Antifa radicals just made a horrifying threat against Kavanaugh

Leftists embarked on a character assassination campaign against Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

But he’s still on course to be confirmed to the Supreme Court.

And now these Antifa radicals are plotting a new scheme to stop him.

Emily Gorcenski is a left-wing extremist and often participates in Antifa violence and rhetoric.

She recently went on Twitter to incite violence if Kavanaugh is confirmed asking her followers, “y’all gonna be down for a violent general strike?”

Far Left Watch reports:

Following Thursday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing with Judge Kavanaugh and his accuser, leftists on Twitter began discussing the need for a “violent general strike” if he were to be confirmed. This comes just days after a violent Antifa group confronted Senator Ted Cruz and his family at a restaurant and then made credible threats against the lives of Senator Cruz, Judge Kavanaugh, President Trump, and others from their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

The original Twitter thread (archive here)
came from Data Scientist and left-wing activist, Emily Gorcenski.

In this thread, Emily asks her 32K Twitter followers if the confirmation of Kavanaugh would finally be enough for them to organize a “violent general strike”, not just a “general strike” but a violent one. Emily is an outspoken proponent of Antifa and their often violent tactics. She claims to be an anarchist but also appears to be at least somewhat sympathetic to authoritarian ideologies like Communism. She also appears to be supportive of the violent Antifa group that confronted and threatened Senator Ted Cruz and his family, Smash Racism DC.

The Left’s new playbook is to intimidate conservatives by any means necessary.

That includes calls to violence.

Another leftwing activist tweeted:

Their goal is simply to win power.

They don’t care who gets in their way.

And they’re now looking to communist dictatorships for the political blueprint.

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203 Responses

  1. Steff says:

    I prefer my Glock with 10 spare magazines. OOH RAH!!

  2. Taz says:

    I agree except for the mace. You should be carrying a 1911 with two spare magazines.

  3. Bruce Larsen says:

    The answer to “Tell me again why we shouldn’t confront Republicans where they eat, where they sleep, and where they work until they stop being complicit in the destruction of our democracy?” is actually quite simple:


    We are a Republic, pure and simple. A Constitutional, Representative Republic.

    (and why are you Commies all screaming for ‘Free College!’ when you can’t even remember that very lesson, from the Pledge of Allegiance, in elementary school: ‘…and to the Republic, for which it stands…’ College cannot fix your kind of stupid)

  4. Sue Jackson says:

    How many would be surprised to know that sons and daughters of some our of Senate & Congress members belong to the gang of thugs and criminals known as Antifa? Virginia Senator & Hillary Clintons VP running mate, Tim Kaine’s son is a very active violent member of Antifa, being the one that assaulted the young woman while she was leaving a Trump Campaign rally in California. He was also instrumental in the deadly riot in Charlottesville VA where one person was killed and many historical monuments were torn down. I hope the people in VA will remember that when they go to vote in November, sending Kaine home so he can do his job of raising a decent human being rather than just another street thug.

  5. Cowdoy Randy says:

    Fix Bayonets that will clear the streets fast they have no idea how to handle a trained Fighter Marine or Army I was Army in Vietnam but I would stand with ya in a Fight Marines Semper Fi

  6. Randy says:

    Against a person it is ASSULT 2-10 if they survive being shot

  7. Robert Higginbotham says:

    The Antifa, including this big mouth hoe, are all cowards that hide behind masks and only come out when they have overwhelming numbers. They do remind me of the democrat created KKK and BLM. Most of these despicable mobs are financed by the most vile, Satanistic egomaniac and America hater George ‘the felon and former Nazi collaborator’ Soros.

  8. jean says:

    notice they all hide behind black face masks never mind jail just put them out of their misery before they hurt someone

  9. Ken Senzig says:

    These threats by the latter day Brownshirts, are the reason the second amendment was enacted. Alinsky’s street soldiers, which are today’s Brownshirts, have simply traded the black and red armbands for black facemasks.

  10. Wahotsdad says:

    Have anyone noticed that the antifa fascists only go on their rampages in areas where the possession of firearms is heavily restricted or banned. They have never pulled their tough thuggery in areas where concealed carry is legal. They only pick on the defenseless because they are candy-assed little cellar dwellers that would wet themselves in an equal confrontation! As it happened in Washington state when the ‘proud boys’ started fighting back they ran like little schoolgirls! Bring it on nerds! I dare you, it’s only going to go so long and you’ll cross the line and Americans will defend their rights and you’ll be a stain on the pavement and a minor footnote in history as a minor inconvenience to American freedom and life. Go ahead make our day we’re waiting for you to cross the line!

  11. We are guaranteed freedom of speech by the first amendment. And the right to peaceably assemble. This conveys the right to peaceably assemble and peaceably protest. But this is not what ANTIFA does. Wherever they go there is violence instigated by them. They hide their faces to prevent identification. They attack our freedom of speech. They act violently to shut down anyone that does not agree with their ideology. They are domestic terrorists! There is every reason to believe they are the militant arm of the DNC.

  12. What do you have to support these accusations? What about the police report of this alleged incident? All there appears to be is another accusation without proof.

  13. cathylovesyou says:

    Antifa are the KGB of the Democratic Party, now know as the Democratic Communist Party. They are made up of Thugs and Mercenaries. Is this about right ?

  14. gator1246 says:

    They have been allowed to get away with a lot of crap , but that is soon going to end. They are going to confront a bunch of deplorables that won’t put up with their crap , and they are going to find out that the money they are being paid is not worth what is going to happen to them , and covering their face won’t protect their back side . The deplorables are coming .

  15. Dan says:

    As American citizens, we all have the legal and moral right to protest What is wrong though is when that protesting threatens the rights of others and their liberties. When the protesters take on the methods and actions of terrorist it is no longer peaceful protest but a road to anarchy. If they choose to cover their faces so as to not be discovered for who they are, what they have done and are doing, then they all they are doing is in serious suspect. They are not warriors but cowards!

  16. Ernst says:

    Antifa threats are attacks on the peaceful lives of the attacked. These threats should be answered with law suits and criminals charges.

  17. Antifa is a terrorist organization, if they do anything radical they should be arrested.

  18. Delo says:

    Steve, you definitely got that right, and along with military and law enforcement, guess who will win!!!

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