed. It is still treason and they are sane enough to be held accountable for their actions,

      • Debra says:

        Donald Huss. You are so right,, every word you said !!!!

  61. I for one will not watch it and anyone with brains won’t either so it will be a nothing deal. The more the Democommies rant and rave about how horrible Trump is the firmer my stanch for him is. I just ignore whatever they say . Trump is a good man and has kept his promises . He believes in what I believe in so I am with him! Trump 2020!!!

    • Notalib says:

      Does anyone outside of the die hard liberals who will always vote liberal really listen to BHO? I hear people not necessarily in my group or association say how bad Obama was–and is–and just can’t stand him or his wife. The more that comes out about his lying and dirty tricks the more people should understand just how bad and anti-American he was. And is. Another example is I am a member of Netflix. I’m dropping it if they aid Obama in any way. Period. Same with any other business that I don’t need.

    • Arline says:

      Joan Giddings,
      I am with you but for other reasons.. The day they announced that netflix and any other medias would have anything to do with obama or his husband, or anyone that was in his “lying bunch of thugs” I immediately cancelled my subscription to them.. That way I’m not even tempted to sneak a peek at what lies they are trying to spread.. They are nothing but disgusting pieces of *hit..

      • Korie says:

        I also canceled my Netflix account when I found out the Obamas had a hand in it. The fact they were making a documentary that included AOC made me double glad I made that decision. My money won’t help them make more propaganda. I wonder how many others dropped Netflix for those reasons. Enough of the Obamas, they’ve done enough harm to the country and never go away.

    • vicky Huss says:


    • Eric says:

      I don’t watch Netflix anyway, so I have nothing to worry about.

  62. Trebor says:

    Obama better hope that theCongress does not impeach. If they impeach there will be a trial where Trump’s defense can bring all the players involved in the Steel thing including who authorized the surveillance of everything Trump. Everybody will have to testify, nothing will go uncovered. The FBI, the CIA, who and what they did to bring the FISA thing about, nothing will be hidden anymore. Obama may have a TV show but it will have to take place in a country he cannot be extradited from, like maybe his country of origin, Kenya.

    • Old Pioneer says:

      …….if he wants a Civil War he’ll lose badly, keep being the dumb a$$ he is. O’Bummer back in US Government?? You better think about it twice!!!!

    • vicky Huss says:


    • Chilidog1947 says:

      Trebor- Do you recall when Bill was impeached? He was convicted and NOTHING happened! NOTHING! He just kept on keeping on! So, I’m not too upset about them trying to impeach Trump. If they do, Trump will just keep on keeping on, just like Bill did, but in the case of Trump, he is actually doing something constructive, and in the case of Bill…well, you know. Lol!

  63. Phil says:

    Wow! So Obama day’s he wants to brain wash the public with his lying rhetoric to keep people from voting for Trump? It’ll never work! Most of us all know this Obama clown is a washed up Commie Muslim that tried to destroy and give America to the Commie Chinese. I’m my book. He was never a US citizen nor a legitimate US President ever! He still hasn’t produced a legitimate Birth Certificate period! The one he did produce? Was verified as a fake by Government investigation’s by forensics. Proven to be a fake. Plus they know who Obama copied it from. So this person has faked her death . So no one can ask her questions? But. They found out she was a close friend of Barry Sorento (AKA) Obama!

    • vicky Huss says:


  64. Bobbie says:

    He corrupted the FBI and DOJ so bad they can never be fixed again the whole department is corrupt how can anyone in those organizations watch the national news and say they are proud Americans

    • Phil G. says:

      It’s funny how they call it weaponizing the FBI , CIA etc..They just completely ignored the Constitution. Criminal acts against our Constitution or Rule of Law! They sworn to uphold and protect! Hypocrites!!! Traitors.

    • vicky Huss says:


  65. Dan Winright says:

    Just imagine barry the fairy setting on the devils knee. “I wanna murder America really I do” through the century’s, the anti christ gets more comical in a sickening way.

  66. Joe says:

    IT’S SLAMMER TIME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. In time history will prove that obamer was born in Kenya and not eligible for president, what will happen when these facts come out, will every thing he did be nullified, the birth records is held by Great Britain because Kenya was under British control when he was born, a good investigative journalist can ferret out this information, what a journalist tale it would make to expose a fake president

    • vicky Huss says:


  68. Stan Leo says:

    Osama Obama Was Not, Is NOT and Never WILL Be a REAL American. He should never have been elected as POTUS and should be stopped from defaming the Real POTUS, who is now in the White House!

  69. Johnny says:

    Obama is a dirt bag. We all know what happens to dirt bags. It couldn’t happen soon enough.

  70. Pamela says:

    Will the libs Messiah continue to spread his lies via teleprompter and through the whistles in his teeth?

  71. John says:

    Why is the first illegal alien president sticking his nose in American politics again? He deserves to be in jail. Send him back to his birth place in Kenya.

    • Alibaba says:

      Wonder if abortion, of which he’s so found was available in Kenya at time of his birth… It should be used! Honestly!…
      And about Dems trying to legalized prostitution? Well, that would make Obahaha look legitimate. No matter if his mother was a paid hoocker, and actually used her teenage boy as queer, while she run out of money in Hawaii

    • Mary says:

      That would be the GREATEST thing to ever happen and no Money. But we all know that will never happen, unfortunately. But you know we can still pray for a fatal crash, car, plane, anything fatal. He has destroyed and divided this country beyond comprehension.

  72. TheMadMan says:

    Why this Islamic Terrorist Barack Obama is still walking around free is on every True Americans mind? This murdering Islamic PIG has killed more Christians in the Middle East than Sadom Hassan did in his time as King of Iraq.

  73. TheMadMan says:

    Why this ass hole Islamic Terrorist Barack Obama is still walking around free is on every True Americans mind? This murdering Islamic PIG has killed more Christians in the Middle East than Sadome Hasan did in his time as King of Iraq.

  74. ray says:

    anyone who places any merit in anything that comes out of this AMERICA HATING piece of Kenyan garbage should be hung as a traitor just as he should be…………….

  75. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Barack O is a hypocrite for telling us that wealthy people and corporations should pay higher taxes. How come he didn’t set an example by paying higher taxes himself as he wouldn’t mind it as he said he could “afford it”? What an ass**** He said he wanted to unite this country and did exactly the opposite by deviving us by putting us into different groups ie black, hispanic, asian etc. an not calling calling all of us Americans as it should be.

  76. Jim Tierney says:

    I really don’t think most people understand what this Godless person, and his agenda is all about. I don’t think people understand that the new world order, change you can believe in, and a global economy are all code names for the kingdom of the antichrist. The two biggest road blocks to the furthering the one world government is the United States and Christianity. Open borders, environmentalists, global banking, and basically the entire liberal leftist agenda’s purpose is to take down this country. The ex muslim in chief will continue to tell people how the global economy will make their lives so much better. Nimrod was the first globalist. If you don’t know who Nimrod was please Google it. President Trump has stated many times that he is a nationalist (America first) and not a globalist. Why do you think the left hate him so much? They’ll do anything to take him down. I don’t think anyone can deny the obvious attacks on Christianity. I could go on and on but for brevity ‘s sake I won’t.

    • Melody A Cox says:

      I agree with you. I think he is a swamp-dweller right along with so many other liberals.

      • Eric says:

        Take him, his hubby mike, and those three dyke freshmen Congressdykes out to the Everglades, put the on their knees, tie them up, and let the gators, the snakes and the bugs have a feast! Add Hillary, too!

    • Alibaba says:

      OK, where do I start?… I agree with you about 50%. After that Freedom of Speech Amendment should takes over. ( even if I don’t count on that!)
      First! Donald Trump is just a distraction. He has no power. What you see on the dayli news is just a dog and pony show. Draining the swamp? Who he appointed as secretaries and advisors of his Cabinet? John Doe from Minnesota? Texas Timm from Dallas?… Hey, look at who he’s picked!
      Second; “Make America Great Again”! Nice, but explain to me how tariffs wars can make America Great?!!!… Farmers are crushed. Hurley Davidson moves their operations in Europe, and I have to pay three times more for the steel I need to build my stuff ( which, by the way, mostly goes overseas! since April overseas orders just stopped, and for you, that means 100% cut!,)
      No kidding, but if you love Trumpolinni so much ,and wanna kiss his a$$, maybe you can do us a favor and strangle him after you’re done…

  77. Expat Tom says:

    Who will listen to his crap? The only people who will watch his B/S are those who have already drank the Obama cool-aid. In other words, he is totally irrelevant.

  78. Angela Blandino says:

    Could someone please hit the kill switch they implanted up Obamas arse and let’s be done with this egomaniac

  79. Blue says:

    Look forward to Not watching anything obama is involved in, except maybe going to jail.

  80. Colleen La Rose says:

    Why is Obuma still yapping his jaws?

  81. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Send Barblockhead Oblah Blah to the country of his birthplace ie Kenya and spend the rest of his life in a Kenyan prison. Sentencing him to gitmo would not be a harsh enough punishment for that idiot.

  82. Lorraine Seelinger says:

    oBozo is a traitor and should live the rest of his life in gitmo!

  83. Timothy Toroian says:

    How can a liar do documentaries?

  84. Chaz peralta says:

    Perfect for all the mindless morons of society !!!

  85. jamiegirl says:

    Bullets stop a lot of things.

  86. Mary Johnson says:

    The only place Obama belongs is in jail.

    • Mary says:

      I just do not understand, with all the dirt found on that dirt bag Why is he not in jail ??????

      • Blondie says:

        Obummer is part of Bible prophecy. I bet money, he is the predecessor for the Anti-
        Christ. Look at everything that has surrounded him from the beginning. It is Bible prophecy.

        Read the King James version of the Bible. Read the book of Revelations. Read about the 7 seals. We are in the 7th seal & you see the name Trump multiple times. God is using Trump to bring America back to its original self, however, America is so corrupt I think Trump will be limited in achieving God’s order for America. God has had enough of this & once Trump has fulfilled God’s work, it is over for America, if they don’t stop what they are doing. Obummer will be the first individual God mocks & destroys when the Anti-Christ is finally revealed. He & Soros are an evil pair & God will show them what he is capable of doing to folks like them.

        Things going on in America are much more serious than anyone can imagine. The only reason Obummer bought a house in DC is because he still thinks he is a President & America can’t live without him. He never was our President & will never be a real American President.

        I hope I’m still alive when God destroys Obummer. That will be the happiest day of my life. Obummer thinks he is all that, but, he is being used just like the Moffia uses their people. When they are done with them, the Moffia shoots them on the spot. When Obummer’s days are done, he will be instantly destroyed by God.

        • Robert says:

          God allows what one deserves. Our nation is crumbling. Obama wanted to abandon our role of protecting Israel. God allows nations to be rewarded with with justice. That is my greatest fear. If the demented democrats continue with success, change will come about, with justice towards those who earn it.

        • DIANE says:

          Blondie, I can certainly believe you are a blonde!!! You do give blondes a bad rap for sure. You sound like another great conservative CHRISTIAN though!!!

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