Kari Lake just signed a suicide pact for GOP candidates that left Democrats jumping for joy

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The Arizona Supreme Court recently handed down a decision upholding an 1864 law that makes abortion a felony in the Grand Canyon State.

Abortion is quickly becoming one of the top issues of the 2024 election.

And Kari Lake just signed a suicide pact for GOP candidates that left Democrats jumping for joy.

Earlier this week, the Arizona Supreme Court allowed for the reinstatement of an 1864 law that makes abortion a felony – except to save the life of the mother – that is punishable by two to five years in prison.

The law will be enforceable two weeks after the date of the Supreme Court’s ruling.

As expected, Democrats responded to the ruling with outrage.

The Biden campaign is launching a seven-figure ad buy in the swing state of Arizona on the issue of abortion.

“Because of Donald Trump, millions of women lost the fundamental freedom to control their own bodies,” Biden says in the ad.

“And now, women’s lives are in danger because of that,” he continued. “The question now is, if Donald Trump gets back in power, what freedoms could you lose next?” 

“Your body and your decisions belong to you, not the government, not Donald Trump,” Biden added. “I will fight like hell to get your freedom back.”

However, Democrats aren’t the only ones speaking out against the Supreme Court’s ruling.

On Friday, Donald Trump left pro-lifers dumbstruck by releasing a statement expressing his support for overturning the law.

“The Supreme Court in Arizona went too far on their Abortion Ruling, enacting and approving an inappropriate Law from 1864,” Trump wrote on Truth Social. “So now the Governor and the Arizona Legislature must use HEART, COMMON SENSE, and ACT IMMEDIATELY, to remedy what has happened.”

“Remember, it is now up to the States and the Good Will of those that represent THE PEOPLE,” Trump continued, before adding that there would “ideally” be exceptions for cases of rape, incest, and instances where the life of the mother is at risk.

Arizona is a top swing state this election.

It could determine who controls the Senate and who sits in the Oval Office next year.

“Arizona, a key swing state that helped secure the presidency for Joe Biden in 2020 after voting for Trump in 2016, will have a critical role to play in both the presidential election in November and in a Senate race that will help determine the balance of power in Congress,” TIME Magazine reported. “Voters will not only weigh in on abortion as they vote for candidates, but also likely by casting votes on a ballot measure that would enshrine abortion in the Arizona constitution.”

Unfortunately, Donald Trump was not the only Republican to come out against the ruling and in favor of abortion.

GOP Senate candidate, flip-flopper Kari Lake, also stabbed pro-lifers in the back by also expressing her opposition to the law even though just two years ago she declared her support for it.

“I have traveled to every corner of this state on the campaign trail,” Lake said in a statement on Tuesday. “I speak to more Arizonans than anyone and it is abundantly clear that the pre-statehood law is out of step with Arizonans.”

But two years ago Lake told a reporter that “I’m incredibly thrilled that we are going to have a great law that’s already on the books.” 

“It will prohibit abortion in Arizona except to save the life of a mother,” she continued. “And I think we’re going to be paving the way and setting a course for other states to follow.”

Democrats are jumping for joy over Trump and Lake’s flip-flopping on the issue.

Pro-Life voters represent a major faction in the GOP.

Hearing two of the leading candidates side with Democrats on abortion will crush the morale of Pro-Life voters.

And this could lead to many of them refusing to do the boots-on-the-ground work it takes to win an election or even deciding to stay home in November.

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