Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stepped in it again with this video she posted on Instagram

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is being praised as the future of the Democratic Party.

But she is a gaffe machine and can’t stop making a fool of herself.

She just embarrassed herself again and you won’t believe what she said this time.

Fresh off her election victory, Ocasio-Cortez went on Instagram to do a live Q&A while dancing in her kitchen and cooking macaroni and cheese.

During the Q&A she implied that she may be considering running for President.

The American Mirror reports:

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez spent her Friday night making instant macaroni and cheese while flirting with the idea of running for president in the future.

During an Instagram Live Q&A session on Friday night, the 29-year-old socialist discussed her election victory on Tuesday and flirted with the idea of maybe running for president in the future.

While making macaroni and cheese and listening to music from a kitchen, the Democratic darling spoke about Shirley Chisholm, an African-American politician and author who died in 2005…

Ocasio-Cortez was saying that Chisholm wanted African-Americans, minorities, and women to run for public office, including the presidency.

So, while grating her cheese and breaking into random dance moves in the kitchen, Ocasio-Cortez appeared to be implying that she could run for president.

Ocasio-Cortez is already dreaming of the presidency when the only thing she has accomplished is winning a congressional seat in a New York City Democrat stronghold.

Since winning her primary, she has given one embarrassing interview after another.

Recently, she landed in hot water with her own supporters after complaining that she would not be able to afford an apartment in Washington, D.C. with her congressional salary.

She will make $174,000 per year come January.

Earlier this year she posed for a piece in Interview Magazine wearing a $3,500 suit and Manolo Blahnik stiletto high heels.

While wearing this high-priced outfit she posed with a construction worker to prove her “blue collar” credibility.

The Democratic-Socialist goes around promising free college education, healthcare and even rent to everyone.

But when she’s asked how she’ll pay for all these government programs she comes up blank.

After all, she can hardly balance her own checkbook.


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209 Responses

  1. Marianne says:

    what is her educational background?

  2. Frances Carlson says:

    She makes me question the intelligence of those who elected her.

  3. ssoldie36 says:

    Dream on, little girl dream on……..

  4. ARJAY says:

    “Ocasio-Cortez is already dreaming of the presidency when the only thing she has accomplished is winning a congressional seat in a New York City Democrat stronghold.”

    Hey, it worked for oblamo and he’s not even a U. S. Citizen.

    Definitely NOT a “Natural Born U. S. Citizen”, as REQUIRED by the Constitution!! (you know, both parents are REQUIRED to be U. A. Citizens, at the time of birth!!)

  5. General Bull Krapper says:

    I can’t believe this brain-dead, clueless, dim-bulb is the daughter of a Brooklyn Tech HS alumnus. Must’ve been a switch at the hospital.

    To those who participate, have a Great Thanksgiving! – To those that don’t, please don’t get offended when those that do are having a great time enjoying our families while sharing our thanks to God for what we have.


    • Bobbie Jean White says:

      Can’t believe the people that were voted in office this time around but I think it has been going on a long time and that’s what is how our country got in this mess .People that are no where near qualified to seek office.

  6. Robin says:

    The sad part is I bet, most who voted for her ARE immigrants to begin with. Meaning more than likely they have no serious ancestry here in the states. I think its those who this country took in from other countries who are in disarray and now they are turning this country into what they left! Disgusting.

    • Copper T says:

      And most votes are illegal immigrants, thanks to their benefactors–wanna guess who?What a trip the country will have watching this Goonness and her female co-hearts in Congress make more fools out of the women’s movements and female? protesters of everything decent.

  7. The country is going insane! I never expected her to get elected to Congress.

    • Gary says:

      I doubt she even has a checkbook

      • David in MA says:

        If she does it probably is someone else’s.

        • WilliamS says:

          She has sufficient funds of her own to carry her until she collects her first check. However, she is crying ‘poormouth’ so that she doesn’t have to spend her own money.

          • Rose says:

            This is going to shock you…..I looked her up and while there was not much about her ( reminded me of Obama, could not find anything of substance about him either) It said that she had $200,000.00 in her savings account. I thought on a Bar tenders salary?? I think she must have gotten some of the millions that she had for her run for office?? She is in trouble for giving her boy friend some of that money…at least that is what I read. She is not the only one that took money from their pac, Seems there are a lot of crooks that have never run before and after the election took money from their pacs. Does not sound legal to me but I really do not know. Maybe someone on this sight can find out?

      • copper T says:

        or a brain

  8. Philip Simon says:

    You are abib mouth that says nothing. Cortez always sucks the oxygen out of her mouth.

  9. Rolie DINGLE says:

    Who were the 2% of idiots who thought that this idiot could ever become president of the United States. This person is a wasted space so why are you even giving her any credibility? I am an Aussie, love Trumpy and watch this with interest

    • Steve says:

      Rolie,I voted yes just because a lot of us older people won’t be around in 20 years or so and with the direction that this country is going,it is very possible with illegals voting by then and the older generation dying off that the idiots left would indeed vote for someone like her! Just saying there are a lot of sheep out there. Old AF vet! Hope I’m not alive to see it happen!

  10. Rick says:

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is being praised as the future of the Democratic Party.

  11. Pedro says:

    Please, STOP making a FOOL of yourself.

  12. I see that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez showed up today at Pelosi’s office to give her a little taste of what her power base is all about. It was interesting to note that Ocasio-Cortez was long gone when security showed up to arrest protesters left over from Ocasio-Cortez’s power base. Just another piece of sh*t looking for her place in the sun.

    • Papusa61 says:

      usually you lay the sh*t hidden in the shadow of a bush or a tree…so security could not find it.

    • Rose says:

      Is that the same SUN, in the sky?? Someone asked her if we would ever be able to send people to land on the Sun ? She said sure, but we would have to wait until it goes DOWN! She actually said that, I saw the tape. If you feel safe, with this congress in charge……………remember she is a congressmen!

  13. zee says:

    Sooo, 29 yr old cortez making ‘instant mac n’ cheese’ W/ natural
    flavourings (from pph stem cell ‘stuff’) look up senomyx list –
    speaks Intelligently ??? The ‘new’ Dem party..

    • Bob says:

      The “old” demodumbs were pretty brasen about their MO; *tax & spend *give crap away to poor & minorities to secure their votes *obstruct any and all ideas from the right *lie about most everything *consistently expand government at all levels and *Get Trump!

      Now the “new” know-nothing dumbocrats have added to their platform and tactics by brazenly doing everything they can to ensure open borders, voting rights for illegals, voter fraud, and anything else to further bolster their base.

      Meanwhile, because we were unable to hold the House, we can look forward to another 2 years of endless BS investigations, trumped-up “evidence” (sic) & indictments, and an administration under seige.

      Well, at least the President is living up to his oath “to support, protect, and defend … from all enemy’s both foreign and DOMESTIC (and that would be the Polosi, Cortez, “Spartacus”, Schummer, and many other demorats). If they aren’t domestic enemies, and a threat to our constitution, then one doesn’t exist!

      • Steel Magnolia says:

        Bob et al. perhaps a ‘goodthing’ US House shared W/’new dems’.
        & NOW, WILL ‘share’ ‘The Blame Game’. ___
        >RINOS RAN – & is why so many ‘seats’ 0pened. Good.
        ‘new dem’ HOUSE KrAAp PASS___ Capish, no ?

      • R says:

        Yes, we have a good President , but look at what the poor soul has to put up with, I do not know how he does it, Bob. I think a lot of us agree with the Domestic enemies….meaning the congress! I hope people get out the vote and never lets this ever happen again!

    • copper t says:

      Zee, she IS the old AND the new . just wait until Senema gets going with her filthy mouth and empty bain

  14. truckman says:

    I will be surprised if she makes it thru her first term before she gets caught trying to do something illegal trying to make some fast money

    • Charles Sigars says:

      So what? Look at all the illegal things that Debbie Schultz, Mad Maxine, Hillary, and many, many other Dimmunists have done and been caught doing. All they got was a finger wag, if anything. Cortez is a Dimm, so nothing will happen, unless maybe she kills someone in sight of many non-Dimm witnesses.

  15. al says:

    As long as the Kool-Aid drinkers in NYC vote for her, anything is possible!

  16. Barb says:

    Just look at cortez, she looks demented, wheather you are black, white, dem republican..this clown is demented and knows SSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOO little about politics..just another studge for dems..Her days are numbered. Like all welfare folks she wants someone to feel sorry for her and pay for a home for her…GET a JOB like most of Americans…

    • zee says:

      ‘eyes’ Bug 0ut of her head. Not ‘normal’.

      • Agnes Holloway says:

        Zee she will just fit in with the rest of the not normals. Liberals and Democrats all have bug eyes and their heads explodes if nothing goes their way. She reminds me of mad Maxine waters her mouth spews nothing but garbage. I feel sorry for the future young people. It makes wonder who in their right mind would vote for her. Just another stooge to put up with.

  17. Den R Zampieri says:

    She needs to be a bartender if she can handle that..

  18. N says:

    We’ve become a Third World banana republic! Plain and simple!

  19. JC says:

    The voters that elected this nut will be doing good if she is able to recite the oath of office! She is clueless and a joke when they suggest she will be a benefit to the liberals.

    • Rose says:

      Did anyone else notice that she held up her Left hand when she took her Oath of office, I thought their right hand is held up for that with left hand on the Bible. Anyone else ever see the left hand up for swearing in?

  20. Daniel J Carr says:

    She not only will not be President she won’t be reelected as a senator.

  21. Teresa says:

    That is politics. They promise everything free and they will win. After they win, the game is over. Look at Ocasio-Cortez. Look at the democrats. Most of them are millionaires now at public servants’ salary. You figure. Wake up America!

  22. Navy PO2 says:


  23. jp morgan says:

    Yes. I think she will be elected President, of Venezuela. Even as a write in candidate…..I wish her well.

    • Dan says:

      Being elected to POTUS? I wouldn’t think so, but the American voters never cease to amaze me with their short term memories, gullibility, and lack of not holding any one in government accountable for their actions. So, yes it is possible she could be elected, especially if she is tells them she will give them everything for free. 60 % of the voting public will believe her and vote her in.

      • zee says:

        Puh -leeze. PURE ‘Smack’ re POTUS ‘stuff’. Just
        meant to ‘rile’ Emotions. Don’t even go there.
        > Wasted ‘mind thoughts’.

  24. James C Green says:

    Low-life people will vote for the politician who promises them the most free stuff. That’s what Occasional-Cortex has done. Doesn’t matter if she has no clue of how to pay for it all. Spells disaster for the USA if folks like this can get elected.

  25. Susan says:

    There is NO way that there are that many stupid people in that state is there!?!? I mean it had to be a joke or a rigged election!! No Freakin Way!!!!

    • Amen. I am not as worried about her being stupid as I am about people who voted for her. Wow, that many idiots in New York. Unbelievable. I am beginning to think there needs to be a test before you are allowed to vote- you have to have a CT scan to make sure you have a brain.

  26. mary says:

    I am wondering if there is more voting fraud in this country than we are aware of. After all Fl, GA and AZ caught it in their states. It is probably all paid for by the same people. All they need is a buyable person in the voting supervisor’s office to alter things.

    • Don says:

      They caught SOME. But like most things: icebergs, drug smugglers, government corruption, medicare fraud, etc… What you SEE is the 1% – 2% on the surface. The unnoticed 99% just keeps chugging along!

    • Trudi says:

      Soros owns the polling machines. Doesn’t anyone realize this? Americans, you have to do some investigations!

  27. john says:

    Put that slimy bitch in the next migrant caravan going south!

  28. Leon Eugene Donahue says:

    As DUMB as Cortez is, ( dumber than a rock) what does that say about the people in NY that voted for her.

    • eLI says:

      Right no, Leon. She was characterized in the NY newspapers (I am a New Yorker I am ashamed to say) as “one step above a crayon.” Wanted to know when she would be inaugurated – and in another interview she gave her thoughts on the “attack on Pearl Harbor by the GERMANS! It’s not only laughable but DOWNRIGHT SCARY. WHERE WERE THEIR BRAINS.

  29. Charles Sigars says:

    Please spell the Dimmunist Party correctly. Democratcik. Thank you.

  30. Joseph M. McGhee says:

    So many people do not understand that President Trump is an economics expert called on by Republican and Democrat members of Congress decades ago to advise on how to improve the US economy. With that expert knowledge, President Trump is transforming our country while turning the screws on our enemies abroad. None of the many lawyers in Congress have the knowledge or experience to match what he has accomplished. The loss of President Trump or a member of his family from the presidency would be a tragedy for our country because there are many external threats and challenges facing us that the political hacks are incapable of handling successfully.

  31. Richard Elliott says:

    I see that 2% voted that she would someday be elected president. Anyone that would vote that way must be as stupid as she is, unless they did it as a joke!

    • Johnny says:

      actually there are plenty of idiots that would elect her…….I mean they elected Pelosi, Waters, Biden, Obama….the list is endless……so is there a possibility she could be elected President? God help us!

      • a says:

        Their are enough stupid people around to vote her! How do ypou think Obama became president?

      • Rodney Berglund says:

        I just don’t understand dumbacrats, the people I mean not the polititions, they promise them everything, give them nothing, still they vote for them every election, WHAT THE ??????????????????

    • James Mercogliano says:

      She is only twenty nine years old in twenty twenty she will be thirty one you have to be thirty five to run for president. she would have to wait for for the twenty twenty four cycle which would make her thirty six years old there has never been a thirty six year old president. chances are there never will be one. but never say never.

      • wayne kassa says:


        • D.A.N. says:

          It is in the one thing the Democrats hate most, The Constitution. So no, they won’t be changing it any time soon and if they try, they’ll wish they never had.

    • Robin says:

      The sad part is, she DID get voted in by Democrats in her district. Wave a flag that reads “FREE” and she will get the votes. Obama only had 1 term in congress and look where he landed. I agree with you wholeheartedly, but unfortunately there are idiots out there who will follow her anywhere. Scary to think she is the new face of the democratic party. God help this country.

    • shirley j dolgin says:

      it was a joke .If the democrats have their way she will probably win

  32. John Sherwood says:

    She is living proof that someone must tell her to come in out of the rain because she is so ignorant.She will now become the joke of the Democrats while she is in Congress.She better get used to sleeping on the couch in her office or find someone that will take pity on the Little Moron and let her have a room.

  33. Les says:

    The level of stupidity of DEMONRAT voters and arrogant Republicans would be hilarious if the consequences of their actions could possibly turn out differently . . . HOWEVER the left wing “idealists” will learn the hard way, just as those in Venezuela did, and by the the time they “get it” there will be no chance to salvage what Trump tried to save. Soon voters will no longer be a necessity and then the harsh REALITY will begin to set in . . .

  34. Keith D says:

    New York VALUES!!! Elect MORONS!!!

    • jim cerullo says:

      If trump could become pResident- anyone can.

      • charles says:

        geez jim, all you do insult these people. well, if anyone could be president maybe we’ll see you on the 2020 ballot. oh that’s right, there will never be another democratic president…including soon to be 3 time loser, Hitlery

      • RufusVonDufuss says:

        I’d bet you anything he knows a hell of a lot more about the economy and most other items re the country than a nitwit like you, Jim!

      • David Marsh says:

        you could not as you have shown you are a moron

      • Tom Atoes says:

        …the beast of Benghazi couldn’t…and never will…

        But with ignoramuses such as yourself able to vote…and macaroni and cheese being a firm favorite with the fakebook crowd…who knows, this dancing moron could make it…

    • jim cerullo says:

      If trump could do it- anyone can

    • cc says:

      she’s a rock star!! Apply named – she’s dumb as a rock!!

    • RufusVonDufuss says:

      She will be lucky to be elected dog catcher in two years after showing her stupidity and ignorance on the House floor for 20 some months.

      • Don says:

        Yeah, ol’ Ocasio-Cortez, she’s a dummy for sure. Could NEVER get re-elected. Not an intellectual and master of government policy, and public speaking like … Maxine Waters!

        Give me a break! These days, promise free, free, free, and no borders, and universal brotherhood, etc… while at the same time screaming down with the police, down with ICE, etc… and most of the demodumbs would vote for a pet rock!

  35. msiel says:

    The reality is, voters put her in office and they are as uninformed as is she.
    No point in complaining until we do something about the education system that produced her and her champions.

    • Jeanni says:

      The democrat mantra, keep them dumb and stupid in school, teach them liberal views and then we control them, and it is working. While we thought the schools were teaching our kids what they needed to know in order to provide for their families and contribute to society the democrats were enforcing their liberal views on our kids and now they want free college so they can ingrain liberal views even further. And guess what we are paying for it with our taxes.

      • Don says:

        What’s been happening in our schools for decades now, is straight out of Reich Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbel’s handbook.

        The left infiltrated the system, from the colleges and universities that produce new teachers, the teacher’s union, the publisher in Texas (where most of our revisionist textbooks currently come from), to the Dept of Education. And of course the ACLU and the Courts, all the way to the USSC which removed all mention of a creator, or our moral anchor in Judaeo-Christian teachings, and on, and on, slowly, relentlessly, year after year, decade after decade.

        The only way to ever begin to fix education, is to take a giant step backwards in policy. (1) Get the Federal Government OUT of education, and return it to the local school boards. PERIOD!

        (2) Return two basic rituals to every class-room: The Pledge of Allegiance to our flag, AND a short silent period for prayer \ reflection. It doesn’t have to be a silent Lord’s Prayer, but could be (for christian s), or whatever Jew would do, or Buddists, Hindu’s, or Islamist’s. But a return to a belief in a higher power. This is more than just religion, it’s a reminder that it’s not just about me, me, me (as it has become).

        Then get some decent non-revisionists textbooks, and ban teachers from interjecting their leftists philosophy in the classroom.

        Once upon a time, the US was that non-radical, morally grounded place between for example hard-right religious schrea’ law, and hard left no religion communism. We were a better nation in many respects then, and possibly could be again.

        It took 60 – 70 years to screw-up our student youth, it would take some time to un-screw their brains!

        • Marie says:

          Don, you are right in everything you said!! Politicians THINK they are in charge but, fortunately they are not!! Our Lord, Jesus Christ IS -! Pray for our country and our president🙏!

    • Just1Saddletramp says:

      You are absolutely correct. Anyone who disagrees needs to take a look at all the fools and miscreants that California, New York, Illinois, et.all. have voted into public office

  36. Duane says:

    This highly educated moron is getting paid now exactly what she is woth! Nothing!

  37. dick says:

    is she a natural born citizen, a qualification to run for President, Oh wait, Obumer was elected and he was not qualified.

    • jim cerullo says:

      dickless- President Obama was highly qualified- unlike your buffoon-the fat, ugly, dumbass trump

      • Mikey says:

        You know what? NONE of our presidents were qualified – because they all had their detractors, even enormously popular ones like Reagan and FDR. And this kindergarten name calling by both sides changes nothing.

        P.S. how do you know our mutual friend is dickless? Did he drop his drawers for you?

      • Mark Smith Smith says:

        Obama was a community dis organizer. He has NEVER held a real job ever.

      • DEM777 says:

        Jim, you are a Liberal Democrat. You can not hide what you are become of your filthy language.

        Every where I look, I see Uninformed Liberal Democrats spewing out EVILNESS right and left.

        Please search for the Lord Jesus Christ. Ask Him in your heart and be Saved.

        Look Up Jesus Christ is Coming Soon and he will destroy all the Evilness in this old world.

      • CopperT says:

        Get a life in another country, JC

      • Judy Farkas says:

        Obama was qualified? Not so He sold us down the drain with the Iran deal.
        If he was president now all those illegal invaders would bombard our country, so your own daughter would not be able to walk the streets for fear of being raped or robbed.He did not protect our country.

  38. harv says:

    im glad i wont be around if she even gets to run

  39. Betty says:

    A Gaffe Machine Who Cannot Stop Making A Idiot Fool Of Himself. What a Perfect Description Of CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump, Mr. White House WORTHLESS WORM, That Walking, Talking SICK MINDED PILE OF TRASH.

    • Cliff says:

      Your an idiot !

    • Dave churbuck says:

      exactly Who would you have to replace the useless eater with ?

    • Kep says:

      Communist troll creatures everywhere. Do they clone you creatures without working brains, or are all of you the same brain dead anti-American lying communist?

    • Lee says:


    • Mork Jungle says:


    • Charles Sigars says:

      My God, Berlin Betty is still alive?

    • Gerald Ladd says:

      Low information I see. Trump has done more for our country, in two years, then your gay communist coon did in 8.

      • jim cerullo says:

        lowlife pos Gerald- I hope your days are limited. you’re too dumb to live.

        • Ladypyro1 says:

          Jim, you are quick to insult everyone, yet I don’t see you proposing any solutions to the problems this country has. You seem to state there’s inadequate education problem. What is your solution? Mine is to return the core curriculum to the basics, reading, writing, math, science, correct grammar, and critical thinking skills.
          Now this is an example of worth while comments. Try it some time.

        • DEM777 says:

          Jim, your mouth proved what you are. You are so full of hate. You follow your god satan.

          What you sow you will reap. Other words what you say will come back to you.

          You life will be short. If you want a long life with Peace and Love then you need to accept Jesus Christ as your Savior. IF NOT THEN YOU WILL SUFFER.

          I pitty you.

          • Judy Farkas says:

            Thank you for praising Jesus. Lived a Jew died a Jew.I am glad you love the Jewish people.They have contributed to the world in medicine tecnology agriculture and to many things to mention
            Google it you will be suprised.By you saying people will suffer if they don’t belive in Jesus is a sin because thats not what he preached.

    • Dee Andrews says:

      Betty, go to the mailbox and see if your new EBT or welfare check has arrived.

    • Judy Farkas says:

      You are the trash.
      If it was not for trump all those illegal aliens would enter our country and cause havoc.Betty watch out they might come to you then you will see what trash is.
      The majority voted for Trump so shut your mouth to respect the majority decision.I did not want Obama but i respected what the American people voted .You seem very disconnected and angry so you take it out on Trump.I bet if i ask you whats your problem with Trump you would not have a ans.Take your medication you will feel better .

  40. Harvey Popp says:

    Ever AMERICAN better wake up the little ones are at home watching Mommy and Daddy break the law, lie, cheat, steal, to get what ever they want and not suffer any penalty. No discipline at home, none at school, none on the streets. Bring back the paddle and start with College Professors. Teach respect honor and accountability. Worked for me and my three sisters.

  41. Buzz says:

    She will not be so popular once the Freeloaders that elected her find out they are not getting all the “FREE” Stuff she promised them.

    • Dave churbuck says:

      So what is new they all promise free Beer ” tomorrow ” ?
      She was smart enough to know that the bulk of the population is terminally stupid.
      The Vote is , was and always be a ticket on the Hell Bound Train.
      She was smart enough to get the $ 174, 000 job and all the freebies that go with it.
      Very few in any country are that smart. Just facts
      She will make a fortune if she stays in the game, just like all the others.
      Just keep voting your life and country away.
      Remember this, The realityof political power is very simple: bad farmers own crops and livestock — good farmers own human beings…”
      She probably has that Framed.
      Study this, She did,

  42. The thing you all are missing is that she DID get the seat…so communism IS possible here. Remember all, Obama held a 2nd term….don’t think it’s not gonna happen. It can and it will. Three things are paramount RIGHT NOW…..1: Conservative Supreme Court nominations….2: Stopping Illegal Immigration….3: Enforcement of voter fraud laws nationwide. A 4th one is also pre eminent, shattering teachers unions so that public school and universities can be deliberalized.

    • Bob says:

      Oh the Communist’s took over our government after WW2. The fake holocaust was thier only strength but now also Achilles heel. Communists are liars, scammers, killers and since they lack a soul very bad people. This is why, the Black’s are smart now, that’s death to a Commie, so now they are giving Hispanics money and telling them tbe USA belongs to them. Very bad issues ahead Republicans better get some balls or we are doomed.

    • Ralph shelley says:

      Yes! It needs to happen asap!

    • Paul says:

      Samuel Jewel, you hit the nail on the head. I agree with you about the four things that need to happen A.S.A.P.!

    • Carolina says:

      Read recently that 20 billion per year is what illegals cost us.

      • Larry says:

        How many more dollars can we add to that from Low-Life Blacks, Hispanics and White Trash, sucking up valuble oxygen sucking from the Welfare Teat ? I’m from South Carolina, and I see this B.S. everyday. I guess in SC, and America, fat, lazy and /or dark qualifies you for free everything, right down to Disabled status.

  43. Donna says:

    What a numbskull, LOL!! but then we must consider that the people that elected this also voted for Hillary ……

    • TexasSonny says:

      Don’t sell her short,there are 80 million millennials that are under-employed and in debt up to their scalps who could vote for her because of their selfishness to believe she could actually deliver these Lies of Utopia. God forbid it to happen but it is possible with this generation of Millennial nitwits !

  44. hugh jardon says:

    What she needs is for a good man to take her panties down and give her a good… spanking.

    • john major says:

      Come on Hugh, say your sorry to the lady. Hahahahahahhahaahha, you crack me up.

    • Polina Stul says:

      It’s so funny!I forgot about my wrinkles,you are a real comedian.Bravo!!!

    • Bob says:

      No she will drink some more baby’s blood after they scare it to death. Hell I don’t want to believe this crap but proof is overwhelming and I hear no denial from her. If it were me and I knew it was fake I would be outraged, She is not. Von on arrest that bitch she is quty of all. Bitch

    • jim cerullo says:

      hugh? You’re NOT a good man and you’re one of the deplorables with a low IQ.

      • Stephen says:

        Hey Cerullo:

        Your ignorance is on full display here. And seriously, I wouldn’t really be nagging about someone else’s IQ. If all you have to debate someone with are insults and non-starters? You need to brush up a bit on your smarts. Facts win hands down over insults every time. God made democrats because he couldn’t fix stupid! Check the unemployment rate, take home pay, Stock market, and some of the other economic indicators. Then check those of Obama. Obama said himself to get used to the lower standard of living, because he didn’t have a friggen clue how to fix it! Then comes Trump and wham! Growth at 4% and climbing, deregulation, lower taxes, folks with more money in their pocket. Obama was long gone before all this happened so no, he didn’t do that. Obama couldn’t find his own ass with both hands, a hunting dog, and a map! Your fact colonoscopy was on the house…

  45. Marlene Saad says:

    Cortez will be shot someday if ever elected president. This is America! I won’t be living then, but the good Americans will not stand for her Batista Communist tactics to make her rich. Who are the dumb idiots who put her in office in New York. ..? Disgusting!!!!!

  46. Gerry says:

    I voted no in the poll but after thinking about it — look at the scumbags that the American voters put into office in 2018. Apparently Arizona people don’t mind being called scum, or druggies because questionably they voted in the very person who called them that. How can the American voters be so fkn stupid, ignorant and uninformed ????? If they are — they will pay the price for putting such a demoSCUM piece of trash in office. McSally should NOT have conceded because I think there should be an investigation in every one of their voting districts.

  47. Linda says:

    It takes dumb people to elect dumb people !

  48. Patrick Henry says:

    Kotex Cortez is a MENTALLY RETARDED DUMBA$$!!! She is MORE retarded then Chuck Schumer and they are BOTH from New York!!! I can NOT believe that the good people of New York are that stupid to elect such TRASS!!!!

    • Bob says:

      Freakin Communist Jews own NYC, Paris, Isreal is history and go Palestinians. We gave those piggies 58 Billion $$$ to spend they way they wish, what!!!! Are all Americans insane!!! Don’t fall for thier fake everything if they throw that lie, two words PROVE IT, without hearsay they have ZERO evidence, sounds to me lots of money was given to people’s who gained population during WW2???? Lie, lie, lie get educated and trusted then bam true colors. RESIST COMMUNISTS THE HOUSE OVER WITH COMMIES GET IN THEIR FACES CALL THEM OUT ON THIS.. FIGHT BACK

    • Jan13 says:

      Just don’t paint upstate NY with the NYC brush.
      We are having a problem upstate though, too many from downstate moving north and ruining the rest of NYS.
      The state legislature is now totally in Democrap hands, and like in 5he past, what NYC wants the rest of us suffer.

  49. Jon Exner says:

    Another example of beauty and brains not going together.

  50. Robert M Soule says:

    I have read the comments of my fellow citizens and my conclusion is simple enough. If we can inspire ALL caring and informed voters to get out and vote this would not be happening. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a moron, unfortunately she has made a great impression on other morons, those morons went to the polls and voted. Now who are the morons, the non-voters. I am sad this is happening to the United States of America, it’s potential for greatness is being undermined by a persons that talk a lot but do nothing.

    • Gerry says:

      All these career hacks care about is keeping their ring of corruption in tact so that they very quickly become millionaires . And you are absolutely right — people either didn’t vote or they are truly morons and voted in people who want to destroy our way of life.

    • Dave churbuck says:

      With all due respect, I helped design this” system” and maintain it, We monitor these web sites and the comments to see how we are doing and and adjust as needed to maintain world control.
      It is done by exploiting the peoples hopes, dreams and weakness in all things.
      The people of every country lost their country primarily because they did not study
      true Nature and how and why it works, No, they created a government to enslave themselves
      and built churches to make themselves slothful and put their fate in an invented gods hands
      and built schools to ruin the minds of children with all this gibberish thus making sure it will be
      passed on with no hope of escape. And we divided all people in all things to create hate and
      very profitable never ending wars which creates more hate and more wars.
      And we gave you two things to keep the game going forever, Prayer and the Vote.
      IF, you want to enjoy some of your life, Do not play the game and you will not be played.
      My mind is the weapon, all else is bait and bling.
      Here is part of the answer, All the Best.

  51. James P Hutchins says:

    Cortez is not a commie she is a Nazi and a moron who is irrelevant to the American people.

    • Bob says:

      She’s not a NAZI she is a Jew indoctrinated Marxist who make NAZIS look like choir boys, believe nothing they say, call them out they can’t prove crap..

  52. Clyde says:

    The future of America. Lord Help Us. Please God

  53. CharieW says:

    Sinema got elected to the SENATE in AZ, so it IS possible in 20 years for Cortez to be elected President. By then we will have such a corrupt, banana republic election system, Josef Stalin will be proven right – “Its not who people vote for, it’s who counts the votes that matters”. It is how Dimmunists operate, after all.

    • Gerry says:

      Charlie — we already have that corrupt banana republic election system all over the country. Look at Florida, Georgia, Arizona(as you said) Nevada, California and New York. Great example is the judge in Florida ruled that law enforcement can’t be present while the recount is going on. If that is not total corruption and BS I don’t know what is. i think that recount is nothing but a show for the peoplen– watch and see the outcome.

    • Bob says:

      Finally someone who knows real history. The Jews brought Marxism here and not on e put Stalin down eventhough the man killed millions including Jews. They only hate Hitler cause t
      he refused to give tbe Jews Germany, duh doubt that makes them bad, the fake holocaust wad just that fake, fake, fake They are the problem, no one else it’s thier agenda.

      • Judy Farkas says:

        You are a very sick individual. Your obsession with the Jews.Did a Jewish girl turn you down?Ok you don’t like Jews so don’t use your cell phone because most programs come out of Israel.Don’t use their medicine which most come from JewsDon’t use your Gps it was invented in Israel.Don’t use anything that has to do with Jews and you will see what your missing.
        Fake holicust you will suffer for your words all the proof is there .Only stupid ignorant people deny the truth.Shame on you.I am sure your parents are crying that they have a son like you.

  54. Just goes to show how stupid and brainwashed New Yorker’s are. If not then the only excuse is voter fraud. What a bunch of idiots.

  55. Capn Jack says:

    Just another dumb bitch, elected into the rest of the Democrat dumb bitches.

  56. ken miller says:

    Is this IDIOT remotely related to Joe Biden?

  57. Buddy says:

    Like Obama, she was never elected. You can not take the oath of office being a self admitted communist. Period. No one questions this? Disgusting.

  58. Leighton Cavendish says:

    Thankfully we have an age restriction for President…her 15 minutes might/should be up by then.

  59. bagster53 says:

    well like i keep saying , all you need to get elected is money , brains not required , and stupidity makes you a democrat , her and uncle joe would make a good team, dum and dummer

  60. Donna says:

    If iinexperienced Obama can be elected, and I believe election fraud got him elected, then any idiot can be elected because democrats are corrupt.

  61. jackcandobutwont says:

    Not sure which is more dangerous….ms cortez and her insane political beliefs…or the braindead morons who voted for her!!

  62. Jenny says:

    Hope the people who got her elected get their payback for her being a dumb ass.

  63. Ed says:

    This is how ignorant Demonazis are. Socilist my ass. Commie Nazi is more like it.

  64. Rodney says:

    Being she said she was a bartender, or so the MSM says!!!! Why hasn’t anyone came forward and said that she was a good or bad bartender!!!!!!! As dumb as she acts, I would guess that the owner only let her serve beer, and that was in either a can or a bottle!!!!!!!!

  65. Mike H says:

    I don’t know if anybody is paying attention. But the Democrats Are putting this type of persons in all kinds of government positions all over the United States.Buckle your seats because communism is on its way. The country had better wake up and they better do it now.

    • Larry says:

      I’ll tell anyone reading this site a very scary prediction told to me by an older fellow worker of mine about 30 some years ago. I was already closely monitoring the dangerous left, and their evil doctrines while I was still a young Pup, so I asked him, “Why would they do all this, what is their plan, why do they want to do all this Communist B.S. ” His reply, “To turn America into a third world country. ” Scary, ain’t it ?

  66. Mike H says:

    She is one of the dumbest ones to come along yet.It just goes to show which way the Democrats are going. This young lady is lucky she knows her own name.

  67. Roy Seals says:

    Where’s the video? You said “This video,” I want to see it. I need my morning chuckle. It makes me absolutely sick that this moron is getting $174K a year of our tax dollars.

    • J says:

      The amount she gets paid is not correct because it doesn’t include Washington DC locality pay. For DC it is an additional 28.22% which brings it up to a little over 223000 per year. That doesn’t include tax free “official travel” , office expenditures, and franking privilege (free mail) expenses.

      If this airhead goes on speaking engagements, she can collect a fee for that too. So, in the end, the poor(?) waif from NYC will be just another hog at the trough slurping up our tax dollars and getting rich off of the idiots that voted her in. And to show her gratitude, she will push for higher taxes on the people who are working, tout the greatness of Oscumma care, and diligently work to take away your second amendment rights all while coddling the criminals as victims.

      You New York demolemmings have proven your stupidity BEYOND a shadow of doubt.

  68. Bill says:

    Crazy ass Brooklyn nut jobs that elected her must not have any brains.
    All they have is a hand held out waiting for all her freebies that she can’t deliver. Crazy lazy fools!

  69. STEVE FLOWERS says:


    • John says:

      She will end up with millions in the bank by selling her vote to the highest bidder.
      Just like most every other politician.
      We need term limits!!!

      • Dave churbuck says:

        Exactly why do you insist rabidly to play a game you cannot ever possibly win with a vote.
        Just simply walk away , have nothing to do with it or them and enjoy what you can of your
        life with the new freedom. Celebrate life with like minded people, Not the enslavement of it.
        See this and choose,
        Here is part of the answer, All the Best.

  70. Ken says:

    Sadly,in the future, if the Liberals keep up their illogical rhetoric, the majority may be seduced into believing that she is a leader.

    • Randall M says:

      I don’t think she will make to another term election. This brainless little girl is in for a rude awakening when she finds out what the real world of politic is like.

    • Judy Farkas says:

      A leader of what? She is laughing saying to her self saying “look at me the bartender elected to congress.G-D help us lets hope the ignorant people who voted for her to see they are not getting their freebies and with no experience throw her out.She is being payed
      $174,000 i am appalled .what happened to our country that someone like her so out of it make a fool of the American people.

  71. James P Hutchins says:

    She is a moron and is irrelevant to the American people.

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