A devastating new poll just left Nancy Pelosi’s world crumbling before her very eyes

Democrats were down to their last card in the deck.

It is the Left’s last chance to save their Congressional majorities.

But this devastating new poll just left Nancy Pelosi’s world crumbling before her very eyes.

Nancy Pelosi planned the January 6 Witch Hunt Committee to serve two purposes.

The Committee was supposed to serve as a third impeachment of Donald Trump and as a way to block him from running for President in 2024.

The Committee was also formed to craft a political narrative for Democrats to run on in 2022 about how Republicans represent a danger to American democracy.

Both of those goals look like they are headed to the trash bin.

A new NBC News poll shows just 45 percent of Americans blame Donald Trump for what happened on January 6, compared to 55 percent who do not.

NBC reports:

Just 45 percent of Americans say Donald Trump is “solely” or “mainly” responsible for the rioters who overtook the U.S. Capitol during the Jan. 6 attack, versus a combined 55 percent who say the former president is only somewhat responsible or not really responsible, according to results from the latest NBC News poll.

That’s a shift from the Jan. 2021 NBC poll — taken days after the attack — when 52 percent said Trump was either solely or mainly responsible, compared with 47 percent who disagreed.

The erosion in those holding Trump responsible for the attack has come across the board — among Democrats (who declined from 91 percent responsible in Jan. 2021 to 87 percent now), Republicans (11 percent to 9 percent) and independents (44 percent to 41 percent).

The Committee is set to kick off its primetime hearings on June 8.

Committee members even brought in a former producer of Good Morning America to spice up the production values of the hearings in order to attract maximum attention.

And the corporate-controlled media is planning on covering these hearings wall-to-wall.

But the Committee is running up against a stubborn problem.

A majority of Americans no longer believe the false talking points and hype from the corporate-controlled media and Democrat Party about January 6.

Americans have had a chance to reassess the day’s events, and the left-wing narrative that Democrats and the media hyped up about an armed insurrection attempting to overthrow the government collapsed for the simple reason that it just isn’t true.

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