Attorney General Merrick Garland just accused Donald Trump of committing this major crime

The Biden administration used the FBI to do the Democrat Party’s political dirty work.

Now the administration is moving into the end game.

And Attorney General Merrick Garland just accused Donald Trump of committing this major crime.

A federal judge issued a preliminary ruling indicating they were likely to grant Donald Trump’s request for a special master to go through the documents the FBI seized from Mar-a-Lago to sort out any material protected by privilege.

In a court filing responding to the judge, the Department of Justice accused Trump of obstruction of justice and concealing classified documents.

The DOJ’s court filing read that Trump “concealed and removed from the Storage Room and that efforts were likely taken to obstruct the government’s investigation.”

What the Justice Department whined about was the fact that Trump had documents in his desk in his office.

The Justice Department claimed a search warrant was necessary because “the government developed evidence that a search limited to the Storage Room would not have uncovered all the classified documents at the Premises.”

In the filing, the Justice Department accused Trump’s lawyers of lying to them about how many classified documents remained at Mar-a-Lago.

“That the FBI, in a matter of hours, recovered twice as many documents with classification markings as the ‘diligent search’ that the former President’s counsel and other representatives had weeks to perform calls into serious question the representations made in the June 3 certification and casts doubt on the extent of cooperation in this matter,” the filing added.

The Department of Justice then warned that appointing a special master would delay a criminal investigation currently ongoing.

“Furthermore, appointment of a special master would impede the government’s ongoing criminal investigation and—if the special master were tasked with reviewing classified documents—would impede the Intelligence Community from conducting its ongoing review of the national security risk that improper storage of these highly sensitive materials may have caused and from identifying measures to rectify or mitigate any damage that improper storage caused,” the filing continued. “Lastly, this case does not involve any of the types of circumstances that have warranted appointment of a special master to review materials potentially subject to attorney-client privilege.”

Deep State agents – loyal to the Democrat Party and fiercely anti-Trump – are currently performing a so-called “threat assessment” to determine if the documents he had harmed American national security.

There is no evidence of that.

But many expect the Deep State operatives within the Biden administration to claim that Trump having these documents threatened American national security – no matter what information they actually contained – to create a pretext for charging him with the same crimes that the Obama administration let Hillary Clinton get away with.

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